Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Dreams of Two Presidential Candidates--Cat Cartoon

Yesterday, I spent a substantial part of my afternoon, talking to Obie, short for her Nigerian name, with about 20 characters in both the first and last names, that I could not pronounce, if my life depended on it, but our conversations went from a hit and run accident, she got into in her Mercedes with a man who took off after nearly totaling her car, while she was actually on her way to re-up her auto insurance, after being out of the state on a modelling gig, only to get hit a day before she could make it across LA, to make her payment, to a worker's comp claim, for being an extra, getting heat stroke or fainting while working as an extra in the movie, Fast & Furious, not to be confused with the government selling arms to third world countries, or drug lords in Mexico, being used against our border patrol and their own citizens, to talking to Obie, about her mother's 20 year struggle with INS, immigration and customs, to get her citizenship!

As we talked, the issue of her mother's fear of visiting her dying mother in Nigeria, after not seeing her for 20 years, and the fear of taking Obie with her, who had not been circumcised, being two years short of becoming a citizen herself, fearing her daughter would also become a victim of what happened to her as a child, being cut and sown up, which was the custom of her tribe or country, either for religious reasons, or those pesky social mores, making sure that girls, are virgins, until their marriage, when their new husband, gets the pleasure, to her pain, of ripping the hell out her stitched up vagina, ensuring he was getting the girl he bargained for!  I told her it was just her luck, that she got the only, female, attorney in the USA, and member of the United States Supreme Court Bar, to be female circumcised by pissed off males, after getting 9 federal agents and attorneys fired, with the feds getting the form of punishment for this female attorney, from a paper, a scholarly work, published, and awarded, having been written for an International Law class at BYU, 1993, with professor, Michael Goldsmith, on female circumcision!

I also, informed her, that just this week, President Obama, was meeting with I believe, 50 or so, big business heads, from various countries, throughout the African continent, and asking them to help eradicate the barbaric practice of female circumcision!  He wisely, went on to say, as these business leaders seek to improve the economy and standing of Africa, in the world, that a good indication of the character of a nation is the way they treat their women!  Thank God for men, like President Obama, who have not only spoken out about this disgusting practice, but others that America also needs to remedy, like domestic violence and sexual assault . . . out sexist shit stinks too!  So I am sure as I sang the praises of this act of chivalry and valor by our President, seeing it every bet as important, to use he respected reputation and world popularity, to end wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to make an impact, to help women worldwide, with archaic and backward customs and social controls, that benefit men, but sorely hurt, scare, control, and batter women, but it is within this context that I had the somewhat amusing dream, I had last night, with no connection to reality, decorum, rationality, and credence!  But, just for your entertainment, purely intended.

REM Sleep Center to President Obama

I will admit, I have more than one news source, and unlike Sarah Palin, I can tell you what news sources I read, and where I got my information.  But I have long respected the Obama's as a married couple, and I guarantee you Michelle, you have nothing to worry about, from this inane dream, so no implication or intent, just the deranged mind of this women, very appreciative of what your husband is trying to do for women.  Now, I have long thought President Obama was and is hot, a bit too thin, for this beef cake chick, who has come to the realization, that I don't need to lose weight, I just need a bigger man!  But, take a dream, for what a dream is worth, this one just funny.  But I have read the reports of divorce, Michelle's tell all book, much like those of the Clinton's and the Bush's marriages on the rocks, by the Big Foot and Elvis believer's crowd, so I think my moments, grabbing a National Enquirer, with as much interest as I do a Wall Street Journal or Salt Lake Tribune, or one on that level, the Mormon owned, Deseret News, you have to just consider the source!

So, last night, Edward, my cousin, not to be confused with Edward Snowden, I just wrote about, an hour ago, took Obie to the Bellagio Hotel, and to other social events around Vegas, for a night of dancing, drinking and whatever follows that, I feel asleep, but my early morning dream was just as entertaining and full of surprises.  For I had a visit from the President of the United States, not dressed in his normal office and running the country attire, but wearing a red golf shirt, and khaki shorts, with sandals on, and he was sitting with me in his car . . . no secret service.  So as my sleepy brain, becomes cognitive of me sitting with the President in this casual setting of his car, me, of course, in a white, symbolic of pure, summer dress . . . haven't worn white, nor a dress for 14 years, but, nonetheless, that is what I was wearing, and I am sitting in the passenger side of the front seat, while both of us are listening to the news, although, I admit, I was more worried what to do with a President, than listening to the news!

So, I scoot across the seat, old style car, no bucket or hidden chambers in the middle, but I move next to the Barack, we will use a more familiar term, due to the circumstances in the dream, and kind of cozy up to him, with not response from him.  No return of affection, just a question, to see if I had a take on the news that just came on the radio . . . what, the radio, I hadn't listened to what was being said, I was too busy, trying to figure out why I was with the President, why he was so casually dressed and what might bring about a meeting with him, or the events that were taking place, just taking clues as I saw them . . . the news you ask . . . I didn't get a BS degree, in English and communications for nothing, so I play, stump the President and bull shit my way through a semblance of a response.

I don't think he bought it, but he was his normal cool self, and was wise enough not to start an argument with me, President or no President, I don't like to be questioned on my knowledge or my interpretation . . . that is why, when given a chance on this blog to receive comments, I declined, I don't care to hear your critique, nor value your response . . . just kidding, but not really.  So there is a long silent, pregnant pause in our conversation, and I am still wondering why I am sitting, now awkwardly next to the President, in a car, thinking of a plan to scoot back across the seat, unnoticed.  Finally, I said, so, Prez., why are we here?  After some time, he said, I am a play boy . . . that most likely came from me watching the news the other night, or it came from Rachel Maddow or Jon Stewart, making fun of Fox News, making fun of the President playing golf with the head of some state or nation . . . Barack was wearing a blue shirt and shorts in the segment, so I believe I was influenced by that, but my mind put him in a red shirt . . . a far more powerful color, symbolically!

My Dream of Mitt Romney, Just Days Before the 2012 Presidential Elections

Now, anyone who has followed this blog for any substantial time, knows, that I believe their was foul play in my $357M securities case, Brock et al v. Herbert et al, with me suspecting for good reason and with some supporting circumstantial evidence that my contingency fee of $118M ended up going to Mitt's campaign, given the players involved, the close connection between my family and Romney, through church sources, the overly representative percentage of Mormon CIA, FBI and NSA being Mormon, and a hotly contested and battled campaign, with me pulling for President Obama.  So taken in that context, you have to just consider the source . . .

This dream, of Mitt, is just as uncharacteristic of Mitt, as the one about, Barack . . . with a slim chance of either one of them ever being with me in reality, or in person, or in the situation presented in the dreams.  But, there is one caveat, for Mitt, and that is that every Mormon male, in his heart of hearts, believes that he will have more than one wife, about 10 virgins, if he lives well in this life, and at the time I had this dream, I was actually visiting a friend, who's father, while not a polygamist, was living in a sort of compound, just outside the top security area of the mysterious area 51, where there have been claims of UFO's and other worldly visitations by scientists who have been chased and tainted reputation wise, as I have, for revealing the truth about government secrets, no matter how bizarre they seem to be . . . so, that also may have influenced this dream, as did the last thing my friends father said, after we watched Russian news, from his self sustaining compound just outside of the Shevowitz Indian Reservation, 17 miles west of St. George.

I Didn't Even Want You For President!

I am sure, the somewhat justified, psycho-sexual analysis of both of these dreams will be, for this sexually repressed attorney, with no clitoris, that I have a latent desire to have sex with powerful men, I even entertained, a tryst with Putin, in my grandeous delusions, of actually finding a man, that is my equal, watch, the free YouTube movie, My Fake Fiance . . . Harvard grad, totally my personality . . . but here goes this somewhat humorous and interesting to say the least dream.

Okay, so you all know, that Governor Romney, or Mitt to me, in this compromising dream, has perfect hair, seldom do you ever see it messed up, but in this compromising dream, and Anne, due to the Mormon belief, in a similarly barbaric custom of polygamy, you might have a bit more to worry about . . . seeing that the twin relics of barbarism are slavery and polygamy, with Mormon males, and their co-partners, who are little more advanced than Africa, in custom and belief towards women, with many similarities, between Mormons and Muslims, who in some countries practice female circumcision, through Islam, and seeing that the punishment of choice for me, in Utah, also have polygamy in common.  Although Allah gives those who strap bombs on themselves, 70 virgins, rather than the allotted 10 virgins, in current Mormon scripture!

So, in the dream, Mitt is laying naked over me, with his hair, falling forward, only a sheet over he and I, I don't recall what I was wearing, but I am sure the shock of the dream, made me hopefully, wearing at least a nightgown, being overly prudish and modest.  But Mitt is up on his arms, on top of my body, with this sheet over me, and I get this thought, much like when I asked a rapist, in reality, laying on top of me, what are you doing . . . breaking the spell of fantasy, but I just look up at Mitt, again, in shock, but calm and secure in my comment . . . I didn't even want you for president!   

With the thought, that what the hell are you thinking, dude?  But, as I analyzed the dream, I thought, maybe, had he listened to me, read the same emails, I was sending to President Obama, or after the interception, to Senator Testers Staff in Montana, giving valuable critiques, comments, and thoughts about the election, the debates, comments I heard from the Mormon underground, like the fact that Mitt was building his 5th home, this one in California, with an elevator, going from the basement to the front door, bringing he car of the day, to the main level of the house, at a time when millions of Americans were losing their only home, with Obama's having only one home, besides the White House, if I recall, but stuff like that, with former President Clinton, joking about that house, or fact, he might have done better than listen to his staff, who were in fighting and leading him astray through false statements of fact and fiction!  

And in that context, I could see him wanting to be with ME!  Much more objective a source!

Anyway, we need to end all barbaric means of treating women, slavery, polygamy and female circumcision . . . plus, follow the 14th amendment of equal protection, how can one couple, with the INS, claiming her marriage was fraudulent, stopping Obie's mother from obtaining citizenship for 20 years, while granting the other partner to the marriage, citizenship years ago . . . denying her, even after finding the marriage to be valid, and irrelevant to the INS proceedings, but still used against this noble, honorable, Nurse, from Pennsylvania! We are better than this!

P.S. I forgot the cat cartoon . . . my symbol for the CIA is a cat, stealth, sneaky, silent, etc., so in this cartoon,, 2014 UFS, Inc.,, there is a chair, cat and a cat smacks into the woman's back, the caption says, Sorry, I thought I could jump over you!


Open Range--Get Your Peckers in the Dirt

I just liked that statement made by actor, Robert Duvall, in the movie, Open Range, about the battle for free range grazing of cattle, verses, stationary rancher cattle ranging, with property owners . . . plus the dirty bastard who was controlling the town, through the principles of all dark empires, from Darth Vadar, to modern day, Lex Luthers of the world . . . with the mantra of steal, kill and destroy!  In my personal battle for world supremacy, not for myself, but for all mankind, to live in a beautiful new world, with the premise of love, peace, harmony, justice, freedom and liberty for all, as opposed to the one world order, promoted by world bankers, fascist regimes, despots, tyranny, and the enslavement of people, worldwide, a labor force just large enough to serve the ruling elite, with little more than money games to offer, perpetrated by war, oppression, death and bloodshed, I learned of one more technological creation to either aid one side or the other.

Called the Deep Web or the Dark Internet

Of course, organized crime syndicates, the CIA, traffickers of firearms, labor, sex trade, and drugs, have already discovered a wide set of benefits and uses for this either dark and dastardly deep web or dark Internet, that few normal folks like myself, know about yet, either using it for the benefit of man and womankind, or for their own selfish purposes, deeds, prosperity, or evil.  As I understand it from Jeff, a friend who heard of my travails of screaming, swearing computers, when I happen to get something on my blog to the masses to help them, but to the chagrin of those who oppose the peaceful solutions to the human condition, he told me of technology and programs like Tails, TOR, or The Onion Router, Honeypots, and methods and means to stop or detect spam on your computer, or to bury your identity and location, through up to and including, 5,000 volunteer router cites, bumping you around the globe, until, there is no connection back to your original location, IP number, town, and I could be writing from the University of Las Vegas, Law School, sitting here on the third floor of the law library, and if I had the very simple device, like a small, USB, looking device, much like a travel flash or travel drive, plugged into my notebook, it would appear, as if I were writing this blog from the UK or somewhere else, through the deep web or the dark Internet.

In this world of cyber wars, and spying, leaving little to the imagination, especially to the eyes and minds of those working in NSA type activities, of even spying on Americans . . . who in the hell, do you think, messed with my computer, put psychedelic colors, stripes, and finally shutting me down . . . with Edward Snowden, noting in an article just last week, I believe I read about it in the Salt Lake Tribune, that hey, these guys and gals, working for the NSA, are just normal folks with your average curiosity, and when they see a sexy girlfriend, sending her nude sext to her boyfriend, they are going to do just what, allegedly you and I would do, look at the pictures!  Oh, hell NO . . . first of all, allegedly the NSA, is just doing sweeping meta data collection, with little interest in your personal emails, texts, sexting, and they just detect your connections with global terrorists?  So, why in the hell are they being so up close and personal, with your girlfriends email or text?  Yeah, they are looking at a fucking lot more than any, even tangential connection between you and the terrorist cell with their asses parked on the eastern borders of the Ukraine!

They are fucking spying on us, on American citizens, you and me, with 4th amendment rights to protections from unreasonable searches and seizures, only allowed by the suspicion that a crime is being committed, based on probable cause, attested to and under oath, with a non-biased magistrate, demanding a list of specificity, and particularities, of the persons to be searched and the items to be seized!  Not to mention, the 9th amendment right to privacy, and 5th and 14th rights to due process and equal protection!  You know, just those little speed pumps we call the Bill of Rights!  Sorry, that was just a side bar . . .

TOR, Could Be Confused with THOR--King of High Security

TOR, previously the acronym for The Onion Router, security program, now, the official name of the program, that provided online security and anonymity, which resisted censorship, sent subscribers through a free, worldwide, volunteer network consisting of more than 5,000 relays to conceal the user's location or usage from network surveillance or traffic analysis.  This program made it very difficult to trace use of the Internet, from emails, to searches, back to the users computer or location.

This experiment or official program was first originated at the authority of the U.S. Navy, later joined by private firms, followed by the UK joining in on the new deep, dark side of the Internet, often used first by the CIA, to go undetected to the dark side of the web, to avoid detection by the enemy combatant spies of other countries, to let the Company, know their locations, or if they were in danger, and what their plans were . . . because, if the movies are right, if they get caught, they are toast and nobody knows them and sail ave or good-bye!  So a critical tool for the intelligence community working around the world . . . a good side of the technology, depending on what they are up to, I just had to qualify that.

TOR is the King of High Security, with low latency Internet anonymity, and with no other contenders for the throne in waiting.  The idea of the onion router, was the application of layers of encryption.  The developers and creators, accepted money from the U.S. government, who did not necessarily collaborate with the NSA to reveal the identities of the users.  There are 36 million users around the world, who have free access, expression on the Internet, to keep control of their privacy and anonymity . . . Jeff showed me this, I guess I am the last to know, but it is relatively easy to use, with not much more complexity than using Word or other Internet programs . . . if I can use it, understand it and grasp the significance of the program, after entering the computer age, less than willingly, having to learn the computer and the law at the same time, then missing 8 years of technology that changes every 3 days, then your average person, who has been using all the way along will figure it out, determining if it something that is of benefit, or determent to them.

Pivotal in Dissident Movements in Both Iran & More Recently in Egypt

If you will recall, especially in the movement to deal with the removal of Morsi, as I believe, the first democratically elected President of Egypt, later threatened by militant leaders, or the Muslim Brotherhood, very much, relied on technology to conduct, a rather, peaceful, if I recall, movement, making objections, observation, even demonstration clean up after protests, about jobs, living conditions and what not, using Smart phones, Ipods, computers, and other devices I don't know about . . . to go undetected, giving orders and assignments to key leaders of the movements they were trying to promote.  Egypt gave us mathematics, astrology, and civilization, perhaps, they also showed us a more civilized way to protest government policies, and redress grievances, without fear of retaliation, but, if America is working right, the first amendment, free speech and the right to redress grievances with our government should handle that, through the help of the 14th amendment, of due process and equal protection, GOD BLESS AMERICA!

None the less, it was a fascinating way to handle what happened in Egypt . . . from the ugly American!  Awesome demonstration, with much intelligence behind it, cool!

Edward Snowden Used TOR Network to Send the Washington Post & the Guardian, Information about PRISM and Other NSA Activities

The Dark Corner of the Web

Some less that worthy uses of this program: copyright infringement, distributing sex/controlled substances, money laundering, credit card fraud, identity theft, black market industries and sells; however, on the bright side, it has been used to help victims of domestic violence, go deep and dark to avoid detection by their perpetrators, and be able to converse with social workers and the domestic violence network in communities, providing safety and protection for women and their children who are at risk, or trying to escape the hellacious situation they have found themselves in.  

Like I said, for better or for worse, we marry this system . . . without regulations, monitoring, or legislation, that I am aware of, but I am always the last to know, we will have to be self-policing, which to me is best anyway . . . as in marriage, you take the good with the bad!  Last night I was watching a strange, but somewhat realistic movie, call Tribulation, where Christians were being forced to take the sign of the beast, or the mark of the beast, 666, as in the Book of Revelations, predicting what the end of the world will be like, unless we can get our shit together as a world, and seek a better world, and avoid a hideous end to humanity as we know it . . . but a guy speaks of a phenomena that happened among monkeys on either an island, or on a continent, and one group of monkeys started to act in a particular manner, and scientists found that monkeys, not connected to each other, all over the island, started to behave in the same way . . . and the actor said, wouldn't that be great, if people could do this with peace!

No matter is we are dealing with guns, drugs, sex, the Internet, or anything, the outcome for the planet, will largely depend on us, whether we will be able to implement these tools for the benefit of mankind, so closely connected these days, or become part of the Evil Empire . . . used to steal, kill and destroy, mankind!

The Choice is Up To YOU!  

Monday, July 21, 2014


Of, Course, I Run Into Two Sister Mormon Missionaries, As I Enter the Montana State Library . . . But Seriously, the Sense of Entitlement, Arrogance--Two Elders Using Computers, Reserved for Attorneys?

Now, I would have tolerance if all the computers in the other side of the building, the Montana State Library were busy; however, that is not the case, all the computers were free, without a single bit of competition and wait for the computers.  So, when I come in and find myself, flanked by two elder missionaries, totally out of place, in the law library, I get a little testy, play on Senator Tester . . . come on, all reverence for God's alleged army of 18 to 21 year olds, who are serving, so as not to be drafted, a change just at the time, the government made it mandatory for all 18 year olds, to register!  If the church, left the normal age for going on a mission, at the age 19, like it has been for as long as I have been alive, the age of a dinosaur, it would have left those squeaky clean, future FBI and CIA agents, vulnerable for a year . . . we can't have that, we will let the rest of the nations 18 year olds register, while all the Mormons get a deferral if not a total opt out due to religious service, and then when they come back with their language skills, tracking practice, and authority bidding mindset, they take over in the ranks and file of the country, America, they have little loyalty to, but step in to run!

My younger sister, Susan Southwick Schmidt and her husband, Kevin, just booked it out of the country in great haste, to Turkey, allegedly to serve a rushed mission, allegedly to get their service over before their youngest son, Stafford, returns from his mission in, I think Ballis or some economically advantageous mission, to benefit him, as did daddy's mission, landing him a PR position with a worldwide company, using he language skills in French/German, I think he served a bit in each country?  So, for all intents and purposes, allegiances, are totally for the Mormon Church, not the country . . . so, one of my main objections, amount many, and mounting daily, against Mitt Romney, is that he had 5 sons, who all, as I understand it, served missions for the LDS Church, but none, not one, served any time for their country.  Again, a man's treasure is where his heart is, and I would say, a man or woman's loyalty or fidelity, is where their time is . . .

I would check Sue and Kevin's background, and connections with Mitt Romney, closely, because Kevin was a Mormon Bishop, in Mitt's religious jurisdiction, or stake boundaries, with ties, to the point of partying on the Romney boat with the young men and women, in the Hamptons.  I would bet my soul, on the fact that Sue and Kevin, who moved to Utah, St. George to be exact, did so to be involved in the Romney campaign, along with Brock, and anti-Mormon author, Kay Burningham, making for a nice little circle of friends and family of the Southwick family, with Hank Brock being in Dick and Helen Southwick's ward, and Brock & Associates, capitalizing on my misfortune, and the Mormon, RICO crowds, fortune, running a cover-operation for campaign financing, with maps of the United States, just hammered with little yellow sticky notes, with names and people from all over the country.  And to my estimation, having been a office frequent flier visitor, noticing the before law suit, and the after . . . big difference, not only in the make up of the office, but in Hank's attire, sporting a tan and Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and absolutely no client visitors, like the office used to be bustling with, even in light of the fraud poster boy status!

Service in the Mormon Church, hides a multitude of sins, crimes and indiscretions, just like the recent appointment of former Chief Deputy, Attorney General, Reed Richards, also the Director of the Utah Sheriff's Association, with deep ties to Mark Nash, my old boss, at the Utah Prosecution Council, and also with the Attorney Generals Office, elected and staffed with Shurtleff, Swallow and Torgesen, who has been around, since before I came on board, and also one of eleven guy attorneys, with me, being the only female, in the hard core, Criminal Enforcement Division, and I sure as hell, Sim, Troy and Mary, looking into the AG scandal, for one second, dismiss, Creighton Horton, who hated me from the second, my cocky ass got hired, and I tried to encourage, county attorneys to take rape cases, that were a rarity in Cache County with Utah State University, and its wooded campus, a campus rape, just waiting to happen . . . you might also, find a friend with tons of knowledge, in the President of Snow College, former legislator, and Cache County Attorney, Scott Wyatt!

The circle of culpable persons, you will find is ever wide and deep, encompassing, and broad, with approval from many, and aiding and abetting high crimes and serious misdemeanors.  Making my blog, fodder for the Godfather, that is why I am not with John . . . see what you think, what was the explanation for what we saw on a very remote road, on the back side of Swan and Seeley Lakes.

I Am Not the Only One Who Relies on Symbolism to Get Their Message Across--Try the Sailor, the Spy, and the Tinker . . . Mafia Too, Power Stuff

I told you about my computer, that would have been much like the possessed girl in the Exorsist Movies of the 1990, that scared the hell out of even my college friends, who had to sleep at the foot of their parent's beds, after seeing the twisted head, and the green slim, being vomited all over the room, and a wretchedly demonic girl, bent and crippled, crawling on the ceiling, with a vengeful venom, that comes with evil inside, but not to be the characteristics, of demons, and the possessed alone, but with evil of any kind, like the folks I am dealing with, who murder at will, seemingly getting away with, it and no consequences and ramifications for their actions, as if the law is beneath their self-proclaimed superiority.

But in light of that computer with ever evident sign that it was possessed by a very pissed of NSA, hacker sister, Shelley, or whomever had controls, and my phone, being taken from my purse, that I didn't notice until several hours into the trip, having not used it to my recollection, but it the next abnormality, that sent a few shockwaves through me, because John didn't see it, but I only felt it fair to fully disclose, my concerns over what I had just seen. 

On the very remote, disserted, and rural, road, John and I were on, we were cautiously aware of the likelihood, of large game animals that might be crossing the road, unaware of much traffic.  But John is a safe driver, and overly cautious, because his car is his method of income.  So, if I bring up the fact that we are just entering a deer migration area, as indicated by the yellow warning signs with a leaping deer on it, and with John blasting his trippy music, and me wondering if he is even there, or is drifting off to some parallel universe, I will snap him back to reality, and caution him of impending danger . . . which is just what I saw, with him, not taking notice, which I could not see how he could miss, but I like to give people, the benefit of the doubt at all times.

Death By Misadventure . . . New Classification of Murder

John was raised hiking the Beartooth Mountain Range, on the border of Wyoming and Montana, with 28 peaks, allegedly according to John, over the 12,000 foot mark, while Glacier has peaks that only go, 10,000, with John, kind of dissing Glacier as small time stuff.  But we have been looking forward to this trip for about two months, waiting, anticipating and planning.  But, as I learned, last summer, these mountains, can be fraught with peril, and after Howard, kind of in his words, messed around and simulated pushing me over a bridge, and then took me extremely close to an old rod iron gate, type thing, that is being replaced this year, as I understand it, but I refused to get close, due to the fact that one slip of the foot, or a slight nudge, from a friend, or enemy as he started to appear, was sure death!

When I reported for training duty last summer, at the main lodge at East Glacier, I noticed the same bright orange poster, of a beautiful black siloquhete, of the forest pines . . . and the words, hauntingly stated, with great warning and meaning to me, after Howard's, alleged horse play, Dangerous Beauty!  These granite and stone beauties with all the lakes, the wild life, of grizzlies, moose, mountain goats and sheep, rams, elk, and such, can be a treacherous place, where a murder is the slip of a slight push away, as we found in the Graham, murder, of a wife of 9 days, allegedly pushing her husband of 9 days, after she blind folded him to play a game, and pushed him down a 40' cliff, to his death . . . so fucking easy to say, they just got too close to the edge . . .

The Phone Text, Minutes Before, Fresh Blood on the Road

The day before the computer went haywire, John and I got into a brief fight, but heated enough to piss me off, given what is happening in Utah, with many players, involved behind the scenes of the Attorney General scandals, and me wanting to write about what I know, being one of the few, who can provide the historical and conceptual framework for everything, from bad blood, to outright hatred within the AGs Office, leading to much of the corruption and whatnot.  But John called and made up, stating that the trip to the Bearthooth Mountains was extremely important to him, and he hoped that this incident in the morning was not going to stand in the way of the trip . . . I said, no, but I was taking my mental notes of his tone, demeanor, mood, and the undertone of what I caught him saying, shortly before, I let go and vented all over him . . . beaten by a girl! 

I asked him what he had said, and he said, it was not important.  The last time, I felt like he was setting me up, using my other two roommates, to do a sting op, on me, he came home after working the late shift at the Pizza Hut, and when he, it seemed to me, realized, I was not in jail, or gone, put his fist through the bathroom door, like I had foiled his plans, which I have many agents and bribed friends, family and clients . . . but he tried to cover it up with his anger for Jen, whom he is glad not to be with, and better off, so it always, shocks me, when he makes reference for all this pent up anger over a girl, never refers to Jen . . . but it seems directed at me.  But, before the computer misfire, I told John, that I didn't trust anyone, and when he mentioned that DJ was going with us on the trip, I just casually mentioned that I had written in my blog, where I was going, and what two friends I was with . . . DJ declined to respond to the calls to see if he was joining us, and all the sudden that night, my computer, goes to war against me . . . is that so I can't give a play by play of who is going and who is not?  A bit too coincidental for me!

Two Bath Tub Sizes of Fresh Blood on the Road . . . No Deer Carcuses!

So, my computer got back in the game, in time for me to write where I was going and with whom, but John was busy packing.  We hit the road, and John is trancelike, and I am sleepy, having been up two nights straight, writing about the attorney general story.  We get in the car without incident, and head on our way, get to probably the remotest place on the trip, so far, and all of the sudden, John gets a text, like he often does, with little response, other than to just read it and put the phone down without comment.  As I looked at the road, John was looking too, but didn't see the huge ass, two huge ass, like bathtub size full of fresh blood! 

I was totally shocked, and kind of started to tell John that I think, originally, that is God, telling us to be very careful, on this road, that there might be dangers, we don't anticipate, and what the hell could make that large pool of blood, without a trace of fur, no body of the deer, no sign of what may have been hit, just bright red, fresh blood, that I couldn't see how he could not see it . . . but maybe the music trip he was on, but he had read the phone just seconds before.  I told him, it could be a sign of elk, that would wipe out the car, or a warning with two pools of blood, that we were both at risk, and we were going to die, but the message seemed to be connected to the road . . . animals, a wreck, something.

John kept telling me he didn't want to deal with this, that it scared him, but he seemed fine, we pulled over and discussed the caution we should take to make sure we make it to our destination okay.  I told him, we also might consider that this is a mob sign of death . . . there was nothing to indicate a connection with animals at all, not on the road or the side of the road, is this the equivalent of the dead horse in the foot of the bed in the Godfather, we can't rule that out, for sure!  He is like a non-emotional guy, just saying, now, great, I have to deal with that . . . and he goes off on his standard, great, I love a girl, just a poor Christian guy, paying his bills, and just wanting the girl he loves. 

Finally, I tell him, that before we left, I documented where we were and whom I was with, and asked him if he wanted to drop me off in Helena, because this trip may not turn out the way we want.  The second I said, that I had recorded his name, stating that I don't trust anyone, and I want the cops to have a starting point, and that would be him, if I got pushed off or something . . . now, he was all about leaving me in Helena, and I was too, a relief, just don't trust him, he has given me reason to believe that he is on the other side of this, sleeping with the enemy, not me, but him, bribed, changed, and Jen too!

So, Here I Am Again, Full Circle In Helena, the Capitol

I had never been to Helena before, I actually thought of being inspired to move here, nor had I ever been to Montana.  So, the first thing I did when I got here, was, head right up to the Capitol, around the middle of March 2012, go straight to the Secretary of State's office and request a copy of the new 1972 Montana State Constitution, to see if the state was one I could respect and live in, if all worked out.  I also took a jaunt up, to look at all the murals by Charles Russell, the amazing artist, with I believe about 36 pictures of Lewis and Clark, Sacajawea, and early Montana life, and battles with the Indians.

The tour guide, told the kids, with me joining the school class, that there was not much corruption in Montana, because of the term limits . . . I piped up, and said, that is one of the reasons I am thinking about moving to Montana, is a corrupt attorney general, and it was nice to actually have one who was fighting corruption, like Governor Bullock, dealing with the Citizens United case, overturning 100 years of Montana anti-corruption laws.  But, I left the school class, and decided to take the elevator down, rather than the historic stairs, that would murder my knees, but once in the elevator, the machine locks up . . . great, my enemies just followed me, and I am already under surveillance, and here I sit . . . the building maintenance, couldn't fix the elevator, and eventually, a specialist had to come and get me out, crawling up, with the doors caught between floors!

Nice welcome . . . well, nice to be back in Helena, nice to eat at Planet Gyro, one of a few favorite Greek Restaurants, in each town, and I am heading over to the Secretary of State's Office, because I lent my Montana Constitution to someone, and I need a replacement.  I tried to get one at the law school in Missoula, but they were out, I told them, at the school, that if I got to Helena, I would have them ship a box load, the students need them, and so do I . . . so here I am, and here I go.  The Beartooth will have to wait, although I saw a kind of creepy sign at the Gyro place, a guy, who looked a lot like John, missing his hand . . . hope the mob doesn't get him, or punish him, but I would not put it passed them!

Hopefully, Montana is Breathing Easier--Mobs Can Make You Do Things You Don't Want to Do . . . But, With the AG Arrests, I Am Hoping that is Sending Corrupt Criminals of all Types a Message . . . You Are NOT Above the LAW!

Sunday, July 20, 2014


While I Was Keeping the Home Fries Burning, the 30,000 Spies at the NSA in Utah Were Frying My Computer

There is a Chinese Proverb, that goes something like this: the petty thief, will spend a lifetime in prison, and the totally corrupt will end up the heads of state.  Ever since the two ex attorney generals got arrested last Tuesday in Utah, being charged with various crime of corruption, like taking paid vacations, gifts, bribes, witness and evidence tampering, and I would ad, crime that are usually attributed to public office holders, that of misfeasance and malfeasance in office, and for me personally, attempted homicide, property theft, fraud, corruption, influencing the courts, and the bar association, intimidating, threatening, harassment, and a few other unmentionables.

I have been associated with the Utah Attorney Generals Office, for twenty years now, in one form or another, either working for them, killing their legislation, testifying in the legislature for them, naming persons, attorneys and investigators working with them as defendants in lawsuits, going against law enforcement working in conjunction with assistant attorney generals, working with associations, corporations and entities, with close ties to them, being both friend and foe.  

So, there could be some speculation, that there have been entries, facts, discoveries, and disclosures, or revelations, that may have appeared in my blog, knowing that many prosecutors, cops, government personnel, news media, FBI, CIA, and NSA, who might be reading this blog.  This blog has been my means of communications, that have a times, backed off potential hits, revealed organizations that have political agendas, that may have been attacked by me, defended as unpopular positions, in depth explanations, that have both thrilled and angered many . . . and of that I am proud!

I Am Not Affiliated With Any Political Party, Owe Nothing to Anyone, No One Dictates, Influences, or Controls, What I Write, When, About Whom, and Under What Conditions . . . I Call My Own Shots!

Just last night, I went to the movie, Persecuted, having no idea what the movie was about, it sounded like my kind of movie . . . not only was it my kind of movie, but it appeared to be written as a movies script that was taken from stories I had told from my blog!  The main character in the show is a popular preacher, that is born again, coming from a life of hard knocks, and a difficult past.  While I did not have many vices growing up, and had a relatively nice life, protected, revered and love, for much of my life, that all changed the day, I was to argue the Brock securities case, for $357M, in front of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, May 9, 2011, with signs of local, state, and national interference in this case, that had caused much interest, publicity, and attention, from a week after we filed the amended complaint against the governor, the attorney general, the director of the Department of Securities, Division of Securities, and attorneys, and investigators, having operated, extra-constitutionally, exacting punishment, favoritism, bribes, cronyism, political favors, completely void of all semblance of anything remotely connected to perimeters and controls outlined by constitutional, criminal, civil, administrative or securities law . . . and animal of a different kind!

The Challenge of Making Money, Is Hanging Onto It, Once You Get It

My rise in trial law history, was abrupt, sudden, and unexpected, and did not go unnoticed by opposing counsel, clients former counsel, and attorneys, representing financial planners and securities advisers nationwide, with the New York Times, article, entitled, NO BIG LOVE IN UTAH . . . a play on the popular TV show about a man, with 4 wives, practicing polygamy, plus the fact that I had been a former assistant attorney general, who was personally acquainted with several of the defendants, and had even approached them as friends, prior to filing the shockingly sizable monetary damages, with most of that coming from the fact that the government had used both of my clients, as the fraud poster boys of Utah, without either of them being any more than accused of wrong doing, but not convicted, with postings respectively from 4 to 8 years.

Under the Digital Millennium Act, a little known piece of legislation, with charges for Internet crimes, for fines for damages, from $2500 per day, to $25,000 per hit, that I learned about from a computer wiz, who taught at the computer lab, at Dixie State College or University, where I was hanging out, after my recovery from PIX disease, having not touched a computer for almost 10 years, so I could get instructions and aid, as I reentered the technological age I had never been much good at, barely functional prioCreatr to, getting the alleged, terminal brain disease, that was in reality, a man-made, imitation of a rare terminal illness, the first attempt to kill me, or render me dysfunctional enough to either take me out of commission, or permanately be considered disabled, if not dead . . . now all of this, both back in 2000, when I believe I was poisoned, to keep me out of the Utah Attorney General's race, and to punish me for taking out 9 investigators and attorneys in the newly created, Medical Fraud Units, going after up coding of government billing practices by physicians, as general counsel of the Utah Medical Association, at the time, to the securities incidents, and right up to this second, the threats coming in from sources, anywhere from my computer, to client and friends, facebook pages, is directly related to deep connections from past AG, and currently arrested and charged, attorney generals.

I guess you could say, I am the woman who knows too much!  Much like my former client(s), who told me about things like my emails being routed to Homeland Security and the Department of Justice, before going to the client, with the email, salutation being from me, but the contact or origination according the the information of who sent the communications, came from a Sara Lilly, a case worker on the Home Town Hero, case of the $350,000 one time insurance recovery for cops and firefighters killed in the line of duty, after 9/11, with my client being denied for 6 years, to me threatening the DHS and DOJ, with a monster wrongful death suit, for failure to pay, a man who was doing both corrections, firefighting and recognized for doing both, with the federal government sending this man, into a wilderness type situation, watching 10 hard-core individuals from the prison, without a weapon or firearm, and the threat of going after them for negligence . . . not only was all the evidence stolen out of my office, but the guy, a potential client, the one who informed me of the re-directed emails, died in a symbolic death, mirroring the alleged way the home town hero died!

Creator of Browning Fire Arms--Exhausting Protecting Wealth!

I remember going on a field trip with one of my kids, school classes, in Ogden, at Polk Elementary School, being invited to the personal home of one of the Browning family heirs, who lived up on the benches in Ogden, behind rod iron gates, and if I remember, had a security guard on the premises at all times.  I remember talking to the owner of the home, and a business worth a fortune, as I said, something to the effect, how does it feel to be this wealthy?  He basically, off the record, told me that it sucked . . . that you constantly had to worry about it getting stolen, or robbed, his collections of guns, and other valuables, or being sued, or just getting in an accident by a person, who wanted to go for the deep pockets, to get money.

Thirty years later, I didn't even ever get to experience the wealth, I won, on the case, but had it stolen, right out from under my nose, with the participation for my own team, who once we filed the winning brief, and the government knew they were toast, went behind my back, not only cut a deal, with the AG's office, but brought in another Joann S. Secrist, as opposed to the real name, JoAnn S. Secrist, with just a minor change to my name, a small "a", rather than the large "A" associated with my name on my birth certificate.  Who in their right mind, would ever, ever, anticipate, your own clients fucking you over?  And as I have morphed into other cases, and now a very, even the most successful, financial endeavor, if I were to want to get money for it, rather than keeping free of outside influences, that might pressure me to write something I disagree with, the vultures are right on me, as we speak, with my computer being shut down for the last day or so, and new blog expansion tools, and the hackers, even more on it . . . all over it, waiting with bated breath for the steal, it almost doesn't pay to even try, other than I am not in it for the money, but for empowering the people, with knowledge, that is POWER!

The NSA or Mitt's Computer Dudes, Are On Me, Like Flies on Shit

Boy, the computer crew, either government or private . . . because in Utah, they are one and the same, with not separation of church and state, you know that pesky first amendment, that prohibits the Mormon Church from completely controlling everything, especially with me fighting to make sure they don't, but, many interesting things were added to my blog and computer, that were not there a day and a half ago, like a weather and TV channel . . . so, someone much more computer savvy than myself, added them while they took over my computer, after going psychedelic, crazy, colorful strips, lines, going in circles, reminding me a lot of the good old days, when you would fall asleep in front of the TV, until the 3 free public channels, before cable TV, when at about 2 a.m., you would get this funky looking colorful pictures, like a screen saver, with varied strips, and a rainbow of colors, or if you really stayed up late, you would get black and white fuzz . . . my screen saver, looked like I would imagine a brain looks, when someone on drugs is having a trip, xperiencing your brain on drugs!

So, someone, has had access to fuck with my computer, while I had no access . . . hhhhhhmmmmmm, now who could have access?  Maybe the 30,000 new NSA spies, parking their asses, just over the point of the mountain in Lehi, with the greater majority, being devoted Mormons, pissed as hell that I would take over The Mormon Clubhouse . . . up to and including President Monson!  There are no sacred cows in this world, no one who doesn't have a price, can't succumb to temptation, charm, power, or a Mormon president, and a one world order, with a Mormon agenda, blending very nicely with the one world bankers, and former presidents of the U.S.A., and maybe even the current one?

Mormons Do Have A Plan to Take Over the World . . . and Like the Man in the movie, Persecuted, I am just in the way!

I am heading up to the Beartooth Mountains . . . I am not suicidal, I don't drink, use drugs, nor smoke, there is not reason that I would fall, or do anything to hurt myself, and I am telling you, that I am going with John Bagby, so if anything happens to me, he would be the first person to contact, and find out what is going on . . . I have spoken to all four of my children, Greta, Nicole, Chris and Elliot, bass guitarist for God's Revolver, the seed money for this whole fucking, Utah, dip shit plan, and also my cases. I am blond, heavy set, but with a great face, I am wearing black, from head to foot, I have several teeth missing, due to never knowing if I am going to be alive or dead, usually, can't stay in one place . . . here is a quote by Bob Marley, I just heard and thought you might like, because, John is waiting to go:

Who are you to judge the life I live; I know I'm not perfect and I don't live to be . . . but before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean!

Follow your brain, the heart is dumb as shit!

P.S., I will back blogging by Friday . . . have a great week!

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Right Around the Rosey's, Pocket Full of Possies, Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down!

In the skateboarding world of my oldest son, Christian . . . not to be confused with Kay's oldest son, Christopher, often lead to be mistaken, there is a term of art among these sidewalk, parking lot, swimming pool, ramp, and half pipe, surfers, called, posers, these are people who pretend to be someone or something, they are not!  Much, like the term, truthiness, something that appears to be true, but in reality, just simply is not; I would put posers, in that same category, just not what they claim to be, period!  That would describe the women listed in the title of this blog; however, there are even more women to add to that list, all confidants, or clients, and women that I have spent a lot of time and effort as an attorney, helping with family issues, because I care about families, including their families . . . but that favor is not reciprocal, after receiving a great deal of my time, efforts, talents, and cheap to free legal services, for pulling at the heart strings, they have literally, claimed, my Supreme Court level writing, research and legal skills, as their own, because, I refused to play the games the Utah State Bar, or the U.S. Federal District Bar, of the District of Utah, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, and even the United States Supreme Court, wanted me to play, telling them to take my license, to practice law, and shove it up their unconstitutional, illegal, fraudulent, criminal asses, for throwing out the U.S. Constitution, ruling according to influence of the Mormon Church and all its affiliates, like the CIA, FBI, NSA, military and all their branches, attorney generals, general authorities, or whomever, destroying everything I love . . . family, country, law, state, lifestyle, etc.

I will not practice in a state, or states, or be associated with a bar, that gives law licenses away like candy, that award less than average behavior as attorneys, and denigrate, demean, punish, assassinate character, with professional jealousy, envy, abuse of power, making an amazing and wonderful, legal system, that works, like a well oiled machine, turned into fodder for cheap, shoddy, frauds, who can't even write an email, or give a speech, let alone, write a legal brief of any merit, and attack, lie, use the statewide battering system of cops, prosecutors, courts, government agencies, to take down, one of the best, and brightest, in the state's legal arena, who has, was and is, bringing national recognition, awards, and honors, at the highest level of government, courts, and acclaim, with great, accuracy, attention, and vibrancy, to this state and its professional, if you can call, it that any more, bar association, coming from attorneys, who not only know me, know of me, but have personal interactions with me, have worked with me, know of my character, my integrity, my honesty, and what I stand for, which is what every good attorney should stand for, and are willing for the almighty dollar, basically, are willing to, not only allow people to practice law without licenses, but use my name, my bar number, or a connection with me, who are not attorneys, never were, never could be, for that might take discipline and effort, rather than just spreading their legs for the right men, or looking cute in a suit that might make it appear, as if they are an attorney!

Call to Duty

Really, so these men, women, posers, relying on truthiness, a common tool of spies, undercover, government intrigue, espionage, sedition, and whatever in the hell, they can justify, as a call to duty, looks like, as if destroying the hallmarks, of the American legal system, values of justice for all, liberty, access to the courts, with rulings that are made on legal rational, argument, authority, hierarchy of legal weight of authority, legal and political astuteness, acumen, knowledge, and argumentative skills, and court presentation, is replace by no rules, logic, merit, reliance, veracity, credibility, authenticity, or honor, with laws created in judge's heads, with a stroke of a pen, depending on whom the parties are, the influence they render, both in and outside the court room, with little connection to the rule of law, fidelity to the law, connection to legal principles, jurisdiction, constitutionality, merit, or value in the legal system.

If you call adherence to oaths, affirmations, of loyalty, to defend, preserve, and protect the United States Constitution and the states constitutions, and all laws that are within the letter and spirit of the Constitution, and rejecting any law that is repugnant to the Constitution, void, without the need of a court, but lacking authority in and of the fact, and as a matter of law, is null and void, as of the second it is found, treasonous and barbaric, bringing war, aiding enemies of the people, and the United States, a violation of law, wrong . . .you have lost me, as foreign to all I call, my call to duty, the very thing I raised my hand to the square, four fucking times to do, all in good standing with the Utah Supreme Court, vigorously defending, my clients, rights, powers, legal opportunities, standing, merit, objectives, and doing it with honor, and legal research, constitutional standing and power, rather than kissing your goddamn, bad attorney in black dress asses, then I am guilty as spuriously charged, by actual bad attorneys, an incompetent bar and corrupt judges!

Who is Kay Burningham?

What a strange way to start your own home page, and then follow that statement and a picture of you in front of a book shelf of legal treatises, law books, and law dictionaries, indicating the appearance of an attorney, yet lacking in the legal background, history, cases of merit, connections and associations, with something of legal system, education, experience, jobs, honors, awards, associations with different legal entities, you merely state that you have 25 years of law practice, and you are in close association with the California and Utah bar associations, that with my humble, legal opinion and observation, is really not a noble thing, you have little more to claim, or show for that 25 years, than having your name removed from the Mormon Church, in what 2001.

Yet, from what I read, saw, and found you connected to, LDS general authorities and a Mormon presidential candidate, globe trotting and being interviewed, aired, and associated, more with the UK and the BBC, that you are with your own country?  That strikes me as awfully bizarre, disjointed, an oxymoronic life, and playing both sides of the Mormon/Non-Mormon community, speaking about Mitt, name dropping and hanging out with his nephew, and other alleged, rebel rousers, in the religious community, that you appear, to me for all intents and purposes, to be a new comer to, with a book coming out in 2011, and just doing presentations and speaking engagements to the Ex Mormon or Post Mormon communities, makes one raise an eyebrow or two . . . other than writing a novel here and there, what the hell have you been doing for the last 6 years, what cases, what courts, where, in what state . . . a very unimpressive resume in deed!

My History With Kay Burningham?

Kay, became a friend of mine, back in 7th grade, when we were made science partners in class, where she later confessed, that she either asked the teacher, or made some concerted effort to be my partner, knowing full well her success and happiness, involved being seen, and connected with me, JoAnn Southwice Secrist, a 7th grade class officer, later cheerleader, student of the month, Valentine's Queen for 3 years, ending up VP of the student body.  I was a pretty good student, who, after taking an aptitude test, nationally demanded, I was told that I would be best suited to be a social worker or a lawyer, and I am proud to say, I am a great attorney, and a shitty business woman, because of the social worker side of me, that believes in the good of mankind and will take every sob story, as a sucker for good causes, and do legal work without pay, because the case represents a good legal theory, principle of law, needed area for change, or as a way of straightening out a corrupt system, using an actual fact, with stories, people, issues, proof, of the type of local, state, country or world, we just don't want to be associated with.

By high school, the glamour of being in the spotlight, faded, I would rather sit and watch a football or basketball game, than jump around in a short skirt, doing back flips and round-offs, in front of a crowd, who could care less and would rather watch the game, without having to follow the stupid cheerleaders!  I had done my fair share of grand standing, service to my school, playing the educational systems games, and I started becoming a rebel either with or without a cause, getting more and more cynical, and critical, as I saw the shallowness, the cliques, the alleged power and control of the whatever.  One time, when the old 70's empire waist, granny dresses, down to your ankles came into style and the Girls Association, for girl's week, wanted all the girls in Bountiful High to dress up in these get ups, and parade around the school, class by class, in a fashion show.  Kay was cute and popular by her own merit by this time, and she was always one to participate in my rebellious antics.

So when the day came to dress up and put on a fashion show, I called Kay and suggested, we make our own fashion statement, where cowboy boots, plaid skirts, a funky unmatched blouse, only wear make-up on one eye, leave our hair a mess, like we just got out of bed, Kay went along with the idea, and we were the fashion show . . . room by room, of laughs, making fun of the girl's club, and mocking their stupid little dress up Barbie Day!  I have not changed much, but Kay has, complying with male dictates, demands, both falling sexually as both prey and predator, relying on feminine charms, wiles, flirtatiousness, fornication, adultery, and who all knows what to breaking up two marriages, not counting my own, by fucking opposing counsel, right after taking despositions, making sexual eyes, and advances, while across the table from each other . . . they say, you are the most yourself, the way you were in high school, still there, still being critical of the stupid games of the sexes, still demanded respect for work well done, preferring to be feared, admired, respected, if not hated, more than being loved, coddled, cherished and admired for looking cute!

Fat is a feminist issue with me!  I refuse to bow to the pressure to conform, to some fucking wiener clubs idea of what I should and should not look like . . . and here in lays the problem taking us right up to right here, right now, and case, kids, resume, money theft, by the preferred male version, the created, treated special, loved, admired version of myself, my former, cohort in fashion crimes, buddy in terrorizing rival high schools during night bon fires, rallies and team spirit events, and in the process, becoming a high school legend!  My sister, Tiffany, was 14 years my junior, and had my old boyfriend, high school athlete, often player of the week, in all three sports, as a teacher at Bountiful High, he finally came around to my way of thinking, after I inspired him, to kick our teams asses, by getting him so pissed before the games, against Bountiful High, by listening while I ranted and raged, trash talked and goaded, him about losing to my school, that he would go out and punish my guys, even worse than he would have normally done!

I Never Changed, Kay Changed Drastically as Opportunity Presented Itself

Out of the blue, while waiting to die, up, living in Mt. Sterling, Utah, with and married to Brett Todd Stuart, he asked me one time, if there was a woman, I was jealous of . . . not really.  But, I do have a friend, now, I hadn't at this time worn makeup, nor did much with my hair, or body for about 5 years, around 2005, or so, but my alleged, looking back on it, friend, Kay, whom I had not seen for years, I would say, arrogant, even at the point of death, ugly as sin, and just basically a bump on a log, with a better than average, good looking husband, responded by saying, as if I was still that beautiful, young attorney, kicking shit up all over the state of Utah, rockin' it, that I felt that, Kay, was at least in the class of women, that I respected and thought was cool.  She was a Ms. Utah, BYU homecoming queen, BYU cheerleader, a dancer, artist, debater, and now lawyer.  So, while not at all jealous, would recognize her as an equal for sure, but that was then, and this is now, we are where we are!

Somehow, through fate, quantum physics, karma, or foreshadowed history and world events, Kay called me out of now where, and told me she was engaged to a biology professor, Bruce Bugsby, a national speaker and world renowned, but as I later found out from Kay, a ladies man, still hooked on his ex-wife.  But she invited me and Brett to dinner at Bruce's house in Logan . . . now, one more connection, that now in retrospect sheds some light, adding to my conspiracy theories, that Shelley, Brett and Kay, had all concocted a scheme, plan, and orchestrated theft of my son's bands, first, Parallax, then God's Revolver and now, Maraloka's music, and I think events, in conjunction with those connected to Mitt Romney, Kay's theft of my Brock case, with Shelley's help in the securities and attorney general world, where she had been a government rat, with me the government tormentor, intimidator, and demolition expert, planned a clandestine and hostile take over of my life, with the poisoning not totally taking me out of commission, and eyeing my son's future fame, wealth, and rock star status, coming from years of bad blood, envy, jealousy and rage, unbeknown to me!  A lamb to the slaughter, if you will.

First Words Out of Kay's Mouth, After 20 Years, Was . . . How Well Did You Know Your Husband Before You Married Him, I Didn't Know Him, But You Live a Different Life, When You Think You are Going to Die!

That statement, suggested a familiarity, kind of a red flag, to me, that there was more here, than meets the eye.  And as the night progressed, that became even more and more apparent.  Kay had a case, against the University of Utah, a personal injury case, and a Bruce Jensen, Salt Lake Attorney, was opposing counsel and he had just dead, allegedly from carbon-monoxide poisoning, in his expensive home in Emigration Canyon . . . Kay's hatred for him was penetrating, and Brett seemed engrossed in not only her case, seemingly involved, but also, very interested in her hatred for opposing counsel!  Adding her first comment to me, and later conversations about the case, led my mind to suspect fowl play, in the alleged death by malfunctioning home equipment, that led me to believe, that these two may have killed my former neighbor's attorney son.  This same neighbor, when I first moved in with Shelley, used to always get us confused . . . she was old, but I took note, aren't you Shelley, and isn't your sister, JoAnn!

I started suspecting ID theft, way back, and then with Kay, Brett, and the coincidence that the dead attorney, had a brother, who stood, to inherit, not only his parents estate, but his single brother's very plush and substantial portfolio, real estate holdings, proceeds from his law practice, and who knows what all else, but Shelley and Wayne, the older brother, and the one who lived in Logan, often speaking with Shelley, and who was a dentist, so no poor by any stretch, but the more you get, the more you want, and the less likely you are to share, but as I saw Wayne, sporting his brother's black BMW, SUV and hatchback, and after learning more about the lady and her husband next door, with the quick, placement of this older lady, into a nursing home, I wondered if he, had, in fact, killed his brother, to get gain, or maybe in connection with Kay and Brett . . . mental juices were flowing, needless to say!

Kay & Brett, Because He Had the Cellphone, Set Up A Girl's Weekend

My family was meeting down at the east end of Zion Park, at the Buffalo Inn & Cabins, or something like that, so when Kay called, Brett and I had already planned a trip south for Easter, and Kay's house was not too far out of the way; however, Kay, seemed very jealous of mine and Brett's relationship, when he rubbed my back after dinner, and played with my hair, she would pout and say, I am jealous, and Bruce played little attention to her.  She had cooked a great meal, and we were all just talking, but I knew damn well, that Kay either already had a thing going with Brett, or wanted something, may have even met at the U of U . . . Brett was the consummate ladies man, he picked up on me, coincidentally, the day I was to find a new apartment, because Shelley was suppose to sell her home, she bought with David Yeman, who was freshly out of jail, and getting married. Or so she said, so Brett could not have picked a better time to come into my life.

So, the plan for the girl's weekend at Kay's house in Jeremy Ranch, symbolic name, on Sand Trap Drive, or a name relating to golf, and overlooking the 9th hole, or one of the holes, dictated the name on this very nice house, near Park City, Utah.  Brett was to go to his friend's house, but magically, Danial, the gay friend, could never be reached, so Brett just had to stay all weekend with me and Kay.  Like is attracted to like! Kay, allegedly was trying to decide, whether to give up her law practice in Salt Lake, and move to Logan. Brett said he would pretend to be Bruce, and the two, started to role play, making me, the wallflower, gag . . . Brett's statement to Kay, making reference to her 22' speedboat parked in the garage, was the statement that ended our marriage . . . You can park your boat in my garage or driveway anytime. To the delight and giggles of Kay, smiling from ear to ear . . . Kay is a cat fighter, I am not, you want her, you get her! 

Anyone who knows me, like a husband, would know, that when I go to sleep, I might as well be dead, first husband used to say, that I sleep, so deep and sound, that I could be raped by a stranger in the night, and I would never awake, nor know.  Brett knew my habits well, and judge on the circumstantial evidence of the new honey relationship, and terms of endearment that started, the back door man, sneaked up the stairs to Kay's bedroom and romped the hell out of her, because the next morning, she was exhausted and could hardly get out of bed, this is common behavior, judged on Kay's past for her, and Brett, would have loved two attorneys to fight over him, in fact he got totally pissed, on the way to Easter, because I would not put up with the flirting, the honey-do list, and the walks and race challenge of the two, which just disgusted me, and Brett about wrecked the truck, when I kept making fun of him and Kay's role play . . . You can park your boat in my garage anytime!

Brett tried to get me into the cat fight, but I had years of avoiding such stupid and lame ass games, even when I was half dead . . . if you are her man, you sure as hell are not mine!  You want her, you have her! I don't think this was quit the response my dear hubby wanted, and hey, I love myself, more than any guy, so, what is your problem?  Have her!  He tried to turn the tables, like he was the one, dumping my ass, and he said, well, I am trying to decide if I want to still be married to you, and I said, I already decided that I don't want to be married to you, park your boat in my garage anytime, bull shit! Eventually, I could not stand the sight of him, and thing went down hill from that point on! I finally took his bike and rode the whole 8 miles into Logan from Mt. Sterling, stopping for the night, to sleep in an Indian's tee pee, on the American West Heritage Farm, about half way.

Who Is Shelley?

Brett begged me to come back, following me in his truck, and me flipping him the finger or the bird, as in fuck off!  I camped out at Shelley's house, whom Brett, seemed familiar with, and sexually involved with also, leaving momentos and symbolic signs of him, behind . . . how do you hurt your wife, go for her sister or her former best friend, but I didn't care.  Shelley, used to roll her eyes back into her head, while lying and telling me she didn't like my husband, sneaking around behind my back with him.  The eyes are evidence of lying, from what the experts on body language taught prosecutors and cops, at the domestic violence conference in Park City, with the husband and wife, dream team of cops, telling us to read body language--the shifty eyes, the rolled so far back in her head, I thought she might faint!  But, when I introduced Brett to her, she said, sssssssssoooooooooooooo, this is your new husband, huh!  Smacked with familiarity, and several months later, I was reading one of Shelley's Utah State University Alumni Magazines, and ran across a Brett Todd Stuart/Stewart, an animal husbandry major, careers that fit!  LOL!

When I was visiting one time, Brett and Shelley got into it over 9/11, and he would follow her around the house, I was at my worst, probably poisoned by this crowd, with Shelley probably having had classes with Brett, in Bruce Bugsby's biology class, the Logan connection.  Brett denied that was him in the magazine, but the alleged factory worker, a cover, would always say, don't you think, that I have a great vocabulary for a factory worker, yes, he did, for all I know, he had a Harvard Law Degree, and once his mother said he had a silver spoon in his mouth, his grandparent's who were killed coming out of the Eccles Opera House one night, own RMS Foods & Catering.  So this was no, poor country boy.  A poser!  CIA actor?  With big plans and ideas for Elliot's music, especially once he heard him play, Shelley, Jesse and Tiffany, had tons of CDs labeled Bandit . . . were applying for credit cards, and had banks all over the place, even, Sandpoint Idaho!  Now, what is a poor single mom, with no money, doing getting 15 bank accounts, right about the time El's band was rocking?

Why is Kay's Cite, Under Construction?

I just gave her and Mitt Romney, with the BBC special entitled, The World--Mormon Candidate Mitt Romney & Mormonism, the best exposure a girl could get!  LOL!  With a blog that reaches around the globe, but without any significant connection to my name . . . just Google, JoAnn S. Secrist, Kay uses, Joann S. Secrist, to steal, but while I was discovering Kay on the Internet, being pulled up right along with Attorney Generals, Shurtleff and Swallow, after being arrested . . . why is Kay, coming up?  Guilt by association? Where is Dick, Helen, Shelley, Rachel, Sue and crew?  The are all as culpable as Kay, Mark and John, and I believe in equal protection, and opportunity, as well as uniform operation of law, jail time for all!

So, I just type in JoAnn S. Secrist, out of curiosity to see what come up . . . my interim suspension from a bar I told I would sue, if they didn't take my name off the roster entirely, save face, trashing the best and most noted attorney, for a while in Utah, #2 for civil rights, biggest cases in the nation, blogger pro, getting up to and including 155,000,000 hits, twice in one day!  But, now, if you put my name in, after the run for U.S. Senate, as a write in candidate who was lied to, had her answers for the League of Women Voters, who waited an extra week, never print what they wanted so bad?  But, with Shawn McCauslin, being put on the Mormon Mafia payroll, to send me misinformation, with a run that was just to make a statement against fucking Orin Hatch, in the Mormon Clubhouse and the hatchet man in D.C.!

But if you look past all the negative, no mention of Brock, Cheek, my blog, all the articles that are top of Google, God's Revolver writings, fucking all over the Internet, with Kay's man, Howard Pryor, popping up, to join in on the circle of friend, agents, liars, jilted lovers, making the Ring Around the Rosey . . . or a circle that stops me from getting out of the middle, while they all lie, saying Kay, Shelley or Rachel, was all day at McDonald's writing all this shit to help Sim, Troy and Mary, arrest the posers!  But I looked on the next page, on my name, and there was a picture of me, with Moab, in the background, that was suppose to be part of my blog background, but lasted on day, and a small advertisement about legisaltie and legal help, and a resume, that is so small that you can't read it, and roughly 5,000 people how have hit my biography that is non-existent, nor connected with my picture!  And neither is the blog that I write everyday, and am writing at 6:34 a.m., as we speak!

If you look closely at my blog, on the right side, there should be a picture, small as it is, that is I guess suppose to be Rachel as the next closest looking sister, then Sue, I guess, who is next in line for my throne, so why doesn't my blog, show up, under my name?  I already know, that there are two versions of bad ass con law chick blog, with the "ass" lighter, on the one who gets all the hits, with my picture, my bio, title and articles . . . I am like the original McDonald's, with franchises all over the place, but the one kicking out the products, the new catch phrases, the cute ads, and some I steal, but, I don't exist, but the poser, franchise owner's do?  Really, that is about as creative as the Federal Reserve, who creates money, out of nothing, lends it to us, then charges interest, where there was no real asset in the first place, and then steals our money, by sending Lehman Brothers to the world bankers, sucking tons of money out of the system, then leaving the tax payer with the bill . . . similar tactics, they steal my ideas, my work, cases, Elliot's music, and all benefits, fame, claim, status,, but when they get a DUI, that goes to me!

Basically, Speaking, All Their Shit, I Get, All My Worth, They Get!

These sleazy fuckers are riding on my history, my story, my life, my virtue, my credit, and my trust with you, and bastardizing, perverting, tainting, and manipulating you for liking me, and then, like President Uckdorf, of the Mormon First Presidency, Kay, so humbly, said she saw, while in first class, going to the bathroom or something, and sees this nice man, but of course he would not know, little Kay, wink, wink, nod, nod, to the crowd of staged listeners, such a nice man, really, from a alleged, Mormon bashing anti-Mormon author, hanging out with the in-crowd in the Mormon Church, claiming to be me, with Elliot, as her son! Good God . . . lightning needs to strike!  But the member of the First Presidency, once gave a conference talk, that as a pilot, if he is 1 degree off, on his intended course, he can end up hours later, 350 miles from his destination . . . 

And I would submit to you, that is exactly what is going on here, they are using me, as a constitutional law attorney, as a starting point, because 98% of the people dig the Constitution and Christianity, but not the Darwinists and Big Bangers of this group, of alleged scientists, poser con law chick, anti-Mormon poser, hanging out with general authorities and Mitt, plus Mitt's nephew, to take you slowly on that 1 degree altered trip, as Kay, with an entirely different set of values than me, obviously, or she wouldn't be with my former husband, and you will end up 350 miles away from the U.S.A. in a "This World--Mitt Romney, who is really Walter Mitty, with Mormonism, not Christianity on his brain!

Lies, upon lies, upon, lies, upon, lies . . . Kay and the spin doctors, are working their magic, trying to recover from yesterday's truthful disaster!  I am the real Mother, the real Brock attorney, you can see Kay's presentation, all torts based, she doesn't even now religion, that is a cover for her lack of history as Kay for the last 6 or 7 years!  What the hell has she been up to, other than riding on my laurels!  It is plan as the changes to the New York Investment News, from the original, with a play on polygamy and the popular TV show that actually, both Brett and Kay, forced me to watch at her house . . . on the girl's weekend, maybe trying to get me to accept the fucked up life style . . . sister's care, sister's share, not wonder Brett was upset, he wanted me to apologize to Kay, for sleeping with my husband!

The Monumental Truth of the Brock Case, the Romney Presidency, the Kay Connection, and the World Mormon Agenda--Is Hiding in Plain Sight!

Who is Kay Burningham?  Nobody! 

Friday, July 18, 2014


The Mormon Clubhouse & Cult is Small

Reba McIntyre is singing, Here's Your One Chance, Fancy, Don't Let Me Down, the song about a single mother, who uses her daughter, to pull herself out of poverty, by dressing her up in a dress, teaching her how to please, wealthy and powerful men, and eventually, she becomes wealthy through using her feminine wiles, and she learns that through charm, sex, and bending over for a man, she can be taken care of for the rest of her life . . . that is Kay Burningham, who after a 7 year, hiatus, shows back up from obscurity, from playing Brett's wife, and being JoAnn S. Secrist, as seen in the connection, between the article out of the New York Investment News, with Jessica Marquez, whom I talked to on several occasions, when she interviewed me as the attorney who was representing Brock and Rice, in a earth chattering, case of first impressions, taking a statute, that allows a citizen to sue, state officials, for federal statutory and constitutional violation of their civil rights, while acting under color of law, generally applied to minorities, or other suspect classes of people, like the disabled, elderly, gender challenged, sexually harassed, or religiously oppressed, but never to middle aged, white, Mormon, Republican, multi-millionaire, male financial planners!

Statistics have shown that women with advanced educations, generally tend to be divorced, and are not particularly willing to buy the male patriarchal systems that most religions are administered or controlled by; therefore, for both Kay and I, it is not surprising that both of use would have issues, with the Mormon Church, their policies, agendas, teachings, and practices, and having the education and skill to write about the problems, critically, with clarity, research, credentials, and knowledge and experience to do so.  There is a presentation, you can see on YouTube of Kay, back to being Kay, not riding tandem on my back, jumping off when investigators are getting close to figuring out the identity theft, and picking up where she left off, before substituting as wife, mother, attorney, stealing all I have done, worked for, achieved, and accomplished, while never being good at any of them, even in speaking to the Post Mormon or Ex-Mormon crowd you will see in the video, Kay is doing what Kay knows, talking about Tort Reform, cases, and laws, drawing some analogous comparison, to the fraud in the church, proposing the idea that is is negligence, a big term, always, one of the elements, and attorney must prove, in a tort case, which just means, wrongful acts . . . product liability, wrongful death, birth, personal injury law, and even a 1983 civil rights case, such as the Brock case, for the purposes of determining statute of limitations years for discovering the tort, or the wrongful act, is most closely akin, or associated with tort or personal injury law, starting the clock at the time the injury was discovered.

Kay's History As An Attorney--Tort Law, Personal Injury

Kay Burningham, in her presentation, started practicing law in 1985, which I was kind of shocked to find out, and even counted the years, from high school, to what a possible graduation date from law school, might be, given the fact that Kay dropped out of BYU, with a nervous break down, while being a BYU cheer leader, with a conflict between that life style, and her more studious side, ending up gaining substantial weight, and checking herself into the LDS psych ward, after her mother found her out naked in the snow, or maybe in her underwear.  She also took a year off during law school, I believe going to the U of U, law school, after she had a romantic liaison with a law professor, married at BYU.

Kay, completed her law degree, and started to practice, while I put my husband, Richard Secrist, through undergraduate school, at the the University of Utah, having daughter, Greta, and later, going to Arizona, so Zeke, as I referred to Richard, having grown up with him, in the same neighborhood and Mormon ward, around Woodland Lane, in Bountiful, Utah.  Kay, lived down below, Albertsons, considered, the wrong side of the tracks, and came from a divorced family.  We both graduated from Bountiful High School, and both graduated from BYU law school, several years apart, I was under the assumption, that it was more years than that, but Kay had issues, and challenged, and I was putting my husband, and myself, with his help, through college, for a total of 14 years between the two of us, not counting law school for me, my undergrad, took 4 kids, 4 colleges and 12 years.  I graduated from law school, in 1993, and would have thought that Kay graduated, somewhere around, 1981 to 1983, but?  Maybe she waited to take the bar exam?

Kay has a license to practice law in Utah and California, had done personal injury and torts for her entire career, until she became me, and stole a quick trip to the federal district court of Utah, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court . . . someone, ought to check to see if she is even a member of the federal court system!  I doubt it, because I was!  Hell, what did JoAnn need to get another admittance to the federal bar, when she already had one . . . just ride, piggy back, on her license, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, make deals at the 10th Circuit level, get the oral arguments cancelled, take the money and run, whoops, JoAnn took it beyond that, filed on the remanded issues, back in Utah, and also, went up . . . better stop her, and next time, make the case, permenantly JoAnn IIs case, by cutting off, JoAnn the original!

God's Revolver, Stolen Same Way--Change Band's Name, Change Titles, Rock the World, Through Mormon Connections--CIA Fox Guarding the Chicken Coop!  Same With Financial Crimes!

My Career, 20 Years Of Constitutional Law . . . Law Practice that Fits the Brock Case, the Cheek Case, the Vail Cases!

I was number one in my constitutional law class at BYU, asked by my professor to be his research assistant, which I did; worked in government, because of my background in constitutional law, not a surprise, that I would challenge the asset forfeiture laws passed or attempted to be passed by cops and prosecutors, with constitutional analysis of the proposed legislation, in light of both the U.S. and Utah Constitutions; or that I would protect physicians, on constitutional ground, against violation of their rights, in fraud investigations; or being named #2 in the nation for civil rights defense, due to the Brock and Cheek cases, with cases and clients, all having issues with the government for violations of one or another right, protected under the Bill of Rights, or violation for inconsistencies, not lining up with Articles I, II, or III of the U.S. Constitution; the water compact, is basically unconstitutional, according to the U.S., Montana Constitutions, and Montana Code, plus the Hellgate Treaty of 1855 . . . my blog, bad ass con law chick blog . . . every aspect of my law practice has been related to the Constitution, preserving, protecting and defending!

When I wrote the Brock case, I spent an entire day, going line by line through the Utah Constitution, explaining and listing constitutional violations, like black listing, interference with contracts, due process, equal protection . . . the complaint, is memory serves, had about 6 constitutional violations under the United States Constitution, and 29 violations under the Utah Constitution.  I was the mover behind the ideas, and promotion of the pocket sized Utah Constitution, getting permission to put the official seal of the state of Utah, on the cover, working with Mark Thompson, I think, who was working in the Utah Lt. Governor's Office, actually, sitting his ass, in the new and improved office, I used to have, while staff attorney, for the Utah Prosecution Council, in the Criminal Enforcement Division, of the Utah Attorney Generals Office . . . I bleed, red, white and blue!

I Spoke to the Post Mormon Group in St. George, on the Utah Constitution, Polygamy, Which is Forbidden Forever, Separation of Church & State!

If you look at Kay's presentation, it is totally about torts, fraud, and negligence, and the irony of the book Kay wrote, An American FRAUD, and she was, is, with the book, likely a red herring, to show that she had done something, during her absence from the practice of law, published, in 2011, the same time my house was taken, the day before, I was to fly to Denver, meet Hank, and argue the Brock case, a no show, the night before the big day!  Kay used to live, in the shadows of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, where Kay must have often driven past, and even dreamed of taking a case that high, with her living in Boulder, Colorado, with husband, David Buttars, and her two children, Christopher Brown and Danny Buttars, not, yet, as JoAnn S. Secrist, married to Brett Todd Stuart/Stewart, the parents of Elliot Secrist, aka, Isaac Anderson, as bass guitarist for God's Revolver, CD Little Black Horse Where are You Going with Your Dead Rider!  

Kay and Brett, allegedly bought the rights, from Exigent Records, in none other than, Kaysville!  Isaac told me, after the worldwide tour, that his friend bought the rights to the copyrighted music, but not so, because, Elliot and crew, were still pushing tours, gigs, in the U.S. with 3 worldwide music magazines writing articles and winning Hard Rock Band of 2008, Magnet Magazine!  No, that was marketed around the world, long before the alleged purchase, with tickets going so rapidly in Korea, under the Exigent Record Label, that cops had to spray the crowd down with hoses, and the rush, looked like the race riots of the 60's!  At the time, I was coming out of PIX, a man-made potion, concocted get attorney mama bear out of the way, the first time, and the seizure of my entire life . . . at the same time the Brock case was rocking the legal world, my son's band, God's Revolver was ready to release their 2nd CD, under contract with Sony's, Translation Lost!

Kill two birds with one stone . . . the grand heist of about a billion dollars!  Kay is not constitutional law attorney, not mother of a rock star, and really a poor speaker, who might can fool a non-attorney crowd, but this attorney, with the start of a master degree, from BYU, in Ancient Scripture Studies, going the year before I enter law school, with Steve Robinson, who stole my 30 page paper on Mother in Heaven, and used it as the basis for his doctoral dissertation for divinity school, at Duke University!  The fucking story of my life . . . I do the work, someone else, who could never do it, steals it and takes credit!  And now it appears to be, moving on to my children's generation and work . . . like mother, like kids!

Anti-Mormon Books, the Quantum Leap, Allegedly Legitimizing the Link Between Kay and Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney, with a Documentary, Being Aired in the UK, Home of the World Bankers, On the American Presidential Campaign of a Mormon--March 27, 2012, the Day After the Brock Case Was Allegedly Terminated . . . No, They Had Signed Confidential Agreements, and Sealed the Settlement From the View of the Public & Me!

Mitt Was Over the Salt Lake Olympics . . . Let the Games Begin! 

  • February 2011, I file the winning 14,000 word closing brief with the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • March 2011, Mark Shurtleff, friend and named defendant in the Brock case, is the keynote speaker at the Utah State Bar Associations, Spring Conference in St. George
    • Mark refuses to talk to me, tells me that the Utah Division of Securities and Litigation Division of the Utah Attorney Generals Office, HATE MY GUTS!
    • good, I knew I did a kick ass job, and crucified the other side . . . they appeals attorney, Peggy Stone, was new to the case, bad move to have the attorneys at the trial level, pass the case off to new attorneys, who have to get up to snuff on the facts, the issues, and the arguments . . . I did the whole fucking thing, from start to finish, I could have argued the case in my sleep!
    • Mark's comment, only confirmed the fact that I had nailed the case . . . governments brief, looked like a Dick & Jane, primer reader for elementary school, compared to a constitutional law pro, writing a law review article for a national and respected law school, with footnotes, taking up half a page, to make sure, every nuance of the case, the arguments and the legal theory was covered . . . having to cut, 10,000 words out of the case, with a 14,000 word limit . . . I thought is was great, to be able to drop my analysis, down to the footnotes, until the 10th Circuit Clerks, said, no dice, the words in the footnotes, counted in the 14,000 word limit, we had to swear by our blood, that we didn't exceed!  Peggy's brief was barely 7,000 words, with extra large print to take up space!  LOL!
    • finally, I got Mark, an old friend, I thought, to talk to me, off the record . . . he told me he hated his clients, and a assured him I hated mine too, we discussed the possibility of a settlement
    • Mark, who was in the middle of the BCS v. University of Utah Football Team issue, and the NCAA football league, actually, in the session, after I made a comment or two, and him, knowing full well, that I was capable of helping him, even asked me in front of the crowd of attorneys, in the session, to help with the case . . . I contacted several friend, attorneys, in Las Vegas, who were crazed over the BCS, football, knew ever detail of the arguments, and I asked Steve Yarmy and Chris, and James Brown, if they wanted to help me and the Utah Attorney General take on the BCS!  Hell, yes, but a conflict of interest, the Brock case, got in the way
  • sometime around that time, the 10th Circuit of Appeals, notified me, that oral arguments, had been scheduled for May 9, 2011 . . . I am even better in real, than on paper, with a ton of public presentations and trial work under my belt, having sharpened my teeth in the 5th Judicial District, several states, federal court, and so forth . . . I was not intimidated by the 3 Appeals Court Judges
  • April 18, 2011, I stopped in at Allan Rex Bess's house in Parowan, to check on him, as I often did, going from court in Salt Lake to St. George with a short exit off the freeway, and back on the road, but that day, I took a detour, and drove up through Panguitch Lake, and shocked by the beauty, I stopped to tell Allan, that I just might take him up on paying me for my legal representation, by giving me one of the three lots he owned at the lake . . . I also, started seeing Allan, out of the orange jumpsuit of jail, I first met him in, and started looking at him differently . . . he had asked me, if I would ever like him, I had previously said, NO, but this day, I was rethinking my position
  • April 18, 2011, when I got back to my house, that had been previously been won through a fraudulent conveyance of property case, I filed in U.S. Federal Court, and won by default, against Christian Hickey, Rachel's husband, Wells Fargo, First American Title, and had been living without incident since, August 16, 2010, the date, U.S. Magistrate, Brook Wells, if I remember, signed the default, and we owned the house . . . but I returned from Allan's house, to find a notice of default, posted on my front door, from HSBC, a new alleged party, mentioned in the Deed of Trust, who had never joined the lawsuit at the federal level, and we were given, like 5 days to get out of the house. What . . . and house games, started to happen in Judge John Walton's, I just accidentally, typed the word, house, when I meant to type courtroom . . . does he live in my house, he stole through, secret hearings, cutting the case, killing it, before it was ever even finished, and having the Washington County Constables, seize my house, or try to that day, but I quickly took the time, to slam in a couple of briefs, that slowed the process of the theft . . .
  • May 5, 2011, Thursday, I kicked Washington County Constables off my property . . . I might be a day off, but, it was a Friday . . . Shelley tells me, when I stop by to see her, since she ran like a dog with her tail between her legs, on the first run in . . . I stayed, my furniture, property, law practice was there, and the case was long from being finished, and there was always appeal, so long from over, this fight, that I had already, won!  
  • May 6, 2011, Shelley, informed me, as I was going home, for the first look and review of the Brock case, for months, to get prepared for my oral arguments at the 10th Circuit, with a reminder, coming from the court, just a day or two earlier, reminding me of the oral arguments, with me thinking, yeah, like I am going to blow off the most important day in my legal career, what are they thinking, but, I was grateful for the reminder . . . until Shelley, told me that it is all gone . . . what is all gone?  Everything is gone, What?  Everything in the house is gone! She apologized, and said, I think they thought, that I, referring to herself, was you, and they took everything . . . what?
    • I drove over to the house, and three constables, stopped me at the door, and I said, who are you, and what in the hell are you doing in my house!  Jean Dickson, who knew damned well, who I was, and who Shelley was, who had some judgement against her and Rachel, for $33,000, but I was never named in whatever in the hell lawsuit, this was allegedly dealing with . . . you have to keep in mind, Elliot's new CD, was finished, at exactly the same time! Isaac just happened to be staying there too, and Ty, Shelley's youngest son, had told me that Isaac was smoking pot, in the house . . . Shelley's kid, Shelley's issue . . . she sat her ass in that house for 8 months, never leaving . . . Isaac's issues were not mine, or so I thought . . . never thought of another theft of the MUSIC!  With Isaac, signing, and knowing every word, to my surprise of the new CD, never named, never marketed, and Sony wanting a remix of the music, which Elliot did in about 4 days . . . none of the rest of the band did!
    • I asked Jean Dickson, by what authority, she was seizing the house, she said, she was just following orders from the boys up north!  Shurtleff and Swallow?  Who in the hell are the boys up north?  But I figured, that, they, HSBC, their attorney, Shelley and Judge Walton, put together could not beat me in court, and was catching them, playing all kinds of court games in the sting operations, I was setting as traps, and they were stepping in them every time . . . scriptures state, that if you set a trap or snare for someone else, you would fall in it yourself!  And, that is 100% true!
    • I promptly went to the 5th District Court, and talked to Dennis, the head clerk of the court, who seemed to know what was going on was, wrong, with the case, not even close to being over, with me demanding to see the court docket . . . he admitted the case, was not finished, and I demanded to know what was going on?  He just pleaded ignorance, so I contacted the U.S. Federal District Court, Judge Brooke Wells, and was just able to talk to a U.S. Marshal, who told me he was in Judge Tena Campbell's court that day . . . what!  I got her disqualified from the Brock case, she had to write a letter of admission to the 10th Circuit for knowing nothing about the Utah Constitution, dismissing all 29 charges, because she didn't know much about the document!  REALLY, the highest law in the state!  Unless is conflicts with U.S. Constitution?  She also, go reprimanded and kicked off as Chief Justice, or was shortly after that!  I told the Marshal, that she is not the judge, or connected with my house in anyway!  I told him that I needed to deal with Judge Wells, and of course, there were no judges in the courthouse, on a Friday, so I could not get an injunction to stop the constables . . . all my briefs, for the Brock oral arguments, along with every stitch of furniture was gone . . . no clothes, no make-up . . . nothing! The Marshal, just laughed it off, and told me to relax over the weekend, and you would get your house back . . . really, with everything gone . . . hah, hah, really funny!  But, I can roll with the best, and knew the case without the briefs, and could answer any questions the panel of judges had!  So, I simply purchased a semi-decent outfit, make-up and decided, at least I had an excuse to do a shitty job, I never called Brock, or told him, 90% of life is just showing up!
  • May 7th, 2011, just drove around in my truck, the love of my life! 
  • May 8th, 2011, caught my flight to Denver, and 10th Circuit Court, as planned, with plans to meet Hank, at 6:00 p.m., for dinner . . . things were never, never, never the same . . . Hank and Jay seemed to have lost interest, and Hank was a no show for dinner . . . Kay?
  • May 9, 2011 . . . I am informed at check in, that the judges had cancelled oral arguments. What . . . I tried to get a hold of both Hank and Jay, for the entire hour before court . . . both, no answers, the thought crossed my mind, that Kay was arguing the case, as me, in a courtroom down the hall! Finally, both Hank and Jay, show up, and Hank acts upset, demands proof of cancellation, I see the email . . . someone ordered the judges to cancel, the email was from someone to the judges, not the other way around . . . another clerk of the court, can and tore off the top of the email, revealing the From: and To: . . . this was bull shit, and why in the hell weren't the government's attorneys there?  I am sure they planned, whoever planned this, on me, giving up, after my house was stolen, and not coming to court . . . whooops!  I am far too responsible for that!
    • the clerks, try to tell me that I recieved notice of the cancellation . . . are you kidding me, I noted and marked, the email, just days earlier, reminding me of the opposite, to show up for court!  Oral arguments have to be requested, and the clerks tried to flatter me and tell me that my brief was so thorough, that the judges didn't have any questions for me . . . that could have been true, but I wanted to go for the kill!
  • August 2011, we get the ruling of the 10th Circuit, part remanded, and the other part, we wanted to take to the U.S. Supreme Court . . . Hank and Jay lost interest in the court . . . I never did, we just had to go back to the federal district court, and deal with issues that we should have originally and, yahoo, I get a chance to go to the U.S. Supreme Court!  I took it alone from there . . . 
  • October 2011, with three active appeals at the Utah Court of Appeals, my house, Levin v. Levin, and Lamerouex, plus a request for certiorari at the U.S. Supreme Court, I was busy . . . and the cops and auto mechanic, messed with my truck, the front end, and almost got me killed . . . but, I had no transportation, during this time . . . Shelley and Isaac show up, and basically move in, leaving my house and computer at risk again . . . I was gone for about 2 weeks, with clients from California, the Morgan case, and California, taking time too . . . but I never missed a deadline . . . there was a truck line that had the words, . . . on time, every time, on the side!  That was ME!
    • this is when Shelley redirected my court e-filing a second time . . . she did on the other computer, making it impossible for me to file on my computer, so I would email my briefs to her, and she would file, since I had allowed her and Rodney to file on my account, once for the default on the house with Judge Wells!
      • I had no idea, what plans she had to steal my cases, my son's music and all my cases!
      • Shelley always knew about briefs, statements, and dates for her mortgage business, that I handled the legal work and oral arguments in court
      • Shelley was hit for practicing law without a license at this time . . . Amy, clerk of the court, was working with her, on how to work out filings, with me on a limited, court appearance without being responsible for the whole case!
        • deadly contact on the inside of the court!
        • I think, Shelley also had an affair with an IT person to get access, because from the time she showed up, I could not e-file anymore, and even a new account would not allow me to e-file . . . so I started driving from Parowan to Salt Lake City . . . to do what should have taken 5 seconds or the click of the send key . . . just wrote "kay" 
        • tag team of family, mafia, CIA, Mormon Church, Attorney Generals Office, courts, FBI--showed up when I filed the January 18, 2012 brief, that threw the Brock case back on the court dockets! 
      • this was a well orchestrated take down of every case, my houses, my vehicles, my son's music, my computer, and every aspect of my life!  
    • December 2011, Hank had stopped paying me . . . his case, going to the United States Supreme Court?  WHY?
      • in October, I was granted a 60 day extension on my writ of cert, for the U.S. Supreme . . . thank God!
      • Hank and Jay had no interest in securities, the case, and were not paying me, but I was charging forward, this was no longer their case, but mine!  I had worked for $20 per hour, and then $60 per hour at the appeals level, and by damn, I was going to the U.S. Supreme Court, with or without my clients, who were sporting tans, and Hawaiian shirt, no shows, since May!
      • I wrote a brief, telling the U.S. Supreme Court, through e-filing, or something, that Brock was not paying me, that Mormons were flakes, and Romney was a joke, I wrote about polygamy, etc., knowing full well, that I had a nationwide audience, that I could use to take down my enemies and I didn't care what happened . . . I knew deals had been made, cutting me out . . . why would I deal, I kicked their asses, going all the way!
      • I personally promised Hank in a phone conversations that I would take Mitt Romney down personally . . . I knew, he was a beneficiary, getting my money!  Obama was my man!
    • December 17, 2011, Judge Lyle Anderson, on the Levin v. Levin case up on appeal, tries to schedule a hearing in Grand County . . . I refuse to go, he had no jurisdiction on the case!
    • January 2, 2012, alleged deputy sheriff, Mike Dixon, Frank of Inter Pol, Paton or general on the government special op to take me out, comes on board, serves me with a warrant for Contempt of Court . . . what court, no jurisdiction, I send him packing!
      • Office of Administration of the Courts, were going to check to see if the judge, after losing jurisdiction could serve me with a warrant for contempt, for failure to appear, when the case had been appealed a month earlier . . . I already knew he couldn't do it . . . but who said, Kay and Shelley are smart!  
    • January 5, 2012, three deputy sheriffs show up, demanding $500 or a trip to jail . . . I called the Office of the Administration of the Courts, to see if the attorneys could support me on this simple issue of jurisdiction and civil procedure . . . it sounded like they had been told not to help me . . . eager the day before!  Name recognition!  But, it was either that it was a judge against an attorney, or they had been told to stand down!
      • I had $500 in my purse, to pay the illegal extortion, on a constitutionally flawed warrant
      • I didn't want to miss my chance to go back to the U.S. Supreme Court for a lousy $500, so I tried to pay, just taking cash out of my purse . . . when I used to have money!
      • Dixon, that I was told by Allan aka Frank, had worked for NORAD!  Old Marine buddies, Allan Bess, Marine, Frank, government double, and killer, Marine, new police chief in Parowan, Marine, and Dixon . . . Marine!  Delta Force Marine Intel Machine brought in to handle ME . . . insiders in all cop shops!
      • Dixon told me I had to come to the Sheriffs Department to pay the money . . . why, there are three deputies, no reason to fear accusations of stealing money, but Dixon told me I had to come to the cop shop . . . after I paid, I was served with the next of a long series of statewide battery system harassment tools
        • I handed him the money and he handed me a bar complaint!
        • by that time, I had 3 Certificates of Good Standing, from the Utah Supreme Court, who oversees the bar association!  And I was awaiting a 4th . . . the U.S. Supreme Court Clerk, said, they lost my Certificate!  Corrupt from head to toe!  And I obtained that with no problem, and the same time the 5th District Judges, Chris Hickey, Rachel's husband's attorney, Brian Adamson, who had tried about 13 things to take me down, since winning the house, and SHELLEY . . . CLAIMING THAT I WAS HER ATTORNEY!  
        • so the Utah State Bar was in on this conspiracy too . . . Shelley, who was actually practicing law without a license was off the hook and I was on, at the same time I had not just one, but fucking 4 Certificates of Good Standing . . . a witch hunt!  
        • Shelley was the government's girl back in the late 90's when she turned states evidence to save herself and the Bad Grandpa . . . father and daughter, criminal team!  Shelley was also sleeping with Allan, Frank, allegedly setting up the coup that she was, JoAnn, and Frank was Allan . . . the assassin team who killed Allan . . . me next, phone records, post office box games, and Walmart Money Card games . . . 
      • I easily addressed all charges with the judges, attorneys, and Shelley, looking about 100% worse than myself!  LOL!
        • the appointed day for the bar hearing came and went, with no judges, attorneys, or sister showing up in 5th District Cedar Courthouse . . . venue and jurisdiction is in the court closest to the defendant or whatever I was!  
          • wrong civil procedure!  LOL!  We were right, they were wrong
          • I thought issue should have been over . . . you do a no show to the right court and you lose!  Even if you are judges!
  • January 18, 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court Clerk informed me that I had to be swore in by Monday the 23rd, the last day of the session, or I would have to wait!  I finished briefs on the Brock & Cheek cases, headed to Salt Lake to file, e-filing would not work, new accounts would not work, so I drove, hand delivered, with ID of both driver license and bar card picture ID, after having a young FBI agent, butt in front of me at the on street parking across from the federal building, seeing his gun and badge as he raced, without paying, frustrated with the new system, and I know, grabbed both IT computer guys, because I was pissed, and wanted their help, getting to the bottom of what I had figured, was Shelley by now, of my stolen, e-filing account!
    • you set a trap for someone, you fall in it yourself . . . if my picture ID is not below my signature on the Certificate of Mailing, the statement of proof of hand delivery, then the court is lying to cover up Shelley, because it is there, I knew these assholes were up to stealing both cases!
    • from the Frank--symbolic, Moss Federal Court House . . . I headed straight to Washington, D.C., not telling anyone I was going, element of surprise on the theft of the case!
    • I stopped that night in Grand Junction or Hope's new town, next to GJ, where she had lived, she owed me from November $500 per month, so a couple of months worth, she stopped paying too . . . but she did give me $200, at about 10:00 p.m., meeting me at a gas station 
      • Hope, who was probably on the payroll since the first, with Page, her music promoter boyfriend . . . ready for God's Revolver music, showed up with her case, same time new CD came out, I gave Page a copy of the demo CD . . . Canadian connection with 6 Park Ave, Glasgow, BC . . . the music money laundering place!
      • Remember the Alamo, new name for God's Revolver, was allegedly from Glasgow, Scotland!  Really, the great epic western, coming out of Scotland!  
        • Heber City, facebooker, on Remember the Alamo, web page, and God's Revolver . . . probably going back to Heber City days . . . following both Elliot and Isaac's music careers!
        • Allan, aka, Frank, was a Texan, with a deep southern accept, so the Alamo connection . . . with the states!  Texas makes a whole lot more sense than Scotland for hell sake, but Glasgow, and Glasgow . . . hey there is a Glasgow here in Montana . . . symbolic connections!

U.S. Supreme Court Level Fraud on the Court!

  • race to the Capitol, white limo parked outside Supreme Court Building, Frank, Shelley, Kay or Rachel, there to get sworn in, false flag swearing in ceremony . . . streets closed and blocked, Sunday night, between, 9:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.!  I parked behind the limo, with the driver still inside, watching videos, with my in my truck, waiting to see if someone I recognized came out . . . cop came and told me to leave, just went around the corner, behind the court . . . just like a movies, several men running this way and that . . . didn't see who was coming and going, too dark and limo, I think was told to go to another location!
  • I had no money for gas, food, motel, at that point, I was suppose to be stopped by the false flag ice storm, blocking and slowing traffic into the city, but not on the other side of the freeway, still going 75 mph!  Nice . . . that must have been about January 22, 2012
    • I was not allowed to get sworn in with the members of all branches of the armed services, but I got to attend the reception before . . . I was not dressed appropriately . . . really, having followed the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, for a paper swearing in, under oath and affirmation, having been filed appropriately . . . but clerk, black guy, seems like his last nae was Nixon . . . told me I had to be there in person!
    • three FBI agents, or secret service, were standing in front of me, one, when he saw me almost get up and cheer, after Antonia Scalia, read the U.S.A. v. Jones case . . . hey, they used my 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, 4th amendment arguments, but they got it right, said, she's here!  I heard him . . . and no wonder, the 10th Circuit, other than getting the 11th amendment wrong for 33 years, had refused to print or make the Brock case, precedence setting, but obviously, my brief, had made it to the Supremes . . . they had just adopted my arguments about computers being modern day papers, protected by the 4th amendment, and used it to find that vehicles are effects, making GPS systems placed by the FBI without probable cause, illegal without getting a warrant, and being sworn by oath and affirmation . . . I was thrilled that my stuff had been used
    • I immediately went down stairs to Nixon, of the clerk, and got the paperwork done to become a member of the court . . . like they didn't already have me on record, double trouble, the very reason I had to be sworn in, in person!  But I got a copy of the Jones case, and they had used almost all of my case law!  Brock and I had been watching the Jones case . . . cut a deal, to take my brilliant brief, and give it to the high court, in exchange for exchanging attorneys?  That appeared to be the case!  But, I was now a member of the U.S. Supreme Court bar . . . giving copies of my certificate to Judges Westfall and Walton, to rub in my superior status, and to my kids, and the original in safe keeping!  
    • Sysco and company, did get a copy of the certificate too, through fraud, I got the original!
      • fake for fake!

General Paton, Allan aka Frank--This is Your Husband Calling, While Shelley has Moved in My House, Doing My Husband--I Wouldn't!  There is a $2500 Cash Warrant Only, Warrant Out for Your Arrest!

  • FBI all over my new phones, with redirected names and numbers, within seconds of registering
  • Allan calls me 11 times straight, as I am leaving Washington . . . I ditch phone in garbage can!
  • I dumped a phone on the way, one in Washington, and one on the way home . . . but somehow, Hope Carlton Levin, hi-jacked me, as I was travelling back to Utah, so I stopped in Colorado, wrote two briefs for Hope's appeal . . . FBI out of the blue, attended, girls night only, Super Bowl Party 
    • old friend my ass, something is up, he asked if he could read my briefs, and I said, yes . . . he said, I can see why the judges hate you . . . a bit strong, from a stranger!  I go to the bathroom and catch Hope slipping the agent, a flash drive, most likely with the two briefs I just wrote, so the double, who doesn't know jack shit can take credit for me rewriting the law on cohabitation and alimony, with a 10 prong test, that kicked the ass of the normal 2 . . . another legal star on my forehead!
  • February 7, 2012, the next morning, Hope, told me she just didn't know what to do about the appeal, and said, she really didn't think she wanted to file, those last few briefs . . . are you kidding me!  I filed them anyway!  I wanted to cover my ass, so they were e-filed, but I don't know if I sent hard copies . . . I would think I did, but I may not have, but there should be a record of the e-filing . . . to verify the veracity of my account!
    • double trouble again . . . stealing every single case I had . . . death next?
  • February, before the 28th . . . I believe, the Morgans, Kay, Bob and son, Alan?  Contacted me as I left Hope's and hi-jacked me to California . . . San Quentin Prison, 2nd trip, this time, a cheap flight out of Las Vegas, paid by my very poor clients, who didn't seem much interested in anything but wining and dining me, playing with a very different, David Morgan!  I noticed that the hotel bill at Hampton Inn, somewhere in Oakland, I think, was paid for by BC money laundering account, explaining the difference between the poor family and David's behavior, now on the payroll!
No Warrant, No Charges, 9 Days Solitary Confinement in Grand County Jail!
  • Iron County cops, cooperated with Judge Lyle Anderson of 7th District, arrested me, no warrant on statewide warrant system, extra constitutional, outside the norm, Patriot Act shit!
  • booked into Iron County Jail, extradited to Grand County . . . both lied to family, friends, and clients!  I demanded a warrant, finally got some bull shit fake, warrant . . . funny, that Hope had some abbreviated, 7 line warrant?  Shows, she had been involved . . . how would she ever get one, Allan aka Frank, whom she tipped off that I was going to DC
  • February 28, 2012, Judge Lyle Anderson, violated at least 30 constitutional, statutory, and civil procedure laws and rules! I was arrested, allegedly for contempt of court . . . my version, contempt for court, but we never dealt with the issue I was arrested for, the failure to appear, when he had no jurisdiction and the case, was under the jurisdiction of the Utah Court of Appeals!  But, the doubles were trying to clear my calendar, and leave me homeless, clientless, friendless, and famililess, so they could reap the rewards of my hard work on about 20 big time, important cases, with novel legal issues, arguments and ramifications!  Plus Elliot's bands, new CD, which I am sure was being marketed!
    • with Hope Carlton Levin, withdrawing the appeal, which still would not have given the judge jurisdiction, since my business with him was over, with the withdrawl . . . the Jewish attorney, representing Hope's husband, came to the hearing, this was changed to an assessment of my assets, so the thieves with no right, could punish me for, punishing them, in their simple, stupid briefs, in which I accuse Sandy Dolowitz of lying, which he did!  And Judge Anderson and his court, for not sending the Rule 60(b) motion and Rule 15 motion, all the necessary procedural issues, that were precursors to the constitutional right to appeal a judge's decision at the trial court level!
  • June 7, 2012, when I returned to Parowan, from a short 2 and half months to Montana, my sanctuary . . . having rented an apartment in Helena, to get the hell out of Utah, I returned briefly to Parowan, getting their at 2:30 p.m., only to be interrupted putting on my make-up, with Dixon and the other deputies, demanding the keys to my Ford Truck, for payment to the Jewish assholes, who had no right to anything but took about $20,000 in art, truck, electronics, TVs, furnishings . . . that most likely had been taken, but this was the cover-up!
    • a little steep for missing a hearing that could not have been scheduled, don't you think?
  • June 8, 2012 . . . arrested for driving client's borrowed, insured car!
    • cops blew up client's car, and tried to get them to report their car stolen, so they could get me for grand theft auto . . . felony shit!
    • I was held in jail over the weekend, never arraigned on Monday, but I was escorted to court, orange jumpsuit, shackled and chained, no make-up, to find, clients I had helped, and carried their case for almost a year, without pay, Misty and Dennis Cheek, with Judge Eric Ludlow, who had been named a defendant for covering up civil rights violations in his court, with me trying to stop litigation, but he wouldn't listen, coming to testify against me, and Iron County Attorney, Scott Garrett, king pin defendant in a $56.7 million law suit, watching . . .I had already decided to go to Montana, in January, with only federal court cases, had told Billy Walker, through an email, that I wanted my name stricken from the Utah Bar rolls . . . and I would sue if there was one other state court filing . . . I knew they were going after me, and letting Shelley practice law, a non-attorney, on my license!
  • June 11, 2012 . . . I told, a Judge I had argued in front of in the 6th District, I think, Judge Bagby, whom knew me from my acquittal of the Jerome Wedig case, that I did not intend to practice law in Utah, had told that the Billy Walker, my old boss at the bar, and didn't want any further contact with the judicial system in Utah . . . I was going to Montana, where they still believed in the U.S. Constitution, and it was not a police state!  I don't think the visitors got the response they wanted . . . I wanted the fucking hell out of Utah . . . so what do you do with my license, shove it up your sorry, pathetic asses!  Judge Bagby, shocked by the whole thing, but knowing me from earlier days, accepted the motion, to the chagrin of the bar counsel, who protected, and the Judge kept telling him, that I was giving him, more than he was asking for, that I wasn't going to practice ever again in the Utah Court System . . . he just couldn't get that through his stupid, dumb ass brain!
    • that same day, allegedly paperwork was delivered to the Iron County Correctional Center, where I was jailed, waiting for an arraignment, that I never got, releasing me before, I was ever arraigned . . . Utah law, a court has 48 hours to arraign me and tell me the charges, I should have been arraigned, either Friday morning or Monday!
    • they just wanted to fry my ass with the bar complaint and when I didn't cry, they sent the paperwork, to set up the next level of the legal battering system in place!  
    • a Monday release, allegedly, would indicate that I came before the judge . . . DUNLOP!
    • I was in jail, they had custody, TV appearance, come on . . . set up for warrant for failure to appear!  
  • June 12, 2012 . . . I was called by Central, to roll up, I was released . . . I wanted my day in court, to get my truck back, pissed that I didn't get it, but had not idea what was going on
    • tow truck owner, Wayne Hall, warned me that the cops, were looking for me, made my clients pay for impound fees, and told Guthries, whom I had done thousands of dollars worth of free legal, trying to help them get their kids back, that I blew up their car!  And when they were pissed, the cops tried to push them to say, I had stolen their car!  Amazing
    • I went to the LDS Bishops Storehouse, asked them to help me get a ticket out of town . . . they said, they didn't help attorneys, a woman overheard me, and took me to Parowan, where I caught a bus back to Salt Lake, and my son, Elliot Secrist, drove me all the way to Helena, Montana!  Love that little rock star!  He is mine . . . check the Jorgenson Hotel for a weeks stay . . . with Fuel Fitness where Shelley or Kay continued to use my trial, one month membership . . . and found myself short of funds for the bill, due to 5 months of withdrawals of $59 per month for 5 fucking months . . . chick who signed me up, and asked where I had been, got fired . . . proved that someone was using my credit card and Parowan Utah, address, month trial, to pay for their gym membership . . . I even appealed to Walmart, won, and later, lost!
      • these guys are relentless, but so am I . . . they have access, through the little Mormon mob of CIA, FBI and NSA, 30,000 spies in Utah!
      • but a billion dollars worth of cases, or more, all against the government, special op to get rid of JoAnn S. Secrist, to get rid of $700 million worth of cases, against the Department of Justice, Homeland Security, ICE, state of Utah, state of Nevada, Iron County, National Guard . . . and on and on!
      • no to mention, worldwide marketing of God's Revolver's new CD!

The Brock, Kay, Mitt & UK Connection!

  • March 7, 2012, Mark Hollingshead or worth, Brock's office manager, with connections to China, magically, shows up in Judge Lyle Anderson's hearing in Grand County . . . not shocked, they realized that I filed the January 18, 2012 briefs, and Kay was not smart enough to pull of the win, even though she had pulled of the deal at the 10th Circuit . . . that didn't require any knowledge of constitutional law!  LOL!
    • Mark whisked me out of court, straight back to Brock & Associates . . . response to a brief due, with a federal court appearance!
      • I thought, maybe I am wrong about Brock and Rice, but Hank's comment about a dream, of getting a billion dollars on the case, took me back to my December brief when I wanted to trash B & R, for not paying me . . . but, it did the opposite, financial planners from around the country, pitched in with legal expenses . . .
      • Brock had not paid me a dime, since about, October; however, after keeping me stranded, in Kansas with Dorothy and Toto, and crew, with me playing to cover for delaying me getting to the U.S. Supreme Court, he finally sent me $500 for gas, not enough, but he did cover my Motel 6 bill in DC!
      • I told Brock, that we needed to get some press on this, when I assured him we had the government beat . . . him and computer dude, can't remember his name, short term memory loss from . . . oh, Derek Anderson . . . say, ooooooohhhhhhh, believe me, when we win, wink, wink, the press will come begging for our interviews, as if they already had . . . this was just gracefully cleaning up the details of what was left at the district court level . . . Brock met my sister, Rachel, flight attendant, alleged glamour girl, poster girl for the Brock case, early on, when I tried to get Rachel a job as a receptionist with Brock, but he didn't hire her, or Suzanne, didn't, because she didn't have any office skills, or computer skills . . . at that time, I am sure the CIA or FBI fraud poster girl, has been schooled since, with the wiener club, trying to show me that their heels over head girl, could in fact, replace me!
    • obviously, deals had been given, because the Attorney Generals Litigation Division, Joni Jones, had not responded to the January 18, 2012 brief, back from the remanded issues, the 10th Circuit wanted addressed at the trial court level!  So they had no jurisdictional issues, Judge Waddoups, not the attorneys, raised . . . which was pure bull shit!  But, again, the trap worked against him and the government . . . I beat their asses, about 7 different ways to Sunday . . . so the Judge, just up and, at least to me, and Utah, terminated the case . . . to the rest of the country, the case had already been won!
  • March 2012, within days of the Kangaroo Court . . . Kay . . . really me, filed a brief that brutally eviscerated the stupid judge!  In fact, I was so sure . . . now, I guess it was Sue, going back up to Helena, were I started spending my new guaranteed cash, on the yellow and white house behind the Capitol, and a ranch by the lake, to breed cattle!
  • March 28, 2012, I returned to Parowan, to find out, that Judge Clark Waddoups, just up and terminated the case! DATED MARCH 26, 2012! That night, knowing full well, that corruption was the order of the court, doubles, lies, deceit and deals were the order of the day . . . hell, they government should have lost on default, but the Judge, bent the rules for the shocked government attorneys . . . I took my computer and two cell phones, walking on the cement dam, at the east end of Panguitch Lake, in the full moon, glistening on the lake water, screamed, and threw them all in the water, at about 2:30 a.m., in the morning and split, going back to my newly adopted state, to start a new life, having already laid the foundation, meeting with Senator Tester's and AG/Gov. Bullock's offices . . . new beginnings! 
    • no, same old bull shit . . . they followed me, to both Tester's and Bullock's Offices . . . with Shelley, being me, Allan aka Frank, said Montana was his favorite state!  Shelley, checking in as me, using my Fuel Gym membership, just walking in my shows!
      • Dick & Helen Southwick have a sister for every occasion . . . and if they can't cover my 101 lives and triumphs, a niece, nephew, brother-in-law, friend, client, or another attorney can!

Documentary on BBC, March 27, 2012--THIS WORLD--MORMON CANDIDATE!  UK Not Voting?  One World Order?

  • so, one day after the Brock case was safe, signed, sealed with a confidentiality agreement, and protection from the public eye . . . probably handled by Kay, who had been the one to file the LODGEPOLE, entry, while Brock, a non-attorney, was allegedly, representing himself, on the case, using a term that is not even in the 281 pages of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, only finding the term, after years, in a book, called the 10th Justice, Solicitor General, did I ever get an idea of what that term meant; however,an Ms. Kay Burningham, had been attending BYU law school, when former U.S., Solicitor General, Rex E. Lee, was president or Dean of the J. Reuben Clark Law School, BYU . . . did he lecture the student body on that term so rarely used that it is not even a part of the normal rules . . . but a specialized term of art, directly linking Kay to the Brock case, at least circumstantially . . . but it gets better!
  • after I was picked up at jail, in Moab, Brock showed me the paperwork he had filed as a pro se litigant . . . after I trashed him and Mitt Romney in my December Supreme Court filing, sarcastically telling Mormon males who believe they will get 10 virgins, as stated in the Doctrine & Covenants, 132 Section, I joked that men would get a better deal if they joined the Muslim group, and believed in Allah, their men get 70 virgins for blowing themselves up with bombs strapped to themselves . . . I knew the deals were cut, so, I said whatever in the hell came to mind in that letter or brief?  Plus, I trashed Mitt, who started losing the primary election states, for a while after I wrote to my nationwide audience!
  • last night . . . I was looking for more news on the Shurtleff & Swallow, AG arrests . . . and what should pop up, but, Kay Burningham!  I decided to stay up and watch her presentation, not impressed, just a lecture on torts . . . but, then again, Kay really never was into the church, so no surprises, that her chastising of the Mormon Church, was weak at best, and inconsequential by anyone's standards . . . it sounded like Brett was holding up "laugh" and "applause" signs for Kay, now, allegedly single, she swings both ways, JoAnn married to Brett, or Kay, single, now that I am back on the scene!
  • Kay was dropping Mitt Romney's name, twice, with familiarity, as if to gain favor with a crowd that I would think, was against Romney as a Mormon . . . staged audience!  I am like, what the hell, I always knew, Kay and Brett were involved in the whole thing, but this was awesome, a direct link between, an alleged, anti-Mormon author, but only showing up on the speaking events of late, 2013 . . . I started, my blog, after being on the run, as a result of getting chased out of East Glacier . . . and surprise, surprise . . . one of Kay's men, Howard Pryor, undercover, just showed up out of the blue, today, trying to get me to go do something with him . . . distraction order from boss?  As, I blog daily, Kay can be herself, and me, both, claiming my writing . . . both writers, both presenters, so, what is the difference?  Show me her caseload for the last 5 or 6 years!  Nothing but a few books that I could kick out in a weekend!
  • so, on this documentary, being aired in the UK . . . U Kay!  Kay is with Park Romney . . . nephew of Mitt Romney, cozy, cozy, cozy!  And, this anti-Mormon, author is hanging out with Mormon General Authority, LDS Apostle Jeffery Holland, with very close connections with my parents, my mother, had season tickets with Jeffrey Holland's mother, for the Dixie State College Concert Series!  Like I said, Kay was always, referred to as Kay Baby . . . by my father, who became embarrassed of his SUPER STAR ATTORNEY DAUGHTER, after she was poisoned!

Is There Any Doubt, Kay, Became Brock's Attorney--in my Father's Ward!  Sister Sue Schmidt's Husband, Kevin, was a Mormon Bishop, in Mitt Romney's Massachusetts's Mormon Stake . . . All in the Circle of Family, Friends, Church!