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What Does Fresh, Sparkly Food Look Like?  Manna Soup Kitchen of Durango, Colorado

While Durango sports techs, look to make Durango the new Silicone Valley, for sports, nutrition, nature, good mental, physical and spiritual health, goes hand in hand with the technology, remembering the very human side of the equation.  Sunday morning, after a great night sleep at the Durango Community Shelter, I tripped on down the steep hills, that work my butt, going both up and down, I stopped in for breakfast, and holy shit, what a breakfast.  First, because I got there early, there was cold cereal, juice, yogurt, standards of coffee, milk, etc.  Just as I was getting done with that, the Chefs, wearing black chef hats, and black chef shirts, put out a few pizzas--probably donated from a local pizzaria, much appreciated, and reminded us that on Sunday, a day of rest, breakfast was served later than usual, and to stick around for that.  I am a real breakfast person, so, I sat there are read The Durango Herald, with the word Durango, in cool old fashioned, cowboy, or western style font, making a newspaper that integrates the standard template, with the history and flavor of the town.  Nice.

Brightest Yellow Eggs, Red & Green Salsa, Lime Green Pesto . . . Bacon, Sausage, Another Volunteer Chef's Special Pork Chops, Jon or La Pierre's Amazing Pastries!

This morning, while excited to go to breakfast at the Manna Soup Kitchen, named for the heavenly manna, that was found on the ground, each morning, as the Children of Israel, led by Moses and Aaron, while in the wilderness, and with the Lord, within a burning bush, admonished the people, to gather up just enough manna each day for their needs, and let the rest go or rot, on the ground, ensuring them that every day, their daily food needs would be met . . . and so it is with this amazing soup kitchen, and it is about to get better--I noticed, behind the shelter, that there appeared to be some sort of early preparations for a garden.  So, after breakfast, amazing, useful, nutritious, fresh, clean food, with a ton of variety for all types of people, I stopped by the kitchen, to thank the Chefs, one already a chef and the other one in training . . . and just happened to ask him, if that was a garden in the workings behind the kitchen?  With pride, he said, yes, we grow a lot of our own food, and serve much of what you get here, right out of the garden . . . so cool!  

He went on to tell me, that last year, they, the Manna Soup Kitchen, produced about 1200 pounds of fresh food, and this year, the goal of the board, staff and volunteers, was to grow, double that amount, and grow, hopefully, 2500 pounds of food!  Amazing!  He told me that last year, there were between 10 and 15 families, who they gave about that many bags of fresh fruits and vegetables, from the produce of the small garden, for them to take home and use for their families!  They have an orchard of roughly 6 trees, unless I didn't hear right, he, the chef, was trying to keep things going, while I was grilling him, or it may have been 16 fruit trees.  They also have a beehive or honey producing boxes, or whatever the new ways of getting honey now days . . . my great-grandfather, a Utah state senator, was a honey producer, and quit wealthy, so I remember the old white bee boxes, but I am not sure what they use now.  But, I was beyond impressed.  I love fresh healthy foods, and gardens, are just miracles to me!  On the wall, over the serving table and kitchen, is this saying . . . 

Manna's mission it to provide, in the Name of and Spirit of Jesus Christ, nourishing meals and supportive services in an atmosphere and caring for those in need!

On the back of the dining room wall, there is a copy of Client's Rights, the shelter, also has a whole procedure and manual, implementing due process and equal protection matters, serving those in need, while doing it with the ultimate respect, dignity, giving notice and process, if there are any rights, rules, or things amiss . . . talk about Justice for All . . . and the implementation of really smart, ways of managing the shelter and the soup kitchen, but being absolutely non-discriminating, respectful, giving dignity to those in need, and doing a stellar job at it, beyond, belief, almost.  My thoughts, as I left the soup kitchen, was how, very well, these people had protected their guests . . . a lofty label, in deed, when you really think about many, blowhards and the intolerant, who would kick a person when they are down!  These people understand, the separation of church and state, but also integrate their religious beliefs, into their daily service to their fellowmen, women and children.  They take you as you are, and truly treat you as their guests, suggesting, taking out the best silverware, plates, and serving special food, and that is so damned impressive, without judgment, force, hurt, but with love in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ!

Being raised Mormon, and now, non-denominational Christian, I am not quite sure what evangelical Christianity looks, like, other than what we see in the press, here on the news, and deal with in our law making bodies, but they might want to look to a few of these model places of Christianity, I know what that looks like . . . pure religion, is visiting the fatherless and the widows, feeding the needy, visiting the sick and afflicted, and clothing the naked.  I am amiss to wonder, what the Indiana legislature and the people, are saying, or trying to do, when saying that no state laws, will prohibit them from practicing their religion, just who's religion are your following?  If I were to do a self, analysis of the religiosity, of the Colorado, and the Indiana, legislatures, using Christ as a model, his teachings and his examples, I would have to rate, Colorado, much higher, voting to care about the wages of their fellow citizens, who might not be as fortunate, with access to educational resources and money, or from the type of homes the legislators may have come from, but they are willing to vote, to protect, those who have menial jobs, who work their asses off, and maybe a lot harder than pencil pushers, and get nowhere.  We can't raise good families, if both parents have to work two and three jobs to make a living!

Indiana, what laws are prohibiting you from practicing your religion, what stops you from praying, from worshiping in your churches and synagogues, from raising your children the way you want to, but without putting your personal religious beliefs on someone else, who may not see it the way you do?  Once again, if you open your doors for business, for commerce, for exchange of goods and services, you are subjecting yourself to all the laws of this nation, and your individual state, and you may want to change churches, because, if love is not your mantra, tolerance, understanding, forgiveness, and charity, then you are in the wrong fucking church!  Satan or the Devil, is the ruler of this earth, he lays in wait to kill and destroy you . . . you better be able to distinguish between the forces of evil, and the forces of good, and the authors of both, because your very soul depends on it.  Evaluate the sources, from man, or God, and God is love, and his government is based on the laws of love!

The Broken Heart of a Grandmother, Pleading For A Grandson!

On the cover of the newspaper, there were two defendants, charged in the shooting of another person, at the Iron Horse Inn, allegedly over the growing of marijuana.  The attorney, is arguing that the bail amount, amounts to 8th amendment levels of cruel and unusual punishment.  But the thing that struck me most, was the emotional plea of one of the defendant's grandmothers, stating that he had good parents, that he was happy, helpful, and caring of his little brother, who has some disease, Cerebral palsy or something like that, and what a good kid this kid was and is.  It broke my heart, and shooting someone over something so, whatever, insignificant.  But the thought came to my mind, that we need to teach our kids, not only to love others, but to love themselves, to not commit crimes . . . because spending the rest of your life, or a significant amount of time, in prison, is just not a loving thing to do, not only to your victim, but to yourself.  You can only love others, as much as you love yourself.

Love One Another, As I--Jesus--Have Loved You; Love the Lord Your God, and Love Your Fellowmen, women and children . . . Do unto others as you would have done to you!  And Jesus admonished the men, to treat each woman as your mother, and each younger woman as your sister!


What I Discovered On a Pleasant Walk Along the River To the Library

P.S., I took a great walk, along the Riverfront, to the library . . . what you will see . . . a beautiful park, with a skate park, right by the river, my sons were both skaters and would have loved this, the Riverfront Community Center, with community acupuncture, Fresh off the Press, Printing, Riverfront Fitness and Oxygen Fitness 03, Little R.E.D. Community Free Library, a little cute, red roofed structure that allows you to take books to read, and it looks like a book store too.  Then down the road a bit, to the Signature Salon Spa, there is a great community art collaborative, of wild, colorful, broken tile mosaic fish, swimming in an equally colorful stream, with rocks and other stream things, like flies, or a dragon fly, way fun and impressive, love all the art around town . . . then, to the awesome structure, of the Main Avenue Bridge or water walkway, so refreshing and attractive, in style, convenience, safety, beauty, leading you along the river, under the road, up to a gazebo, of gold and white, with yellow daffodils, grassy lawns, in a hilly fashion, looking like a summer concert series or free concerts for the public might be given there; on to a rock with a sundial looking emblem, with a National Golden Award, to the Durango Park & Recreation, for Excellence in Parks and Recreation . . . and I will second that . . . then to a great bridge over the water, looking at historic markers of points of interest, like the flood of the river, to 20X its normal summer run off, in 1911, but happening on several other occasions, looking across the street to the Iron Horse Bridge, where the train crosses, down the road to a marker for the Fassbinders, a pioneering couple, who provided drinking water for Durango, out of there spring on their property, altruistic and nice, good business man, and then, past the Fish Hatchery and the Wildlife Museum, on up the road to the state of the art, Durango Library!

When I Read about the Flood, the Title of the Marker Said: TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING . . . the thought came to mind, that maybe I better stop talking about Durango, or everyone will move here!

Come Visit Durango For Yourself!

Monday, March 30, 2015


Best Utah News Found In Durango, Colorado!  LOL!

There is a quote in the Durango Herald, the local newspaper, with a cover page template that so, fits the city it reports about, love it . . . but I can't find where I wrote down the quote, which is going to be stated so much better than I will remember it, but it goes something that there are few things in life you can never do right, making love to a person, something else, and writing a newspaper!  I knew I would slaughter it, and I did, but the key line, is the statement about the newspaper, and the quote comes from 1919, or sometime a long time ago, but obviously, the newspaper, staff, can too well relate, but I did the newspaper, and some of the articles that were in the paper today, especially, the one reporting, about the restaurant owner, named Ward, ironically, since all Mormon jurisdictional areas are called wards, and the people of Hurricane, Utah, have been objecting the bull, that stands outside the restaurant, that has allegedly over sized genitilia!  LOL!  That might describe the men I am going to write about today!  LOL!  And now that the owner, finally, either capitulated to the purdish, locals, mostly Mormons, and tore the bulls balls off, leaving two large cones, now they are bitching and moaning about those . . . you will never make them happy, so, Ward, just make yourself happy!

I used to tell my daughter, Greta, who is going to go to law school, in Montana, that there were articles about natural resource management, criticizing the local, state officials, involved, and there would be nothing in the local or state newspapers!  LOL!  So, when obviously, anti-Utah positions and facts, ended up in Montana newspapers, I would forward her the newspaper and the information, so she could read them.  She would laugh and say, no wonder that was not reported in Utah . . . toxic waste deposits, Energy Solutions, building the basketball arena, dumping toxic chemicals, polluting the state deserts, and then up and leaving after a ton of money was bilked out of the state, and the grounds contaminated . . . what do you expect from the Republican run state and legislature, that believes in drill baby drill, and dump baby dump, without thought of the environmental consequences, and there are always those, but keep the state, Happy Valley, that all is well in Zion . . . really?  Anyway, thanks for carrying the article, fun, entertaining, and totally get the culture, since I was raised in it!  LOL!

Durango To Become the Silicone Valley of Sports Technology--Healthy Colorado!  Teen Pregnancy Down, Good News!

When you got to a state, you have these preconceived notions, of what the people are like, based, mainly, given the quote from the newspaper, from the news you hear reported out of that state, like legalized recreational use for marijuana, a certain, notion of the political values of the state, start to form in a person's mind, and healthy, responsible, pretty liberal, environmentally conscious, outdoorsy people, is what comes to mind.  So, the concern of kids, health, and the goal, to become the equivalent, to Silicone Valley, in sports technology, totally fits, my preconceived ideas of what would be expected from this gorgeous, biking haven, with natural beauty and a lot to offer, plus, as I understand it from Wired Magazine, or some other magazine read and subscribed to from the hipsters in Silicone Valley, legalized recreational use of marijuana, is already a work place stable, and possibly, not necessarily has it been officially, legalized by the state of California, legislature.  Governor, Jerry Brown, strikes me as a hard ass, and it seems like he said something lately to lead me to believe, that he might be for medical marijuana, which is legal, but not so much for recreational use . . . so, you might have an edge there just because of your laws, go for it!

And on the kids, health, especially, teen pregnancy, I take the logical, rational, and maybe more scientific approach, rather than the religious, although that abstanence, worked for me, but I was a very religious youth, not to much now, but it worked then, but not all kids are going to see it that way . . . deal with the reality of kids being, as adults, wired for sex, mating instincts, and that they are, in many instances, going to experiment, or at least a high percentage of them will, and a few will get caught, with an unwanted pregnancy, so start with educating them, Planned Parenthood, and such, birth control, abortion, and backing to the most hard position to keep them at, total abstenence.  For the first time, since, Roe v. Wade, abortion numbers are down, and that is because we are getting more rational, and less emotional, and dealing with the realities of youth!  

Oh, and I loved the printing of the United States First Amendment, on your OPINION page, today, a great public service, to familiarize your readers with the actual wording of the inspired document!  I really thought that was cool, handy, a good reminder, and some people actually, don't know where to find it, and like I said, in my blog, before, when asked if law students had to read the Constitution in its entirety, while in law school, the answer was no.  So the document, that controls, the federal, state relations, the balance of power between branches of governments, the duties and responsibilities of those branches, and the rights that we as citizens are entitled to, most people, professionals, state and local officials, alike, have not read! Kudos, and a good idea for all newspapers to follow your lead, just a small portion of the papers, and I guess you do, a different one, or run one for a week, or a month, hoping everyone gets a chance to read it.

If You Want to See What The NSA is Up To . . . Check My Last Blog!

Great article on whether the United States should continue, surveillance programs, and spying on cell phones, computers, and collecting American citizen's metadata . . . as you can see, the NSA, erases my titles, they stop me from writing on certain subjects, they steal my money, if I don't want people to have to pay to read, it is not Google's call, through the NSA or the CIA, or the FBI, to think, that if I don't want ads, or pay, to keep my blog, untainted by government or big business influences, or constitutional money grubbers, just using flags, books, and copies of the Constitution, to make money, and really don't know what they are teaching or talking about in many instances, and can lead people further from the truth of the document, than if they had just relied on their 5th grade civic's classes.  But, yesterday, the strike line, was set, by someone, other than myself, so someone who has access, to interfere in my blog, having access to my private information, passwords, and having a direct link into my blog, to watch, change, or erase, and now, the new thing is the line, that I can't remove, on the computer, that is controlled by me, the owner, tarnishing the look, quality, and taking away my First Amendment Rights!  FUCK OFF!

Just recently, after the NSA, or the feds, or the enemies of the Constitution, who fried my last computer, the fourth computer, they have either stolen, or destroyed, or rendered inoperable, they got into my new computer, as a woman, who looks, like sister, Rachel, is just walking away from the Durango Library, where I am writing this blog . . . shadows are hear, feds are hear, chicks in the Shelter, don't have to do chores, go to meetings, and asking be where I am going, and what I have been doing all day, the shadows, the ghosts, and what this alleged religious freak, chick in the shelter, said, the Angels are here, not the fuckers are here, and she is promoting and defending cops, until I light into her, and they she takes her wire and leaves, the discussion immediately!  But is this really, what tax payers, want to be spending precious tax payer dollars on?  Protecting, defending, and preserving the Mad Men, the Fraternal Order of the Police . . . that includes, CIA, FBI, NSA, and the 40 fucking other spy agencies!

Juxtapose the article on Lying and the GNP, Budget Time . . . don't have the article, and then look at the ungodly amount of money, unlimited amounts, that are not even part of the budget as I can tell, and we are paying for federal spy agency welfare . . . drunk Secret Service, CIA spying on Senate Intelligence Committee, and denying evidence that would incriminate them, and whatever in the hell the FBI is up to, these days . . . they are all collecting fat government paychecks, insurance, benefits, and retirement, and what are we getting?  The article, said the risks to private rights is greater than the amount of information, the PRISIM programs and other spy programs are meting and netting.  I think, that they said, that one man, was traced to a terrorist group, and had sent $15,000 to support efforts in his countries battles for freedom, and don't think it had much to do with this country and national security.  But, then we can always cut money to Social Security, disabled, the blind, the Vets, and other alleged, entitlement programs . . . and you think for one second, that these 40 plus, spy agencies are not entitled employees, doing what for the country?  These guys and gals, have college degrees, I would think, and they have marketable skills, be as merciless as you are to those other alleged entitle, 47% we don't care about . . . like our elderly!  Mercy!  Great cartoon, with candidate Bush III, being reminded to kiss the baby, a hideous, Tea Party baby!  LOL!  A picture is worth a million words!  LOL!

Funny, I just checked out for a few minutes, and the paragraph, I was writing, about my four computers, that either got stolen, disappeared, fucked, or rendered inoperable, by none other than the NSA, or the bitches, the government allows, to pretend that they are Me, and write my blog, just up and disappear . . . erasing the truth, is precisely what I am talking about, using the computer, your programs to spy on me, to steal, lie, and fuck, the most loyal of citizens, who doesn't even know a person, outside the United States, so why erase anything?  Taking down your government hookers?  The Whore, you fuck and steal, lie, cheat, kill for?  Really, we want to pay for these fuckers and their tramps?  I don't think so . . .

Big--Star vs. Forces of Evil!  I Didn't Do This . . . They, EVIL, NSA, MORMON, MO's, Trying to Computerize My Writing and Blog Before Stealing IT!  I Copied and Pasted This, After It Popped Up!  You Can't Improve Perfection!  LOL!  HOW DO YOU ARGUE WITH SUCCESS?  AVERAGE OF 20,000,000 PER SECOND!  AFTER GOOGLE SKIMS FIRST . . . ON BING NOW, FUCK GOOGLE!

Original text

Juxtapose the article on Lying and the GNP, Budget Time . . . don't have the article, and then look at the ungodly amount of money, unlimited amounts, that are not even part of the budget as I can tell, and we are paying for federal spy agency welfare . . . drunk Secret Service, CIA spying on Senate Intelligence Committee, and denying evidence that would incriminate them, and whatever in the hell the FBI is up to, these days . . . they are all collecting fat government paychecks, insurance, benefits, and retirement, and what are we getting?  The article, said the risks to private rights is greater than the amount of information, the PRISIM programs and other spy programs are meting and netting.  I think, that they said, that one man, was traced to a terrorist group, and had sent $15,000 to support efforts in his countries battles for freedom, and don't think it had much to do with this country and national security.  But, then we can always cut money to Social Security, disabled, the blind, the Vets, and other alleged, entitlement programs . . . and you think for one second, that these 40 plus, spy agencies are not entitled employees, doing what for the country?  These guys and gals, have college degrees, I would think, and they have marketable skills, be as merciless as you are to those other alleged entitle, 47% we don't care about . . . like our elderly!  Mercy!  Great cartoon, with candidate Bush III, being reminded to kiss the baby, a hideous, Tea Party baby!  LOL!  A picture is worth a million words!  LOL!

This just popped up on my computer, another version, a computerized rendition of what I just said!  Proof, that they are stealing my blogs, and burying it, or offering it through another blogspot and probably sending it through the deep web and dark internet . . . I write it, and they use the spying computer systems, to perfect it, because I write, off the top of my head, and am lucky if I stop long enough to ever proof read, one in a hundred blogs, and that it usually due to re-reading funny shit . . .  so, who ever is watching my site, is stealing it, and likely the ones that you, tax payers, and me, are wasting time and money on . . . the money gals, who could not write one of these blogs in a billion years, let alone get someone to read it!  Soccer moms, fuck you . . . you stayed home and got your nails done, played cards, went to the gym, ditched your kids, while I attended to my duties, attended law school, passed the bar, had 5 statewide jobs, taught at 3 universities, worked, wrote award winning manuals, got national awards, with my work, still being used, by the Department of Justice and in its, 5th or 6th printing in Utah, went to the United States Supreme Court, became a member of that bar, was named the second in the country for civil rights defense, had the two, not one, largest civil rights cases in the nation, with a $12 million, award out of New York, being the next closest to my $357 and $56.7 million cases, not to mention the other possible over $400 million, and cases and clients, lined up outside my doors, until the fuckers took my law practice, blew up my cars, stole my truck, took all my law certificates, my family photos, furniture, plants, baby grand piano, art work, and has tried to fucking kill me for the last 3 years!

Fucking AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I don't seem to be in charge of this blog, anymore today, I will write an even more scathing report on the fucking soccer mom attorneys, their goddamn, fucking dirty cops, who defend, protect and preserve them, in crime and go after the woman, who has it all, did it all, even down to stealing and taking credit for my kids, so superior to your lame ass, lazy ass, dumb ass kids, . . . the one area, you alleged pit bulls with lip stick on, should have excelled in and failed . . . Mormon, mantra . . . no success, compensates for failure in the home!  Get a fucking life, seperate and aside from MINE!  GROW THE FUCK UP, you will never catch up with my brain, my skills, even with some fucked up NSA computer program, that can't feel emotions, can't think for itself, just like those of you running it, and those stealing this blog, taking credit for court cases, legislation, like the Salish-Kootenai Water Compact, in Montana, persuasive arguments on the Keystone Pipeline, NSA bull shit, and the million and one other things that I have influences!  YOUR ARE DUMB BITCHES AND BASTARDS, collecting government welfare, in spy jobs . . . get a LIFE!

NO ONE IS MORE QUALIFIED TO BE ME . . . THAN ME!  And I am sitting here, in the Durango Library, outside the Lela's Place, Friends of the Bookstore, with the Common Grounds, Cafe . . . YOUR ARE AS COMMON AS THE GROUNDS IN THIS COFFEE SHOP, and should be ground to powder, from some honest prosecutor?  This is why the Republican controlled Congress, will not confirm LORETTA LYNCH, she would lynch your sorry asses!

Do You Seriously Need Any More Proof of Theft?  I Have Never Run My Blog, Writing, Through Some Lame Ass Computer Program to Make it Sound Better, My Stuff is So Full of Good Stuff, that I Don't Worry About Writing It Better!  YOU DIDN'T WRITE IT, SO YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING, TO SAY YOU EARNED IT . . . PUSHING A COMPUTER PROGRAM TO DO IT?  What the fuck did you do?

Signing off . . . too disgusted to speak, write and finish today!  Good God!  Good Utah Got the Firing Squad Back, I Fucking Volunteer to Shoot All the Fucking Fake Boobed Soccer Moms, Trying to Be Me!  MY jealous father and fucking mother, need to be on the firing seat too!  Pathetic!

Just Started to Look at True Crimes, My Hobby . . . Symbolic name, my allegedly, death husband, and the Delta Force Intel, leader, Frank, aka, Allan Rex Bess, seems to have given, Rebecca Baker, or whatever the fuck, her last name is Newell, 7 kids from three husbands, or non-husband, she fits with this crowd of whorish government bitches, but, the name, Rebecca Gibney . . . The Judge who married Fucker Frank, and me, when I did it to protect my property, after the government, stole my house, and Allan Rex Bess, gave me his house in Parowan, for payment of legal fees, getting him, innocent, set up by cops, off attempted homicide charges, when he was murdered by Shelley and Frank, name was "NEY" and GIB, symbolizes "GIVE", he divides out my blog, and gives credit to the dumb ass chicks, who could and can't write . . . REBECCA, LIVES IN HURRICANE, UTAH, MAKING ANY SENSE?  GIve to the bitch that might, if they could write, would have written, however, I doubt, that the newspaper, the SPECTRUM, which will be substituted in the corrected and computerized version, where and how they have been able to steal, through the NSA spy programs, crimes, so check to see if the local newspaper published this article on the BULLS BALLS, and if not, further proof, that they stole the blog, as they do daily!  FUCK YOU, YOU JEALOUS BITCH, UNGRATEFUL TRAITOR, GO TO FUCKING LAW SCHOOL YOURSELF . . . IF YOUR CAN GRADUATE FROM HIGH SCHOOL FIRST?  LOL!  HOMESCHOOL DROP-OUT!  LOL!  GOOD LUCK< DOING IT LEGITIMATELY!

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Favorite Pass Time, After Writing My Blog, Is Watching True Crime Shows . . . Shocked At the Motives for Murder?

Yesterdays, titles, from FBI Files and 48 Hours . . . let me see if I can make sense of my hen scratching all over the Volunteers of America, Durango Community Shelter, Guest Handbook a good example of the concept and idea of love, caring, giving food, shelter, and support, but I wrote my notes, for lack of paper, all over the booklet, so, we will see if I can list the true crimes, murders, motives, and possible reasons for these, bloody and horrendous crimes, often against unsuspecting and, basically innocent people, many of whom, had no idea, that anyone would ever hurt them, and how slight the provocation was, in many instances, that led to the senseless murders of so many people.  Here is a list of the episodes, and a brief description of the persons killed and the motives, shocking as they may seem, there are really monsters living among us . . . and what could have stopped all these terrible crimes, murders, mayhem, torture, dismemberment?  Just taking one second, and thinking about what a loving person would do, what people are going to be devastated by the death of this loved one, and do unto others as you would have done to you!  Here we go:
  • 221 Family Secrets: this was about a young married couple, who just had their first baby.  An old girlfriend had broken up with her boyfriend and came to see the husband, an old flame.  The new wife, was patient and the husband, was nice, but distant.  The couple, even let the old girlfriend come and stay with them, for a while, a few days, while she got her life together.  But after the baby was born and right before Christmas, the old girlfriend called the husband again, and the wife, got on the phone, and said, that the woman, Patty Roara, (St. Patty's Day Poisonings?  Katy Perry's Roar . . . bragging about the job that was almost accomplished in Butte?) needed to respect the fact that the two were married, and that they had a new baby now, and Christmas was coming . . . and basically, in no uncertain terms, put a stop as best she could to the girlfriend's rekindled interest in her old boyfriend, who was now married. Three days later, the girlfriend, broke in the home, she was familiar with, from the stay earlier, and cut the phone lines, and stopped JoAnn Catchenack, interesting name, given, my situation, that there is more than one way to kill a mother and her baby (Elliot--God's Revolver), forced her to put the child, 4 month old baby boy, in the car seat, then get in the driver's seat, with Patty, sitting behind her, directing her to drive to a remote field and woods, about 40 miles from where the couple lived, made her get out of the car, carry the baby, then basically executed the mother, and they thought, that the baby was strangled.  The husband, at first didn't think much of the girlfriend, but the FBI started piecing together her alibi, that was a lie, and another old boyfriend, told the FBI, Roara, had a gun, and it turned out to be the gun that matched the one used in the crime, but it was a new hair folicle test, that matched the DNA of Roara . . . I mean, I am serious, talk about a lunatic's response to a very reasonable request from JoAnn, to leave her and her husband and baby alone!  Luckily, the FBI had the passion to pursue the case, and the cops who found the mother and babies bodies, were heart sick and cared, driven, they finally caught the woman, but what the hell is that about?
  • The Un-Perfect: David Ghant (heist of music, case and blog money, given in grants, to launder the money, to many, and about a billion dollar heist), was a low level, security guard at Loomis Fargo, a money depository for banks, who, along with a female, co-worker, decided to rob the repository, with tons of cash collected from banks all over the city--got away with $17 million, being understaffed, and with Ghant being one of the last guards, to close the vaults each night, and the one who had the keys.  Kelly Campbell (I swear, either God, my Intel man, or the FBI is feeding me, wanting more information, the names are just so damn symbolic, I can't believe it--Kelly is the name of the attorney, who the enemies brought in to steal my cases, in Judge Ted Stuart's court, worth $56.7 million, and Judge Tena Campbell, is the name of the judge, I got disqualified, who had to write a letter of admittance to the 10th Circuit, and was taken off the bench as chief justice over the U.S. Federal District Court of Utah, $357 million case--huge heist), contacted a guy named, Steve Chambers ( Judge's chambers?  Brett Stuart/Stewart, the nephew or a relative of Judge Ted Stewart . . . mother's maiden name, if Chamberlain, also involved in all Iron County, dad was born there, and mother taught school there) and his wife, Michelle Chambers ( many people with the name Michelle, use the shorter name of Shelley, and Shelley, worked with Amy, a court clerk, and fucked an IT person, to get my e-filing account, somehow transferred to her computer, while I was practicing in several states, and gone all the time, or it could have been the Egyptian guy, Homeland Security brought in, always fucking with my computer, and setting up surveillance in my basement, until I kicked him out, but one my computer, at 3770 Sugar Leo, St. George, Utah, I had all my contracts with clients, my briefs, my emails, and everything, and suddenly, I had to send my material and briefs to Shelley's computer, to get it e-filed?  And then eventually, I couldn't even use my e-filing, set up a new one, not connected to the multi-million dollar cases, and I believe Shelley, went to court, as me . . . I was like the bean, under about 6 cups, and you are suppose to guess which cup, I am hid under, suffling doubles, and mixing and matching with ex-husbands, and boyfriends!  Shelley actually went into court, with a wig, and represented herself as me, Lindsay, who was in jail with me, after the sheriffs took my truck, and about $20,000 worth of personal property, told me, she saw her . . . so, either Judge Michael G. Westfall, or Judge John Walton, allowed that bitch to take my place in court, as law enforcement and criminal justice system members, protected the fraud, and chased the real attorney, and the female they couldn't control . . . Frank, lying, with a divorce bending, and me saying that he had absolutely no claim to my children, decided, he was Allan Rex Bess' double, and Shelley was my replacement . . . but the simple plan got more and more complicated . . .) but, Steve, as was Brett, the mastermind behind the heist, and Michelle, was to bring them up to speed in the wealthy circles, and work depositing the money after it was stolen.  They brought in several other guys, who made up the gang! Much as in the gang, I dealt with, there was an inner circle of friends and family, closed lips, and all formerly poor, with no means, as in this case of making the kind of money I did, with the exception of Kay Burningham, another attorney, but one going into debt, $10,000 per month in her law practice in torts, being licensed in Utah, California and maybe, Colorado, but she added the legal aspects, and also worked with Brock, Rice and my father, going after, the easy targets, me and my son!  The incident took place in Charlotte, South Carolina . . . I used to refer to Shelley, and gang as "Charlotte's Web", a book I saw Shelley reading, back when we were young, but seeing her network of gang members, including her sons, daughter, and bringing in everyone of my former flames, lovers, and husbands, with her going after each one of them, after I left them all!  But eventually the gang, got greedy, and refused to give Ghant money, and decided to kill him, down in the Cayman . . . Kay Man . . . Islands!  Shelley studied off-shore banking, Brett and Kay eventually hooked up, last I knew, but he had previously been with Shelley, but she had to be my shadow, and go with any guy I went with, or shadow me to Montana, and getting with the other men.  But, the FBI getting to David Ghant, who had been warned that the gang was coming to kill him, and he was relieved that the cops showed up to save his life!  I think, eventually, 21 people were charged in the heist, and 20 pleaded out, one was found guilty, the sentences seemed minimal, but, whatever . . . but, I would say, the inner circle of my heist, is somewhat larger than that, but it is a group of friends and family members, none of which have the capabilities to make the kind of money my cases, blog, or my son's music could  make . . . easy targets!  Mormon Church connections, FBI, CIA, NSA, cops, local, state and federal, they just crossed the two sisters, made Shelley the respectable attorney, and made me the fuck up she is . . . from the start, everything I ever did, was done on a huge scale, from the domestic violence and sexual assault manual, to killing asset forfeiture, spreading from Utah to 27 states, to me taking out federal and attorneys, in Medical upcoding for Medicare/Medicaid billing, to the largest civil rights cases the nation had ever seen, to the fucking most popular blog in the history of the Internet . . . doing it big, is my signature!  There is not one of them, brother-in-laws, included, that has the earning potential, I had . . . but if I can do it once, I can do it again, but I am pissed as hell, to have to start over, after recreating myself, at least 3 other times . . . but, this case, was so symbolic, it was crazy!  These people are not stupid, but they do have criminal minds, and as in the title, the are, very, Un-Perfect!  One of the things that came on the radar screen for the FBI, was Steve and Michelle, spending money all over the place, and neither one of them had regular jobs in the last two years before the heist . . . I think if the feds or whomever, is suppose to be checking this case, of mine, if there is anyone, they should look at the jobs, they had before they got my money.  Just when leaving Grand Junction, a train of RVs, all pulling hopped up Jeeps, of all colors, drove into town, reminding me, of Easter a few years ago, a bit Southwick family holiday, and one they always get together on . . . but I was a similar train of RVs and Jeeps, heading out of St. George, Utah, and I had been up in Montana, and was not expected back in the state, and I saw, this train, leave the freeway, and turn around, going back to St. George, while looking like they were heading to the Jeep Safari in Moab, a family dream vacation, and one, that David Harris, Tiff and family had done years before . . . this same thing, happened, the train of RVs and Jeeps, turned around, and headed out of town, and I had just finished my blog posting!  Whooops, jumping the gun again . . . the money has been hidden, laundered, and is invested in real estate, from St. George to Park City, and Logan . . . check the empty strip malls, all over, and I think, you can trace it back to the years that they stole Elliot's first CD, and marketed it around the world . . . when I suspected the circle of family and friends, were stealing the music, created a band with Isaac, Ryan Chambers and maybe Jessie, and other frauds, I pulled up, Brett Todd Stuart/Stewart's name, and found he had 4 pages of real estate listings, and Shelley got into real estate about that same time, and places like, Red Rock Center, in Park City, Utah, and other building hit Utah building and construction, like a storm, back in 2004 to 2006 . . . the years that God's Revolver started!  Very interesting stuff, already knew, but the symbolism is uncanny!  Oh, Hope Carlton and Page Tucker, he is Canadian, and the music was laundered through, 6 Avenue, Park Street, Glasgow, BC, Canada, with a music promoter, Canadian . . . right after I wrote, Skinning the Bunny . . . a van, with the name, Paragone, went down the street . . . Pair are Gone?   I made a case for murder!  I would check Hope's house in Loma, Colorado, and Page's house in Grand Junction . . . bet they left town after what I wrote!  Check banks in Aspen, Colorado . . . Kay lived her, Boulder, Colorado, Brett and her are big time skiers, my money bought them quit the life . . . SWEET RIDE!  Both were poor as church mice!  If I had made the money, I would have upset the Southwick apple cart . . . making more, and money is a big deal to them, that either and both brother-in-laws, the standard, for the family materialism, and made them look, like chump change . . . couldn't handle me success, and the money would, from any Secrist, have been unbearable for the family!  LOL!
  • Fatal Choices:  The woman in this episode, looked so much like, sister, Rachel, who had been an abused woman, and I would say, still is . . . and she had actually been a flight attendant for Delta Airlines, Rachel, worked for United Airlines, but the woman, who was liked by everyone, except the loser, attorney she married, who had abused her, and later killed her.  But the interesting thing, that brought the situation, closer to home and me, was, that the murder took place in the city of Bainbridge!  Hell, any symbolism there?  Presidential candidate, Mormon, Mitt Romney, Bain Capital!  And it was interesting, when she was found, she was clutching a t-shirt, with the symbol of President Obama's Change on it . . . too close to real!  Rachel is allegedly me, but I don't look like that, and fatal choices, Jerry Owens, Brett Stewart/Stuart, and last, Frank, aka. Allan Rex Bess, all hate President Obama, and my father, had a picture of George W. Bush and Laura Bush, on his walls, at least for the first term of President Obama!  My clients, Henry S. Brock and Jay Rice, in the securities case, for $357 million, wanted me to write in the complaint, that they promised to pay the Mormon Church, 10% of the damages from the case, at the time, I said, that will not help you, and there is a separation of church and state, the judge is only going to rule on the law, not tithing!  With the potential of a Mormon president, and the gang, having visions of ruling the world, I should have known, but I filed back in 2010, two years before the race.  Then Brock and Rice, wanted me to contribute to BYU . . . NO, then I told them I was setting up a constitutional law firm from hell, oh, you can set it up under Hank's brother's and his, non-profit?  What, so no tithing to the church, no contributions to BYU, more of the same type of cases against the government, and I was voting for Obama . . . so they all just decided to up and steal the case!  All the men, past, current and present, were all, very connected, integrated, and involved in the Mormon Church, with Mitt, and the Republican party, so go figure . . . fatal choices!  Politics are a blood sport, when Mormons have a chance to rule the world, with a Mormon president, like Kay and Mitt, tried to impress on the UK, the day after the U.S. Federal Judge, Clark Waddoups, just up and dismissed the case, he couldn't help the government win, so they said the case was terminated, unfinished, and the fuckers, took the money and ran.  March 27, 2012, BBC, UK, a Mormon President for the World . . . what are an author of anit-Mormon books, Kay Burningham, and a Mormon President doing together, promoting a documentary in the very symbolic, U Kay?  There were several really symbolic names in the episode, Judge David Fury, that could go for any of the judges, that I have trashed for being totally unfaithful to the law, to ethics, and to their positions on the bench, to the point of criminal behavior, that of letting women, other than me, play attorney in their court rooms, or sign off on huge ass settlements, cutting me out of the settlement process, when they are MY FUCKING CASES!  Two of the attorneys, names were, Steve Bell, one of my symbols for Shelley, can't remember just how that one came about, but Bell in my more complicated brain that the federal tax code, represented her!  The other one, was David Joyce, my mother's sister's name is Joyce, indicating, that the attorney, was a sister, not the real relative or mother!  The Sheriff's name was, Sandy McDermitt, interesting name choice, new sheriff in Missoula, is Sheriff McDermitt, the mayor's boy, and former, city cop, with under sheriff, Jason Clark, being clearly my choice . . . I was chased by the city cops, then just before I went to Butte, after the poisoning, I was chased by cops for 24 hours . . . Shelley calling the shots, she is connected into them, and they think she is ME!  And that I am her!  I also, think that there was dirty politics, involved, not only in the lawsuit, that McDermitt and his undersheriff, Jason Johnson won, for $60,000, from the sheriff's department, just before the sheriff's race, with McDermitt, using $40,000 of that for his campaign, that was announced right after the lawsuit was settled, being sealed, and behind closed doors, not hard for Shelley and gang, including cops, just criticized cops for the two cop shootings, and stopped application for militarized vehicle grant . . . Shelley's?  Shelley was with Jerry, going to Sundance Film Festival, then, she seemed to know Brett, and so did Kay, prior to me marrying him, and she and Frank, InterPol, aka, Allan Rex Bess, the pair in a deadly attraction, as was Kay and Brett!  Judy Daly, was the key witness in the case I defended the real Allan Rex Bess, and she teamed up with Shelley, and Judy lied and protected Shelley and Frank, when I surprised them and came home to Parowan, unexpectedly . . . Frank lied and said that Judy was his sister!  Police Chief of Parowan, in a sting op, to get rid of Chief Griffith, who was a friend of mine, Kent Wade, was also, in the military, also, internal affairs, and key to protecting Frank, lying as if he was Allan, covering murder, twice, and was in on the staged death or suicide of Frank, and saying that Shelley was ME, brought in for the Delta Force Intelligence special op of taking me out . . . protecting the Utah National Guard, in my claims that 3 Iron County Sheriffs were also Nation Guard members and murdered, Tristan Lameroeaux's wife, Misty, and blamed Tristan!  The real Allan was going to help me on the case, Frank, said he was guilty . . . 180 degree change!  Frank is collecting Allan's VA benefits, and his Social Security . . . NO DEATH CERTIFICATE!  Shelley is double collecting a week before me, on my Social Security, and Frank is stealing Allan's, and he also cleaned out Allan's families stock, banks, property and insurance, with Shelley's help!  Dirty Dudes . . . they brought Frank in, double for Allan . . . 3 inches shorter, scrawny, 10 years older . . . police, sheriffs, Adult Probation and Parole, Jason Johnson, Utah, all knew the lie, and covered up the murder--kid murdered by Frank to take cops off the track of Allan's death, as did County Attorney, Scott Garrett . . . alleged suicide, county attorney determines the cause of death, suicide, but no ambulance, no cops, nothing, three phone calls made after alleged death, and not death certificate?  All part of the special op and deals cut, to steal my money on the Cheek et. al. vs. Garrett et. al. case, with Kelly Ann Booth, horning in on my case for $56.7 million, with the Cheek's help, who got two homes, one for $350,000 and $400,000, plus a hefty monthly sum of $1900 per month for kids they adopted?  There grand kids? And all Kelly did was get Scott Garret and Judge Miller, removed from the case, he was the ring leader of my case against Iron County, and all my clients, hated him, he was redlining their take downs, and he has been intimately involved in mine!   Fuckers need to go down, death penalty, Utah firing squad will do!  Just in time . . . oh, Kitty Lyle, was one of the players in this episode, symbolic of my term for the CIA, baby CIA, like the chicks they brought in to play me . . . Hope was probably CIA, cross deputize them all, or Judge Lyle Anderson, on the Hope M. Carlton-Levin, stellar 10 prong test I came up with, while Liar Anderson, I am sure, while fucking me, said that one of the baby CIA bitches was me, Shelley, Rachel, Kay, like I said, mix and match and try to find the real, JoAnn S. Secrist, under the cups, as they are shifting and switching male partners, and gals, being me, so you never see ME, who did it FUCKING ALL!  Case of the Keystone Cops Gone BAD!
  • Movie, Pain & Gain, based on Muscle & Mayhem:  Mark Walhberg, plays main, muscle head, can't find where I wrote his name down, but a group of guys, who work and work out, at the Sun Gym, decide to kidnap wealthy people, kill them, and their all their money!  Shelley was in preparation for this, for years, I remember seeing her books, an avid reader, on her shelf, off shore banking, serial killers, money laundering, and her favorite TV shows were, the Sopranos, Riches and true crime cases, like Cold Case Files and 48 Hours.  She already had mafia connections, saving her sorry ass, turning in her ex-husband and mafia, man, Alan Wolfson, to save her own ass . . . not to be confused with ME, baby sister, and Utah Assistant Attorney General, and the author of the Brock et al v. Herbert et al, securities case, the brain child!  My father, had been investigated 5 times by the Utah Division of Securities, and sequestered himself in his basement, during the same time, Shelley and her four children lived with my parents for 7 years.  I believe, she saved him and herself, and threw me under the bus, to steal the case, settle the deal, once I won the case, with Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, telling me, his clients, hated me . . . hell, he was a defendant, that comes after trying to settle the case, over and over again, teamed with sister Shelley, going back to the deal maker, and fuck the sister who won the case, and refused to deal, once I had done all the work . . . but Shelley, spent her days, dreaming of wealth, but it was in the form of taking, my son's, or mine.  I remember, after being diagnosed with the terminal brain disease, that I should have been dead, by 2002 if it had been the real thing, and Shelley finding an insurance check in one of my boxes, that I had not bothered to cash, for $3,000 and her starting, working on stealing my ID, since she had creditors, warrants, and was being chased by all kinds of people, she needed to switch ID, and what better way, that to poison sister, an attorney, and take over her riches, name, resume, and better still with the attorney general and cops, help, even got better, the feds got in the action, the family, and ex-husbands, whom I jilted, and were pissed off . . . so similar to this horrible true crime show, these guys dreamed of wealth, but getting it the old fashioned way, stealing it!  Me and Elliot, were the easy targets, they had set me up with brain disease, got ex-husband and father fired from his job of 17 years, with a two year old, complaint about someone he supervised, with my mother saying if he had been active, Mormon, that never would have happened, as if personally making those decisions and they were!  Music was cleared, both mother and father, were taken out of the game, at the same time! I just can't believe, that you fuckers, the FBI, CIA, NSA, can, know everything, every word I write and whatever about me, and you can't fucking go back to the Bountiful High School year books, and see, all the players, right in plain sight, years, ages, names, all of them!  Stupid shits! So fucking easy . . . like I always say, if you are not part of the solution, YOU ARE THE FUCKING PROBLEM!


  • this is about a high school friend, who disappears.  I don't need you to look at that, but, the only thing I have ever done on facebook, is set up a profile, no picture, and I forgot my password, right after that and was too busy to do anything with it.  I also set up a linked in account, but again, no picture and forgot the password.  That is about as complicated as I got, so, I know that Rachel, and her husband, Kay are big time facebookers; Kay has a website that she took off, or said it was under construction, the day after I discovered the dates of the termination of my securities case, out of the blue, after beating the already beat, government attorneys, and skunking the fucking judge too, on jurisdicitional issues he tried to argue for the government, who had already taken bribes, and thought the case was over, until they, Brock and fuckers, realized that I had filed a brief, January 18, 2012, while I was on my way to the United States Supreme Court, and also filed the request for a settlement conference in the Cheek case, still representing, Travis Braun . . . I attached a picture of my driver's license and bar card, with picture, because I knew they were trying to say Shelley was me, with insiders in the U.S. Federal Court, blocking me from any access to my e-filing account! When I was trying to get, picture ID, to get my Birth Certificate, recently, since, my mother, allegedly said she didn't have one of the 5 copies I deposited with her, and the request I made back in January of 2014, just half a month after I let my Utah Driver's License lapse, paying the $93.00 to California, never receiving the birth certificate, being intercepted, by John Bagby, whom I had the Vital Statistics send the BC too, took it and I am sure, gave it to Shelley and gang!  Then allegedly, I was too mean, when I got calls, and couldn't contact people from the Vital Statistics or the attorneys, that said they were representing the agency, wrong, because I got a BC recently, coming straight from the state of California, so that phone call and email request was intercepted, by NSA, or them giving Shelley or Kay access to my email account, and them answering as if they were the agency, saying I had insufficient funds on my credit card, or Walmart money card, that they also paid, John to intercept!  I had to get a new card on that too!  You will find, Shelley's daughter, Alex, living in Texas, on facebook and maybe Shelley, but, follow the lead of these high school, chums, and you might find a shit load of information, Susan Schmidt is on facebook, as are her children, and Elliot is not one of her kids, and she is not me, and she is fucking bitch, stupid as hell, thinking she could ever pull off being me!  Good God, help me, you fucks!  So, fucking easy!

Private Needham's War!

  • this was about a military vet, who came home from Iraq, and he got with a girlfriend, and an old girlfriend showed up, and the two girls got into it, and after the old flame left, Needham, went crazy and killed the current girlfriend . . . tragedy of the war, PSTS.  But, the thing, I liked about this title, was the symbolic significance of the name . . . Kay Burningham, that is allegedly me, living on my resume, may, in fact, have been hired, based on lies, and my credentials, back in Washington, D.C. under the ruse of being me, and being feared and respected by cops of all levels, and the very guys who are suppose to protect people from identity theft, are protecting the lying bitch!  Now the CIA, is over financial crimes and they allow, Kay to go into the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, ordering the three panel of judges, to cancel oral arguments, when seizing my house, along with the computers I wrote the briefs on, destroying and stealing all evidence of contracts, briefs, 521 pages of evidence, family pictures, certificates from the 10th Circuit, pictures of myself, and all evidence of my children, the home, etc., and all $700 million worth of cases, against Department of Justice and Homeland Security, ICE, National Guard, Las Vegas Review Journal, state of Nevada and Utah, and a ton more, going out the door, leaving me, literally, with the shirt on my back . . . still went to Denver to argue the case, with no notice of the cancellation, figure, they took my computer, so how in the fuck, would I get a notice?  Government attorneys never showed up, they got the word, or the deals had been cut, and I was the only one in the dark, but didn't take the bait and stay in Utah, having had my whole life stolen, right out from under me, I am too responsible for that . . . but, so the FBI order that cancellation when they learned I came anyway, trouble . . . but, so the agencies who are responsible for financial crimes and just interstate crimes, with would be in the jurisdiction of the FBI, because, I crossed state lines and was arguing in federal court!  So the cover-up, became a fucking war, protecting Kay, or Burninngham . . . we NEED HAM!  They, the involved agencies, that may even have her for a boss, protected the criminal, and were criminals themselves, and this became a private war, with the agencies, needing HAM or Burningham!  Not only was Kay, ME, but she was Brett's wife, possibly a big shot, based on my resume and legend!  And in reality, she was a C rate attorney, going into debt, $10,000 per month!  Kay was a fucking, ambulance chaser, the scum of the legal world, but with potential to make money, Kay just couldn't do it!  LOL!  I even stepped into her shoes, and wrote a brief, on a motion, to the one case I saw Kay argue, and she was fired in the middle of the trial, and I won the motion!  PAYBACK?

There Was Nothing But Hatred, Jealousy, Envy, Green as Can Be . . . When All I Did, Was My Job!  From My Domestic Violence Manual, to My Cases, to My Blog . . . Just Did  NSA JUST FUCKING ERASED MY TITLE, AND I CAN'T GET THIS LINE OFF . . . PROOF!  I AM RIGHT!  Song the BITCH IS BACK . . . FUCKING RIGHT, I AM!

P.S. I just got up from the booth, here at the McDonald's in Durango, and looked out the window, and low and behold, there is the GENERAL PALMER HOTEL . . . THANKS, GOD, INTEL MAN, Kay lived at Half Moon Bay, California, on the Pacific Ocean, so that seem to indicate, palm trees, so Palm HER, is one of the signs, me and my Intel, that is smarter than hers any day, all thousands of them, he just validated, why they, the agencies, NEEDHAM so bad, because they should all be in fucking prison, for knowing about this, and covering it up!  If I was President Obama, I would fire the whole fucking crew, CIA, FBI, NSA and the other 40 agencies, and balance the deficit, and start over, including the Secret Service, that has how many problems?  These guys are ruled buy their fucking cocks, not their brains!  LOOK at this shit, Kay is a dumb ass, and I am embarrassed to have her goddamn, name associated in any way with MINE!  Get her the fuck out of my life and in PRISON, before your private war takes you all down!  And on the radio, I heard that Allan Was Freed . . . so a serial killer, is going free, he killed Allan Rex Bess and a kid on the Parowan Town Square, near the northwest corner, covered up by cops, saying it was a suicide, NO it was murder, county attorney, Scott Garrett would have had to verify homicide or suicide, I was there, watching the sheriffs, no Parowan cops, but the old Parowan Chief of Police's brother, suspicious, jealousy . . . but, that was a murder, I was on the scene before the cops covered the body, Frank aka Allan was no where in sight, he came back to get his dog, and there were truck tracks, in the snow, where the truck had been moved the night of the murder!  YOU FUCKING DUMB SHITS!  Get this right, I will testify against all of them, including my PARENTS!  This has nothing to do with your god-damn excuse for everything, national security!  I am as close to bleeding pure red, white and blue as you can get, and Allan Rex Bess was too!  FRANK, BRETT, JACK, TONY, MIKE, JERRY, and their BITCHES are your threat to National Security!

Saturday, March 28, 2015


 Durango, Hell, Yeah!  I'm All Over It!

I have had a few delays, in meeting James Kennedy in Durango, like getting poisoned a few times, some last parting shots at me, before leaving Montana, where I have loved, written about, and enjoyed for the last three years, but, last year, I felt that my time and mission, for whatever purpose was finished about year ago, but as critical issues, politics, and exploration would have it, apparently, I over stayed my stay!  LOL!  I am like a moth to fire, and just can't help myself, being educated as I am in the law, with huge, contextual framework of knowledge and experience, fearing none, I just can't help giving my opinion on about any area. I was the same way as a Utah assistant attorney general, just give me a microphone, and give me the subject, and I will research and even present to the experts, like when I had only 24 hours, to prepare a speech on white collar crimes, and present it at the Little America Hotel, in Salt Lake City, Utah, to over 400 state employees, who were all CPA's, or Certified Public Accountants, no problem, my boss, Jan Graham, the Attorney General, had 6 months to prepare, but she decided she didn't want to attend, and I think, as I was told, they, the AG's Office, hired me as her double, although I had blonde hair and she had salt and pepper, hair, I guess they did the Utah thing, and bait and switched out the speakers, until I started to get top billing over my boss for speaking engagements . . . she made short shift of me!  LOL!

But, as I was taking the bus, from Grand Junction to Durango, I was thinking, what the hell happened in Montana, no one was more loyal, my son, even thought, that I should be a tour guide for the state, pushing the beauty, the mountains, the people, the Constitution loving people, as far as I read it like they did . . . that was key!  And right as I was wondering, what happened, I got a sign, that said, they thought, sis was me, and then seconds later, a truck with the word, Keystone, to me indicating the Keystone XL Pipeline, was one of the reasons, I was targeted, and another truck went by with the name, something like, Brian Switzer, the name of the former, and pretty popular governor, before Governor Steve Bullock!  Interesting, Montanans believe in your first amendment rights, until, they see the issue different than you do, then off with the head.  Since I am a constitutional law attorney, and generally, fall, in my opinions, not with or against one party or another, but where I believe rational thought, and an deeper, than the normal person would do, analysis of the United States Constitution, state constitutions, regulatory rules, with agencies, making rules, state legislative statutes, or the minds and will of the people, as represented in their selections of representatives who battle the laws, policies, and positions of their constituents, and then vote according to party lines!  LOL!  Actually, this session, there has been more nonpartisan voting than usual, and the legislature has done some cool stuff, so I am not complaining.

I am wondering, however, what is going to happen to the controversial water compact, that to me, and a district judge is patently unconstitutional!  The legislators, need to keep in mind the big picture, and protect their water, which in their state constitution, is all theirs, ground water, spring water, surface water, etc. and a water right, only consists of water that is used for the use and benefit, of the water user, and if there is not use and benefit, there is not water right.  They are buying into the bull shit, that the Indians, are going to call in 10,000 water right shares . . . well if they can't show, quantified, water usage, for the use and benefit of the reservation, they don't have a water right!  This is another issue that I cross hairs with the powers that be, the Governor, and his legal counsel, Andy Huff, are okay with paying the tribes, $8 million per year, until they use up the $55,000,000, that is being requested for waterway reconstruction and infrastructure repairs.  So, I am at odds with the power structures in the state, and I guess poisoning me, is the solution!  This morning on bing, search engine, I had 24,500,000 results, in 65 seconds, my blog carries a punch, and people read it!  That is the problem, and a ton of Montanans and Utahans read the blog, because it is generally about issues that I know about or have been involved with.  

But, the Mo's, Mormon mafia is a live and well in Montana, and up at the legislature, my sister, Susan Schmit, is masquerading up in Montana, Helena, as me, because, like I said, from a song the other day, What People Won't Do For My Name . . . What They Won't Do For Money . . . Sue the history major, did an analysis, that Tony Osthemeier, gave me to review, and I about barfed without poison, all she had done, was give a play by play of the meetings, reports, and history of the battle over the water compact.  There was nothing legal about it . . . but, that is what you get, when you try to take a moderately liberal, and constitutional law attorney, who knows the Constitution and the levels of analysis you need to go to to get the fucking right answer, not what your client wants to hear, but actually what the Hellgate Treaty of 1855, combined with the plain language, intent and history of statutory interpretation, that Sue would know nothing about, other than from her, daughter, what she called the constitutional law girl, and girl, baby in the law, she is, just graduating from UNLV law school, just a few years ago, and taught civics lessons to high school students . . . 

I clawed my way, through all obstacles to get to a U.S. Supreme Court level, and if you don't think there is not a huge learning curve, between my first brief on my $357 million securities case, and the brief for the 10th Circuit, you are as fucked as the Mo's that think Sue can pass as me! You can get yourself in a shit load of trouble, and give away, Montana's legacy, rich with water, and power, just because some bitch is making the Governor and his legal counsel, feel good, playing political games, of bait and switch, alleged constitutional law attorneys, when you are, as in the CFP, add, with the disc jockey, with the new hair cut, and a suit, passing himself off as your financial planner, and you trusting him investing your wealth!  Listening to Sue, pretending to be me, just because I haven't been up on the hill for two years, other than to sit in on the last day the Senate, actually, in profound stupidity, contrary to the interests of the state, the tax payers, and their constituents, voted in favor of the water compact, running in fear of alleged water rights, that are not there, unless they, the tribes can prove they are using water, and quantify it . . . my head for this, but, fuck'em, I care more about the people of the state of Montana, than the pussy ass, drill baby drill, former, DEMOCRAT gov, who now works for the mining industry, and is or WAS all about the Keystone Pipeline, no matter how the oil glut, in America, would be effected by pumping Canadian oil and gas into the already glutted industry!  

Keystone Pipeline . . . Benefit a Few, Most Canada, Britain!  I Am Your All American Girl, Pro Our Oil & Gas Industry . . . The Glut is Starting to Show People the Wisdom in the Veto!

The job impact, was minuscule, the environmental impact, really, unknown, all on America, not the Canadians, or the Koch brothers, who would be making the money!  We have a glut, with oil and gas reserves, capped off . . . look at the facts, the reality of who is benefiting from it, and thank God, we have a President, very unpopular in Montana, who will do what benefits America, rather than Canada, like the Mormons, who want the one world order, really . . . taking most converts back in time and they are with roots, in Britain, so hook that up with the Bushes, and you get the shit, we got for 8 years under that dumb ass administration, that about tanked America and destroyed our economy, permanently!

In The Daily Sentinel--I Think, Grand Junction Newspaper--Colorado Legislature Is Protecting Their State Water From Feds!

What Montana doesn't realize in all their talk about 10th amendment, and the struggle between the balance of power between the states and the federal government, that they are cutting off their own nose to spite their face, by signing the water compact, in violation, not only of the treaties and compact clauses of the United States Constitution, stating what states can't do, make treaties or compacts, and then in the first section of their state of Montana Constitution, the Indians are the sole jurisdiction of the federal government, it is their problem if the Indians, didn't claim their water rights back between 1973 and 1983, with 10 year notice, all water right claims needed to be filed with their country recorder!  Indians and those being allegedly protected by the BIA, or the Bureau of Indian Affairs, still had to file claims, now the feds, may have thought they were not going to be controlled by the state legislature, but the state is in control of all water in the state boundaries and borders, including the reservations . . . which were not made exempt, and you can't rewrite history, giving them more rights than they were given after they ceded their lands, fair or unfair, the are only to get sufficient water for the use and benefit of the lands within the reservation, with nothing outside the reservation . . . right to fish, is not a water right . . . never has been, with 12 streams, being maintained by Montana state agencies!

The river beds around Durango are dry, and I think, the state is seeing that they are going to have to protect their water rights, and the feds, one way to control the people is to take water away from the citizens, and then the federal government can control everything!  Water is the breath of life, you can't live without it, and you can't grow food without it; therefore, you, states, in this battle, that has raged since the days of the Civil War, better get smart, and only allow the federal government to control the waterways, that have been interpreted to mean, navigable waters, with ports, the express jurisdiction of the federal government's control over water, those going to open water, the oceans and the seas . . . where the federal government forms treaties, compacts and agreements with other nations, which is what the Indian Nation is, a foreign government!  DON'T THROW THE BABY OUT WITH THE BATH WATER . . . even if you don't like the messenger, don't fuck this up!  Good job, Colorado, Montana seems to be going the way of Utah, with the Mormon mafia following me up to Montana, to guard their political preferences, that fuck the tax payers, to benefit the business men, like former Governor Switzer!

Durango & Silverton Railways Going By . . . Tourism Alive and Well in Colorado, at Least in Durango!  My History & Connection with Durango

Family of Native Americans or Indians,  a son, wearing a shirt, that says, United Assassin's Creed, take a number for a hit, assassination, mob dusting, they know I read signs, t-shirts, can't afford not to, but everyone, hates and loves me . . . just came into McDonald's were I am having a Diet Coke and sausage burrito, my favs, trying to quit DC, both Diet Coke and Washington, D.C. . . .  remember, not only do the Mo's run the CIA, FBI and NSA, at least in Utah, but D.C. is full of them, and they don't like me to limit their power by the express language of the U.S. Constitution, any more than the cops, like me putting the Old Ball & Chain, around their ankles, with the Constitution, when they have been free ranging cops, under the Patriot Act, for the last 15 years . . . the Montana Legislature, voted to make all new cops, seeking to be certified through P.O.S.T., Peace Officer Standards & Training, to be trained in both the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Montana Constitution, Section II, if I remember right, thanks Rep. Jennifer ?, it will come to me, but she is a senator!  Doing the RIGHT THING!  I am as quick to compliment, as to criticize!  Oh, Senator, Jennifer Fielding!  That's her name . . . doing good stuff.  Critical mind, love it!

Dude Ranch to TOP OF THE WORLD . . . You Can Literally Stand In Colorado, Utah, Arizona & New Mexico at the Same Time!  Mesa Verde Indian Ruins . . . Way Cool, Talking About Natives!

Before politics, law school, opposing positions, and an acutely critical mind, going against the grain, the program as my father refers to it, of the well beaten path of Mormonism, my dad, actually, used to be quit cool, and really was a stand up kind of Mormon Bishop, and bucked the system, teaching me to think, look at facts, statistic and examples, in his church service, totally awesome, seeing he had 6 daughters, who hated the fact that the Boy Scouts in the Mormon Church, got to do all the fun things, and the girls, only got to go to girl's camp, once a year, staying protected in our femininity and vulnerability as the alleged weaker creatures, within the confines of Utah!  LOL!  After hearing his daughters, bitch and moan about the discriminatory actions of the Church, dealing very differently with the males and the females, he gave in and someone, our leaders, in conjunction with my father, who had to give he approval, took about 20 juvenile girls to Durango, Colorado, to a dude ranch, going on horseback to the Top of the World, and the Mesa Verde Indian Ruins . . . I don't remember the town of Durango, much, but I vividly remember what the dude ranch looked like to this day!  

We had cooks, that came with us, on this 7 day, horseback trip, that I was sure I had the dumbest horse of the whole pack train, of animals, going up the steepest trails, and my stupid horse, tripping on branches, rocks, and other paraphernalia, along the trail, scaring me half to death, getting a pine tree lashing, in the face, each time my lame ass horse, walked me right into the trees on the trail, realizing, now, that it was the stupid, inexperienced, cowgirl, riding the animal, who didn't know how to control a horse, letting the reigns, just loosely hanging from the horses neck, giving it no guidance and demands from the rider!  This may have been where I got the notion, of loving the cowboy culture, of states like Montana, Colorado, Nevada, Idaho and even Utah, it came from somewhere.  We woke up each morning to campfire breakfast prepared by great trail guide cooks, enticing enough, to make teenage girls, crawl out of their warm but wet, sleeping bags, braving the damp, dew soaked grass and air, to eat the hearty breakfasts, each day.  There is a spot, up on the mountain, with a cement marker, where visitors, can stand, over two sections of the four, marking the place the four states, meet, converging at a perfect, circle, called the Four Corner's Area.  The mountains were absolutely beautiful, with wildflowers as I remember, filling me with romance, adventure, and visions of loves to come . . . haven't changed one bit!  LOL!  They say you are most your authentic self, when you return to what you were like in high school, hey, I am there!  Get back to yourself, as the Beattles would say, Get back Jo, Jo, back where you belong!

The Unidyn Truck, Polygamy, Torturing Our Male Escorts . . . 20 Girls, Calling The Men, DAD!  Utah License Plates!  LOL!  People Staring At Every Stop!

The chartered buses, we generally took, when going to girl's camp, were out, all 15 to 20 of us girls, were thrown into the back of an empty truck, with sleeping bags, pillows, and loose run of the open truck--with no air conditioning, but conditioning tough chicks.  The leaders, both male and female, I think, don't remember the female leaders much, maybe they didn't come, the males were to protect us, but we took what little we knew about polygamy, not much at that age, not an issue, until I got married . . . then it became a fucking huge issue to me, until my future husband, just a romantic idea in my mind at that point, but aware of him, bad boy, living just down the street, but told me I was going to be cute someday, after toilet papering my neighbor's house, hangering it, and sneaking out our basement, pushing me up against the furnace, telling me he would kill me if I told anyone, so of course, when my mother asked me if I knew anything, I lied, fearing my inevitable death by the bad boys in the hood!  My mother was going to shave my head, when she found out that I lied, I probably told my sister, Sue, the one I was talking about above, who always felt it her moral duty to rat me out to my parents, when I pushed the family car out the driveway for a moonlight drive, before I had my license, taking Sue to shut her the hell up! She would say at Sunday dinner, Dad, have you checked the gas in the car today . . . with me, kicking her under the table.

As we would pull up to sites, like the Indian Ruins, and a ton of girls would jump out of the back of the truck, probably, today, would be considered or look like human body trafficking today, but people would see the Utah license plates, and comment under their breaths, about all these girls, so we started playing it up for all it was worth, shocking people, other tourists, more than they already were, calling the men, Dad, and telling them to wait for us . . . to their credit, these faithful husbands, and gluttons for punishment, were more than embarrassed and the more they wanted us to stop doing it, the more fun it became to taunt them with this dark Mormon secret, that I would come to lobby against, train against, write against and rage against to this day . . . all just a joke then!  Anyway, we had a ball, and I will always be eternally grateful that my father, back in the day, was a progressive, and fought to give his daughters and their friends, experiences, that to this day, right here, right now, have influenced my life!  Thanks DAD!  He created the monster attorney in me too . . . arguing after Sunday dinners, all 8 other members of the family ditching out of the political and religious discussions Dad and I had!  LOL!  If he said it was black, I said it was white . . . like I said, back where I started from!

20 Years Later, Montrose, Telluride, Million or Billion Dollar High Way

Yesterday's bus trip, from Grand Junction to Durango, was a trip back in time, with me so exhausted, that I only woke up, like on remote control, in about two places on the 5 hour trip, passing through Montrose, where Paul Ruybol, my obsessed first boyfriend, after my divorce--prison fodder, grew up, and on the trip itinerary, taking my kids to the places I loved when I was their age, to Durango, Mesa Verde, and places along the way!  Groggy with sleep, on the smooth bus ride, awoke, as I said, in Montrose, or as we drove past it, and in Telluride, where I saw the bus with the words, All Aboard America!  What a great welcome, and the glistening snow capped, and covered mountains, rising out of nowhere in front of my face, beautiful, and left me wondering why, I was so set on staying in Montana, and having almost guilt feelings, and conflict, like a cheating lover would have, seeing the monumental glory of these mountain peaks, so fresh and vivid to my memory, once I saw them again, after 20 years!  What was I thinking, this place is gorgeous!

Last time I was going through Telluride with my kids and Paul, will tolerate anything for fun, adventure, beauty and excitement, which Paul was always good for, he was the most fun guy, I have ever dated, and great with the kids, taking control, and wishing they were his kids, not having any at the time, being the swinging single, who just happened to be the product of a single mother, who made him watch his younger siblings, so he was no slacker when it came to watching the kids, and he was, like a lot of men, digging have kids to act like a kid with.  LOL!  Giving me a break from being the parential parent, always!  But, there was a colorful bike race going on, as tons of bikers, raced to the top of the huge ass mountains, looming in front of us, as our truck and camper, we borrowed from his step-father, a new addition, so we could be more comfortable, struggled as the bus did, yesterday to, to climb the daunting peaks, on the expensive highway, but so beautiful, that it is shocking to the senses.  

I was awake the rest of the trip, the snow, the pines, the curvy snakey rivers and streams, so cool, and refreshing . . . and thoughts went to Colorado, politically, one of the two states, now with the City of Washington, or DC, allowing legalized recreational use of marijuana . . . and my thoughts, when to the very conservative Kalispell, that I loved for the beauty, but not necessarily for the conservatism, with key players up there, lending a hand in the identity theft, after I wrote about me getting 8 cops fired in Utah, talking to a crowd of people, who were growers, back in the day, when there were more liberal laws, with people, definitely pushing the envelope, still are, dealing with marijuana, and helping members of the ACLU, and those being sentenced, after the FBI raided, some 30 growers, in Montana . . . one the wrong side of that issue too, never saw a cop in the first 6 months, in Montana, digging the hell out of it, until that day, then the highways, were marked with cops, following me, culminating me me writing about the cops in Utah, with the feds, growing marijuana, then selling it for filthy lucre, as being still against the law, for cops, as well as citizens, selling it to medical marijuana states, who couldn't get enough . . . three huge raids, alleged hunters and hikers found the grows . . . then why were there no suspects, and it always happened, the first two weeks of August, harvesting time . . . kill two birds with one stone, convince mayors, city councils, what good the narcotics task forces were doing to take drugs off the streets, making money for cop shops, and getting big ass grants from the feds, for doing their bids, on drug interdiction!

Just as death threats and attempts, forced me to flea Utah, back three years ago, history was repeating itself, and I was, literally, going to die from the several attempts at poisoning me, because they never could catch me for doing what, preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution?  Secret combinations, wanted to get me when nobody knew were I was, or if that didn't work, try poison again, that cost me 8 years last time . . . you fucking botched it again!  But as I surmised what had just happened, and why, it came to mind, that perhaps, the more liberal state, might be in my best interest, and I was glad to see, that Colorado, was true to their citizens, and protecting their water rights against federal infringement on those rights, and seeing how, absolutely amazing the scenery is, I was actually, very okay with leaving, and the time had come, I had done all in my power, short of allowing them to continue to try to kill my ass, and get out, with my life, as was the case in Utah.  I am not a pot smoker, but I fully support and defend your right to do what you want with your greatest property right, your body!  And I would rather error on the side of giving people too many rights, than too few . . . big brother, fuck you!  These are inalienable rights, for a supreme creator, God, not the fucking federal government!  We created you, not the other way around, and your sole job is to protect our rights!  Defending us form foreign and domestic enemies, not being those, like the resent, interference of the Republican party, in the affairs of nations, not your jurisdiction, you are not commander and chief, you do laws that effect America, and can oversee and approve, if you are in the Senate, Treaties, involving America only!  

None dare call it treason, but I do . . . do your fucking job, stop worrying about the President's job, working with other countries on the agreement with Iran, and Israel, because of Biblical claims of the chosen people, was done way with in Christ, in the New Testament, where the Jews, crucified MY LORD and SAVIOR, even Netanyahu's own people and government officials, are telling him, he never should have done what he did, to America . . . who do you think, which country benefits the most from the relationship? Is Israel protecting America, always voting with us, or making a mockery of our President?  Does Israel send America billions of dollars?  NO, we are sending it the other way, I would get a grip on reality!

Anyway, glad to be in Colorado, don't know what my stay will be, but Durango, is a great city, and I look forward to seeing it, writing about it, and dabbling in a bit of politics, which is just something I dig doing.  Just one more thing, I want to write about before the news it too old, like fresh approach . . . the good old U.S. taking the moral high road again . . .

U.S.: Thailand Must End Slavery In Fishing--Labor Slaves, No More Acceptable Than Sex Slaves!

The Thai government says it is cleaning up the problem and has laid out a plan to address the labor abuse, including new laws that mandate wages, sick leave and shifts of no more than 14 hours?  I am glad to see the changes, and I also, think, that we as Americans should respect the request of the military leaders, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, who has asked the media not to report trafficking without considering how the news will affect the country's seafood industry and reputations abroad.  Sometimes, when we, as Americans, assume we know what is best for other countries, even on the issues of labor and sex trafficking, we want to make sure that people who know the culture, the morals, the industries, the inside and outside, don't make the situation worse and hurt people more than is necessary, we need to respect those closest to the situation, and let them handle it . . . don't boycott the seafood industry, by the shock of the abuses of workers, because they may be worse off without jobs, so a sensitivity to the crisis, is best left to those who know there needs to be changes made.  Changes are coming, but in the due time of the country leaders, who can make the appropriate changes in due time!

The other day, while waiting for the bus, in Missoula, I picked up a free book, called, The Great Hope . . . A revealing book at the battle between good and evil--and who wins!  

True Peace!

The Law of God is unchangeable, a revelation of its Author's character.  God is love, and His law is love.  "LOve is the fulfillment of the law. 

Friday, March 27, 2015


One of Their Own; Death at the Parsonage; Dangerous Beauty?

It is amazing, that each morning, as, in today, I am planning on writing about a certain topic, and as I turn on my computer, it is as if, I am led to watch certain 48 Hour, true crime movies, that come in a particular sequence with symbolic names, titles, questions, issues, topics, and murders, that would have relevance to what happened to me, and the 25 people who, on a short list, have ended up dead, in connection with either me, my cases, potential cases, cover-ups, or protections of the guilty, within the ranks and files of local, state, and federal cops, and the women they prefer, fuck, or use to pay me back, take my identity, stealing even stories, like getting poisoned . . . I literally have divine protections, and 9 lives, which I am sure with all the effort to bring harm to me, get rid of me, discredit me, and even kill, trap, and lay in wait to destroy, if all else fails, that all has in fact, failed!  I am still here, with this brutal truth, starting back in 2000, when I was poisoned the first time and the events that lead to today!

One of Their Own  . . . Stephanie Lazarus, Female Cop Murdered Ex-Boyfriend's New Wife!  Caught 20 Years After Murder!

Of course, this video caught my attention, given the fact, NSA just joined, stopping me from writing this the way I want, proof of protecting, Rachel Southwick Hickey-Moosman!  I can't take this line off, and they are controlling my computer from cyber space, one of their little darlings who has been me, probably since my 2000 poisoning!  Going to try something to get out of their control!  Do, you seriously need any more proof than that . . . the Mormon NSA, or National Security Agency, housed in the Lehi area, with 30,000 Mormon cyber spies, who serve the 70% contingency, of the CIA, FBI, and other intelligence community members, since their are over 40 spy agencies, with an unlimited budget, that even the Senate Intelligence Committee seems immune from controlling . . . CIA, FBI, are the visible agencies, but there are many more, like the Delta Force Intel, the ones called into control me.  People will say, oh, there are Delta Force Marines, or Military, but there are not Delta Force Intelligence Agencies . . . oh, yes there are.  When Edward Snowden ratted out the NSA and the CIA, and their PRISIM programs, rubber stamping of FBI Warrants, that allowed, meta data gathering of your computer, cell phone and Internet records, without warrants and you knowing jack shit about their spying on your shit, Time Magazine, put out a special edition of the agencies contained in the little known, 40 agencies, and I saw the Delta Force Intelligence Agency . . . the one that retired NORAD employees, Mike Dixon, who served me with the bogus contempt of court warrant, and later the bogus bar complaint, with issues that I had satisfactorally answered the year prior to that time, and had just received my 4th CERTIFICATE OF GOOD STANDING from the oversight committee contained within the Utah Supreme Court, not the Utah State Bar Association . . . guess cover-up guys, didn't think of attorney oversight by Supreme Court . . . dazzled by cuppy love!  But, AB, or FRANK, aka, Allan Rex Bess, was the Delta Force Intelligence Agent or InterPol called in by the feds to handle me!  So these fuckers are up my ass daily and leading up the charge to get me, to put it gently, and make Rachel or one of the gals, ME!  So, this true crime episode, seemed to bring significant attention to the name symbolism.

Rachel's oldest daughter's name is Stephanie Hickey, and I knew they were trying to say that Rachel, who is allegedly me, or one of me, the cover gals, brought in to fuck me over, and steal all evidence that I exist, as early as dating back to 2000, with that coming to my attention, in the bathroom at the Roasted Cafe restroom, with a burlap sack bag, pinned up on the wall, with the words, Costa Rica and Tarrazu . . . Rachel's oldest son, Matt, fat boy, not my Chris or Elliot, both thin boys, had a girlfriend named Tara, back in the day, I was asked to move in Rachel's house, Shelley's ass and kids were already there, and Matt and Tara, were an issue, with me trying to stop Matt from getting Tara pregnant and Connor from getting Emily, Rachel's third and air head daughter, pregnant, and she can thank me for both preventions . . . and I was hated for it!  A million good deeds have not failed to go unpunished, by both Shelley's fuckin' kids, and Rachel's ungrateful brats, with both dumb ass mothers, protecting their little lazy ass princes and princesses!

While I was in Butte, Montana, and had gotten poisoned the first time with the castor seeds, injected into the green tea capsules, and I was waiting for the bus, I noticed the movie, the Lazarus Effect . . . and thought of the brother of Mary & Martha, friends, and possible a wife in Mary, of Jesus, who took his time to bring Lazarus back to life, saying he was just sleeping and I said, I felt somewhere between life and death myself!  I do believe, while writing this, I actually, spelled Lazareth, rather than Lazarus, as in the movie, and I am not sure, because I didn't look up the Biblical version of the account.  A Sysco truck, just went by, with the saying . . . All good things come from Sysco or Sisco!  Like I said, they even want to take credit for me getting and living through several chemical poisonings!  LOL! Talk about fucking boring lives, that this is something they want to say happened to them, the miraculous protections I have, and have had, since early 2000, or late, 1999, when I was and let me, emphasis, I was general counsel for the Utah Medical Association . . . fuckin' Leon Sorenson and Val Bateman are Mormon fucks, that colluded with the Mormon motherfucking brigade to fuck me over, much like Brock and Rice, saving both physicians and financial planners in the state of Utah and nationwide!  One of these things alone, is an amazing, huge feet, not to mention, my award winning domestic violence and sexual assault manual training professional in the subject, written for cops and prosecutors, while I WAS STAFF ATTORNEY TO THE UTAH PROSECUTION COUNCIL!

In the movie, the wife, who was killed, was blonde, and an amazing nurse, who excelled all her life, ended up a big shot, over all nurses or a big nursing staff at a large hospital, at the young age of 27, much like I did as an attorney, while starting at age 40, quickly raised to the top of the state officials, with jealous cousin attorney, sisters, who all mocked me for having a dream to go to law school, and 20 years later, would kill their own children to be ME!  I rather like being myself, thank you, get the fuck out of my life . . . if you think for one fucking second, you are your lame ass, male cronies, can muscle me out of my life, my children, my grandchildren, my blog, my cases, my houses, my law practice, and whatever, FUCK YOU, won't happen and I will go UNTIL YOU ARE ALL BEHIND BARS, if it takes the 20 years, like in this case of the cop, who killed the wife of her old boyfriend, Shelley! She even looks like her, crazy eyes . . . hazel, not the baby blues, that Rachel fills in with!  

Bitch face, crazy ass cop, jealous of her rival, as Shelley was, went ape shit, when two men in one week, ditched her for me, when I never wanted them, with her trashing me, so bad, that her own daughter-in-law at the time, Jenny Anderson, Jessie's first wife, warned me that Shelley was talking trash about me, 24/7, in the early days of me, being diagnosed to die, and after the first poisoning, when Shelley was my cop appointed replacement having ratted out her ex-husband and mafia boss, for securities fraud, to save her own fucking ass!  Making any connections to 10 years down the road, when I took the $357 million lawsuit, going after the state of Utah, attorney general, governor, securities division attorneys and investigators, director of the department of commerce . . . even former securities directors, Mark Griffin, who Shelley had cut deals with . . . easy, get rid of real attorney, causing the state grief, and making them look bad, the year Mitt Romney is running for office, substitute and make the state look good against the big bad, state and federal SEC, but with the wrong women, claiming to BE ME!  Shelley had been being me, for probably 10 years by that time, as part of the plan carry over since the first poisoning!  Daddy's little girl, set up the whole family, gave them all great credentials, from my resume, gave her sons prestige taking my son's music, both Elliot and Chris . . . lazy ass fuckers, who just hang around Mommy Dearest to get jobs, only working mafia schemes, like this!

The Cop's Woman to Kill for . . . Making Them MY Money, Hand Over Fist!

Girl here in the cafe, wearing a sweat shirt, with two woman, sitting back to back . . . pretty symbolic.  I would never be Shelley, Rachel, Kay, Susan, Kelly, Tiff, Marcie, Hope, that the cops, want you to think are cool, women, who all want to be me, or have a part of me, claim my kids as theirs, since they all had fuck ups, that they will be forever raising as children, hanging out with them, and totally reliant on them.  You see, they think I am a hog, claiming what I have done, with my kids, shining stars on my accomplishment list, because I didn't sacrifice them, on the alter of career, like these bitches, then want to ditch their own young, for mine!  So do their fucking partners and shitty fathers, Frank aka Allan, Brett, who wouldn't ever even call his only son living in Phoenix, and Michael McKlintoch, Tony Osthemeier, Jack or John Strode . . . all these alleged big shot guys, are terrible fathers, and have loser kids, and don't even want to claim them when they are CNN top persons of the year . . . probably bought that poison for his drug user son, who changed, something to be proud of, but not rock star status, so Elliot is suppose to be his, Chris, and my daughters, they want to claim too!  Their payback is taking all credit for everything I do, including my children, who I would say, use and abuse them, you deserved all they have stolen from your mother, money, fame, acclaim, and all, plus Elliot's music, and Chris's too!  They can't handle my success in all areas!

Death at the Parsonage . . . Pastor, AB, a Serial Killer!

While, Frank, of InterPol, and Delta Force Intel, took on the name of Allan Rex Bess, he wanted to be referred to as AB, standing for absolute bastard, and he was, bad to the bone, and a serial killer, with no thought to life, love, or loyalty, ruled by his fucking dick, and that dick preferred cop bitches like Shelley, who had a more than cozy relationship, with cops, as early as 2000!  I was shocked to find out that Jessie, in 2000 wanted to be a cop too . . . both Shelley and Jessie, not to mention Isaac had issues with the cops, and now?  But, if the cops are forgiving crimes, in leu of fucking me over, using these dip shits, that makes sense.  Cops would pull me over in the early days of me thinking I was going to die, with a terminal brain disease, and they would always call Shelley?  What the hell, and once, she tried to get me put under her guardianship, so she could take my Social Security check, and get her hands on my $3,000 per month, disability check, from Paul Revere Insurance, for disability after I was diagnosed to die, after the poisoning it took me 8 years to be told by retired cops, now my private investigators, that I was point blank poisoned . . . Shelley's degree from Utah State University was in biology . . . Brett knew her back in the day, in on it too, most likely, as was Kay, jealous of me the second she met me in 7th grade!  Shelley was jealous from birth, teamed up with Rachel and Sue, who were always in my shadow, and Kay, who had purposefully made it a point to be my friend, while I was 7th grade class officer, so she could raise her own status in the school, and it helped.

But, in the true crime episode, AB, who was a pastor of a small church, where a man committed suicide, right in the pastor's office, it was later learned that the pastor was having an affair with the dead man's wife, homicide was suspected, but didn't pan out in the facts, but two dead wives, murders did, the man was a serial killer . . . Shelley and AB, knew each other before, as did Isaac, before they murdered, the real Allan Rex Bess, my clients, with the absolute bastard, stepping in as Allan's double . . . I never slept with either man, but figured out, within 2 weeks of thinking that I married, my client, but realized, the two men were totally different, and one was there to destroy me, was setting up surveillance, and making a point, that up at the Panguitch Lake cabin, that all these people were there to see me, and he destroyed that, by stopping all the rumors, that I was the constitutional law attorney, everyone was digging the hell out of, because of suing the cops, county attorney, judge, Division of Family & Child Services . . . Shelley came in by early October, and she brought her lazy, loser son, Isaac, who had history with AB, from the first CD that they stole and marketed around the world, to get the seed money for the COPS!

Sorry, but as I cruised around Grand Junction, late last night, and saw the beautiful new police department and fire department, I could help wondering, if Hope and Page--due to my case, that now was Shelley's or Kay's, Rachel's definitely credit was given to the bitches, and it was worth $28,000,000 plus two other properties, so, donated the money for the new offices . . . cops, who murdered, the real Hope Carlton, just like Shelley and AB, did Allan and tried to substitute Shelley in for me and AB for Allan, his family had means, beyond what it appeared . . . Frank killed him, when Shelley slept with Allan, put a 22 to the back of his ear, and shot a small hole, with me trying to get local cops to do a DNA test on the mattress with a blood stain, right where Allan's head would have bled out, if this happened, and I would bet my life that it did!

There is a white older Suburban, out in the parking lot, here at the Roasted Cafe, I ate at last night and am at right now . . . symbol of Rachel's old vehicle . . . paid staff, to say it was Rachel here, rather than me . . . I am the ghost, don't believe it, as alive and well as ever, still a bit queasy, but, what is to be expected with you were poisoned multiple times!  Heading to Durango, Colorado, hoping to meet up with James Kennedy, knowing full well, he is probably one of theirs, the fun of it, and he seems a man of letters, said he had 9 years of epistemology, or the study of numbers, so not your run of the mill cop, but may put head over heels, and see through the dumb bitches he has been introduced to!  LOL! There is always hope of wining over One of their own!  I can generally get any guy I want, but winning a cop over to my side, now that is the challenge . . . he is chicken shit, and will not show, just did a typo, said wrote bot rather than not . . . they are all bought and sold, fuckers!  My soul is worth a hell of a lot more than some pot of porridge!  I know cops are poor, and his name is likely, James Angel, rather than Kennedy, because everyone at the mission called him "ANGEL" rather than James!  Just reading my blog, any dumb ass cop, CIA, FBI, in the cop dating game would know, I dig the Kennedy's and Angel can pass as a Kennedy, other than his Republican, cop leanings!  Fuck you asshole, you didn't even get a kiss out of me!  HA, but you are in your own company, with AB, he didn't get me either!  Nor did most of your buddies!  I CAN SMELL A FUCKING COP!  Stick with the dumb chicks, I always, project myself onto you fucks, and you project your stupidity on to me . . . I give you more credit, and you always give me less, but you are used to women, you can control, who OBEY you . . . not in my nature!

Dangerous Beauty . . . Cops Want You To Think Their Gals!  LOL!

They killed the perfect woman, back in 1999 when they poisoned me, and they have been trying to recreate the Barbie Doll, that took their nuts off, cut their juggler veins out, and gutted their cash cow, asset forfeiture, followed by taking out 9 federal agents and attorneys, on Medicaid/Medicare fraud units, feds!  You poisoned me, and then tried to find a woman, half as pretty, smart, talented, and brutally mean as me . . . my mother used to say, I looked like an angel and was really a devil!  LOL!  That pretty much explains it . . . most of the guys I am dealing with now, have had a hard on for me, since then . . . at least 1,000 cops, standing room only, in the largest room at the Utah State Capitol, TV cameras, and cops wanting a compromise with me . . . wouldn't give them the satisfaction!  Then with what I did in Utah, killing cop and prosecutor's, legislation which was really federal bribery statues, making money and giving incentives to cops, to do federal drug interdiction programs, George Soros, an old hippie, billionaire, funded, cop and asset reform legislation in all 50 states, with 27 voting to reform and take away cop incentives . . . just another feather in my cap, trophy cops hate me for, but respect a woman who kicked the fucking shit out of them nationwide . . . but they killed dream girl, Shelley?  No.  Kay?  No.  Maybe Rachel, fake boobs and all . . . but dumb as a door knob. NO!  Kelly Ann?  NO!  Susan?  NO!  Tiff . . . cute but too sweet!  NO!  Sorry boys, irreplaceable!  LOL!  Eat your hearts out, and continue to bribe your cops, kill the guys who won't give in, and threaten the rest!  LOL!

A van is just driving by, with a Cookie, one of my symbols for Kay Baby, and a chocolate chip cookie, I just bought one, so symbolic and on the side it says, Sweet Ride . . . yeah, being me, she got a sweet ride, but respect, never get what I have, they programed her, helped her, and coddled her . . . never been jealous of Kay for one fucking second!  Kay had one, maybe two boyfriends in high school, and both of them dumped her, and married other women.  Tim Brown, her first husband, abused her!  LOL!  And I wrote the book on domestic violence and sexual assault . . . she used sex to get the rest of you, I don't need to, use all the pouting, the feminine wiles and ploys, Ms. Burningham uses, those female charms of learned helplessness, and using sex, when nothing else works!  LOL!  I had 10 to one, boyfriends, to Kay's, Shelley's, Rachel's, Sue's, Tiff's, Hope's . . . don't even think, Hef, Hugh Hefner would have that pig snot, snorting cop, you are trying to pass of as a Playboy Bunny!  Fuck!  I saw through her and Page the first visit, but played their covers!  Whatever, I don't buy the dangerously beautiful for any of these chicks, I  know there histories, their marriages, their divorces, I left all of mine, bored, sick of them . . . Kennedy, too scared! I don't blame him!  Names like ball breaker, man eater, black widow have all been applied to me . . . hell I get more male attraction fat, that these bitches get thin, other than Rachel's boobs, seem to have the men mesmerized, as long as they don't have to talk to her!  LOL!  Rachel, probably got a new hair do, since I said she looked ridiculous looking like Alex Witts, making her me, for humor and writing . . . hey, why don't we end this, we will have the great American write off!  LOL!  Kay can write about torts, all she knows about, Shelley is so boring, I don't know what she would write about, Sue, Mormon Relief Society, Tiff, EMT or Homeschooling?  Whatever, give me a subject, and I will murder it!

Undercover cop just came back in . . . was here earlier!  LOL!  I am very observant!  Should have been a detective!

Well, Have a Nice Day, Boys & Girls . . . I Am Heading to Durango, Colorado . . . Montana Didn't Treat Me Well!  The Thanks I Get for Pumping the State?  Poisoning . . . Have RACHEL, Fake as the silicone balls in her Chest!