Wednesday, April 16, 2014


All The Devils Are Here

Last week, I attended a seminar on various kinds of violence, from murder, to domestic violence.  I sat there somewhat depressed, feeling like I was back about 20 years ago, as an assistant attorney general in Utah, dealing with many aspects of what was being discussed that day, at the Missoula City Council Chambers, with representatives from the Montana Attorney General's Office, private non-profit organizations, the YMCA, Victim Assistance, and advocates in other areas of working with the victims of crime.

I believe, as staff attorney, for the Utah Prosecution Council, in the Criminal Enforcement Division, Utah Attorney General's Office, I was one of the first groups to apply for grants under the Violence Against Women Act, signed under President Clinton.  A year later, I was put in charge of victim assistance and community programs, like domestic and dating violence, child abuse, gangs, elder abuse and scams, etc. While I really respect and encourage these champions of victims rights, advocates for people who are hurt and damaged through violence in our communities, I was somewhat depressed, not seeing much encouragement, with regard to things getting better or changing through all the programs, committees, monies, and grants.

Cultism of Violence--Do We Need to Change Directions?

Several weeks ago, there was good news in the area of curtailing abortions nationwide, through availability of contraception and birth control, the morning after pill, education and other reproductive rights programs--a success as I would look at it.  And hopefully the trend will continue to decrease the number of abortions in this country, until we are so good at the preventative aspects of the issue, that abortions is the exception and reduced dramatically.  I guess, I was expecting some sort of report in the reduction of deaths, victims, domestic violence, murders--I do think that number has been reduced, but . . .

One panelist mentioned that she was the only person in her position, as an advocate or victim rights service providers, but she soon hoped that others would either be hired or there would be more involved.  I am not sure that we want to want more positions dealing with abuse, but a reduction in people, grants, and programs, due to the lowered rate in violence and victims.  I can't believe with all the educations, we haven't stopped more of it.  At times, I wonder if we haven't created a cult of violence, in someway, glamorizing it to some extent, making groupies of speakers, victims and stories, all good, to some extent.  Are we fueling the fire?  Maybe we need to change our approach, if there has not been less numbers and statistics . . .

Males Going Back to Being Protectors, Not Abusers

Some type of social pressure needs to be put on by men, to men--a statement, that real men protect women, not abuse them!  My father taught my brother from the time he was a baby, that one day he would grow up to be bigger, stronger, and more powerful, than most woman, and he might as well get used to controlling his temper with his sisters, and he had six of them, 3 older and 3 younger, until my baby brother came along, some 17 years later.  So my brother, could be taunted, bugged, and sometimes tortured by his sisters, but he very much grew up to be the protector for his sisters, both older and younger.

I remember walking out of the elementary school and getting a snowball to the back, in jest and fun of winter frolic, but my younger brother of two years, did see it that way, and fearlessly tore into several older boys, to protect me from their, apparent or alleged attack!  Richard was bigger than most boys his age, and did grow to be 6'4" and weighed about 250 at times, so my dad's teaching influenced him young and continued throughout his life.  I think it got around the school, to leave Richard Southwick's sisters alone, because he could pop out of anywhere and get even . . . Richard was shy in his younger years, afraid to say hi to me in junior high, and about had a heart attack if I tackled him or jumped on his back to give a little big sister attention to him, but I always felt good to know that he was in the shadows somewhere, protecting me, getting my back.

Two Stories, Not Advocating Violence, But Protection--Cops Can't Be Everywhere!

My aunt was abused by her husband, so of course, her son, while loving his mother grew up with the example of his abusive, alcoholic father, until his parents divorced.  Jimmy was a Vietnam Vet, and married a beautiful girl, but he made the mistake of hitting his wife once.  Well, she just happened to have 6 big brothers who were ranchers, who showed up at his door, and told him if he ever hit her again, they would take his body, cut it up and spread it like manure over the 2000 acre ranch the family owned--do you think he ever hit here again?

I had a friend in law school, from Columbia, that hot Latino blood.  His sister married an abuser, but he only abused her once.  When my friend and his father heard about it, they went over to the house of the daughter and sister, and took the brother-in-law, son-in-law, respectively, and threw him through the front glass window--guess what, he never hit her again either!  That might be a bit violence, but not really when you hear of some of the horror stories of abuse, with one woman being attacked by her husband in the dark, he had a box cutter and hacked her to the tune of about 400 stitches--violence escalates, so stop it early.

Just another male being aware of the situation, the first time it happens, or even warning a son-in-law at the time he asks for your daughter's hand in marriage, might be a fortuitous time to have a come to Jesus meeting with your new in-law, before there are any signs of violence, just as a precautionary measure.  It is better to have a fence at the top of the hill, than an ambulance at the bottom of the hill!  A stitch in time, saves nine . . . get it before it starts.  Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to stop violence, make it socially unacceptable, ugly, disgusting, totally against the morals, values and code of actions--a community should have zero tolerance for violence, of any kind!

Room Full of Cops--We All Hit Our Wives

One time, I was doing a domestic and dating violence presentation to a bunch of rural cops, and told them they had to make it clear to the members of their community, that it is never okay to hit their wives, or husbands, either--cuts both ways . . . but I was shocked when they all, without shame, said almost in unison, we all hit our wives.  What?  Cops are used to being on a power trip, because, people automatically have to listen to them, they have the authority to arrest and jail, offenders or those who resist their command and directions.  And often that same attitude dictates how they treat their wives and children!

I had a situation come up, in a large, very rural county, in central Utah.  Several new deputy sheriffs called me exasperated, and beyond frustration.  They said, JoAnn, we did exactly what you told us to do, and over the week end we arrested two other deputy sheriffs who were abusing their wives, locked them up in jail, but when the sheriff heard about it, he came over and demanded we release them, and if we didn't, it was our jobs, he would fire us!  I told them to vote against him in the up coming election--they said, there are only 935 people in the whole county, no county attorney, and he is related to everyone!  So, we went on up the chain to get the attorney general involved.

Two of the toughest cases I had to deal with, was a former high school chum of mine called me, she was being abused, her husband was a cop in Davis County, Utah--20 years ago, but all the cops were her husband's buddies, and actually, helped him perpetuate the abuse, refusing to lock him up, and laughed at her.  Again, she went up the food chain, getting me involved, we were able to call in bigger guns, cooler heads and get the situation under control.

Star Athlete, Rich Rancher--Football Hero, Cops Friend--Maybe I Ought to Abuse You

As a an assistant attorney general, over the victim assistance program, I got a call from a woman, married to the high school football hero, rich, well respected family, and cop's friend, telling me that she got her lip split, and her foot slammed in the door, and when the cops came, they sided with the husband, and joked about the injuries, and did nothing to our big strong hero . . . NOT!  So I started showing up to court and evening the score, forcing the cops to actually do their job--the sheriff, was so intimidated, he would duck out of the picture at community events.  A guy I dated in that community, was afraid that he was going to run into this guy in a dark alley, knowing full well of his temper, infamous for it . . . and get beat up, because he was dating me.

Eventually, we got her protected and out of the house, up to Park City, about a half hour drive, an ankle monitor on our anti-hero's leg, and a radar alarm on this guy for anywhere within 500 feet of his wife.  One day, while I was at my boyfriend's house, this guy pulled into the driveway, with my face barely able to look over his supped up brand new jacked up truck.  I wasn't afraid of him, but he figured everyone was--I was alone.  I said, how's it going Ronnie?  He threw the door of the truck open, and pulled up his pant leg, showing me the monitor, and growled at me . . . he said, maybe I ought to abuse you!

I said, go ahead, I will have your ass in prison so fast, it will make your head spin, asshole!  He backed down, and slimmed out of the driveway, pissed, but put in check--there is always someone, bigger, badder, and with more authority than some local small time punk!  He never bothered me or her again.  I did get called into the Chief Deputy Attorney General, and warned to watch what I was doing . . . guess the sheriff, and the boys didn't like me pushing them around, and upsetting the apple cart up in them their parts!  LOL.

I just saw an old movie, well not too old, but a few years, about a cops daughter, who got to the point with her husband, that he forced the situation, that either he was going to kill his wife, or she was going to kill him, a rifle involved in the situation of her trying to leave him--usually there are 8 to 9 serious beatings, before a woman will leave her husband, but that is when she is most at risk of being killed, when she either gets a protective order, or is ready to leave, as was the case in this true story.  The cop dad, didn't know, and had been letting his neighbor abuse his wife for years, refusing to arrest, just calming the situation down . . . he was devastated when his daughter killed her husband--she was acquitted, due to all the abuse leading up to the fateful day.

Alcohol Use Plays A Huge Role In Abuse & Violence!

Almost without exception, if there was a domestic violence call, the guy or gal has been drinking, so limit that consumption, and we can cure a lot of the violence, abuse, and murder.  Just that one element, would do a world of good, to curb and curtail the violence--there is no excuse for abuse!  

The upside of medicating yourselves with legal and medical marijuana, from what I have heard, is that is mellows people out . . . lesser of two evils, we need to legalize it nationwide, but moderation in all things!

Love Better, Live Better--It is About Time!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Ukraine Blog to Heart & Soul of Love

I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to write a blog until next Sunday, allowing my enemies who fight me daily for content, hits, blog names, and just about anything--part of my forgiveness penance, to share my blog with my enemies . . . well, the only thing consistent about me is my inconsistency, in the place I want to live, in my choice of living arrangements, and in landing on just one man, at least at a time . . . my son, bass guitarist, God's Revolver & Maraloka, Elliot Taylor Secrist, said, Mom, you just are not marriageable material . . . my oldest daughter, Greta Secrist Hyland, dittoed that sentiment.

I guess my enemies, the NSA, CIA, FBI, and their chicks, are at a loss for words--never my problem--I always have about 10 topics, and growing daily, I can think to write about; but news in timely, so are heart-felt thoughts, rare indeed for me, so I, failed to even check if they competitors from my life juices, even wrote or not, and I am sure, they, pros at deception, will actually make, the wait look, like they orchestrated, and I am the fraud, when all is said and done . . . so think what you want, but as I waited for the Learning Center, at St. Patrick's or St. Peter's Hospital in Missoula, Montana--I never paid much attention to the name, until I need to write it . . . so, I apologize, if I were not lazy, I would go check right now, but I am too lazy, so the hospital, I have frequented since last year, using their Internet and Learning Center, to open, so I could write a scathing report on the organized and funded alleged protesters who are taking over government building after building, with military precision, and new camouflage uniforms . . . just remember, the Central Bankers, connected to the Central Intelligence Agency or the CIA, who is tied into Wall Street, fund both sides of the war . . . they want to turn east against west--more money . . . but it is your kids who are getting shot up and killed!  All for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Now I think Israel, who requires both males and females to spend 2 years in service to their country, have come upon something, with requiring females to fight--while the men, may dink around and play war games, the women, have kids, houses, and shopping to do, so traditionally, the Israelis, just get it done in 6 days, or now, I think they have perfected this war thing down to, 4 days, if I remember in their latest scrimmage with the Palestinians . . . if you want a job done right, give it to the women, they have better things to do than fight!

Make Love, Not War . . . I Met Two Alleged Black Chefs, Both Trained at La Cordon Bleu Cooking Schools, Within Three Days--You Know the CIA, Culinary Institute of Arts Kind of Chefs--LOL

I am sure the CIA, got tired of sending white guys, who were attracted to me, but adverse to the ample butt I have, that black men dig, and that is one of the reasons, I dig them . . . the white CIA agents, the agency laid on the sacrificial alter, all in the name of national security, would make statements, as one did yesterday, always the caviat, JoAnn, with your looks, you could have any guy (what do you mean, I do) . . . or if you would just lose, 30 or 40 lbs.--try, 150 lbs., I put on after you jack-asses poisoned me, I would be chasing you around the bedroom; really, I hadn't noticed that stopped you!

Seriously, in the last 5 years, since I reactivated my law license, after my stellar activities against the government prior to my 8 year hiatus, after I got poisoned, the CIA, has sent agent after agent, to try to reduce me to the, um, alleged womanly things of life . . . whatever in the hell that is now days, I guess cooking, which I haven't done since 1989, or is that doing anything but taking on the big boys in government, they have sent literally hundreds, I married three . . . power is attracted to power, but what you marry for, you usually divorce for, or just write my own annulments, when I find out they are really my enemies, not lovers!

Anyway, my love life has been down right interesting, if not entertaining, and more.  But, my black lovers, by far, and in a large part, have softened, tenderized, civilized, and done a great deal to tame this Amazon Warrior Queen, who prides herself in not needing men . . . and makes war with them, not love . . . because, while trying to hide, their feelings just can't do it . . . one gets silent, will not talk, let me touch him, let me kiss him . . . and the other, my sparing partner, with an I.Q. of 168, goes the extreme from fucking me, to fighting with me and nothing in between!

Between Miles--Al Green & Howard--Teddy Pendergrass, This Tag Team of Heart, Body, Soul and Mind, Has Done A Number on Me!

I have had men, my whole life, starting with a group of 10 guy in my neighborhood, growing up, and chasing me home, everyday of second grade, to a group of junior high boys, who me and my friends busted out every night of the summer of say 1969 or 1970, to a group of 20 guys, sitting a the then, new McDonald's in North Salt Lake, singing, JoAnn takes me down to a place by the river . . . then chasing me and my girlfriend around town, until they got us cornered in a church parking lot, near, South Davis Junior High School, where my mother taught health and P.E., to post-divorce, BYU wards, with guys calling and telling me, I was the most desirable girl or woman in the ward, but none of them dared ask me out . . . to my stalker, Paul, and Mike, and law student crew from Provo, the Old Mill Apartments, whom I used to write boys, club notes to, knowing full well they were all reading them, and now, I have just graduated up to federal boys clubs, with not much more sense in women . . . but Miles and Howard . . . holy shit, the two . . . combo team take down . . .

And, I have failed to give acknowledgements to YouTube, who at the worst, or best times, being possibly fed by these two Culinary Institute of Arts scholars, stratigically placing either Al Green, aka, Miles or Teddy Pendergrass, aka, Howard, whom, I tried to contact 3 weeks ago, after tracking him down, working on the ranch, where we were both going to work at together, thus, seeing Teddy Pendergrass coming up on my YouTube God recommended songs for the day . . . scream, wearing a cowboy hate and coat, that would be worn on the ranch, with the song, I Don't Hurt Now . . . which brought me to tears, as a black guy, walked in the hospital just that moment!

With the words of the song, and the thoughts of Howard, the warrior queen, cheering for the Ukrainians, who favor the west, with me being incredibly competitive, left me with a heart melted, crying and missing Howard, like crazy . . .come here woman, let me do what I want to do, let me make sweet love to you, oh, baby, so good baby . . . song on right now!  Sceaaaaammmmmmm!  So good, sweet woman, I like the way you make me feel . . . so good, so good, so good, so good, baby, uh . . . sexy as hell!


I actually, met Howard, at the God's Love Homeless Shelter, transitional housing, after I left Miles, whom I met on the Amtrak Train, in Chicago, while both of us were going to Washington, D.C., but split trains at Chicago, him taking the upper train, and I had tickets on the lower train . . . he had three days, to break me in so to say . . . cute, smart, informed, knew more about the government, the intelligence community, conspiracy theories, and all than I did, with a father that worked at the Department of Transportation in D.C., so it shocked me, and made me somewhat suspicious, when I met Howard, also, a trained chef, both at La Cordon Bleu, but from different schools, in different states--Howard, grilled Miles, and told me he had to be undercover, because he would not give his graduation date, or something like that, but I was, well into a text and sext relationship with Miles, before I met Howard . . . so both of them were fully briefed and all was disclosed, before I had done anything more than hug Miles, who taught me how to text, so I learned to express my sexual desires, feeling safe I would not see him again!

Miles, looked like a pro basketball player, Howard, looked like he could have been a pro football players, but very smart politically, so no . . . but he had a father who was a college administrator at Rutgers University and a grandfather, who was a doctor.  Howard's father always wanted to be an FBI agent, but discrimination, stopped him, but that left a nagging question in my mind, was Howard, following in his father's footsteps, was an FBI agent, and possibly the agent, I blew off, after meeting him outside the Federal Building in Chicago, 20 years earlier, that I told after going to lunch, and him kissing me, but resolved, back at Americans United for Life, my internship, that I didn't believe in interracial dating--and that went to Hispanics, Asians, and everyone!  Was here to get a second shot?  We hit it off right off the bat . . . he seemed like a husband, more so than all of my other four put together!

Howard, was kind of like one of those cuddly, big bear type guys, who I couldn't keep my hands off--we both loved the mountains, he had hiked almost every major mountain range in America, worked at national parks, ski resorts, and now a ranch . . . politically, we saw everything the same, except gun control or no gun control . . . he would drop me off at the gym every day, and drop pick me up, then we would head for the hills outside of Helena, or by a lake, he would relax in my lap, after working all day, while I would rub his tired feet or chest, while he napped, and I read--he was like the All American male, into cars, trucks, sports, women, sex--like a high school kids, bumping, pushing, grabbing, touching, kissing, laughing, pushing limits, fun as hell . . . the racial tension even made if more fun, the newness, discovery, all to thunderstorms, rain, dirt roads, lakes, pine trees, and shear beauty, and not just in nature.

Howard, satisfied the nature, husband needing side of me--breakfasts, holding hands, both in glasses, him reading sports, me politics--he would be pissed if the Yankees lost to the Red Socks, I would be pissed over about everything political.  He would smile as I would start to rant about something, too early, Honey . . . and then he would tell me, if we got together, he was going to censor the newspaper, and cut out all the articles he knew pissed me off, what the whole newspaper . . . and I in turn, when he would rant, about sports, said I would do the same . . . equal protection, Honey, too early, smile.

If You Like It, Put A Ring On It--Beyonce' and Glacier National Park

I kept telling, hot to trot, playboy, of 56, Howard, who had never been married, nor had children, at least any the mother's connected him too--Miles, just got caught at 42, going to be a new daddy, which I informed both of them they needed to get married and have a few kids, gift the world with your kids, I.Q., personality, physical traits, etc., if you like it put a ring on it . . . no sex, until we are married, I know your type, he wanted to move in together in Helena, but I told him, if he ever wanted to trick me into sex, get me to the mountains, that is where he would have the best chance, so he got me a job at Glacier, with him, he was one of the chefs at Swiftcurrent Lodge, I was to be front desk.

I think Howard, figured, this ring thing was not going to work, so get her in the mountains, and the sex would eventually happen, and it did, the first night, we broke the single bunk bed we shared, before the other two workers got there, and took up shared beds, on taped together single mattresses, on the floor . . . nothing was going to stop this boy and his mission, so all night long.  LOL!  I had  been doing the Mormon thing, while not practicing the religion, law practice had totally killed my sexual desires, for the actual part of it, sex, but seven years, abstinence, was enough . . . so I caved in.

Now, Howard, had the demeanor of a bad ass Chicago cop--stone faced, sunglasses you can see yourself in, and a pissed off attitude, while sweet at the same time.  I was like a giddy school girl the next morning . . . laughing, kissing, hugging, singing to the music, and talking . . . finally, on our drive, Howard, spoke up and said, I tried to fuck you to death last night, you are either on drugs, or I am going to have you committed to the mental hospital . . . LOL!  As I laughed and kissed him again, he said, JoAnn, I have a headache.  LOL!  I was laughing so hard, I was crying . . . I said, Well, you did all the work, I just laid there . . . LOL.  He took an 8 hour nap, after we got back to the cabin.  LOL!

Between Howard Faking or Not Pushing Me Off a Bridge and a Waterfall, And Clients in Utah, I Left Glacier--Killing Howard, Who Didn't Know I Left

With the CIA, assassin, thoughts, always in my mind, and at a lodge that was so remote, that there was not Internet or cell phone, and I was dependent on Howard, to drive me 12 miles to get cell phone reception, and his worked but mine did not, and then trying to fuck me to death, and his reaction, humor aside, might be a red flag, I needed to pay attention to . . . and two clients needed me, at the same time I was doing training, so I left.  I tried to come back a week later, and Howard, seemed a different person.  So I left, again, but I broke my back to get back up in July, to celebrate his birthday . . . which I traveled 4 states to make, and he could barely take 30 minutes to have dinner . . . new girlfriend, likely . . . men are like trolley cars . . . one coming by every 10 minutes, and Miles, was still hot on the plate, so . . .

Howard, came once more to Helena, where I spent the summer, we saw each other briefly, but he didn't talk, wouldn't let me touch him, no kissing, really wondered what was going on, but he was the last one that was going to tell me what was going on.  I figured he got some girl pregnant up at Glacier, and she was waiting for him . . . this was for the best, but love them and leave them, that's what I used to do, use and abuse them, then I met you, it was pain before pleasure . . . that was my claim to fame . . . Teddy popping back into my conscious mind, I wasn't very nice back then, then I kissed your lips, and you turned on my fire, and you burned me up in your flame, took me higher, you turned on my fire, then you showed me what a love could do, fire and desire, feel it coming through, oh how, I thank you baby, you showed me so much love and sensitivity, you taught me so much . . . thinking his is God's gift to women, how fast he can change . . . now the flip side, but a woman . . . pain before pleasure, that was my claim to fame . . . maybe we cancelled each other out, two peas in a pod . . . break each other's hearts, change . . . fire and desire!  You burned me up in your flame, and we are both to blame for the flame . . .

Every attempt to contact Howard, since then, has been denied, even from people who should do it, knowing both of us, Glacier, God's Love, the Ranch, etc.  I know Howard, got the message with my phone number on it, just a month ago, but it looks as if, he can't forgive me, and I hope the song, I Don't Hurt Now . . . applies, and that he has found someone that heals his heart . . . never meant to hurt you!  Sob! LUV . . .


We text 300 texts, before we actually got together, but Miles is more about the mind, business, legal, questions, grants, and the like, with sex, kind of like a sideline, but necessary.  He is more my sparing partners . . . nothing in between fucking and fighting, which is fine with me, but he doesn't want to be my sparing partner, but who can start a fight over me going to see him, while he is sick, on New Years Eve?  He acted like I was some self-righteous, well person, coming over and rubbing in my wellness?  What is that all about, how does anyone fight over that?  We did . . . the last time we talked or fought, I think text and sext, may be the more sexually healing, but I love him just the same!  LOL.

Miles fills a very base need in me, the tension between brain and brawn, mind and body, with sexual tension fueling the fire and flames there too.  In law school, after finals, I would have to have something physical that equaled the mental expenditure, usually took it out dancing in Las Vegas, from midnight to dawn . . . Miles, does that for me.  He has this sophisticated thugness about him, he sneaks up to my back door, after smoking a cigarette, and in the rain, black hoody, comes around the back of the house I was staying at, like a boyfriend your parents don't like, and grabs my waiting ass, pulling Little Red Riding Hood into the arms and mouth of the Big Bad Wolf . . . LOL, and I loved it . . . walking hand in hand over to where he is staying, sex first thing, no words, just directions, positions, getting the real reason both of us are there, done first, Saturday morning fights next . . . sexual tensions, racial tension, age frustration, love frustration, taboo relationship . . . it's you that I need . . . come back . . . TEDDY!  Stop the misery . . . how could you do this to me, holding on to a memory . . . it is you that I need, baby, it is you that I need . . . words to the song, baby, it's you that I need . . .

Don't listen to music while writing a blog, it's you that I need, baby, baby, it's you that I need, things are going to be right, . . . can't you see that I need you!  I really got to have you . . . it was all that fucking texting, I fell in love with him, before I really even knew him, the damage was done, now I am crying over him . . . what the hell, the head has always ruled the body for me, so whatever combination Miles and I have, can we try, love was never formed to say good bye . . . can't we have another try . . . song!  In case I don't get to see you again, I wish you well, but can't we give it one more try . . . at least we'll have an honest moment here, in all the pain, and lay your head down on my heart . . . we can't go back to yesterday, God I wish you'd stay, can we start, love was never born to say good bye, touch me one more time to make me feel alive . . . just another helpless fool in love . . . once before I set you free, just one more time before i set you free, touch me one more time . . . and if we don't survive, we can end the way we began . . . let's go back to yesterday!  Just another helpless fool in love, that is what I am . . . I've got to have you . . . love was never born to say good bye!

Shit, tears all over my face, make-up down my face . . . now, I have been up to see Miles, at least 5 times, usually on the spur of the moment, but I have only actually been with him for three times, and not for long. So, I always figure, that a man's treasure is where his heart is . . . and, until, three days ago, I figured Miles heart was not with me . . . and then he calls me and tells me he got a girl pregnant, so I am not sure what to think, he says he has to see me, and I owe him . . . I am not sure how he figures . . . other than I always take off, like I did last time, and ditched my cell phone, losing Mile's phone number, at the time on purpose, but then regret it latter . . . then frantically trying to find it!

Miles is even willing to come to me this time . . . but, the baby thing, makes me wonder, is this a test of some sort?  Given the fact that there is somewhere between 20 years difference in our ages, which is what pissed him off last time, we fought, added to the sickness, and self-righteous comments, I am not sure where we are?  I told him I would call him the day after we talked, but didn't . . . am I breaking up a family, will not do that.  He said he was shocked, and I always thought he should have a baby, I am beyond that point, so, what does this mean--he says he is dedicated to be a father, and she is to being a mother, but family?  My moral side, says to not call him and just let this love die a slow death, now I am crying again . . . I thought this thing was over, but obviously not.

We really have never been settled, enough to actually really get to know each other, or appreciate each other, just let happen what happens . . . we always have the legal help thing that gets us together, the bait and hook, or is it the real reason, use and abuse?  Who know?  I know that I always pull the age card, or the attorney card, and that kind of kills the heart, but then he always uses that to get with me, is the sex just a hook for me, and an obligation for him.   I told him when I met him that he didn't need to sleep with his boss, so to say, or do that to get my legal help . . . he assured me he wanted to sleep with his boss!  I don't think either one of us, knows what the hell this relationship is, basically, cutting edge to tell the truth!  In every way.  My point . . .

Make Love, Not War!

P.S. Culinary Institute of Arts (CIA), and the Nasty Sex Agents (NSA), will not turn on the spell check, jealous, jealous, jealous . . . could have been you, I am an easy lover . . . oh, I tricked them, and when I went into draft, the spell check came on, thank goodness!

Sunday, April 13, 2014


I Was So Pissed, I Almost Forgot It Was Easter--Until Little Bunnies, Eggs, Chicks, and Lady Bugs With Antennas Started Coming in the Breakfront Cafe Where I Hang These Days

Okay, so I am having a melt down on my blog, due to the more than common interference with my blog--You have just logged off at another location.  Do you want to log in again?  Yes, I want to log in again.  Close . . . well, that is the way, the other side, the frauds, get on my blog, or off, when they get pissed at what I am saying, so they split the blog, and log off, while I am still on the computer!  You already know this, but needed to be reminded, so after I realize that it is Easter, celebrating Christ's Resurrection, and victory over the tomb and death, hell and whatever--thanks--I look for some type of religious program online, preferably the one I attend, Fresh Life Church.

Well, after trying several times to tune into the live broadcast, I know is going on at the Majestic Stadium in Kalispell, Montana, I am getting a substitute, really, some Seacoast Church, I would imagine somewhere near the sea or ocean, Seattle, California somewhere, not to hip on this change, nor any change for that matter, since I have been victimized by the substitutes.  But the title of the message intrigues me: Outrageous Faith . . . I can see, say, do, outrageous things all the time, so I got that part covered.

My son, Chris, when discussing my travails, travels, and trials, will say, you just say what everyone else wants to say, but is afraid to say it . . . dreams, newsprint with messages from God, my Intel guy, is pretty outrageous.  The message section on tell it to the mountains, is kind of like this blog--I tell nameless, faceless, millions all my crazy symbols, dreams, ideas, proposals, and thoughts--truly go tell it on the mountains, if you will.  So, okay, that stuff comes naturally to me, and has gotten me locked up before, or at least held in disrepute, no big deal, I just consider the source . . . usually a cop or a sister, they are trying to promote, so no biggie.

Christ Specifically Says--You Have To Forgive Anyone--Fuck That

So, all morning God is hearing me venting and raging angrily against my enemies, who have wronged me, stolen my son's music, my cases, my name and resume, my blog, my kids and grand kids, my health, my good name and reputations . . . with righteous indignation, I just really don't think so God!  I have forgiven 70 X 70, or rather 365 days a year for the last, at least 6 years, looking back and having to forgive for the ones that I was like in a fog and suppose to die . . . really, really?

Then the damn pastor, just stops right there . . . on forgiveness!  That is just simply too much to ask, no, in fact, hell no!  Just like when I was young, God has this habit, of when I say, why me Lord?  He starts the parade of horribles starts going past me, instead of the bunnies, eggs and chicks . . . the wheel chair bound, the blind, the lame, the poor--that would be me . . . but shouldn't be, and that is part of what I am so totally pissed about God, but I see your point . . . okay, I am going to stop blogging, to show them!

Song--There is no power that can stand before the GREAT I AM

By this time, I am crying and my heart is softening, until the camera, just at the point of singing, the great I AM, pans over to a girl singing that looks like a younger version of that bitch, older sister of mine, and my thoughts turn to all she is claiming, that she did, that was me, and is still doing it, and the fucking Michael Willis, just helped her do it again, along with my father.  In the paper, this morning after I saw the words, that substantiated my fears, that this latest text, attorney substitution, and whatever, was going to make it look like I was not an attorney, because I didn't want to argue with an idiot, that is too stupid to realize, that I was not suing or taking on the Girl Scouts, but the fucking government, Mormon Church and its subsidiaries, the FBI, CIA, NSA--30,000 spies in Utah, and the Secret Service, my family, clients, and whomever needs money, or wants it . . . like everyone will take a bribe!

I think God was testing my new found resolve to forgive, by leaving the writing to the doubles, to see if their numbers go down, or if they could pull it off without me?  Then a scripture, that comes from Philippians came to mind . . . that he will work good through both, but one is to perdition and the other is to salvation. Okay, God, as long as she and my other enemies, end up in HELL, with fire and damnation, I can give up the honors in this life that I am entitled to . . .

Another Painful Situation I Would Have To Forgive--Could I?

Next, my mind, went to the dream I had last week of my oldest son becoming president . . . and all of the sudden, the dream made sense, but incensed me . . . my son and I were the only ones in the White House press conference room, except for the person, who said, your son will be president, now had new meaning.  I am the only one who is going to know that he, Chris is my son, just like Elliot, Greta and Nicole, these other fuckers who raised dumb ass kids, are going to take credit for my stellar children! 

Again, my faith was tested, and failed, too much to ask, they have shit heads for children, I took all kinds of flack for reading, studying, praying, and finally, coming to the conclusion, that it would be best, if I had my children go with their father, who was much better prepared financially, emotionally, a homebody, and hadn't helped all that much, raising the kids, the first 15 years of marriage, and I was burned out, plus got accepted to law school, during the 90 day waiting period for a divorce in Utah.

Mocked For the Outrageous Conduct, They All Envy Now! 

My family mocked me for having a dream to marry my first husband, Richard Clifton Secrist, the father of all four of my children; they mocked me for having a dream to get a divorce, for having a dream to go to law school, for everything . . . but 20 years later, when the sisters, friends, husbands of sisters, parents, who wanted all hell to break out in my family, because I didn't follow the program.  Not only did the chickens fail to come home to roost, but my children, myself, and grandchildren continue to thrive in sprite of their purposeful cruelty, blacklisting, sabotage, slander and libel against my family, or persecution for me gaining weight . . . my father used to bring me to business meetings to show off my beauty to his partners.

His bragging rights, in his mind, had become tainted, with the weight I put on, no longer the brilliant, beautiful, talented daughter, of yesteryear, so we will substitute in a younger, more man-made version, of liposuction, silicon breast implants, and porcelain teeth!  But what in the hell do with do with four equally beautiful, smart, talented, and cool as hell children . . . the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree . . . so we will just claim that JoAnn's four children are Rachel, or Shelley, Sue, Kay, Brett, John or Jacks, Michael's, or Allan's, aka, Frank of InterPol!

Today, I Committed My Life to Jesus Christ for the First Time

Next on the parade of insults, or challenges, God hurled at me, came with a pop up or note that said that . . . I thought, I was baptized at the age of 8 into your alleged church, or at least I was buried to emerge as a new person; next at 17 I wanted my calling and election made sure, willing to make any sacrifice, which I have, and been tarnished for doing so, even though it turned out well.  Then I married who you, God, wanted me to marry, not whom I loved, wasn't that enough?  How about having a baby 10 months after the prophet said to not put off your family, for your education . . . 14 years later, and 4 kids, we finally reached our early educational goals, but our marriage was the cost.

Then came the dream to go to law school, and the decision, after much agony to give the kids to their dad, then the schooling, the work, then came the slap down by either the government or you, with the PIX Disease, the death sentence, etc.  Now you seriously think that after I honestly tried my whole life to follow, at least what I believed to be your direction in my life, I am asked to not get credit for a damn thing I have done, after the humiliation, the taunting, the talk, the gossip, and all, you want me to forgive these people, who took everything from me right at the time, I was actually recovering from the first death sentence?

I forgive a second time, and rebuild, go to the U.S. Supreme Court, build a second home, just for my grand kids, and again, everything stripped from me, in less than one year, houses, cars, trucks, art, furniture, law practices, I just got built up again . . . children that are wonderful, chased, harassed, trashed, lied about, robbed, while watching the pain of my children paying the price, while those that are using my and my son's money, to go after, bribe, buy, pay off, and cover up the crimes against me . . . really, you seriously, want me to forgive these assholes, are you kidding?

Take Up Your Cross & Follow Me

The same scripture, that gave me the strength to give my children up to their father, with me seeing them all the time, more than my sisters who lived with their children, and assured me that if I left, that I didn't get any credit for their accomplishments . . . really, what divorced father, who gives the mother custody, and remains a faithful father, doesn't get any credit, this is all part of the punishment for pulling it off, outside the program!

If you are not willing to leave father, mother, sister, brother, property, or lands, and take up the cross and follow me . . . you are not worthy of me!  In bitterness, I decided, okay, I will quit blogging, let them suffer trying to explain their pathetic writings, just stop, cold turkey, on one of the activities that has brought me so much joy, more than any case, any piece of legislation, training, manual, etc.  I will give it up for you . . . reluctantly, but as always, ultimately making that decision, hard as it is . . .

As I walked past the little bunny treaters and their parents, I noticed a young couple that looked a lot like my so Chris, his wife, Kat, and baby, Yulia--as if God, says, he can see what you  have been trying to say all the way along, your motives, your sacrifices, your rational, your reasoning, that may not have been so clear at the time I made the decisions, just expecting my children to understand and go with the program, just deal with it, that has ultimately made them who they are . . . so fucking wonderful!!!!!!

Outrageous Leaders, Do What Other People Won't--Do What is In the Best Interest of Their Children, Even When It Doesn't Seem Right!

I don't know what the future brings for any of my children, but public notice is a small thing to sacrifice, for great men and women, my children to thrive, without the interference of their mother, who is, to say the least, very strong, opinionated, and loves them desperately, enough to once again, let God take his course with them . . . they didn't disappoint me last time, they had the responsibility of making their own very enlightened decisions for their own lives, and I am sure they won't at this time, if mom, steps out of the picture for awhile . . . if these people, who couldn't raise their own children right, can help mine, to serve and shine where God wants them, then who am I to stand in the way?

I have to work on the forgiveness part, but I will let go, let GOD, have his ways in my children's lives, and in mine, he has never failed me, not once, even when I think he is asking the impossible!


There is No Power, Like the Great I AM!  Keep the Day Holy!


CIA, Paid Liars, Paid Actors, Pure Bull Shit

Note: bottom of the screen will advise--what is going on with this blog site, imitators and thieves--caught, red handed, again . . . LOL, for the real title, spell checked, and the rest of the story, check out the original site, that I always type on, while these guys, poach the material, see bad ass con law chick blog, not bad con law chick blog, the one that pops up, with the "ass" lightened to fool you!  Same author, get the unedited version, the right one . . . girls or boys checked out when I started to slam the assholes, stealing my good name and good reputation . . . 20 years of easy virtue!


Last fall, I met a guy named, Michael Willis--you know, kind of like actor, Bruce Willis, who often plays a wild ass cop, like in the Die Hard, movie series, so the name was suspicious right off the bat.  Now in my 5 years of cloak & dagger life, being resurrected from the tomb, of government poisoning, aided identity theft, years of waiting to die, gaining over 100 pounds, then realizing I was not going to die, taking an obscure case, that nobody would touch, and turning it and myself into a civil rights superstar, only to have that honor, stolen, subverted, diluted, and substituted with government doubles, while I was allegedly dead, AGAIN!

This is not my first rodeo with federal agents, who have been a dime a dozen in the last 10 years, when they showed up on the scene, when I didn't die in the allotted two year period, with identity theft issues, with other women claiming my resume and numerous awards, accolades, and what not, so problems in river city--the real woman is back, now what--the typical government, James Bond affair--shadow, double, ride tantum, have someone live their lives some of the time, and other times, when needed, step in and be JoAnn S. Secrist, a very powerful name in constitutional law, that can be twisted and turned, just like it was recently in the Clive Bundy situation, in Bunkerville, Nevada--the round up of the cattle, with protesters over 10th amendment rights vs. the federal government, crazy ass shit!

Forget rounding up the 600 head of cattle, and arrest the man, the law breaker; we cannot have a well ordered society, without a set of accepted laws, that people agree to follow.  Federal agents, like in any other crime should swoop down and arrest the asshole, who has been grazing on our public lands, with the tax payers, footing the bill for this guy, of course, Mormon, so they are above the law, in their minds . . . so that is what this constitutional law attorney would do . . .back to the task at hand, dismantle this little rat ass CIA, dumbass . . . Michael Willis, aka, Matthew Cody McClintoch, of Missoula . . . allegedly of Bozeman!

Judge, Cowboy Film Producer, Tax Evader

I had a client in Kalispell, Georgiana Darrow Hartung, In the Matter of Dorothy Darrow, who I was coaching and writing briefs for, to help her get guardianship of her mother, back, as was the desire of her aged mother in her will that was made over 10 years ago, while mom was still competent and still basically is, but slipping, or just tired.  I was her attorney--coach, behind the scenes, having not taken the Montana State Bar Exam, nor writing a letter requesting admittance to the state bar, from the Montana Supreme Court, already having 4 bar memberships, former Utah State Bar, Federal District of Utah, 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, and finally, the United States Supreme Court bar.

At the last minute, Georgiana begged me to come from Helena to Kalispell for her court hearing; so her daughter, who lives in Fort Benton, met me in Helena, and took me to Kalispell for court.  Surprise, surprise, surprise, the judge, Lympus, who was on the case, was, at the last minute, substituted out for another alleged judge in the district, a Judge Robert Allison.  My first reaction is, the CIA, has brought in their own judge, so they can keep my name suppressed and off the record, and make the decision, the CIA, wants, because they now had my sister, Shelley, or Kay, already up in the Kalispell area, claiming credit for my work with medical marijuana, that the people loved, having seen many of their neighbors, taken down by the feds.

Judge's Decision Didn't Reflect the Record, Nor What Happened in Court--Pre-Determined

And when the judge's decisions was rendered so fast, had no connection with the case and what happened in court, I was sure that the outcome was predetermined, the CIA, just didn't count on me coming to court, last minute, and thought they could pull the wool over on Georgiana's eyes, but they couldn't on mine.  I had Georgiana, order a transcript of the trial or hearing, so we could compare the order with what was agreed to and argued in court . . . totally different, illegal, unlawful, and totally against the wishes of Dorothy, the mother, who knew which child she could and couldn't trust.

I immediately came home, got out the living will and will documents and wrote a scathing rule 60(b) motion, showing the court had just granted guardianship, through spurious means, outside the courtroom to the daughter, who the mother never wanted as a guardian, and was about last on the list of 5 children, and who we had proof had stolen about $35,000, demanding an accounting for.  This 28 or so page brief, was not allowed on the record!  And the clerk's name was "Allison."  Any relation to the judge?  I always wanted to stop in court, and check out what the real Judge Allison looked like, but 24/7 surveillance would have stopped that, so, just let it go . . .

Judge Meets Cowboy Film Producer

Six months later, I drop in Missoula, at the Pov, and immediately, a nice looking, distinguished gentleman, dressed like a rhinestone cowboy, basically, hits on me . . . but that is a pattern for the feds--I don't ever initiate the contact, but they do, so suspicious, again right off the bat.  You see these men, all of them have played a key role, as have my clients, and their children, landlords, and other contact people--I am sequestered to a very controlled environment, but if someone happens to slip in, easy money always persuades them to change sides, as it did with Georgiana, David Russo, and Tabitha, her daughter from Fort Benton--all agree, to say that Shelley, Kay, Rachel, or whomever is the Cover-Girl for this particular case, or issues, is me, and I them!

So there is a 350 degree cover on me, no matter what I do . . . but, my experience is catching up to them. As I had already assumed, this was a fed, undercover, in a cowboy get up, and he is in the Poverello Homeless Shelter, to do a documentary on why people are there--sounds plausible, but?  But some guy in the Pov happened to say, doesn't Mike look like a judge?  He sure as hell does, and he looks like Judge Robert Allison of Kalispell, fame . . . substantiating my already cautious interactions with this man.

Cowboy Meets Tax Evader

The second I took of with a Canadian truck driver, to escape my CIA undercover operative, who is surely there to say that it is the government chick, at the Pov, rather than me, keeping the 360 cover going, without a seam, cowboy checks out of the Pov and magically has the money to stay at at motel, below his normal taste and living conditions.  As soon as I mentioned that to someone on my phone and my suspicions, Mike all of the sudden doesn't have money to stay in a motel anymore--they don't even use time delay to make me questions.  It is totally cause and effect reaction . . . I catch them, they change immediately!

Mike had mentioned some issue with the Montana Department of Revenue, before I left.  He also accused me of not being an attorney--no that would be my sister Shelley, or Rachel, or who the hell else the CIA actors are, but, I am really an attorney, who according to many judges can practice with my U.S. Supreme Court Bar License, anywhere.  Yes, I told Utah State Bar Association, who is playing the same games, being paid, to lie, like all the others, to keep the CIA secret doubles, or me secret, since I disappeared from the legal world for 9 years, and then worked online, through e-filing in the federal courts, which is where I mostly practiced, other than in the 5th Judicial District, who are all on the payroll too, except for Judge . . . can't remember his name, used to be chief judge in the district, until I complimented him and slammed all the other judges in the district for actually abiding, protecting, and promoting the constitutions, soon was retired, and replaced with a company man!

A Little Bit of Knowledge Can Make A Big Ass Fool of You--Especially if You Don't Listen

So this guy, if I ever reject him, like most men of this caliber, who are used to cutting favors for women, and are rejected, start this immediate attack against you, which is standard fare for these guys, REDS--Retired & Extremely Dangerous . . . fading glory, hits a man hard, lower T levels, Viagra and the likes, are hard on these former men who ruled the world, but are just grumpy old men now . . . you know the type, James Bond, now just collateral damage to their former jobs, and selves!

Now, I have explained the situation, that I told the Utah State Bar Association, through Billy Walker, a former boss at the Utah Attorney Generals Office, that I wanted my name taken off the bar rolls, because I knew all the entities had colluded against me, and were letting my non-attorney sister, who had long ago stolen my name and bar license, stupid as she still is, but tarnishing my name and I would sue them if my name ever appeared on another court docket in Utah!  

That was in January, at the time I was going to the United States Supreme Court, and at the same time, Judge Lyle Anderson, in the 7th Judicial District was teaming with the sheriffs of Iron County, and my government double husband, and the Delta Force Marines to take me out of commission, and replace me with non-attorney, actor, sister, whom I had trained, and one of my client's girlfriends had even seen her show up in court in the 5th district as ME!  Once I escaped to Montana to save my life!

Too Stupid to Get It . . . Just Leave Alone to My Own Detriment!


This guy can't find his way around Missoula, let alone get the complexities of the court system, the requirements, what it takes to get their, what was going on in Utah, illegal, unlawful, unconsititutional, and blantantly criminal!  But how could all these people be against you?  $$$ and a BILLION REASONS OR MORE, THEY WERE VESTED IN TAKING ME OUT, AND SUBSTITUTING ME, FROM MY CASES TO MY SON'S MUSIC!  PLUS, PRISON TIME FOR THEM!  GET IT!  Don't you get it, whistle blowers are not treated kindly by their government, or Edward Snowden, NSA, CIA & FBI exposer, is not liked--and I have been screaming about this for 6 years!

The Alleged Test Mike Is To Administer To See If I Am The Attorney, Or Shelley Is

With take background, Mike approaches me a week or so ago, tells me he will pay me $100 if I get the Montana Revenue Service off his back.  I look over his paperwork, and there is another name on the notice . . . a Matthew Cody McClintoch, with a different address, than, Mike's alleged address in Bozeman, when I met him last fall . . . the mail was marked for November 16, 2013, clearly during the time he told me he lived in Bozeman.  

He didn't get his new house, or really wasn't even in it, or just in it, allegedly, he just drove me by the house, but didn't take me in the house . . . suspicious red flag!  So heads up, something is up, substantiates my belief that this is a CIA actor, judge, cowboy, but the real guy, or the one the government knocked off, like my client from Parowan, is not who he is claiming to be, alleged adoption . . . really Mormon boy from Utah, claiming to be adopted to a family, who lives on a ranch in California, where he learned to pay Mormon songs on the organ--a trait that is desired among Mormon boys so they can play the organ or piano on their Mormon missions!

Whistling Wind, LLC., Alleged Tax of Roughly $4,000

Mike gives me his paperwork, I demand the $100 and he gets pissed and says that he will pay me when he can, and don't work on it, until he can pay me--a deal is a deal, and I am saving him about $4000.  That was a week or so ago, so Friday, Mike comes back in after another alleged attempt at rectifying the tax problem on his own, but with no resolution.  He says it needs immediate attention.  Stupid me, I think that his has the money, the agreed cheap ass amount of $100, which is not even one half an hour of the standard $250 per hour.

I dig right in and start doing research of all the laws that are in the notice letters, but I don't see any due process, just the government pulling some number out of their asses, and claiming he owes them that . . . no facts, etc.  I do further research and find that the whole due process provision has been conveniently left out of the whole unfair process.  I show Mike the due process laws, related to what should have happened in this whole thing, plus clarify some facts, nailing the issues . . . should be so fucking obvious, I know my stuff, plus tell him about the Digital Millennium Act, for the threats of Internet exposure and a warrant for his arrest!  

By this time, I have skin in the game, and I am going to get them, but, again, I am not going to do it for free--I found out that the people who were most willing to screw me, where the people I did the most free legal work for! Shocking but true!  Clean hands and pure heart--but my virtue is being given to other money grubbing, gold digger chicks--KAY, SHELLEY, RACHEL, KELLY ANN, SUE, TIFFANY AND THE CREW!  So, I am not going to do one more charitable act, and have it assigned to another bitch!!  FUCK THAT GAME!

Like Most Cops, Mike Is Cheap as Cheap--And a Thief--See Him Take Stuff From Breakfront all the Time!  Cops Entitlements!

I tell Mike that when he pays me the $100, I will start the legal work, the letter, and get this off his chest, easy, for violation of due process rights, line verse right out of the Montana Code Annotated. Modern day government agencies have gotten lazy, they are so used to pushing around heavy handed government tactics, especially in the field of taxes, that people, don't question, and just pay up, without asking any questions--not this gal, that is what the Brock et al, v. Herbert et al, securities case was about, constitutional violations!  And the same heavy handed government pressure and threats--well, power is given, not taken!

So anyway, and easy win for me, after I get paid, not like I don't need the money, hell, I am staying at the Poverello Homeless Shelter for hell sake!  I am standing strong on this, wanted the money for the weekend, told Mike he needed to pay me, then I will kick out the letter in record time and we can get it in the mail today, Friday.  Mike begs to just pay $50 now, and then $50 when the issue is resolved.  Okay--he does an no show!  What the hell, this is not my ass that is going to get put in a sling, but his--although, like is the way of this double government bitch thing--the CIA, NSA, FBI, who are all in on this and have a billion dollar investment, or their heads into keeping me a secret, can watch my searches on the computer, enough to give little, Kay Baby, who is an attorney, enough information to take the statutes and run--having no clue they even existed prior to me finding them!

This Urgent Tax Issue is Not So Urgent Once I Found the Solution!

He sends me a text from Big Fork City, up around the Flathead Lake, a place I told him I was looking into getting on a waiting list to move into--got to get the girls, the doubles a place now; Mike had never, never been up to that area of Montana, and right in the town I had showed him the paperwork for!  Go figure . . . now the fuckers, who can steal my research for the letters, can't track abc, right down the line, these guys are not even cleaver; therefore, one could assume, if you are not part of the solution, you are par to of the problem!

So, while I am waiting for my money, Mike is up, where I am thinking about moving, in a cabin.  He writes me a lame ass email, requesting a copy of the letter to the Montana Department of Revenue!  This cheap ass butt fucker, is really, demanding a copy of my letter?  Can't even pay $50!  So, I politely declined and told him to get Susan--my sister's name, but allegedly an attorney in Missoula, who somehow, knows me, with Mike claiming after I improved his promotional letter for his film by 100%, that he was embarassed, with my name on his work, because I had gone in this woman's office--WHAT?

My Blog Getting More Hits Than People Watching the Super Bowl!  111 Million, as Opposed to My Blog Getting 155 Million, Twice in One Day on Two Different Articles!

Now I am a pro-writer, before the government fucked with this blog, and stole 100,000,000 million hits from and month ago, and diluted, if not erased, imitated, and but up the fraudulent blog site, that gets 7 hits for every one I get, but both have the same writing on it . . . from Bad Ass Con Law Chick Blog to Bad Con Law Chick Blog . . . close, just like the songs that substituted and stole my son, Elliot Secrist, bass guitarist of God's Revolver song titles, Cantina Poetry Blues, to Cantina Blues--we are just changing one word!  

Just like they changed three bank accounts one number--my money goes into someone else's fucking account--three times, three times had to close, when I was actually planning on getting the money from my Brock, Cheek and Thomas Vail cases!!!!!!!  SILLY ME!  I grow it, they mow it!  Typical, and here too, I am suppose to serve fucking dumb ass, Mike, do the great work, and someone else gets the money and the credit!  Because Shelley, Rachel and Kay have been promoted as me--the work horse, the smart one, and the show horses--fuck you Mike . . . only I did it very nicely, but I thought, this is just his way of getting me pissed off, and getting out of the letter, because, they already got how to do the letter!

Same Old Worn Out Patterns, Our Secret Service, CIA, FBI, & NSA, Just Can't Get A Grasp On!

Since the NSA, Mormon run as it is, watches everything I write, to the second, blacking out screens, deleting sentences and paragraphs, can't find out what the problem is, and my blog is so popular, here we go again, the theft . . . we just steal it and pretend that you are who you are writing against, you sisters or Kay. You are the one stealing, creating bogus blogs, hijacking blogs, and numbers--no, I missed 10 fucking years of technology!  I am barely operable on this and my cell phones, a sitting duck for fraud, easy prey, easy target . . . easy pickins.  Now Shelley, Kay, and Sue or whoever, except Rachel, who can't write an email or a resume on her own--


Both blogs run on my articles, and writing, JoAnn S. Secrist, not to be confused with any other spelling of the name, like the fake, Joann or Joanne, or Johanna, or whatever, fucked up misleading name they are using. This blog was cut short, when I started writing about poor little baby sister, Rachel, with the fucking huge fake tits, fake teeth, fake ass, a fake tummy, or is was Kay, Shelley and crew, Sue, or pooh, the Southwick sisters, and Kay, Kelly or whomever . . . as I started to slam the government hookers, the computer stopped me, and a note came on the screen: 

You have logged off from another location.  Do you want to log in again?  Yes, I want to log in again.  Close . . . guess the eyes or spies on my computer, didn't like me trashing the alleged beautiful girls that are in the penis class of affirmative action.  LOL!  You know the penis factor I have talked about.

The real blog will not pop up, you have to write in the whole long name, used to pop up, until it his 155 million, twice in the same day, when I wrote two articles . . . and then you still have to hit the search engine, the fake just pops up on typing two words, bad con . . . for the rest of the real article, see Google, bad ass con law chick blog--I always write on that site, regardless of the substantially lower hit numbers--1,570,000 as opposed to 35 million attached to the fake site--gov must have tried to divide and conquer!  LOL.  good luck,

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Stupid Statements By Men About Equal Pay for Women

This week, I have had some interesting conversations with Doug, a fellow inmate at the Poverello Homeless Shelter, where I have been staying for the last 3 weeks, great food, interesting people, transitional time for the Shelter, and always a learning experience for me, as I watch people like animals in a zoo, and I don't mean that condescendingly.  And as person after person, approaches me in shock, wondering why I am there, and don't lawyers make good money, and you don't fit here, or just plain, why in the hell are you here? 

Perhaps the contextual context of an article written in the Opinion section of the Missoulian Newspaper may help.  The article is called Pay Equity a tough sell, in which the writer, Ann McFeathers, likens pay equality, not for different jobs, but for the same jobs, to racial discrimination, and it is, it is called female discrimination.  A quote from the article, says: Republicans say if employers had to pay women as much as men, they would hire fewer women.  Really?

In one of my conversations with Doug, who is at the Pov, because he wants to take up writing, and leave his home in California, and cut a new life for him in Montana, much like the rest of us, many in transitional housing to help accomplish that task without maximizing he pain of such a move, especially if you are older and well established in your old digs.  

But, he proposed a plan to get rid of affirmative action, by giving Republicans what they want, which is the open drilling of the Anwar oil fields in Alaska--you know the mantra, drill baby, drill . . . but to reach a compromise with Democrats, he is proposing to give a certain percentage of the money from the drilling, to eliminate affirmative action, but put money into scholarships for kids in the inner cities, or he said, specifically blacks, and judge performance and entrance into colleges, strictly on merit.

So You Are Willing To Vote For Hillary On Merit?

Obviously, there is no one with better job qualifications for president than Hillary Clinton, so are you willing to go by merit in all things.  No, in reality, he was making the assumption of all dinosaur men of his generations, that of course, white males will always be more qualified than women and blacks, so if we can just figure out a way to get rid of that fucking affirmative action, that helped even the score, we can go  back to white male supremacy . . . so really, what Doug, staunch Republican is saying is that we will judge on merit, as long as there isn't a woman or black more qualified for a job than a white male, which is exactly the reason for affirmative action, because white men in power, were discriminating against women and blacks, and always will!

Doug could tell, he was going to lose that argument very rapidly, and so, as most smart people, when dealing with me, will change the conversation to something they are not going to get their own words, slammed down their throats!  When you support a decision, or a particular side of an argument, you have to take the totality of that argument, and support it upside down and backwards, to have any merit, to what you say!  Or you will be backed in a corner, every time, and plays the fool . . .

Stupid Men, Discard Merit, Take Beautiful Women Who Are Stupid

So, this is what I am finding out about Republican men, whom I would say, I was a victim of their sexual drive and their outright stupidity, men who used their positions of power, whether in the church or the state, in Utah, one in the same, with no separation of church and state.  Then you add the police state mentality, my challenge of that state of mind, and connections up to Washington, D.C., through the FBI, CIA, NSA, Senator Hatch and the Utah delegations . . . and that should give you some clue why I am at the Poverello Homeless Shelter, their intended destination wasn't so noble!

If you watch the movie by Mary Higgins Clark: Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Meridith Baxter, a pretty, but aging, big city prosecutor or district attorney, who based on her merits in being considered for a position as a judge, but, not unlike myself, who started out as staff attorney, for the Utah Prosecution Council, in the Criminal Enforcement Division of the Utah Attorney Generals Office, she finds out that an old murder case, needs to be reopened, remembering earlier in her career, hearing the words, don't rock the boat . . . meaning, we have put an innocent man in prison for a woman's death, but just leave things alone if you ever want to be considered as a judge . . . 

Much in the fashion, I come to information in a case, strange connections start to appear, and make her and myself, look differently at a particular situation, that seemed unlikely at first, but with fresh information, the whole dynamics of the case change, validating what appeared ridiculous initially.  She takes her daughter, to a plastic surgeon for some facial cuts, to make sure she doesn't ruin her daughter's beautiful face.  While she is in the surgeon's office, she notices, someone she recognized, but can't remember her name, then she sees another woman, coming out of the surgeon's office, with the same face, again . . . this plastic surgeon had taken this very plain daughter, and turned her into a beauty, and now was making every woman that came in his office, to look like his creation, of his daughter.

In the end, it was a senator, whom Baxter was close to that had an affair with the plastic surgery queen, and like most men that do stupid things for a beautiful woman, he falls prey to her beauty, risks his position, ends up hooking up with the mob, questionable real estate deals, murders, cover-ups, that go way beyond what would normally happen.  There are many social comments, and interesting perspectives, much like my own, that come from this zealous, driven female prosecutor, who is willing to risk her career for doing what is right and getting the husband, who is blamed for the murder out of prison, and put the right parties behind bars . . .  good show, even though a bit dated . . . good shows have timeless appeal.

Reality Check--If Beautiful, Merit Goes Out the Window, Inferiority is Fine

So, what has happened to me, is before the government poisoning, back when I was general counsel for the Utah Medical Association, a professor of family law at the University of Utah, had my own anger management company, speaking to hundreds a week, and writing programs for the elderly or their caretakers, on the Internet, on guardianships/conservatorships, and beautiful, thin, powerful, but took on the male political and police powers, getting 9 federal agents and attorneys fired, beauty to boot, none of that mattered, neither merit, nor beauty . . . although I am at least alive, if male, don't think I would be . . . aneurysm, car accidents, heart attack, or gun shot to the head, which have all come, since I gained 100 pounds or more, but still beautiful . . . and that pisses them off!

Now, this flies in the face of the penis factor, so we can refine the model of women these men will and will not support, merit or no merit, beauty or no beauty . . . they want less than bright, or even bright, but they have to be beholden to men for their positions, their titles, their fame, their brains . . . a woman cannot be self-sufficient, strong, with merit and credentials, and beautiful on her own, that would not be fun, and the men can't control them, and they are not tweeterpated and titillated by strong, funny, powerful women . . . that is not the class of women they want, they want obedience, respect, adoration, etc.

Powerful Men Have Their Own Affirmative Action Going On--Affirming Their Penis

In the movie, the dirt, goes right up to a senator, as it does in my case, Senator Hatch, is right their in the middle of this great and wide, Mormon conspiracy against me .  .  . appearing above reproach, dignified, above the frey, beyond such puriant desires, a man of letters, church, state, and what not . . . however, I threw my name in the ring, against the 7 term Senator from Utah, and got blackballed, stopped, lied to, told that various events were cancelled, because, Senator Hatch in all his doing, was only doing to get elected, and whatever he was doing for votes, I was doing for real, to make a difference in the lives of the elderly, the abused, and all.  I was a threat.  

Hatch refused to answer the League of Women Voters, 5 questions, about healthcare, education, immigration, foreign affairs, etc.  The League contacted me through email, and noticed that I had not turned in my answers, due to the conversations below, with the clerks of the Lt. Gov's Office, below, I had decided not to run, but I did, think that I could give them some really great information on all of the 5 topics, so for education alone, I sat my butt in the Butte, Montana, Library, using city computers and wrote, very long, detailed and in depth answers, having been at the bottom of the constitutional challenge to Obamacare, and involved in immigration issues in Utah, plus having chaired a team from St. George, Utah, writing a 4 step proposal, to end the war, or policy for Afghanistan, which has been implemented--I was shocked to see that none of my answers made it in the League of Women Voter's Guide!  Why?  I knew more than Hatch, or had done more personally . . . Utah League of Women, even gave me an extra week, to write my answers, who had the power to stop them from printing my responses?  

I simply threw my name in the ring, as a high profile name, that actually could give the bad senator, a run for his money.  I was a write in candidate, but national political organizations were acting like I was one of the regular two party candidates, sending me national surveys on my position and all.  I had basically moved to Montana, in fact the day, I filed, April 10 or somewhere around their, three clowns from the Lt. Governor's Office, asked me what kind of law I practiced, I said, I am a constitutional law attorney, Hatch claims to be a constitutional hero . . . LOL . . . and voted for the Patriot Act, taking away all constitutional rights!  Some hero, don't need the likes of you!

In response, these three Utah clowns, said, Does anyone still believe in that?  Referring to the U.S. Constitution, and I am sure, these 3 college educated jokes, in the second highest office in the state, don't even know they have a state constitution, LOL, well really pathetic.  But I said, in Utah they don't, believe in the Constitution, and I made up my mind on the spot, to move to Montana, and added, that is why I am moving to MONTANA!  I got in my truck, booked it up to Helena, to a two day, four college sponsored, Conversations on the Constitution, at Carroll College . . . a Catholic college, and I didn't even know that until I dropped off a resume to the administration, and noticed the statue of the Virgin Mary in front of that building!

Daddy Southwick--All of You Look A Like?  Really, Dad?  You Sound Like the Surgeon, NO, All of You Get To Be Like JoAnn . . . too Much Bragging Rights for One Daughter

The Southwick family, has 6 sisters, I am the second born, the rebel, the wild child, always had more men than I deserved, and still do . . . the only one who is an attorney, great kids, but not active, not for Mitt, not going to give 10% tithes to the Mormon Church, etc.  So, I have 5 other Southwick gals, and cousins, to cover all the things that I have done, and a few friends . . . baby, Kay or is is Kay Baby, as my father refers to my friend who was jealous of me from the day she met me . . . see old movies, a Killer Among Friends, and a Friend to Die For . . . let's see, we kill JoAnn, Shelley, the eldest child gets all things Jo did in connection with domestic violence and sexual assault, or use Shelley's connections with the AGs Office, being a rat, and give her some of Jo's Brock and Rice Securities case money, share with Kay Baby.

Rachel, Ms. Plastic Surgery, herself, the pin-up girl--looks like Jo, but a younger version, thinner, a the explanation for the better body, and the 3 inches taller . . . simply vitamins!  Sue gets to claim all legislative work, plus, we divide Jo's blog with several sisters and friends, and Tiff gets to be, well, they all get to be attorneys, Jo, is not, she is either dead, or retarded!  The plans they made for you . . . WOW!  I was the only one with merit, letters, credentials, honors, awards, four bar licenses, and while I was back at the U.S. Supreme Court, the gang was trying to figure out how to stop that, so they pulled out the 13 years, poisoning, aka., terminal, not mental illness, and doesn't living at the Pov, prove, she never came out of the PIX Disease, never reactivated her law license, October 1, 2009, never did the 30 or so cases, including going to the Supreme Court . . . she did nothing, in fact, she is dead to the family, the Mormon Church and all connected.

Contrast & Compare Male Attitudes That Are Either Shot Down Or Fostered

I have been feeling under the weather this week, so I have watched the recommended movies, from the YouTube Gods, and two of them, in light of the equal pay issues in Congress right now, demonstrated some societal, religious, community, school, parental, and such attitudes for women who excel or who challenge male, alleged superiority.


A family moved to a small town over the border from Canada, for a father of 5 or 6 girls, to finish his PhD. One of his daughters, Helen Hunt, played football, and wanted to play in her new high school.  Her father approached the coach, he said they would have to get the approval of the school board, who was great, and followed the law, Title IX, that if high schools don't have girl sports, they have to allow girls to play on the boys teams.

Of course there is resistance, but eventually, the female quarterback proves her worth; she is also very pretty, so the guys don't know quite how to treat her.  Eventually, she wins either state or regional playoffs, and the city is extatic, and she is given the due respect from the school, community, but especially from her team mates.  They even nominate her for Homecoming Queen, I guess she got Princess instead, but they not only nominate her, but they take up a collection of money from the team, to buy her a gown, and even pick it out!

This is the way it should be . . . she got a chance, she proved her skills, and she was better than her male team mates, who stepped aside to let her shine, and they also, treated her like a lady, and loved her, and she them . . . that is why, we need to look at the young people of today, or at least some of them, they were raised by smart fathers and mothers, willing to fight for what was right.  Same with the next story . . .


The movie starts with a member of the cheer leading squad, being asked by a new football coach, to take some medical tape to one of the star football players.  As she boards the bus, she walks to the back of the bus, he reached up under her short cheer skirt, and feels her out, several other boys do the same thing, and she is basically, sexually assaulted by the boys, leaving the bus, sending her running in fear to the girls lockers, where the leader of the cheer squad asks her what happened.

The tenacious cheerleader, gets statements from several of the girls, of stuff like this happening to them by the football team.  She approaches the coach, who approaches the guys.  Instead of just stopping the behavior, the two ring leaders, corner the cheer team leader in the locker room and sexually molest her also.  Luckily, her mother is a high school counselor at the same high school.  She goes to the principal, a female, and some how, the winning football season takes precedence over the girls safety, and the story of the two guys, in the girl's locker room for the molesting session, none the less, are believed over the girl.

The lead joke dip shit, has an attorney for a father, who also works for the mayor and the city, powerful dude . . . he tries to get the family to drop their charges, that the cops, actually drop, after talking to the attorney father and the boys walk free.  So the girls, approach the school board, but the witnesses on the cheerleaders side, come and testify against her, and support the boys, say she made it all up--these are best friends, and boy do I know how that goes, even clients who I have done tens of thousands of free legal work for, have turned on me . . . so the school board, bans the cheerleaders from the field, and also goes after the mother's job as a counsellor . . . the husband finally, gets in the game and hires an attorney, female, I might add, who goes after the boys, the team and the coach, and wins . . . the other girls, including the football captain's own girlfriend, comes forward after little brother on the football team also, turns over a composition book, with graphic descriptions of the girls bodies, their boobs, butts, and other parts.

The lesson of the story, is stand against fear . . . someone has to, or this kind of bull shit persists . . . we need to change, lower pay for women for the same job, is ludicrous, blatantly unfair, and discrimination at its worst!  One of the cool parts of the story, is the girls are each offered $15,000 to settle the case, but the boys are not kicked off the football field, nor punished in any way, so the mother and daughter team, plus dad's support, take the case all the way, and each girl gets $50,000 from the settlement, and the boys are banned from the football team for the rest of their high school, which means college careers!  Heads need to roll, on so much of this stuff . . . the mentality and men that I have been dealing with, tits and ass guys, only way worse than cheer leading squad, we are talking a member of the U.S. Supreme Court Bar, for god-sakes!

America is better than this . . . discrimination of any sort is wrong.  Good men, need to stand up against fear also; the blacks didn't do it alone, and women can't either!  I was struck by the group, lately who were participating in Civil Disobedience for Stopping Deportation, outside the White House, Blacks, the elderly, women, etc., all part of previously or current groups of people discriminated against!


Thursday, April 10, 2014


Corporations Are Persons--A Legal Fiction

So the contrast and comparison, I want to make is the rational, starting with the Dred Scott Decision, 1857, that basically said, the Constitution does not consider slaves to be U.S. citizens.  Rather they are constitutionally protected property of their masters.  This is considered one of the most important and scorned decisions in the nation's history, as is the 2010, Citizens United Decision, making corporations people, and entitled to free speech, under the 1st amendment, lifting all limits on corporate donations made to political candidates, and now, the Court has gone even further down the line of absurdity, in eliminating, all caps on individual political contributions.

So we have a person, who is not a person, but property, for the next 100 years, almost, minus 3 years, when the dumb ass, separate but equal, enshrining of Jim Crow Laws, in Plessy v. Ferguson, 1896, finally, finds the Court, evolving to the point of fully recognizing, Blacks as persons on equal standing with Whites . . . in Brown v. Board of Education, 1954.  The United States Supreme Court, failing to recognize, a walking, talking, two legged, thinking, breathing, loving human being, as a person, going to the other extreme, of recognizing a cold hearted, money making machine, power hungry, legal fiction, as a person, entitled to the protections in the Bill of Rights?  REALLY?

Legal fictions, are not entitled to first amendment, free speech; this is contrary to the plain language, history, and intent, of the Bill of Rights, referring to "rights of the people."  In the three elements of statutory and constitutional interpretation, which I have just mentioned, there is no reference to corporations, either in the Bill of Rights, nor the Declaration of Independence, or the historical account, that was the intent to rectify the wrongs perpetrated against and on the citizens of the colonies.  Legal fictions, for the convenience of business as usual, are not persons, in any way, shape or form for the purposes of the, U.S. Constitution, Article IV, Section 4, Republican form of government--a representative form of government, which implies, and later substantiated, by Baker v. Carr, "one person, one vote."

Watering Down the Vote, Allowing Corporate Persons, Now Taking Off Limits for Individuals--one person, one vote?

Rather than seeing the public outcry, especially, form the state of Montana, who had 100 years of anti-corruption laws overturned, with the Citizens United Decision . . . the high Court continues to lead Dorothy, Toto, the Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow, down the yellow brick road, to a fake Oz, or wizard.  To reverse, this asinine law, totally should be void, according to prior precedence and authority, by the same court, in both Marbury v. Madison, 1803 and McCullouch v. Maryland, 1819, that any law or ruling in this case, that is repugnant to the Constitution, is void, and any law or holding that is consistent with the Constitution, it constitutional . . .

Montana, had a history, of dealing with the Copper Kings, who basically had large corporations and businesses, and a shit load of money to burn, unlike the average Joe, citizen, and they used their massive wealth to buy, sell and control, judges, legislators, and other elected officials, local, state, and national, office holders to get their special interests satisfied.  If we fail to look at history, we will forever remain a child!  We are talking big time corruption, power, wealth, influence, that make really great people, want to avoid running for office, those with clean hands and pure hearts . . . few and far between, but they do exist.

The Court Fails To Distinguish, Part of the Job, Between Media Corporations & Corporations--and Labor Unions

Corporations are formed, for the purpose of doing business, and that is it.  Where the distinction should come in, is what the purpose of the business or corporation is.  In 1st National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti, the Court granted 1st amendment protections to media corporations, but not others, and the Court said that created a host of problems, and so all corporations should be equally protected from expenditure restrictions. 

Media corporations, deal with freedom of speech, or first amendment protections, so they can free and fairly report the news, without hindrance from the government, money, powers, and influences . . . just give us the straight scoop.  That is very different from say J.P. Morgan, Walmart, or Hobby Lobby, who have businesses far removed from needing the protections of free speech!  Americans rely on news sources to let them know what is going on in the country, without fear of reprisal, indoctrination or propaganda, like you will see in eastern block countries--that is not America! 

Commodities, stocks and bonds, goods and services, timber, oil, etc., are not in the business that relies heavily on first amendment protections!  Therefore, as a logical conclusion, the Court is dealing with apples and oranges, rather than similar classes of corporations, a faulty comparison.  That would go equally for Unions v. Corporations, or as my very, allegedly, constitutionally conservative friend, as he call himself, tried to convince me that unions had long had the power to lobby, spend a shit load of money, and throw a powerful influence over a particular issue, but once again, union members have the right to vote on their representatives; however, in a corporation, a board of directors may be deciding that 1500 employees, who may not share their political views, or endorsements, but still are lumped all together in their corporate entity, regardless of personal feelings--apples and oranges!

After Citizens United, employees of large corporations, where worried about losing their jobs, if they opposed, even at the highest level, what the board of directors, or the person in charge of deciding what interests or candidates the corporation was going to donate money to.  To publically held corporations, send out a poll or vote on which candidates they will and will not contribute to, who determines where the money goes?  That is a whole lot different than one person, one vote!  And our Republican form of government.

Big Picture Question--Can We Make A More Perfect Union Watering Down the Whole Purpose of the Republican Form of Government?

In Baker v. Carr, 1962, where the one person, one vote phrase was derived from, came from philosophical roots in this case.  In this case, a group of Tennessee voters sued the state, claiming its voting districts diluted their political power.  Until this  point, the Court refused to decide this kind of case, leaving such political questions to the states.  Baker, however, held that the states must meet a Constitutional standard for appointment; districts cannot be drawn in such a way that they violate the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th amendment!

Does giving corporations legal status as citizens, entitled to person-hood status, rather than just being a person acting as one entity, like a person would, as a legal fiction, or allowing a wealthy individual, due to contributions, an edge in influencing the vote, providing moneys for advertising, ads, TV, or printed material, more voting power, thus violating the equal protections, guaranteed by the Constitution, defeat the whole purpose and experiment of this American ideal, of the Preamble?


We the PEOPLE of the United States, in Order fo form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

You now have the rational behind the trouble with this line of cases, starting with Citizens United and continuing on to the one issued last week, taking of limits on individual persons--WHAT DO YOU THINK?

JoAnn S. Secrist, J.D.
Constitutional Law Attorney
Member of the United States Supreme Court Bar--I disagree with the court, obviously!