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Seems Logical That Little Black Horse Where Are You Going With Your Dead Rider, Would Come Out of Montana, Known for Cowboys!

When people think of cowboys, they normally think of Montana and Texas, rarely will someone say Utah, home of the cowboys!  Just doesn't happen, even though, there are a lot of cowboys and cowgirls from Utah, even the world champion, all around cowboy, I think his name was Cody White, from Enterprise Utah, just about 3 or 4 years ago, if that?  So, if I were going to steal this brilliant epic western, I would market it out of Montana, saying that these cowboys were from here--I am sitting in Missoula, Montana!  

Some guy walked by with a black sweatshirt, with a outline of the state of Montana, with roots, coming out of the state, at the same time that I am watching, Scratch Dealt Me a Dirty Hand, with one of the prime movers, standing right in the audience of a God's Revolver, the real God's Revolver, my ex-husband, who heard my son, bass guitarist, Elliot Secrist or the Red Jesus, play during a visit to Mt. Sterling, Utah, up around Logan, when my sons, Chris and Elliot, came up to visit me.

That visit took place in about 2006, if I am right, then I lived with sister Shelley, in Logan, mother of Isaac, the fake, Elliot, Shelley being the fake me, with the bandits forming at that time.  After I left Brett, seen with the out of place mohawk, standing a head above everyone, rocking out to the music in Scratch, turns away, maybe in shame, guilt, envy, regret, jealousy, that the fakes, while promoted to the hilt, don't come close the real McCoy!  

You can see the fans rocking, hugging, hands int he air, mimicking the pistol steel guitars, the dueling guitars, the bass guitar, pounding out the final part of the song, with Reid bend over with emotion, and Adam pounding he drums . . . the crowd is digging the hell out of the music, just like a crowd of thousands would in an arena.  As I have traveled back and forth, or gone around Utah, I have had several people, say, Your Elliot Secrist's mom?  Seriously, you are Elliot Secrist's mom . . . yeah, of God's Revolver?  Like they had seen them in concert or something, shocked to meet El's mother . . . why?

Bret Attending El's Concert, 3 to 4 Years After I Left Him?

Just confirms my suspicions, that after hearing how great Elliot is, can play rock, metal, punk, southern rock, emo, jazz, classical--you name it, he can play it, probably why he got accepted into the Berkeley School of Music, in Boston . . . although practical enough to realize that tuition was expensive, and decided, like all rational people, that the University of Utah is good enough, and he is already better than most professors!  That is his mother speaking!

Google, GoArticles, JoAnn S. Secrist, me, and you will see the article I wrote on God's Revolver at the top of the list of about 8 articles I wrote back in 2009, so self authenticating--the real guys, what you may have seen in concert, is a fraud . . . comparing diamonds, with fake diamonds or zarconium!  GET THE REAL STUFF, STILL A TIMELY, A CLASSIC IS SOMETHING THAT HAS UNIVERSAL APPEAL THROUGHOUT THE AGES--WE CAN ALL RELATE TO COWBOYS AND COWGIRLS, WESTERN IDEALS, LOVER'S TRIANGLES, CRIME SO PASSION, ETC.

Perhaps the whisky slamming bad boys, that Utah, Mormons, family, etc. through were too bad an image to represent Utah, so they took the music, and claimed the fakes, were from Montana--just guessing the fucked up depraved minds of people stupid enough to pull this off!  Fakes have never been able to stand next to the real, authentic, true, band, blog, case, attorney, guitar players, drummers, singers, writers, Trey . . . John and all of the band who contributed to a genius level western told in music!  



Two Constitutional Provisions of Due Process in the U.S. Constitution, Similar Provisions & Protections in Your State Constitutions!

This morning, a friend of mine, brought a letter from the Montana Revenue Service, stating that he owned over $3,000, for an LLC. or limited liability corporation, he set up, for the purpose of getting a contract to do some work, on a film or something like that, haven't read all the letter yet, but the Service claimed that he had two employees, in the corporation, and that both must have received income, when in reality, the woman listed on the LLC., was only listed, because the articles of incorporation required two people to set up the business, to register it with the state.  She was there in name only . . .

He talked to two employees of the Revenue Service, who he said were really nice, and easy to work with. However, they asked him to provide them with is quarterly earnings for the yea 2007.  He very nicely told them to produce the evidence of the amount of money they are claiming that he owes the money, and then he could see what they are driving at.  They have failed to produce the documents or the evidence that they relied on to claim he owes them money.  Good job, the state carries the burden to prove their allegations that you owe money.

There are Two Types of Due Process, Substantive & Procedural

Now, how should an attorney attack this claim for her or his client, friend, family member, etc.  First, I always go straight to the U.S. Constitution, as the Supreme Law of the Land, then to the state of Montana or other state constitution, for back up, as the highest law in the state, as long as it doesn't conflict with the federal constitution . . . that gives the contextual foundation for what should happen, big picture wise, then to fill in the specifics, I turn to the state statutes or the codified laws of the individual states, where the state legislatures lay out the steps that provide both substantive and procedural due process.

There is another constitutional provision and protection, that must be considered in this case, that of the right not to incriminate themselves, at this point, this is in the civil arena, with the possibility of criminal charges that could, not necessarily will be levied against a person, and usually, the people who dare question the IRS or the state internal revenue services, are the ones who get charges, or at least the threat of charges filed against them.  He has already received a letter, threatening to freeze bank accounts, go after property, get liens on his property, or have criminal charges filed . . . so, the threat has been made, kicking in 5th amendment protections against self incrimination or being a witness against yourself . . . just fucking don't do it--many of my clients lose the case before I get it!

United State Constitution, 5th & 14th Amendments

In quoting the due process clause, I will also include the 5th amendment, the section on not incriminating yourself . . . nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; going on to the 14th amendment . . . nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction without equal protection of law!

Substantive due process consists of rights . . . interestingly, Roe v. Wade, landmark abortion case, was considered a due process case; therefore, the 14th amendment right to liberty or the right of a female to make decisions affecting her body, her and her doctor's decision!  That is a rights based argument, the law is the law, is the law, know your rights!  So it is your right to have an abortion, in the first trimester of a pregnancy, but thereafter, the state starts to have an interest in protecting the rights of the baby, during the second and third trimester.

Procedural due process consists of the procedure your are entitled to . . . which may include judicial, administrative, or some type of hearing, after notice is given to you, either through service of process, or a letter, or some other means of notice . . . city councils and county commissioners have to post notice of meetings in the newspaper, on a post, or at the post office, where the majority of citizens can see that there is a hearing on the matter of interest.  In a criminal case, something called an information is to be given to you, either in jail, or when bail is posted, or at your arraignment!

4 Bull Shit Warrants Out for My Arrest, From Me Forcing Government to Provide Me, MY, Due Process Rights!

Several years ago, I was listed as number two in the nation for civil rights defense, after Gerry Spence, Wyoming Cowboy Attorney . . . so I know what the hell I am talking about, and if I don't know, I will find the statute that supports my claims, and if you know the roots of the law, you will know the branches, they have to be constitutionally based, or they are void!  In Utah, for sure, and I am sure in every state in the nation, there are what we call, Defendant's Rights, or Defendant's Bill of Rights . . . it specifies how many hours you can be held in jail, before the state has to provide you an arraignment, with a judge reading you the charges against you, so you can plead innocent or guilty.

In Utah, that time is 48 fucking hours, not 54, not 72, or six month later in my case, when the cops and prosecutors, guested I might leave the safety of Montana, and come to visit family for Thanksgiving!  Far be it from me to force the criminal justice system to actually, follow due process, both substantively and procedurally, and they hate me for it!  I was actually incarcerated at the time the 48 hours were up, so it was the states, job to have me either appear in person in open court, or to appear on TV or short circuit TV between the jail and the court!

Illegal, Unconstitutional & Unlawful Retaliation!

Iron County, Utah, is so pissed at me, because I sued them, got judges, prosecutors and cops, either fired, benched for a while, or still having to handle my civil rights violation charges for my clients, that the Judge Dunlop, a justice court judge, actually, lied, said he sent paperwork to the jail, to release me on Monday, the day I was to have an arraignment, then charge me with contempt of court, for failure to appear, Tuesday, before I was even released from court . . . and I didn't hear about it until Thanksgiving, when a warrant was put out for my arrest, happened in June, after the sheriffs, illegally took my truck, my artwork, and new electronics and anything else they liked, after 6 trips through my house!  

That is a fine example of violation of my procedural and substantive, due process rights!  They have still never served me with paperwork, and I will not let them serve, because they had fucking 48 hours, and even worse I was in jail, so easy to serve the information . . . they just wanted to wait until my insurance ran out in September, so they could charge me with failure to have insurance, which I had on my truck, and my clients had on their car!  The expired sticker, was $2.50, so that was not enough to hold me on, therefore, they created a situation, that is called, entrapment, to try to catch me breaking the law!  Which I did not, given the "totality of the circumstances" like them taking my truck, hoping I would assault the officers who stole my TRUCK!  Too smart for that dumb asses!

I now have four warrants, one in each town I frequent in Iron County, and another on in Washington County, still part of the 5th Judicial District I file cases in . . . they don't know the law, therefore, they are trying to cover all bases, and make sure I don't get away with a technicality!  LOL!  Little do they know, they blew due process after the first 48 hours, and they have been chasing me for 2 fucking years! LOL!  The law is the law is the law . . . even in Iron, fucking County, fucking, Utah!

U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, Either Doesn't Know the Law, or He is Trying to Fool You and I

I will say, that Eric Holder, has done some great things as attorney general, and then, their are other things like Fast & Furious, but I don't know the comings and goings of the government, and what I do know, I wonder about, but I do, in fact, know the United States Constitution!  Due process, is the process you are due, not just once going against the government, but in every situation, cause, interaction, etc.  That is why transparency, open meetings, Sunshine Laws, and what not, are there for . . . to follow, due process, whatever the process is!

Whether it is an investigation by the Medicaid/Medicare Fraud Units, going after doctors for alleged up coding for government billing of health care expenses, or whatever . . . due process consists of the proper procedures, protecting your rights!  Due process consists of NOTICE + A HEARING!  If you have been denied either of those, your due process rights have been violated, and the government cannot do that.  Most likely, the process is described in your state statutes by the legislature, the branch of the government that is responsible for making the laws.

In the doctor's case, I simply looked up the CFR or the Federal Regulations for fraud investigations, and the unit had not only violated Constitutional rights, but the regulatory process that was outlined in federal statute!  I asked one of the doctors under investigation, to give me a copy of her warrant to search and seize her records.  And sure enough, the investigators and their attorneys, had not given the docs, 24 hours notice before confiscating their records, arresting a wife who was in the office on a Saturday, etc.  

Following due process protects government official, cops, judges, attorneys, legislative body members, etc. as well!  If you provide citizens with their due process rights, you will have less aggravation, and better results, remember, these are inherent rights, the government didn't give, inalienable, from a creator, believe it or not, it is implanted in the hearts of men and women!  People inherently know, in their heart of hearts, when rights have been violated!  Because some attorney told them?  No, because they feel it in their soul!  So you might as well just follow the rule book, the terms of agreement, between the governed and the government.

The State Bares the Burden of Proving My Friend Owes Money!

And if the state fails, there is always the 1st amendment right to redress grievances with your government--any wonder the government wants to get rid of the U.S. Constitution!  They may actually have to do their job, rather than just rely on threats, allegations, and pulling a number owed our of their asses!  PROVE IT!

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Scream, How Fun, My Own Son's Band Being Recommended!  I LOVE IT!

This morning, I got up and got my blog done early, so I could go to church with a friend, I had met last October in Missoula, Montana.  We just got back, and he asked me if I wanted to have sex with him, I told him I had thought about it . . . and what exactly does that have to do with church, the sermon, or all the rice in China?  I guess he didn't get the answer he wanted, so he got up and walked out of the coffee shop, he must not have read my blogs lately, on the theme of the penis factor, basically from the woman's perspective, then some precautions to keep that cock in control . . . I seriously don't think he believes that I am the one writing the blogs, he asked me to show him yesterday, LOL.  Little does he know, the men in my life are specimens in a petri dish to me, rats in a laboratory, to be cut up, looked and dissected, and analyzed for the betterment of MANKIND!

Not necessarily to protect the innocent, have the names been left out, but because I have to see him tomorrow, and someone might actually put two and two together, and he will be pissed, but he is guilty, that is exactly what he got out of church--our chairs were so close, I had to put my arm around him, to accommodate the seating arrangements at the church, at 3535 West Broadway, in case any of you Sunday slackers want a religious experience today, but my boobs were rubbing against his arm the whole meeting, I promise, I couldn't help it!  Then if he put his arm around me, my arms were kind of closer, and he could see cleavage, unintended, to say the least, due to the heavy breathing the other arrangement caused, well, I enjoyed it too, a little buzz during church never hurt anyone . . .

Recommended God's Revolver--Song Number 6, Definitely Whisky Slamming, Half Naked Fools, But Way Good Music, and Along Came, This Long & Lonely Drive to Hell

It is so fun to watch the videos on YouTube!  Thanks to ABG and SLUG Magazine, and whomever took these cottage concerts in some one's basement, way fun.  During the time Elliot and crew, in both God's Revolver and Maraloka, were planting seeds, and writing their music, I was busy as an attorney, or struggling with a terminal brain injury, that masked a government poisoning, so i didn't get to see a lot of Elliot's music or the videos, until now.  I used to drive the little musicians around, but these must have come after they all got their driver's licenses, because I missed most of this.

But, you, little wanna be rock stars, you can see that music just doesn't happen, that you start young, and you write, and play, and write, and practice, and start somewhere--kind of like the 10 year, overnight success, band . . . doesn't happen!  Ask Beyonce' fans--started at 9 years old!  And she has worked her ass off ever since . . . same with God's Revolver, earlier versions of the band, when Elliot has short hair, you can see the fun expression of shear joy, just playing in a band with his friends.

Song number 6, seemed to be after the videos of the young band, so the name wasn't even given yet, or it was Drown Your Fucking Sorrows, and the little rowdy Mormon boys from Provo, Utah, didn't dare write the name or hadn't decided on it.  Several weeks ago, the YouTube guys, bumped a bunch of videos, in exchange for the hard core old time guys, like Pantera, Anthrax, Danzig, Black Brides, who were interviewed on the Revolver Golden God's Awards, about titles to songs, that should be banned?

As each of these guys interviewed dropped the fuck word every other word, it seemed to me, that none of them had ever used that word in a title, and seemed to be pointing a finger at God's Revolver titles, Iron Fuck and Drown Your Fucking Sorrows, if not the Long and Lonely Drive to Hell!  What is up with that?  So it is okay to use the F bomb, just like Pope Francis did recently, but it is not okay for God's Revolver and Maraloka to include the words in their titles?  REALLY?

Thanks YouTube & Whomever Took the Videos of the Middle Years Between the Happy Short Haired Elliot & Crew, and the Later Years, When El's Hair Reached His Back, In the Later Videos, Highly Apparent in Maraloka!

If you trace the length of the hair, you will know the order of the young band's progression, and how many years it took to get where they are today, a really good chronological view of the reality of fame, fortune and glory, if you don't get you music stolen by Exigent & Sony Records Translation Lost, marketed, promoted, cheating the real band out of the fame, fortune and glory . . . but I am a firm believer, that GOD  makes up for lost time . . . cheaters never win!  

There are roughly three stages of God's Revolver and Maraloka's band members too, especially the drummer, who plays in the earlier videos, sitting in for Adam: (1) there is the wide eyed innocent stage, where brilliance isn't noticed or appreciated by the young band members, they are just getting high on the music and playing for their friends; (2) the videos that showed up today, raunchier, ranker, sharing the whiskey, rocking it big time, playing for friends, and then; (3) rockin' it out to the local crowds, after the music glory was ripped right out of their hands, after being named Hard Rock Band, 2008, with three worldwide music magazine interviews, going up in smoke and disappearing in a cloud of deceit . . . in about 2010 or 2011, with a second CD for Sony's, Translation Lost, also up and walking away?

I called Elliot the other day, and asked if he was following his music, and what was going on with God's Revolver and Maraloka?  He just shrugged it off, and said that he was working on music in other bands! Now, why in the hell would he do that?  What the fuck is going on?  Was he bribed, threatened, worried about something--at one point, up until recently, I got up to 155 million hits, either writing about Jesus Christ or God's Revolver & Maraloka . . . that has all changed, theft of cases, music, money, fame, fortune, glory, blogs, hits, now what . . . will nothing be done to these assholes that seem above the law?

Sorry, This Started Out As a Happy Blog, A Celebration, So It Will Finish That Way--Be Grateful for the Preservation of These Great Band, and Thank God for Those Who Documented Their Existence!

Fuck the bastards and bitches, grandparents, aunts, uncles, Mormon Church, NSA, CIA, FBI, mafia, and whoever in the fuck is getting away with the thefts . . . God, fuck them all to Hell!


Break Front Cafe--Random Acts of Kindness

This morning, at about 6 a.m., I noticed that the popular coffee shop, in Missoula, Montana, on Higgins Street, a hang out for college students, professors, and business people, and a few of us, who frequent the place, whenever we are in town, was late opening, and once me and several early birds, were waiting to get in, notice the chairs, were not taken off the tables, and the normal routine was out of whack.  As I walked in a dropped my purse, with about 50 lbs. of stuff in it, and took the single chair off the table, I noticed a young man, going around the room, taking all the chairs off the tables, well the rear part of the cafe chairs.  So, I, how usually puts my own chair and the ones at my table up, decided to help take down the up to 200 heavy solid wood chairs off the tables.

I thought what a great example this young man was, and how cool, that he didn't lose his cool, yelling at the employees, for not having the coffee made, or that they were throwing off his day, or just being an asshole. He simply noticed that something was amiss that morning, nothing was said, the Sunday morning proceeded with a peaceful solitude, with good feelings, no big deal, but just a hand to staff to make sure others didn't come and find that something out of the ordinary was going down.  Some time latter, a young girl who worked at the coffee shop, came up to a regular, thinking he had been the one who had pitched in and helped get the place under control before many customers showed up.

No Claim for the Reward Coupon--Most Likely Free Coffee

The man denied making any effort to help, but I overheard her, express the fact that someone was either sick or didn't show up for work, and she had to come in and substitute, then was going to offer him a coupon of some sort.  I thought this random act of kindness should be acknowledged, so I spoke up and told the girl that the young guy behind me had put the chairs down.  I refrained from stating that I had helped, which is a first, remember as a scripture popped up in my mind, do not your alms before men, that they may see your good works, or you have your reward . . . the right hand should not know what the left had did . . . my motives were not as pure as his, I have been writing my blog here, and taking way more time than my paltry money covers, like a Diet Coke, or a piece of their amazing ham and cheese quiche, or their great pastries . . . that don't cover the hours I have spent here, without one world from a cool group of employees, who have no idea that I am trying to save the world, on a dime!

This is the Type of New World Order We Need, for a Better Beautiful New World--Not the 6000 Year Plan, Using America

The YouTube Gods recommended a video on the 6000 Years to a New World Order: Secret Societies and World Dominance, or something like that, about Masons, Knights Templar, Illuminati, Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations and several new ones, that want to make money funding wars on both sides, building military complexes, because it is big business, turning the Eastern Block Nations against Western Block Nations--Ukraine siding with the West and Crimea going with Russia, taking us back to the Cold War!  America committing to the EU, or European Union, military assets being engaged.

A group of fucking world bankers are controlling this whole damn world, fuck 'em!  The video showed documentation of everything they claimed, just like the Vietnam War, Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, it is about money, oil, and building up the government contractors who are making a shit load, and are helped by the world bankers, Rothchilds, Bildebergers, Rockerfellers, and a group of alleged elite, who are nothing but money grubbers, and as a quote from my mother's health class, only the small are cruel!

Lies, manipulations, deceptions, control, to get a one world order, one political entity, one religious order, one economic order, etc.  Sure as hell not the route I want to take, or will take. That is why as a constitutional law attorney, I have been under such attack, the Constitution is in the way of the elites plan, they only want rights, protections, guns, freedom and liberty, for themselves, the few chosen few, who they choose!  I am for justice, protection, prosperity for all!

North American Union, or NAU, Denied, but Already Happening to take Away National Sovereignty, Threats of Chemical Warfare, I.D. Chips, and World Driver's Licenses Real!

I am not an expert by any means, nor have I done much research, but I can recognize evidence of this movement, when I see it, as was presented in the video I watched last night and this morning.  Historical, books, reports, news clippings, government documents, testimonies, witnesses, facts, statistics and examples, are very persuasive.  Twenty years ago, I dated a guy who tried to get me to see all of this, but I argued and fought, still do, that Americans will not let this happen, that I will go down with the ship, no white flags on this girl's ship, just can't go there!

Since that time, as an assistant attorney general, I was to represent the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles, and at the time, political groups were fighting the real I.D. and driver's licenses, thinking that all their information, from library books, to what they buy at the grocery stores, would be recorded on this license, leading eventually to being chipped, and in a religious term, taking on the sign of the beast, part of the 666 or sign of the beast in the Book of Revelations, that would be in your forehead!  Well, guess what, this was in about 1997, and as I was getting a tour of the DMV, they actually took me and showed me the machine for the real I.D. card, and actually told me that they had already either purchased or had been given the machine, but the Utah Legislature had not approved this I.D., yet!

Then as general counsel for the Utah Medical Association, in attendance at the American Medical Association in Chicago, I believe in the summer of 1999, they government, where preparing those who would be in the group considered, first responders in an emergency situation, like a pandemic, or epidemic battle with influenza or biological or chemical warfare!  I remember seeing what to that point I had only seen on movies, the gas masks, the protective jumpsuits, and scenes from various parts of the world, who had experienced similar or eventual events, and what it would take to manage the event!

Contrast That Ugly Scene With the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution--Mormon Scripture States that the Constitution for All Mankind!  The Preamble is Simply God's Gospel, as Exemplified by his Son Jesus Christ, in Law!

Scripture states, God is not respecter of persons, male, female, black, white, Jew, Gentile, and would say that takes in all the nations of the earth; his law calls for respect of differences, national sovereignty, national pride, love, charity, forgiveness, giving, taking care of the fatherless, the widow, honoring parents, not murdering, lying, stealing, coveting, worshipping false gods, etc.  All good stuff!  Now, America was the great experiment, the preamble talks about, a more perfect union, that goes for the world, we don't need to homogenize to get peace, after the control comes . . . but each nation respected, protected, general welfare, tranquility, common defense, prosperity for all, justice for all, etc. . . .

What the hell is wrong with national pride?  Where the hell would the Olympics be without national pride and competition?  Why doesn't everyone just chill out, leave other countries alone, help the world people have enough to eat, wear, provide for their children, respect other countries and their right to self government, many, 100 out of the 183 or so countries, have adopted some form of the U.S. Constitution.  If someone can come up with a better idea for all of us to get along, for hell sake, come forward and present it.  Me and 15 people, we called the Great Think Team of St. George, Utah, sent a plan to President Obama, on Afghanistan . . . he actually implemented much of it, that was in 2009--put up or shut up!  

World Bankers Need to Get Over Their Insecurities, Quit Trying to Control the World, We are Totally Sick of You, and Not Impressed!


Saturday, March 29, 2014


It Take Two To Tango: Sex is A Participatory Sport, So Is Parenthood!

I taught family law at both, Brigham Young University and the University of Utah, for a total of about 7 years.  There was one United States Supreme Court case, that seemed to have the biggest connection to my students, and it had to do with a paternity case.  I can't recall the name right off the bat, but it had to do with a very wealthy young man, not unlike Steve Jobs, that I referred to yesterday, that was dating a girl for a while, until she told him that she was pregnant--end of the fun, hands off, baby is not mine!

Girls, get smart, I read a study, that tracked guys, usually younger, like junior and senior high school, after their first time having sex.  Usually, the girl was also a virgin.  Now, we are not talking a girl that is pregnant, this is the first sexual experience.  So, the first 6 hours, the guy is devastated, may have violated religious and community morals, or personal and family values--which is most young people.  The second 6 hours, he wonders, if she would do that with me, who else has she had sex with?

By the third 6 hours, she has gone from a good girl to a slut, ho, easy lay, rather than someone just like him, who is wired for sex.  Then the final 6 hours he is sharing his conquest with his friends, the locker room, and her name gets trashed.  So wise up, girls, you are not doing yourselves a favor, nor does the guy love you, if he has any concept at that age what love is, not sure I have a concept at 59!  Some people never figure it out.  

Men give love for sex, and women give sex for love!  If you can understand that is the wiring, you will do better at understanding this some say beautiful thing about it, or the ugly thing about sex.  So with that foundation, let's go back to the case:

The Paternity Test That Went to the U.S. Supreme Court

Here are the basic facts, wealthy guy, beautiful girl, she tells him that she is on birth control, when they start having sex.  Keep in mind, that women are coming at this from the other angle, giving sex for love, unless you are a Montana cowgirl, and they are all about it, going for the fun of it, giving sex to get sex!  But anyway, he feels he is safe with this girl who is having sex with him.  Then out of the blue, surprise, surprise, surprise, she confronts him and tells him she is pregnant.

Game over?  I don't think so, not today boys.  Game may be over in 18 years or when the kid graduates from high school, and in some states if daddy is rich enough, some courts are even finding that in our world today, a child needs a college education, so game on!  

And you are playing whether you like it or not, I have even defended guys who never even knew they had a kid, and 23 years down the road, Office of Recovery Services, assistant attorney generals, get their claws into you, and you are looking at prison time and paying for the last whatever years of a kids life--the case I dealt with, the kid, if he existed, my call is that the baby was actually, girls dads, a polygamist name noted for incest and welfare fraud, married to the woman for 2 weeks!  He was looking at 5 years in prison and owed $50,000, and this is no joke!

U.S. Supreme Court Had No Tolerance For Irresponsible Sex

So the guy in the case we are talking about, is found to be the father of the baby, and the form girlfriend has a bad ass attorney, who is going to get the child's due out of this dad who is trying to shirk his responsibilities.  I think he even suggested an abortion, and he would pay, girl said no deal. So the guy decided that he was going to fight this paternity thing, with the fact that she told him that she was on birth control!

The High Court didn't have any sympathy for this wealthy young play boy, they slammed him with a child support payment of $3600 per month!  And the case was about 20 years ago!  Then the Court reprimanded the young man, and said, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PROTECTING YOURSELF?  Good question, what in the hell is wrong with him--oh, I see, he gets to play, she protects, he gets her pregnant, she gets to carry the baby, deal with the humiliation of not being married, and then she is suppose to provide for the baby?  REALLY?  I am all about justice and that is unjust!

Sure Birth Control--Boy Signs Up Front To Provide For The Child If One Should Come

I am just listening to an R. Kelly Mix, and the song is saying, can't we go half on a baby, a cute little baby boy or a free little baby girl?  My mother, Helen Chamberlain Southwick was a junior high health teacher, who had one guy in her school, who had 6 girls pregnant at the same time, she had a mother that was a feminist before her time, and she told all of her daughters, to take a piece of paper for a guy who wants to have sex with you, that has him to commit to paying for a child for the next 18 years--how many guys do you think would actually sign that?  Maybe some guy who really, really, really is in love with the girl, then he would probably, protect her and wait until they were married, or take every precaution.

Song right now, is sex in the evening, sex in the morning, sex, at the night.  When you need a break, I let you get up and breath, wash your face, then get back in bed--that is the type of music, kids are listening to today!

We Need Responsible Music, Parents, Teachers, Legislatures, Courts, Men & Women to Stop Abortion!

Sex is like playing with a loaded pistol, you want to cut down on abortions, crime, welfare, unemployment, hungry kids, fatherless families, then, we need to get a grip on sex before a pregnancy comes, which is the end result, if nothing happens to interfere in that process, a baby will come, it is not about luck, it is about dealing with reality.  Kids, can't hear, see, talk, tweet, facebook, sext, 24 hours a day, and not get caught in the trap of an unwanted pregnancy.  

We are asking the impossible of our children, young adults, and even older couples--if we don't deal with reality, reality will deal with us!  Just recently in Kalispell, Montana, an abortion clinic was broken into, the pipes burst, electric lines cut, and all kinds of vandalism!  What are we, you, Republicans, the Vatican thinking?  If we want to stop abortion, we either have to give all people, male and female a lobotomy, because GOD, created male and female, for this reason, to have children, or part of the reason, so this is a God given gift, so to do other than sex is contrary to nature!

But we can be smart about it, teach in schools, homes, churches abstinence, but be realistic, that at least 50% of those kids, higher and lower in some states, are going to have sex, so educate, protect, and provide contraceptives in possible--don't defund Planned Parenthood!  How stupid can you get, this is not a Republican or Democrat issues, this is a smart issue!  If you don't want abortions, help stop them, the logical, rational, natural way--get control on sex!

In A Beautiful New World, We Can Eliminate the Need for Abortion, Love Better, Live Better, Have Better Sex!

Friday, March 28, 2014


Same Mom as the Kalispell Writer, Just Down in Missoula; Although I Can't Prove the Threat, Circumstantial Evidence Would Indicate the Threat Was There!  Let Go of the Music--Elliot & Band Members are Being Held as POWs or Prisoners of War in His Mother's Battle with the Government!

How do you go from being the Hard Rock Band of 2008, Magnet Magazine, with three other worldwide magazines hot on your ass, and just up and disappear?  Easy, get a big bad mother-fucker like the government breathing down your neck, and that of your mother, making the threat good, taking everything your mother has, multi-million dollar cases to boot, and you will believe them.

Originally, the band, God's Revolver, and to my surprise, Maraloka, another band Elliot has played in since 2008, but I didn't know that until I went back and looked up an article I wrote on GoArticles, because I was sure way back then that a sting operation, involving the government, my family, the Mormon Church and most likely the mafia, given both my father and sister's involvement with them, plus connections with Las Vegas, was going on, stealing God's Revolver's, Little Black Horse Where Are You Going With Your Dead Rider?

I remember Elliot calling me, right after I had heard his CD, and was shocked to here the progression from the little 12 year old band, Purification, to the rockin your ass off, God's Revolver, with a 2nd CD, that has yet to be released, that was finished in early 2011--where the hell is the music?  The songs are equally as amazing, with as much fire, if not more than the first CD . . . and so?  What in the world would possess an eager, hungry, award winning, record dealing band, to just up and quit?  You tell me?

Release the POWs, Let Them Rock the World!

Both bands give it all they've got.  You see it in Reeds face, in the dueling guitars of John and Trey, both drummers, at times used interchangeable, beat the hell out of the drums, and Elliot, more so in his newer music, you can see the song at the top of YouTube, when you search under God's Revolver and again in Maraloka, head banging, dogs barking, not quitting until the last breath on "The Dogs Are Turning on Us" and whatever the song's title is on the Slug Magazine, the blue looking music video, but my point is after Elliot got his face out of his hair, you can see the power of the looks the rockin beat, and he can't stand still, walking and rocking all over the stage, just like you will when you hear then live!

I know that Elliot is looking at my blog, because at times I don't want the government to track me, or anyone to know where I am, especially when I am on the road, with cops stopping at every bus terminal.  Just a side not, every 30 or so years, the generations kiss each other, and this is where a rocker mom, and her bass guitar picking son match up, but that is not all, we both are into green life styles, utilitarians, just have what is utilized, El won't buy anything but clothes made in the U.S.A., he rides TRACS in Salt Lake City, and I ride buses, trains, shuttles, etc.

Just recently, there was an article about revitalizing the downtown area of some state, and they said, that is for the young and older generation who would rather live in the cities, for the public transportation, walking, bike riding, rather than commuting from the suburbs.  Me and Elliot's Dad, Richard Clifton Secrist, have always gravitated to the cities, even when in the country, due to the convenience, saving time on commutes, and for the diversity--Elliot's dad happens to be a city planner in Mesquite, Nevada!  

Mom, I am Just a City Boy!

One time when I took Chris--17, Elliot--14, Brandon, and Isaac Anderson, his cousin, on a 17 day trip across the country to see the sights, Mt. Rushmore, the Corn Palace, in some dinky ass South Dakota Town was a highlight for these little skateboarders and rock stars, Niagara Falls, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., etc.  We had a blast, but the boys goal was to skateboard in every major city we stopped in--and all I saw of Philly, was under the freeway!  My goal was to educate them, conflict of interest!  But we had a great time.  One of the greatest fun was going around the Statue of Liberty, in an 80 foot speed boat, painted like a colorful orange shark, teeth and all, and rocking out to music!

We hit New York, right close to where the Twin Towers were located, prior to 9/11, and while walking down the streets of New York, Elliot saw NYU, or New York University, and said that is the college I want to go to!  No surprise, he actually got accepted to the Berkeley School of Music in Boston, another stop on our trip.  But one time about that same time, I took Elliot for a ride up to see the fall leaves in Midway, Utah and the mountains around that small mountain town.

I said, isn't this beautiful, unimpressed he turned to me and said, Mom, I am just city boy!  I don't think he realizes the impact those trips to the mountains had, while he chooses to live in the city, he is always up in the mountains hiking, bike riding, and camping out, so . . . he got the love of the city from his daddy, and the love of the country from his mommy, very balanced kid.

Funniest Story From Our Cross Country Trip

We hit West Virginia, and stopped to camp at a KOA campground, and as we pulled in this creepy, sleepy, on dirt roads, campground, that made me think that I wanted to write a novel called Murder at the KOA, due to the backwoods, nature of the place, that looked like the perfect place, with a built in theme, mood, characters, tone, and soon to be an epiphany of the trip--when the sign behind the door, says, Don't Drop Food on the Floor of the Cabin, they mean it.

Now the boys had a room to themselves, with a door between me and them, gratefully for me, and they had four bunk beds in that room.  After the boys ventured into the old swimming pool, in the hot July evening, with the Acadia bugs, screaming, choking, or croaking in the trees above us, that were draped with some type of vegetation that looked like spider webs, hanging from a Halloween decoration, they went in the back room.  And then all hell broke loose!

Alright, Men, Get Your Weapons, 1,2,3 Bomb the Roaches

I never saw a cockroach, but the boys saw armies of them in their room.  Someone, who didn't read the door or didn't believe the one who posted the message to not leave food on the floors, dropped a chocolate candy bar on the floor and roaches pounced on it from all corners!  There were not screams from the boys, but Chris, being the oldest, and at the time, somewhat of a bully to his younger brother El, and his friends, took command of the situation.

He ordered all of them onto the beds, and to get anything they could find to hurl at the cockroaches that had literally taken over the room, or at least that is what is sounded like . . . I heard shoes, underwear, shirts, and even suitcases and backpacks hitting the floor, trying to ward off these pesky chocolate eaters, who had invaded the cabin floor, waiting for another morsel of that yummy stuff.  This war, literally went on for hours, or so it seemed to me, who had yet to see on of the nasty creatures on my bedroom floor, thankfully.

Finally, two of the weary soldiers of the bunk room bug war, walked passed me and asked for the keys to the car.  What the hell for, was my question.  Elliot said, they had enough of the bugs, and they also had seen spiders, so that was enough to throw in the towel, and head for the car, where the creatures of the backwoods of West Virginia couldn't get at them.  I am not sure how comfortable the night sleep was, since the war started before dark and it was about 2 a.m. at the time they raised the white flag, but they had deserved at least a few hours of sleep, before the sun came up over the Arcadia filled trees, with spider webs on them!

I Talked to Elliot--He Cut His Hair!  Scream, but He Has a New Girlfriend--Cheer!  Demand the Release of the POWs--Social Media is a Powerful Tool, You Have the Edge Over Older People, So Get on Facebook and Get the Second CD Released!


Husbands & Wives in the Same Household Have Different Experiences, Do We Expect a Difference in Society

I have noticed a backlash against women, with the contemplation that our next president, just, may, in fact, be a woman, Hillary Clinton!  This woman has earned every step of her path to success; however, some people will actually vote against her, simply, because she is a woman, rather than looking at her resume, that makes her the most qualified President of the United States in recent history, including having a better resume, with more experience that her husband, at the time he was elected.

President Obama, the first black American to be president, was the first blow to the white male, but if you are from a lot of states, like Utah, you may see a black every six months or so; therefore, the sting of giving up that privileged male position that has lasted centuries, is not so painful, but a woman, now that is a different story--that goes to the heart of every home, every or most relationships, to the work place, in our schools.  I think blacks make up only 14% of the total population, if memory serves.

Women make up over 50%, we are everywhere . . .  boo!  Blacks, with a much lower population percentage, not only got the right to vote before women, including black women, but they got the Civil Rights Act passed, yet, women on the other hand, got the vote latter, and the Equal Rights Amendment never passed.  We just saw Congresswoman, Gildabrandt, try to take prosecutions for rape, sexual assault and sexual discrimination out of the hands of the military system--you know the good old boy system, that would drop sex related charges, with the good soldier defense!

The General's Daughter--Horrifying Example of This Defense

I saw this movie with Jody Foster in it, years ago, so memory may play games on me, but she is a kick ass female cadet or whatever, and I believe that she is put in charge of men, to their chagrin, and one night, out in the field either of battle of simulated battle, in a military exercise, she takes command, just like she is suppose to, and the guys refuse to follow her, and six or so, guys in her rank and division, under her control, decide to humble her, or show her who is boss.  All six of them, tie her up, and brutally rape and beat her, leaving her for dead, or at least tied up.

Her father is a big time general, and she goes to him to tell him what happened to her.  He basically tells her to just grin and bare it, or just buck up soldier!  The movie is totally horrifying from a females perspective, not so unlike my own in the law--the up side, is men still see fucking potential in me, so I am not a total wash, the 155 million readers, and power that brings, doesn't count, they have assigned that to inferior ranking females, who are better pieces of ass!

No, being a member of the alleged white privileged class, for women is not all it is cracked up to be, and for sure if you take on the white male hierarchy in many fields like the law, that is still considered a gentleman's profession, with women over 51% of most law schools, still being taken in a judge's chambers and told they did a shitty job in court, not unlike their male counterparts, who are coddled, coached, mentored, and brought in the male, butt slapping crowd, that disgusted me so much, I about threw up in court--the problem was, I had a resume and attitude, and for a Hillary reason, that didn't have to put up with the attorney, game playing and ass kissing of the male gender!

Some Women Actually Earn Their Way to the Top

Eventually, the males, who are dominating the cops, prosecutors, and judges of all levels, symbolically gang raped me!  I wrote that in an affidavit, when they took my house, my furniture, my law practice, my art, my clothes, didn't even leave me a tooth brush, the day before I was to fly to Denver to argue the Brock and Rice, securities case against the state of Utah, in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals!  I went anyway, and oral arguments were ordered cancelled by some other male entity, or they were argued down the hall by Kay Burningham, aka, JoAnn S. Secrist.  You know that, you get the lead role, even in court, you little charming piece of ass, as long as you recognize who got you there!  

I didn't fucking need them!  No all is not well in the alleged privileged white class, and Councilwoman, Copple, I couldn't agree with you more, and Marilyn Matthews, or the woman who filed a complaint against you, gaining her voice, of hatred, being a mother of 6 kids, is totally unfounded, and her poor hubby and three son's she is trying to protect from your honest statement, is total bull shit!

Kudos to the city attorney, and the mayor, who both recognized the Councilwoman's right to her first amendment, freedom of speech comments, and found no wrong doing on her part, but did state that they should have stopped Marilyn or Ms. Matthews, from her shrill attack, and defense of the men in her life, that she felt were being made fun of, or that a hate crime was being levied against her precious family--I am sure that Ms. Copple, probably doesn't even know your family!  Nice call Mayor and City Attorney!

Freakanomics, President Obama & Pope Francis

Right after the decision on Roe v. Wade, the landmark abortion case was handed down from the United States Supreme Court, in about 1973, thank God, women won that, if not the Equal Rights Amendment, that decision when a long way to rectify the differences between men and women, with women paying for the fun and games of sex, if not the rape and assault of sexual assault, then pay for the kids, when the dads skip out when the fun and games end, maybe after a rape, beating, abandonment, cheating, and then booking on out the door . . . my law professor at BYU, who had been banned, for being a realist regarding family matters, was a Mormon stake president or bishop, much like Mitt Romney, there were 11 girls that got pregnant that year, and guess how many of the dads stuck around for their child's birth?  One!

The interesting thing about the abortion decisions, is that crime plummeted, because there weren't single moms, who much like the men, just wanted fun and games, not a kid, could terminate their unwanted pregnancies.  Welfare rolls dropped, due to a woman retaining her employment, and job performance due to morning sickness was not an issue.  Those are the cold hard facts.  An unwanted, unplanned, unfathered pregnancy makes a difference, and when you look at possibly half of the population being affected, come on.

For the first time since abortion was the law, the number of abortions has dropped, why, because, none of us are for abortion as a means of birth control, so people are getting educated, getting birth control, getting smarter, getting less like to play those fun and games, or at least if they do, they are protected--the morning after pill is smart, whooops, happens, even to the best of boys and girls, better a zygote than a baby three months later.

There was a very enlightened article several weeks ago, after a GOP or Republican governor's conference, I think, and Rand Paul and several others, starting talking sense to the crowd of rabid haters of anyone who, while not favoring abortion, or even supporting it, but realizing that it is the law, now we need to work to eliminate the numbers of babies being aborted which is happening.  Some attendees were so enlightened as to say that social issues like abortion and Obamacare, are now the law, so move on and deal with the economy, jobs, infrastructure rebuilds, and something Republicans might actually shine, when working with--move on, you have fought abortion for 40 years, and tried to kill Obamacare 40 times in Congress, they are here to stay, now you are going against Planned Parenthood, who are actually your best allies to lower the number of abortions, they provide, just what a girl needs, education and birth control, factoring in that . . . GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN TOO!

Steve Jobs, Shockingly Bad Example--Later Redeemed Himself When He Got Hit By the White Privileged Class of Shareholders in the Company He Created--I Feel Your Pain on That One!

Recently, I watched a movie on Steve Jobs, mastermind behind Apple and McIntosh computers, got in just as Steve's girlfriend, announced that she is pregnant--Jobs reaction is classic, oh, no, I didn't have this in my plans, no, no, no, and he pulls his hair, and the look of horror on his girlfriend's face, as he then claims that it is not his child, implying that she must be sleeping with someone else, throws her out of his home!  Lucky for her, there are lawyers, who went against him and get him.  He later marries her when his world falls apart, that somewhat redeemed him in my mind . . . but how many millions of women experience a similar situation!

Can you for one second, tell me two people, alleged, white or black, men and women experience the same thing, when this situation arises?  Hell no, and that is not all the times men and women, even engaged in the same act, work, office, political forum, college, military experience is similar--the penis seems to make all the difference!  So there Ms. Matthews, get real, get out of your home, experience life a bit!

President Obama & the Pope Agreed on the War on Poverty & Pay Inequality--but what they Disagreed on Might be the Answer and Not Mutually Exclusive Issues!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


The government just stole my blog!  Fuck them!  I had two great examples of one Montana city doing a great thing with their Heart & Soul project in Polson; and an example of not so great county, taking the private property rights of Halvorson, who is suing the city, who really has an agenda to shut them down, just like the NSA and other government agencies is trying to do to this blog, and has already stolen over 100 million hitters!


If you want to read the two examples of Freedom vs. Tyranny, look at the Wednesday, March 26, 2014, Letters to the Editor, or turn to the opinion page; and the one entitled FREE LODGING IN ARLEE: CONTENTIOUS BATTLE AGAINST MISSOULA COUNTY, cover story, Missoulan, March 27, 2014, by Kim Briggeman.

Write or call your Congress men and women, especially if you are from California, in Senator Diane Feinstein's district, or do it anyway, get the CIA, FBI, NSA and other intelligence agencies under control! They are taking away your rights, just took away my 1st amendment rights, of free speech, redressing grievances to the government, right to 9th amendment privacy, and 14th amendment due process and equal protection, plus taking my liberty rights to write what I choose, especially to write about the U.S. Constitution, that I know a shit load about!

Fuck the Patriot Act, they are giving this article to the bitches that the government are trying to pass off as cheap imitations of me!  You need the real McCoy, like you got yesterday, if that got published at all!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Oklahoma Bombings--Not Enough Death for Americans to Give Up Their Rights; President Clinton Would Not Sign the Patriot Act.  Then Came 9/11, at 12:01 a.m., the Patriot Act Was Signed!  Senator Prescott Bush, President George Bush, and President George W. Bush--World Banking Cartel in Charge

  • FOUR GOALS OF HOMELAND SECURITY UNDER THE PATRIOT ACT: (1) protect borders from terrorists; (2) work with state and local authorities in emergency; (3) work with biologists and chemists to understand biological and chemical warfare; and (4) collect all intelligence under one roof, and have a daily report on all intelligence around the world
  • federal government is telling us, that if you give up your civil liberties, rights, and protections, the government will keep you safe--that is bull shit, anytime you give up your liberties, you also give up your security 
  • fusion centers--10 fusion centers throughout the United States
  • new council of governors over the fusion centers, concentration like facilities, called family concentration camps, with all critical infrastructures necessary in control of these fusion centers
  • critical infrastructures under the fusion centers, this is our water, electricity, broadcasting, transportation grids, that look much like solar panels on the roads around the country
  • covered agencies--all the agencies that are involved in Homeland Security, all law enforcement agencies, under the federal agencies
  • police brutalities, TSA airport security, militarization of the police force, unified police forces, teaming with military--all coordinated against American citizens, not terrorists; the last time more than 10 terrorists were gathered together was during 9/11, that is if it wasn't a staged government special op coordinated by the government to scare the American people into giving up the freedoms they hold so dear, and get rid of the U.S. Constitution--ask a constitutional law attorney!  HELL YES! THEY ARE GETTING RID OF ANYONE WHO IS FIGHTING TO KEEP YOUR RIGHTS!
  • 50% of all college graduates will work in professions, that intersect in some way with Homeland Security project, goals, targets, and the aim to be a global police force
  • H.R. 645, Congressmen Cohen and Gerbach, co-sponsors of a bill for FEMA camps, that are cropping up all over the nation, 72 to be exact
  • the federal reserve is not controlled by the government, we need to bring it under the constitutional protections for Americans, and accounting that can be periodically demanded by the people
  • United Nations was created by the same process as the federal reserve, world bankers--I don't think that Clinton would sign onto UN as a charter member--not sure
  • an epidemic or pandemic plague, with millions of deaths, there are already thousands of black coffins, with lids, stacked at some of the fusion centers around the country
  • family concentration camps, with barb wire fences that look more like prisons than dwelling places
  • Halliburton and Hercules, government contractors, seem to be involved in all of this.  See the movie, State of Play, a death connected to government contracting, mentions 14 government contractors, that are actually all under Halliburton!  The owner or creator of Halliburton lives in Whitefish, Montana!
  • police forces, working with the military, and having training exercises on streets of cities in America, with tanks, helicopters, troops, guns, looking like there are preparations for future martial law
  • most of the work to prepare, other than street demonstrations, takes place between midnight and 5 a.m. in the morning--that is when the transportation grids were put in, nobody saw these going up
  • these fusion centers are not under the control of the U.S. government, Homeland Security is out of control, nobody in charge, who is paying the bill?
  • we need to vote every congressional incumbent up for election, out of office, since they are voting on bills that they don't even know what it contains--they are just told them to vote on them, and they do it
  • the desired goal is to move the United States into a world government, there is an abandoned former auto sales lot, that was filled during the night with military tanks, trucks, hummers, etc., find at 5750 Sky Point Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • get the world populations manipulated into a one world government, principalities, world center units, a world currency, electronic, cashless society, world army under centralized control, justification of seeking peace
  • computer chips to control, through collectivism for total control, the new world order
  • Zeitgeist means, Homeland Security, they model after Hitler and the Nazi SS--recently in St. George, Utah, the Boy Scouts of America, marched with black berets, there are national FBI youth camps--Nazi Youth Camps?
  • YouTube videos you may want to watch: Homeland Security: Rise of Global Police Force; March 2014 Breaking News USA Police State
  • a one world order based on freedom would be great to achieve peace, but a one world order based on fear is not acceptable
  • the few will control the many, decisions made by as few as possible, so you don't need to entertain differing opinions.  Just recently a girl who was campaigning for a legitimate presidential candidate, Ron Paul, was called in by authorities because she was on a suspect list, or the to watch list, merely for fighting for her right to vote in a candidate she wanted
  • Montana precincts that were promised to Ron Paul, were strong armed into taking those delegates, and forcing them to give their votes to Mitt Romney!  At the Florida, Republican Convention, Ron Paul supporters were approached and forced to throw their support to Mitt Romney!  One preacher got his hands smashed for trying to get jack booted thugs, or government goons, privately owned and paid by the same group that wants a specific presidential candidate--Russian News my friend was watching!




Evidence--Out; DNA--Out; Patterns of Criminal Activity--Out

I hate to bitch, moan, vent, well, really, I like it, but it seems to do now good--no matter how much evidence, I just can't get the guys and gals responsible for taking down those participating in identity theft, communications fraud, conversion of intellectual and personal property, misrepresentation, malfeasance, misfeasance, civil rights violations, really, breaking and entering, robbery, redirected accounts, from federal e-filing accounts to blogging accounts, for large profits, not to mention, censoring, doctoring parts of blogs they don't like, or really taking the good stuff, selective theft, and on, and on, and so forth!

The common sense explanation, has to be through logical, inductive and deductive evidence, critical thinking, intellectual curiosity and analysis, is that both Google, the federal government, or any local law enforcement agencies that have, are and will be involved, are are all in on the criminal activities, which in legal terms is referred to a RICO, or racketeering type activities, most normally connected with mafia or organized crime--but as usual, if the government is involved, it some how, cleanses the activities, until, of course they are caught, exposed, or dethroned by younger agents, who want to make a name for themselves, at the expense of being taken down, themselves--NO GUTS, NO GLORY!

This Conspiracy Goes Wide & Deep--Common Association is the Mormon Church, Yes, the Perfect Front and Cover!

What do all the parties involved in this conspiracy, that none dare call a conspiracy is the association through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, WHAT, saints applied to these guys; I guess if the word Jesus is used in the name of the Church, or the prayer is closed in the Name of Jesus Christ, or the weekly sacrament meetings offer the sacrament of bread and water, in Jesus name, that qualifies the religion as Christian, instead of the club, secret organization, best kept secret, a church masquerading as a government agency with hidden agendas, that are only unique to the Mormon Church, but closely akin to those of the Biltabergers, Rothschild's, Rockefellerx, Illuminati, etc. 

The Masons, the Illuminati, Knights of Templar organizations, didn't start here in America, but over in Europe, Italy, England, etc.  However, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or the Mormons, are considered, the only major religion, that lays claim to being considered a purely American Church or a church with its origination, here in America.  I am going to do best what I do, be the ugly attorney, playing the role of Devil's Advocate, for attacking not only a church, but the church of my birth, that of my parents, grandparents, and their parents, parents, who came here, to America, some even on the Mayflower, along with other pilgrims who migrated from the old world, where all these other secret orders started, but crossed the waters to America, but with similar ideas, goals and agendas, that might be the American agenda you and I have in mind, like the principles found in the U.S. Constitution--branches of government, Bill of Rights, states governed by their constitutions, that stick close to the federal constitutions for the model, but deviate to give guidelines on how city, county and state governments are suppose to work!

First Prophet, and Founder of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith, Was a 33 Degree Mason

If you look closely on the symbols engraved on the sides and levels of the Mormon, Salt Lake Temple, you can see evidence of the Masonic influence, but maybe more than that, the sign of the compass, the square, sun, moon, and it has been awhile, but you have a secret society of initiates, who wear special clothing and take oaths of obedience, much like these other organizations.  What if for a second, we entertained the thought, that there literally are two Americas, one under the vision of the founding fathers, the one you and I love, but the other, a John Locke, version of a new world order.  

Let's imagine for a moment, that Joseph Smith, was called by the Masons, not God and Jesus Christ as claimed; however, people love stories, love heroes, legends, martyrs, and these other associations, had another agenda, but did what these guys do best, just deviate from the charted course by 1 degree, after 238 or so years, we are light years from the original intent of the founding fathers, the Constitution is a hindrance, blocks and challenges the ideals, methods, and powers of the OTHER AMERICA?  

So as the young nation grows, expands, and fills in the details, there is the constant shadow government, riding tandem, with the real, intended, and inspired founding father's version, but infiltrating the very agencies and organizations that are suppose to be protecting, defending and promoting our version of America, but in deed, thought, action, are undermining everything that resembles America--and attacking, harassing and intimidating dissenters, much like China, Russia and other countries, that are un-American, considered enemies, and countries with opposing value systems.

Infilration of Mormons Into FBI, CIA, NSA, Media & the Presidency, Having a Masonic Agenda, Contrary to the Values of the American People

While I was sitting in the Ashburn Village, Mormon Ward parking lot, the one that serves the Mormons in Ashburn Village, Laceyville Terrace, where my darling, and super Mormon, daughter, Nicole Mayor and her family live, with her husband being a convert, one of high recruitment, as someone the CIA, on top of the Mormon Church would value due to his language skills, consisting of English, Arabic, Spanish, and I think German, so not only valuable as a Mormon to get missionary work into countries--he has pictures of himself and President Karsai of Afghanistan, allegedly as a government contractor that works with the feds, but is actually another private company, with a master's degree in counter-intelligence and terrorism, plus he is Cuban, with parents who migrated to America--looks about anything from Arabic, to Hispanic, Middle Eastern, or American--the bishop, either active or retired FBI approaches the family car after church, and tells George that they, FBI or maybe even CIA, is looking for an agent for Romania.

George, whom I have accused of being CIA, tells the bishop, that brother and sister, so and so, just had a child who got home from a Mormon mission, a two year stent in Romania, speaks fluently, and is looking for a job.  Bishop says, great, and George gives the message to the parents, who are proud to have a child working in an alleged honorable, high ranking position in the government, the place for it, D.C., that is, and all is good.  The FBI bishop, greases the wheels, and the young recruit is inducted into the CIA, within the CIA, or the FBI, within the FBI, and becomes part of the club, circumventing all federal hiring guidelines, fair employment practices, and a free, guaranteed job, but with strings attached, Mormon agenda strings, which are not problem, since God's Laws Are Considered Higher Than Man's Laws--Including and Especially, the U.S. Constitution, that calls for a SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!

Rectifying Mormon, Articles of Faith & Doctrine & Covenants, Section 98, 100?

As a very devout Mormon girl, I was taught not only in my home, but my church, that the U.S. Constitution would hang by a thread, and the Elders of Israel, or the Elders in the Mormon Church would save it . . . I was taught that the U.S. Constitution was an inspired document.  I was also taught to put to memory, the Articles of Faith, Joseph Smith wrote, with the 14th Article, being to obey the leaders of the land, presidents, king, principalities and powers.  As I got older, as a constitutional law attorney, reading the scriptures I had read many times in my life with different eyes, I found the actual scriptures, that I apply, much like I do the laws of the land, as the word, so to say.

Doctrine & Covenants, Section 98, clearly states, that the saints are to learn the Constitution, and stick by it, for protection, for anything more or less than the Constitution, is evil!  The section goies on to talk about electing righteous leaders, and if we don't the people will suffer.  Later, in either the 100th or 101st section of the D&C, verse 70, the Mormon scripture states that the U.S. Constitution is an inspired document--agreed upon by most people; however, as a constitutional law attorney, who has used the documents, and applied them in all cases and situations, I will witness, attest to, affirm, and vote with confidence, that there has not been an issue, cause, problems, that this great document can't address, either though the plain language, intent and history, used for statutory interpretation!

How Can These People Raised, Trained, and Sworn to Similar Oaths Be Enemies, not Allies?

The only explanation is, they are involved in another agenda, a Mormon/Masonic agenda, that is at odds with the U.S. Constitution!  I am a high profile constitutional law attorney, that was taken out of commission for almost 10 years, but with a big name association, cases to back it, legislation, jobs, speeches, and so forth . . . so how do we get, what was first the allegiance, the rider, the engine, to get this second America, riding piggy back on the real vision, to actually split and go the direction we want?

This was none other than an orchestrated plan, carefully executed, highly promoted and protected, to steal an identity, that would be sure to draw and attract attention and allegiance from the PEOPLE, but substitute a sister, friends, or sisters, and whoever, who are loyal to the Mormon/Masonic agenda, which is contrary, while similar, but has a world wide, one world order to benefit Mormons, and homoginize America, take it down, both through Christianity and Constitution, to third world status, so they can promote the fraud, and get 10% of the world's tithes, and control 100% of the world, through association with bankers in London, at the world banking headquarters, and render America waisted, null and void, killing the American spirit!

They are using me, as a front name, to get power, money, influence, to only destroy, devour, and take over, substituting real American ideals and Christian ideals, with bull shit, fake, other agenda ideas, up to an including the fraud of Mitt Romney, pretending to be American, but really Mormon wolf in American sheep clothing--THANK GOD WE DIDN'T GET HIM AS PRESIDENT!  I have however, heard that he is the shadow director of the CIA, now we see Brennan under attack by the Senate, for spying on the Senate Committee who is in charge of watching and controlling the CIA, so Brennan will step down, and low and behold, Mitt Romney, who has been in training, is appointed, as a means to heal Republican and Democrats after the last bitter election!

Buy, Marry, Bribe & Coerce My Children

I was poisoned after taking out 9 federal agents and investigators, while I was general counsel for the Utah Medical Association, as prestigious as all my statewide jobs, and professorships at three colleges, manuals of national fame and award, now a blog with more readers, or was more well read than the major newspaper columnists, for big city newspapers, like the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Sun Times, LA Times, etc.  I grow it, they mow it, but hey don't destroy is, they control, manipulate and bank on the writings, the money, and the power that I do for love, not the love of money--man can't have two masters, love God and money, he will either love the one, and turn from the other, or cleave to the one, and reject the other!

My blog is about education, sharing the values of the U.S. Constitution, and myself, unleashing grace, promoting Christian and Constitutional basics, ideals, and concepts.  Once this blog went viral, going from 1.5 million the first week, to 5.5 million the second week, happened right where I am sitting now, at the Break Cafe, on Higgins Street, in Missoula, Montana, 9:46 a.m., no government doubles are here, than to 13.5 the third week, but as of October 9, 2013, the account was redirected, so a secret account was set up, later I reached 28 million, then 113 million, then the high of 155 million, then the take over happened, the name of the blog, while still showing both blogs with the same titles, but content I am not sure, whitewashed, edited, censored, and deleted objectionable words, comments about CIA, FBI, NSA, and Mormons, all gone, my original blog of bad ass con law chick, doesn't even come  up when you Google it, used to come up the second you Google the word bad ass--now you have to know the whole name, but the fraud, is the one that immediately comes up!  THEFT TOOK PLACE!

Part of the conspiracy is to get the allegiance of my children, who are equally, if not more gifted, smart, cool, savvy, and going to make a mark in the world today!  I can celebrate 4 awesome kids--but, hell, no--they even want to indoctrinate, recruit, inculcate, and bring in my children, but first they marry them to undercover agents, so they have a choice between, mom and hubby or wifey, and kids . . . hard decision, one they know I would tell them to cleave to their spouses!  So they at the prompting of Grandma and Grandpa, over 100 extended family members, and only one mother, who is awesome, but they have been lied to, deceived, and told that either Shelley, Rachel, Kay, Sue, Marcie, Tiffany, Kelley Ann Booth, would all be more suitable substitutes for mothers, for their cause!

The seeds of lies, deceit, manipulation to these smart, but young great kids, with a threat of losing their families, are inducted into a bull shit lie, that not only hurts them, their children, due to quantum physics and DNA, will work to their demise, because it is all based on lies!  Everything they, the gang, the co-conspirators are doing, the in crowd, who stole all the work, the houses, the furniture, the resumes, the cases, the blogs, which were all awesomely created by their mother, but they are busy, didn't see much of it, or lied to my tons, of allegedly credible family, friends, and professionals, to pull them away and get them to support, what is really against their best interests!

The 13 Year, Immediate Success Plan--Not Born Yesterday!

I always wondered why my father, who seemed at odds with me, always wanted to keep memorabilia from my jobs, like letters from the Utah Medical Association, thanking me for all the work I did to protect the doctors in the state from Medicaid/Medicare alleged upcoding fraud allegations--planned on a substitute daughter, who would obey, lacked not only the mind, the education, the skills, and the fortitude to accomplish the many, numerous feats, tasks, and trophies, against the government, cops, attorneys, legislature, etc., but also a daughter who often challenged him, threatened him and not necessarily buying any program, the rest of the family could be controlled into believing--he was furious when I reactivated my law license, go figure, a daughter who was suppose to die, back, and you are pissed?  Why?  Reasons?

The day I told both Dallas, my oldest daughter's husband, one of the FBI dating game participants, to control, infiltrate, and undermine mommy bear, and my father, that Elliot Secrist, bass guitarist of God's Revolver & Maraloka Bands, both alive and well due to this blog, even with Isaac and Brett Todd Stewart, trying to cash in on the success, due to the blog, once caught, they, with the help of the CIA, FBI, NSA, Google, Grandpa, etc. just stole the blog the venue to rat out the lying, fraudulent thieves of earlier years, who were planning a second tour, thinking , nobody was watching the band after 4 years--think again, so they just stole the vehicle to fight the fraud!  THIS BLOG, that is no longer under my name and missing about 140 million readers, lead away from the true source!

Ads, Money, Promotions, Are Not Part of My Blog--They Are the Ones Who Stole it, For Profit--Trace the Money and You Will Know the Motive--Power, Control, Stupid Agendas, Money, Influence, Prestige!

Think, think, think--I am the same, yesterday, today and forever, both on Christianity and the Constitution! They come like lions ready to devour, destroy and kill you!  That goes for my children too!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Like a Dog Returning to Its Vomit

Sunday night, I left Kalispell, Montana, from the Conoco gas station, about 5:30 p.m., but during the 20 minutes I waited for the bus to leave, a sheriff showed up, checking out the gas station or me; once in the bus, I noticed a city cop vehicle, sneaking through the parking lot, going in and out, and finally, stopping to question a couple, who were about to board the bus--what is this all about, I never noticed this bus before--for the last few months, this bus leaves, at exactly the same time, 7 days a week, from this exact location!  In my suspicious little mind, excuses, excuses, excuses, to check out the bus, with possible intent to intimidate, harass, bully, threaten, or just get close enough to see if I was on the bus!

Three of six of us, were a bit trepidations, thinking we may be the target of this unreasonable intrusion into our quiet boarding and descent upon the roads of the state of Montana, with the expectation, thought, and right to proceed, unimpeded to our destination, seeing there were no crimes being committed, no probable cause to warrant an unreasonable search or seizure, a stop, if beyond the reasonable time to question; however, without probable cause, becomes unreasonable, becomes an unreasonable detainment! Information about the bus is not enough to stop a citizen protected by the Bill of Rights, under the U.S. and Montana Constitutions!

Police Surveillance Van?

While at the bus station in Butte, I attempted to get on the Internet, but I wasn't able to get on, not a surprise, pretty standard procedure for me, after I have written a blog that cops, NSA, CIA, FBI, or the Mormon Church, one in the same these days of 70% being Mormon, with 30,000 new spies in the Salt Lake Valley area, but what did surprise me, was the options I had to log onto the web--of course the bus depot, and a police surveillance van!  REALLY?  Not only a violation of my 1st, 4th, 9th, and 14th amendment rights, but down right bull shit!  And on top of that CENSORSHIP!

Then to top that off, the second I or the bus patrons, stopped at the Rexburg, Idaho bus station, out in the middle of nowhere, who shows up, but a deputy sheriff, wearing a secret service wire, just walks in and takes a minute to say something to a desk clerk, who acted like an asshole, on the trip back, the guy who is selling Mormon, Book of Mormons, right at the desk--maybe the station is owned by Salt Lake Transit, but it seems totally inappropriate to me!  I get the same feeling I got, when in a science class, as a freshman, at Brigham Young University, and the class had to sing an opening song and have a prayer, before starting the science lecture that day?  What the hell?

Captured Audience, Out in the Sticks, Book of Mormons for Sale

First amendment, separation of church and state!  There is to be no establishment of religion, so Utah? Idaho?  Oh, I guess the Mormon Church is a state sanctioned church, which is a violation of the rights of the other citizens in the state, or who visit it, who may not want to engage in a religious discussion with you, while they are stuck at the station, with nowhere to go to get a drink, chips, or candy, just sit there out in the sticks, waiting one hour for the bus to get gassed up and serviced, or is it really, so you have a captured audience, who is so board out of their minds, that they will listen to your religion out of nothing else to do!

I made a quick trip to Salt Lake City, to meet with my kids and grand kids, the visit that didn't take place!  I was talking to several bus riders, and all of the sudden, I got sick to my stomach, and felt like I was going to vomit.  I looked my driver, who was paying attention, or should be as the driver, and asked her if we were in Utah?  I hadn't consciously notice the state boundary line, but my subconscious, sure has hell had, I was feeling violently ill, nauseous, and noticed the abrupt change in my body, normally, healthy, other than being a bit fat.

Like the Bible's Lot's Wife, Who Was Warned Not to Look Back, or She Would Turn to a Pillar of Salt--Appropriate Symbolism for Salt Lake!

Being taken somewhat back, but not really, when I think about it, by surprise, I suddenly asked my friend the bus driver, when she was returning, knowing, full well, that she drives right down from Rexburg to Salt Lake, and turns around and goes right back up, but I was not exactly sure of the exact time of her departure, so I could join her, and when I needed to be around to get back on the bus, out of this ironically, God foresaken state, that has so vehemently ravaged, raped, and pillaged, a true patriot, saint, and lover of the law . . . as we crossed deeper into enemy territory, I started to notice sign, like, referring to me getting the hell out of the state as fast as possible, STREET SMART, GO RIGHT NOW, AND MANY MORE, TO MY DELIGHT!

Validating my somewhat costly decision, first to come 3 states at the toss of a hat, but also the numerical cost of $250, plus food and drinks, and whatever . . . but, that is definitely cheaper than a loss of life, or some other scam that might be the result of my less than flattering blog, just the day before, when I admonished the Mormon Church to join the rest of the Christian World, and worship Jesus Christ, not Joseph Smith or other alleged modern day prophets! 

I Must Have Had A Momentary Death Wish to Go to Utah--Or Was it Love of 3 of My 4 Children, Who Still Reside in Utah, with 4 of 6 Grandchildren! I Love Nicole, George, Yuri & Gracie too, but They are In Washington, D.C.

Retaliatory acts, not previously even entertained, started to crop up in this mind, leaving me the unfair target of 4 warrants for the same $2.50 expired paper license or registration, after the Iron County Sheriffs took my truck, art, and electronic equipment, so I borrowed my client's car, they later blew up, and blamed me, while I was jailed after two headlights, simultaneously burned out--after seeing my blog of 155 million hits, diminish, due to theft, by my own blog, claimed by someone else, but under a fraudulent name,  but close, of bad con law chick blog, without the "ass", but taking with it 6 of every 7 hits, leaving me with numbers, like I had the first week I started the blog, back in September 25, 2013!  Was I courting my own demise, or death entering such a vitriolic state, with hatred beyond words?

Side Bar . . .

Just remember, Edward Snowden, in Russia, for political asylum, who ratted out the National Security Agency, or NSA, the spies for FBI and CIA, yeah, the ones getting their asses kicked by Senator, Diane Feinstien (D), of California, chairperson of the Intelligence Committee, of the Senate, for spying on the Senate Committees, documents about the CIA, chickens, breaking in the fox hole!  Big time violation of Constitutional separation of powers! Dirty, dirty, dirty, little Mormon kids!  Or at least 70% of them . . . most likely, all 30,000 new employees at the NSA are Mormon, being located just around the corner from Church headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah!

The most glaringly blatant sign I saw, encouraging me to get the hell out of the state, said, Why are you going somewhere you know you hate?  And, another one, as I was leaving Utah, several hours later, really only spent about one hour there, didn't call any children, for fear they might persuade me to stay, longer than my soul could handle, said,  We've got your back . . . somewhere around Ogden, where I used to exit to my house on Eccles Avenue, where God's Revolver, bass guitarist, Elliot Secrist was born, and so was my eldest son, Christian Southwick Secrist, the girls were born in Salt Lake City, and Tucson Arizona, respectively.

McDonald's Sign--Lots of Special Sauce, But No Secret Handshakes

I finally, got to Missoula, after the Jefferson Transportation Lines, bus driver, left 4 passengers in Butte, to fend for ourselves, thanks to the volunteer nature of a former 30 years veteran, cop, named Jim, from Silver Bow, next to Butte, where he was a cop, picked us up and drove us the 2.5 hours to the bus station in Missoula!  Thanks! Obviously, Jim took the cop motto, to serve and protect, seriously, long after retirement!  And I had a delightful conversation with Jim, about dirty cops, judges, prosecutors, and the Butte unified cop agency's, city and county merged into one, attempt to clean out the bad apples among them, with stories to make his point!

Any lover of peace officers and law enforcement, traditionally, the good guys, would strongly encourage the cleansing from within, rather than from without . . . that is the idea behind, internal affairs, that is often, internal cover-up, but his guy restored my faith and hope, in a Beautiful New World, that includes an elevated breed of cops, worthy of the respect they both do and don't deserve, depending on the officer!  It is not the uniform that brings dignity, honor and respect to the man, but the man, or woman, serving and protecting that brings the just credibility.

Car Sticker, with German Shepard Dog, Symbolic of K-9 Units, or the Dogs Associated with Cops--ATTACK THE DEED, NOT THE BREED!

I know, I am guilty of lumping all cops into one group, and often, that is connected with dirty cops that I have sued, or accused, or been followed by, intimidated, falsely arrested, had property stolen by, etc.  We tend to generalize, using words like all, or most, or many, rather than the minority, who tarnish the bright shiny image of peace and law enforcement officers.  And rightly so, that is unfair, but turn about is fair play, you don't think cops tell lawyer jokes?  No, seriously, any generalization is blatantly unfair to the totality of the group included in derrogatory remarks or classifications of a group of people, no matter who they are.

After Jim and I, did 2.5 hours of shop talk, laughed at insiders jokes, comments, and understandings about our various professions, backgrounds, skills, flaws and strengths, we ended with Jim offering me safety and protection, within the Silver Bow, community of cops, due to the newly elected Sheriff, he assured me was a new breed of cop, ready, willing and able to live up to the standards that have been set by ghost, legends, and heroes, within the specialized community of men and women who risk their lives to save ours, our children's lives, and strangers to the community.  THANKS!

Rarely, has this constitutional law attorney, invoked a cord of protection, security, and need for safety from a cop, or the offer of such, by anyone involved in the justice system--usually, they leave me hanging out there to dry, due to the preceived threat I may represent to members of the law enforcement community, so this was refreshing, indeed, and very appreciated, believe you me!  I ended up by giving Jim, my name and number, so he can contact me, if he or his nephew, the new Sheriff, want training, research, or help with any constitutional law issues, which cops have to deal with, trained or not, everyday.  So . . .

More People In One County, Than In the Whole State of Montana

I know that most states, counties and cities, just have to look at a rookie cop, merely as a liability for at least the first three years they are out in the field or a beat cop.  Lack of funding is generally the reason, not lack of effort and skilled trainers.  Montana is the 4th largest state, with only 1 million people, as of just last year--they have, what I would call, the bear necessities, to pull off a total statewide effort!  My daughter, Nicole Secrist Mayor, of Ashburn Village, in Louden County, West Virginia, served with a Republican County Commissioner, who had over 800,000 people in his county, almost the size or population of the whole state of Montana, to put tax base, money, resources, and energy, to cover the whole huge state!  And they do an amazing job, to say the least.

Perhaps, some of the readers of this blog, will experience the adventuresome spirit, and join with the leaders, movers, and shakers, both politically, religiously,