Friday, February 28, 2014


Governor, Jan Brewer, Smacked Down Both Houses of the Arizona Legislature & the Right Wing of the GOP!

September 25, 2013, after choosing the name for my blog, and the formalized version of the title giving rise to my intent in writing the blog: The Law Is The Law, Is The Law . . . Know Your Rights, I noticed that there was already a bad ass chick, Governor Jan Brewer, listed right under my blog, having already obtained that nickname from some other source, maybe for shutting down Obamacare in her state, having exercised that option, as permitted under her state's constitution, which clearly states, that Arizona will take care of the health care needs of Arizona Citizens.

However, after rethinking the situation, the state and costs of the health care needs of her state and citizens, with places like Sun City, in Phoenix, one of the top retirement places in the country, that is huge, with a ton of senior citizens, she decided that might not be a bad idea.  I can dig open minded people, who may exercise their rights, but upon further, evidence, proof, the realities of providing health care to an increasing aged population, she was able to, without a ton of ego, involved, relieve some of the tax burdens in her own state.  One fact, can change the entire ruling on a case, and so can further exploration, watching states, that are successfully pulling off this new law.

When dealing with the struggle between both the gay community and the religious community, she did what all smart governors, judges, cops, attorneys, city councils, and country commissioners do . . . they follow the law, the rule book, the terms of engagement, the document of agreement, in this case the U.S. Constitution, in particularly, the 14th amendment--you have to provide due process, both substantive and procedural, due process, equal protection of the law, meaning uniform operation, without discrimination!  GOOD FOR YOU FELLOW BAD ASS CHICK!

Members of the Flathead Republican Pachyderm Meeting, When I Brought Up the Veto, Said, Yeah, She Made the Wrong Decision--NO SHE DID NOT!

Governor Brewer, was very precise in her explanation of her position on the veto: (1) there was not evidence that vetoing the bill would, in any way, deny business owners from practicing their religion; and (2) had she not vetoed the bill, the law would have created more problems, than it would solve!  Not to mention, that it is completely, unconstitutional, and basically, un-Christian, for that matter, to deny service to gay members of the community.

Let's carry this out to the absurd measures, some alleged Christian communities want to go--so I have my gay friend, come to stay with me in Arizona, and to go to a family owned restaurant, are you going to card my friend; how are you going to know if they are gay or not, some divine inspiration is going to let you know, that this person, who may or may not be gay, is going to be subject to your judgement--have you ever heard the scripture, Judge not that ye, be not judged?

I actually think, Gov. Brewer, is kind of forcing you religious bigots, to actually live your religion for the first time in your lives, possibly!  Come on, now, Utah wants to discriminate against gays in the housing market, based on religious basis also . . . what?  Someone said, that if Christ, himself, came back today, we wouldn't let him live anywhere, or serve him dinner at our family owned restaurant, because he said, Suffer the little Children to come unto me . . . he loves children, he must be GAY!

And Your So Called Christian Solution to Gay Member of Our Country?  Maybe They Can Also Seek Asylum in Russia, Along with Edward Snowden!  Good God?

At least when I talked to these men and women, and reminded them, that the 14th amendment, doesn't allow for discrimination, they got it!  I had one asinine friend, that actually suggested that there be 3 in 1 countries, within, America--one section that was just for gays; another for people who could tolerate the gay population; and a third, for those people who just couldn't stand gays!  That was actually, the last time, I ever talked to that asshole again.

Can you actually imagine, the right wing of the Republican Party, liking anyone?  I can't . . . amazing, the bigotry, the audacity, the down right dumb ass, mentality, all under the guise of RELIGION!  I think this lot, was originally, in the 1/3 of the hosts of Heaven, that rejected God's plan, joined Satan, trying to take away every one's free agency, and force them to be good, their brand of good, that is, and they would have cast Jesus Christ, himself out of Heaven, for his tolerance of people, due to love!

Do you remember the woman caught in adultery--apply it to yourselves, "If any of you are without, sin, let him/her cast the first stone."  What fucking church do you go to?  I want your Pastor fired!  Religion is to be practiced, 24/7, not just while the rest of the parishioners are watching you, until you ditch into your car after church, go home and beat your wife, and molest your kids, under the cloak of being a faithful Christian!  What the hell?  Okay, I have vented . . . now onto the next subject.

Ukrainians--HANG TOUGH!

Your country, doesn't need to adopt, either the western belief system, or the Russian, you need to be the country, you want to be.  You can be a hybrid--taking the best of both countries, not pitting one against the other.  There was once an Indian Tribe, called or nicknamed the Dream Catchers . . . who watched all tribes, and took the best of them all, and adopted it, into their culture.

To many times, we think because A is true, then B must be false, or if B is true, A must be false; the beauty of history, forethought, and hindsight, you can take some of A and some of B, or reject them all together and take C.  Innovation, creativity, tenacity, all can come into play.  One size, does not fit all.  I love America, because I was raised, American, with those ideals, values, and western thought.

Some of your people, are standing true to Russia, because that is their former country, their culture, their past--you need to incorporate that into your decisions with this new Prime Minister--sorry, I can't pronounce your names, let alone spell them.  But you are on the right track, determine your own future, considering all the factors, options, and conditions--make a more perfect union, than you have now!  Good luck!

The Civil War in Syria, After The Poisoning of 1400 Plus People By Their Own Government, is Hideous--There are People Starving Who Need Services and Food, About the Size or Number of the People in New Jersey, On a Daily Basis!

If I remember right from last night's news, the people of Libya, who have their own problems, are taking in these Syrians by the 600,000s, and housing and feeding these refugees--talk about true Christians!  Holy Cow!  That is AWESOME--and they are not a rich country!    Our civil war was the bloodiest on record, and killed more people than all the other wars, put together, turned father against son, and brother against brother--sometimes, you have to go to war, to get to peace!

Sometimes we don't understand the cultural issues, the make up of a country, but we can understand suffering--WE CAN HELP!  We may not have the solutions, but we can be part of the resolution and alleviate some of the pain of this process, most countries will go through at one time or another.

Just like the Ukrainians said--we are where America was, in the civil rights movement, or in the fight for independence from Britain, in the Revolutionary War, or our own civil war--only history will tell if we have made the right decisions!  GOOD LUCK!


Thursday, February 27, 2014


What is a Legal Diva--a Woman Who Made It Without Men!

The other day, I heard, on NCIS, a very reliable and credible source, by any one's standards, that men, when jealous of a woman, in a predominately male dominated profession, like being an attorney, in the legal arena--even though, the make-up, of over 51% our nations law schools, student body, is female, the longevity of their careers, doesn't play out in the long run, due to discrimination, back handed put downs, the glass ceiling, etc.--will take credit for your work, and other jealous women, will pretend you never did it; but the combo of both envious males and their female counterparts, shows up in having other women take credit for your work, and the men helping them, take credit, and a complete denial of your work, from both sides.  LOL!

I just consider the source; LOL!  Now, when they, the CIA, FBI & their spy counterparts the NSA, and their cadre of inferior women, all as partners in crime, poisoned me in 2000, while I was general counsel, to the Utah Medical Association, a professor of family law at the University of Utah, a business owner, charging $500 per hour for a minimum of a 2 hour presentation, and writing computer programs, for Quicknowledge, on issues of guardianship and conservatorships, while attacking my brain, thought, I would forever stay the diagnosed, 5 year old mental level.

Now, who is suffering from fucking brain farts--the old male and female mentally impaired aged, agents, that continue to congratulate each other each time they participate in another, "CIA, cluster fuck!"  LOL!  I am sorry that I can't take credit for that last derogatory comment, that was actually, a line from, the movie, Burn After Reading, a true rendition of the clowns running the agency, and their cover-ups, missteps, the absolutely ridiculous motives for their actions, like the driving force in the movie, a boob job and plastic surgery for an aging health club director--about as legit, as in the women in my case--tickle, their dicks with these fake boobed, alleged beauties!  LOL!

Divas are Bitches, Because They Have to Be!  Alone in the Fight!

A diva, a woman who excels in her field, be it, law, music, film, art, writing, knows, damn well, there are no short cuts to success!  You can't create the learning curb to the top, each step is knowledge, pain, growth, challenge, takes drive, guts--or, there is not fucking glory--get real.  And generally, women, have to not only climb the ladder to success, but they have to crawl past, men and women, hanging on their legs, clawing and scratching their eyes out, puling their skirt, bashing you in the face, all the way up the ladder. 

Mentors, either want to screw you, or they will fuck you another way, and work against you, rather than aid you like they would a male counterpart--in the good ole boy network.  Women, never, never, never, have someone help--like I said, the men will take credit if they can, and women, will willingly, even sisters and former best friends, whether than support, and congratulate you, will back stab, cat fight, and allow men to use them, to hurt you!

The Boys Will Protect Their SEX INTEREST, Over Doing What Is Right!  So, Who is Doing, Who?  Please Tell Me We Are Better Than This?

Now, this particular Judge, may have cried when she read what I wrote--that is her male protectors' faults--I originally protected her, wrote, nothing but good about her coverage of constitutional rights with the defendants in her courtroom; however, when 4 hours of my work, that could have, not only benefited the errant Judge, but benefited, thousands of Judges across America, plus defendants, with an in depth educational piece on criminal procedures, rights, protections, doing exactly what this blog was to do, teach you that the Law is the law, is the law!  Know Your Rights!

So the boys, trying to protect your ass Judge, are the ones who actually hurt you, not me.  As is typically the case, and believe me I am used to it, rather than to take the correction, lick your wounds and change without incident, these dumb, jack asses, try to intimidate me, instead of just getting it right!  REALLY? Are you that, stupid, that you want to tangle with #2 in the nation for civil rights defense? REALLY? 

Modern Mormon Doctrine Applies: Give a Man a Little Authority, and They Will Exercise, Unrighteous Dominion!  And the Lame Ass Women That Go Along? CIA, FBI, NSA, Anyone?

Come on--if you are taking orders from the feds, watch the movie, Burn After Reading, for the level of expertise you are relying on.  LOL!  The movie also gives you and insight to the Mormon connection to the agencies--not sure, just not drinking and smoking--they still have sex and cheat on their partners--just try to justify it, as future partners, spiritual wifery.  LOL!  Christ, in the New Testament, said a bishop is to be the husband of ONE wife!  Book of Mormon, Jacob 2, polygamy is an abomination to GOD!  

Don't follow, these clowns either--they are just men, sounds, like man talk, even in the scriptures--every religious leader, goes for multiple partners: Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Louis Feirkean--Malcolm X challenged him on polygamy, got murdered, David Koresh, Jim Jones, and every other sick fuck, like Warren Jeffs!

Thanks to the Whitefish Citizen, Who Wrote in the Daily Inter Lake, February 27, 2014, on the OPINION section of the Newspaper--"So what's wrong with having fun in Whitefish?  Under the Patriot Act is it Against the Law--Fun, Love, Happiness, You Are to Be SHEEPLE, these guys are one step away from ROBO COP!  Cameras, Guns, Action!  TOTAL POLICE STATE, IS THE GOAL!

YOU ARE NOW A HOMEGROWN TERRORIST!  WELCOME TO THE CLUB!  I was just up at the State Capitol Building, yesterday, in Helena, showing a local Kalispell, boy, who had never been their, the awesomely beautiful, colorful, building, refinished to its original state, raspberry, green, gold, paints and all--colorful, stain glass windows, original furniture, Charles Russell, artwork of Montana discovery, by Lewis and Clark, plus Sacajawea, and others, red leather chairs with hooks to hang cowboy and cowgirl hats on, absolutely beautiful!

Homeland Security, Not a State Agency, Federal, Working Under the Department of Justice

However, another set of tourists, looking a bit shaken by allege Homeland Security, with rules that tourists can't take pictures of the building, or so they were told.  What the hell, and why in the hell is Homeland Security setting the policy for the state of MONTANA--10th amendment anyone--state police powers, anyone?

Homeland Security if federal, any power, not expressly or written in the U.S. Constitution, giving the feds power, is reserved for the states, and the PEOPLE!  Police powers, are for states to protect the health, safety and welfare of its citizens--a power long, coveted by the feds!  Most states, have legislation, that reflects tradition, intent and history, that the number one law enforcement officer in the county is an elected SHERIFF!

Rumor has it, that Flathead County is getting a new sheriff, one that is not elected by the public, but most likely brought in, like in Little Montana, Parowan, Utah, to watch this homegrown terrorist--really, just a constitutional law attorney, who is into seeing that the government operate the way it is intended to be operated!  Nothing more sinister that that--I took the same oath, the Patriot Act seeks to destroy, along with the document. our rights, and powers, to boot!

When Parowan City, residents, who have never taken a federal loan, and don't like the feds, started asking questions, about some murders, and my whereabouts, the whole town, was put under Marshall Law, or lock down--curfew, no one riding horses, or ATVs, no husbands and wife's, holding hands, taking a stroll together, no kids riding around the small town on bikes, just a dead zone--get ready.  

"They" brought in a new police chief, who was a 20 year Marine, Intel, and internal affairs--fired the Andy of Maybury, police chief, who was a friend of mine, and most of the town--this new guy, Kent Carpenter, helped cover up murder, government doubles, including lying that my sister was me, and I was her, or anyone but myself, and involved in staging the government doubles suicide, to gracefully get him out of town, after they got rid of me, and took control of the town!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Not Disposable Heroes!

Last Saturday, I called my son, bass guitarist, for both God's Revolver & Maraloka Bands, Elliot Secrist, whom I assumed--you know what that makes both me and you, was about his bands' business, having seen on the Internet, that God's Revolver, Hard Rock Band, 2008, was both, back together, and going on tour, in 2014.  To my surprise, Elliot, back in school, at the University of Utah, as a music major, also accepted, but for funding, to the Berkeley School of Music in Boston, was not only registered for classes, but back in school, instead of planning his nationwide, if not worldwide tour.

Now, we are coming up on the month of March, with McDonald's Shamrock--or sham rock, shakes--hopefully, this blog will rock the shams, straight to hell, for stealing the bands, thunder, marketing it, selling it, faking it, for not the first time, but the SECOND TIME!  Put these fucking bastard's to bed, once and for all . . . 

Check Out New YouTube--Heaven's Breath, Under Plain, God's Revolver--Flute and All, See Metallica Trouncing--More Than Just Loud!  Younger & Better Looking Too!

November 3, 2013, someone updated, God's Revolver's material, it wasn't one of the original band members, so who in the fuck was it?  And now, the announcement of a reunion, and tour?  Only briefly on the Internet--but I saw it, with my own two eyes!  The Willie, Vanillas, "fake band" is at it again--whether, lip syncing or actually playing the music, it is fraud!  

I, as a criminal defense, constitutional law attorney, and having trained prosecutors and cops in Utah, am looking at the circumstantial evidence, or the totality of the circumstances, connecting the dots, that would substantiate my claims of fraudulent transfer, or conveyance of God's Revolver Property and Intellectually, protected, Property, under the U.S. Constitution!  

The fact that Elliot Taylor Secrist, bass guitarist, has no clue what the hell is going on, leads me to believe that agents, other than those he and the band would select, are operating without authorization, illegally, unlawfully, and unconstitutionally, and using my blogs about the bands to promote the music, again, unauthorized by HIS, ELLIOT'S MOTHER!

Need I say MORE?  

Bozeman, Montana, God's Revolver, Epic Western, Hard Rock, Hard Loving, Little Black Horse, Where are You Going With Your Dead Rider--Cantina Poetry Blues, Not to be Confused with Underground Revolver's Cantina Blues, is right up your Cowboy & Cowgirl, Ass, Alley!

While you are getting, a Fresh Life Church Experience--get a fresh life music experience, as well!  I would suggest, getting both bands up to your cool CATs College, with an agricultural flare--Utah doesn't deserve either God's Revolver or Maraloka!  Reid Rouse, the preacher, a lead singer, along with Trey's, cowboy lyrics, will give love, triangles, passion, and crimes of passion, a new meaning!  I don't think the first time around, the whisky slamming, laziest band in America, to quote Elliot, even realized in their drunken stupors, just how really good their music, was and currently is--cutting edge back then, but kick ass amazing NOW!

For fear, a second time, of pirates robbing the bounty off of the work of others, contact, my son, Elliot Secrist, at 801.722.8641, for a concert!  Hey, cowgirls, the RED JESUS, IS SINGLE TOO!


Love you, SON!  Once, I asked Elliot, when he was about 13, why a girl and her friend, murdered a mother, in Salt Lake, choked her with her own bathrobe tie, then threw her body in the Jordan River--that was after asking him, 63 questions, to get him to talk--while waiting for a movie to start, and only "yes" and "no" answers up to them, he just smiled, and turned to me, and responded to my question, WHY?  From this cute son, he said: TOO MANY QUESTIONS!

Real funny . . . this may be another occasion, that merits, murderous thoughts from my, usually, passive son, but I will risk it for the bands!


Love Scriptures, More Than U.S. Constitution--Here is Why

Romans 8:35-39--King James Versions of the Bible

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?
As it is written, for thy sake we are killed all the day long, we are counted as sheep for the slaughter.
Nay in all these things we are more than conquerors, through him that loved us.
For I am persuaded, that neither, death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,
Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the Love of God, which is in Christ Jesus or Lord.

Pastor of Kalispell, Montana's, CROSSFIRE CHURCH, finds Burning Cross in Slash Burn Pile Picture, Years After Taking Picture

I generally attend two, churches each Sunday, would like to go to a third, but without a car, and my ride standing me up for the second Sunday in a row, the Liberty Constitution Church, something like that; several people have invited me, but I have a hard time skipping out early, on my second church--I dig it--Pastor Dennis, and his wife, Debbie--are or were hard cases, but great examples of the above scripture; Dennis ended up in prison for, 4 years, due to running from a warrant; after he got out, he rescued Debbie, from drugs, sex & rock-in-roll--both cool bikers!

They meet in the basement of the Christian Church Building, next to the Library, and across the street, on the East from Wells Fargo Bank--sorry, I don't know my street numbers or directions very well, yet--at 12 or 12:30, I just wander over going to Fresh Life Church, just around the corner, after the 11 a.m. meeting, so it works well.  But, anyway, 2 weeks ago, I got out of my first church a bit late, and they lock the doors at Crossfire Church, once they begin the service--lot of smokers, so they try to give breaks, before, during and after services, then, lock the doors in between, so if you come, ring the door bell on the side of the back door.

Okay, so I was locked out, and just wandering around waiting for a smoker to come rescue me from the cold outside, so I could come into the warmth of the Church, but as I was waiting, I noticed a totally awesome poster with a burning cross on it--what the hell?  It was so cool, I had to know where it came from?  Dennis proceeded to tell me a story that shocked even him, the guy who took the, more than professional picture, the subject of the picture.

Looked at the Picture Time and Time Again--Never Saw the Cross, In the Fire!

As Dennis, told me the story, he was striking blanks as to how that charcoal, black, gray, wood, about ready to shatter into ashes in the brilliant flames, that were dancing in the background, flames engulfing everything in the pile, much like the cross of Jesus Christ, the Passion of Christ, the power, love, sacrifice, offering, destruction of sin, raging against the powers of evil, overcoming death, corruption, war, hatred, discrimination, the grave, and all that rages against, God's Children . . .CLEAN POWER!

Dennis, said he had rummaged and rifled through his stack of pictures, often, but had never seen this more than powerful symbol, to Christian and non-Christian alike, worldwide; for he died for those who both believe in him, and those who don't . . . another scripture, I believe 2:8, states, that there are those of you without the law, who are better than those with the law!  

Jesus Christ will come back again, to set up his government, this time, not his Church, the good men and women of the earth, will rule and reign in that capacity; check out the Book of Revelations; I am really hoping that we, humans, inhabiting the world at that time or before, can avoid some of the woe, woe, woe . . . and get right to the good stuff, a great world government, done his way, not man's way!

Some of you champions of freedom, in Egypt, the Ukraine, Syria, Russia, America, etc., are being prepared for leadership roles in Christ's government, so learn your lessons, well, you are needed!  The cross burning in Dennis and Debbie's slash pile, is symbolic to me on two counts--my favorite political quote, I think, covers both religion and politics, merging into one . . . the fire, so symbolic of both, coming together in Christ.


Highest Political Office: President of the U.S. (1789-1797)
Other Accomplishments: Led the colonial forces in the Revolutionary War
What he said: "Government is not reason, it is not eloquence--it is a force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action."

Why Not Leave the Governance of Mankind to the Creator, and Savior of the Earth?
Eventually, every knee shall bough, and every tongue confess, that Jesus is the Christ, and the only name, in which you can be saved . . . the only true freedom!


Pastor Levi Luskco, is taking a bus to Bozeman tomorrow, hopefully, I can get a space on the bus--I didn't know we had to sign up to go, so I just dropped a note to the Lab, and hopefully, there is one last space. I wrote a blog, right after, I attended a meeting, somewhere around Christmas, talking of the campus, in Bozeman, so I have a vested interest in seeing you guys get hooked up!  

Obviously, I am not going to push, pull, or coerce you, Bozemanites, into any particular church, I don't endorse one above another, and as per the 1st amendment, that I whole heartily agree with, along with a separation of church and state, with a wall of separation, between the two, while endorsing your freedom to either practice or not practice--remember there are some without the law, that are better than those with the law . . . buy that one too!

The only thing, consistent with me is my inconsistency--I know, I said, at the time Christ comes back to set up his government, religion and politics will blend into one superior ruler; I didn't not, however, say that applies to right now, so don't go taking over the government, with your religion, until the time is right, with the right leader--you see, the Republicans hate President Obama, more than they love, Jesus, right now, so just consider where we are at . . . the law and religion, are about definitions, hair splitting, and I would say, timing--we are all capable of evolving, ask Charles Darwin--who along with Barbie, and his theory of Survival of the Fittest, are responsible for this dog, eat dog, world, we currently live in!

Meeting Information for February 26, 2014

I was hating my roommate, got pissed off, Friday, last week, see--you are totally okay, going to either church, or any church, Jesus came to work with the sick, he is the great physician, not the well, so if I get this information wrong, drive around Bozeman, until you see a bus the size of a Greyhound Bus, parked either in front or in back of a restaurant, called something like Dining Out, or Dining In--sounds like one of the good old restaurants, that has withstands the test of time, for great food . . . we are meeting in the upper room, reminiscent of the upper rooms of the temple, Christ and his disciples met in, while he was still, on earth; he is still alive . . . just not hanging with us!  Right now?

He did say, when two or more are gathered in my name, I am there also . . . so maybe?  But I do believe, that the meeting, begins at 7 p.m. and goes until 9 p.m.  By hook, or crook, I will try to be there, if I have to coerce, my friend, Kalispell, Pizza Hut, delivery boy, John Bagby, my friend who is trying to get right with God, but will not step foot in a church with me . . . yet, and if I don't get on the bus, that I feel I am entitled to be on, I will hitch are ride with him, maybe, unless the forces of evil, conspire against me, in the normal course of business, now days--I hear your pain, Ukraine and Egyptian students!

If all else fails, check out the official church website,, or something like that, for the correct info.

As for Avoiding the WOES--It is NOT God, Who Will Bring Them About--It is us, Numb Chucks!  Earthlings!

A third of the fish in the seas will die--BP, EXXON, Chevron, anyone?  A third of the birds in the air will fall--chem-trails, pollution, carbon foot prints, aerisol cans, Barbie, you and the hair spray crowd, watch it!  Ken and the couffed haired men, too!  Montanans, you are horse people, get a reign on those four horses of the apocolypse--the pale horse, the white, red and black!  They are up to no good!

Now, I heard at that meeting around Christmas, that 50% of the population in Bozeman is under the age of 24 years old . . . I  promise, Fresh Life Church will rock you!  The worship music, is truly a worship of the Christ, in all his majestry; and Levi gives real, raw, and relevance to biblical stories, right from the scriptures--the guidelines I try to follow, when convenient, just kidding.

I attended Brigham Young University, both as a freshman, and later for law school, at the time, there was an underground newspaper, called the Seventh Avenue Press, the heathen and heratic answer to the Mormon college newspaper, the Daily Universe, for the more righteous sector of the college.  And one time after Mormon, General Conference, biannual, one in the first week of April and again, October, a reporter for the blastphomous and rowdier part of the campus, asked a student, which general authority, or church hierarchy, did they like best, and the more than honest, especially for BYU, answered and said, well, I only listen and follow, 7 of the 12 apostles in any given year, so . . . and proceeded to give his answer!  LOL!

Hopefully, See You All, Tomorrow Night in Bozeman!

P.S. Sorry for not spell checking this . . . NSA, CIA, and FBI, 70%, Mormons, must not like this blog--stopping me from proofing spelling, usually just release it to the universe, content, in the original, but I generally try to correct the spelling, but, they are stopping me, do all the time.  Missionary competition!

Monday, February 24, 2014


Putin & the Russian Crew--Great Job, Credit Where Credit is Due!  Amazing!

America, there is a lesson to learn from this Olympics, we are moving, politically toward, what didn't work in Russia, which they realized when the country broke up; however, they are now doing what made our country great, and trading us places.  And look what that phenomena caused, we took second place!  This last two weeks, with all the adrenaline pumped athletes, the political statements about gays, not to mention, letting the Ruskies, beat us, proves, at least one thing, we need to turn around, turn the Titanic, get back to the amped up Spirit of America.

There is one thing, that sets Americans apart from the rest of the world, and that is the unstoppable, indomitable, and sense of national pride, that marks Americans--not that other countries don't have national pride, we see that, but this young country kicked ass for about 250 years; so let's get that renewed sense of pride back, 2nd place is not bad, and it could be worse, so don't let things slip further than it has.  Yeah, we have had a tough road the last few years, but nothing is insurmountable, so let's lick our wounds, and get back to business as usual!

No Excuses For The Summer Games or South Korea

I am a very poor loser, I don't like the way it makes me feel, I don't do it well, and I am not in shape enough to go compete, so you will have to represent me and the rest of the U.S.A!  We are counting on you in South Korea, so get up at 5 a.m. and get at it.  And you summer Olympians, get your butts in gear, the games are bearing down on you right now, the count down! 

Yesterday, I was listening to some British news anchor, still jealous about our Independence, was trash-assing, America, and he definitely had some points to make.  There is a Biblical note that states, do not seek to pull the mote, out of your brother's eye, when you have a bigger one in your own eye!  From the Brit's report, while Russians, are blatantly against the gay lifestyle, and speak out against it, they only had like 300, gay related arrests and charges, whatever, they were, I can only guess, but America, had some, 4,400 or so for the same offenses--maybe public nudity, that the San Francisco, City Council, finally put a stop to--guys walking around the streets naked!


Perhaps, Russian gays, are more reasonable and respectful of other citizen's rights, not to see, a flash preview of the "too sexy for my cat" exposure, that heterosexuals would, usually, never do! America is evolving, but we are never, never, never, going to evolve that far, so get  your fucking clothes on and keep them on, so cops don't have to arrest you--you are bumping up the statistics the Brits are slamming us for all over the world!

And, while, the cops are doing the right thing in that situation, they are not, when beating up gays in New York--really, don't they have enough challenges, already, don't make it worse, like in Arizona & Utah, where they are denying housing to gays--WHAT?  Guess you little constitutional states, don't understand the 14th amendment, you can't discriminate in housing!  Enough said . . . amazing?

Congratulations For Taking Down the King Pin of the Mexican/American Drug Cartels--Get the Rest of Them!

This Guzman fellow, that got plastic surgery to evade, law enforcement for 13 years, was just taken down in a dirty hotel room, without a struggle.  These guys are not badder than bad; I would put my bets on the cops anytime, as long as they are not part of the problems--drug running agents are not uncommon, at the highest levels of government!  $$$$$ and corruption, can take down the best of them . . .

Good job, that guy accounts for about 25% of the drugs coming into America; however, there is an underling, that is right their waiting to take this guys place; therefore, don't stop there, and go to the root of the cancer that plagues, ruins, and corrupts nations--you just made both Mexico and America, better places to live.  Now, what are other authorities, going to do about President Karsai's, brother, who is one the biggest opium dealers in Afghanistan, and on the CIA payroll for the last 10 years?

Either legalize them like Holland did, with a 50% drop in drug use, or stop the profit motive, and really punish the dealers and distributors--with all the high tech, spy equipment out there, do what Mexico did, use it on the real criminals; not the average, Joe Citizen!  There is not a one size fits all, warrant--there are bad. badder and baddest, go for these guys!  We can all learn from the success and failures of each other

Yeah, a Power Shift In the Ukraine--Temp Ministers are Taking Control!  Prayers Answered!

Again, the Brit news reporter, exposed the first time photos of the Ukrainian President's Palace, gold plated toilets, really?  The opulence is enough to turn, and decent citizen's stomach, corruption caught on tape, and on display in the home of this man--take his ass out!  The release of Yulia, vocal and powerful person, leading the revolt, GREAT!  The people of any country, should not have to endure this type of corruption.  I am not sure, what shape, you economy is in, and who cared if he earned it, but if you earned the money, and he, as an elected official spent it, shame on him . . . you did good!

And, we as Americans get pissed off when President Obama and his family, vacation in Hawaii?  Come on, that is one hell of a horrendous job, tough, time consuming, and not just anyone can pull off, so, cut him some slack, it can always be worse, ask the Ukrainians!  Now, AIG, Baer Stern, J.P. Morgan, Chase, and the other bail out bandits and their CEO's, don't serve any of us, they just fuck us . . . so fuck them! Mortgage foreclosures are at a 5 year low--look for the good in this administration, not always, the shit . . . there is plenty to rejoice about!

There was a great article in the Kalispell, Daily Inter Lake, about the struggles of the Ukraine students who come here, see what American rights are like, and they want it in their own country, for themselves, their families, and their fellow citizens.  Count our American blessings, even though we didn't beat Putin and his Olympian crew--we are coming to get you!!!!!!!!  We'll see what you can do, not on your home court, with the advantage that brings . . . South Korea, should even the playing field!

Have a Great Week, We Live in a Beautiful World! 

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Preamble of the U.S. Constitution--Just God's Gospel in Law

The concept of achieving, Zion, or other words, being of one heart and one mind, in such a way as God does, for he is no respecter of persons, male, female, black, white, Jew or Gentile.  Now, I believe, strongly that the founding fathers were trying to set up Utopia, or heaven on earth, paradise.  To achieve a more perfect union, or becoming Zion, like people, being of one mind and heart; to love your fellowmen and woman, whom you see, we have to establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain--even a religious term, and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

You Can't Love A God You Haven't Seen, If You Don't Love Men/Women Who You Have Seen!

Now, how can you love a GOD, you have never seen, and hate a man or woman, you do see?  There is no distinction, discrimination, or exception, for any race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, gender, or whatever, in either the gospel of Jesus Christ or in the preamble of the United States.  There are movements a foot, that would seek, to erase the lines of demarcation between countries, blend them into a one world order, to establish peace.  

There are several different ways to do that, the proponents of the one world order, or the opposite, that of the light on a hill, shining through Christianity and Constitutionality--with the common goal of freedom, whether from oppression, tyranny, despots, or the grave, eternal damnation, or the chains of death and sin . . . two sticks are harder to break, than one, they support, help define, and aid one another.

They Want What We Have, They Do Not Want To Be Americans  

Over 100 countries have adopted, some form of democracy, or freedom, and have included parts of our U.S. Constitution, and incorporated into their ruling documents, constitution, or guiding principles and concepts.  The other countries don't want to be a part of the United States, but they do, however, want freedom, liberty, rights, human dignity, peace, and all the things that make up a more perfect union, within their own borders--they love their countries, just like we do, have a unique identity with their flag, their particular culture, their values, religion, etc.  The don't want to be Americans, but want what Americans have . . . we see the Ukrainians, fighting for this right now!

There is No Denying, National Pride, and Rightly So!

We have just finished the Olympics, as each flag was raised, and national song, played for winners, a sense of national pride, swelled in the champions, as they raised their arms in the air, kissed their meddles, cried, smile, or bowed their heads to their God or their form of their God, which is not in opposition to ours, for the Father of all His Children, on the face of the earth, in every nation, and in every home--God, so loved the world, that he blessed the world, with his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to save all mankind.

Through all the struggles, this country had gone through as the melting pot of the world, with challenges, other countries may not have had to experience, we have had or fires in Independence Square or Freedom Square; we have had our assassinations of our leaders, but there is one thing that holds us together--the adoption of a standard set of accepted rules, that government our country--whether we live up to them or not . . . but at least we have an ideal to reach for, and I feel we are getting closer and closer to Utopia--there is more tolerance, evolution in thought, acceptance, evaporation of things that divide us, as people, living in this country--we have definitely experienced, big time, growing pains, but we have survived, thrived, and grown as a country; that is to be respected!

We Need to Support, Pray & Help the Ukrainian People in their Quest for Freedom, in Whatever Form that Comes--May God Bless YOU!


Barbie Started It All!

I was in the age group to get one of the first Barbies, with the perfect, 40" bust, 20" waist, and 30" hips--just guessing.  So back when I was a mere 5 years to 8, around about there, I formed the idea of what a woman had to look like to be sexy--now it seems, that Ken, Barbies, bow, didn't make as big an impression on the male psyche, because like 98% of the men, think they are too sexy for their cats, while their female counterparts, with numbers, that I would say is high, based on my experience, at 63% are satisfied with their bodies.

Then came the advent of plastic surgery, even more deceptive, in the promises, that will make to turn you into, the blond, bombshell, Barbie, now coming in every color of hair, it is no longer true that blondes have more fun, or rather are willing to go under the knife, liposuction machine, buy a thigh master, or join a gym than any other hair colored woman . . . now Ken, to some extent will go to the gym to play basketball, racket ball, play squash, or job around the track, and some will work out on weights, but he is generally doing that to be accepted in the male population, or to just hang with friends; they are not doing for the opposite sex, really, woman, will notice them; however, they are too concerned with their own bodies, to have hang-ups on their guys bodies.

She's Got to be Having an Affair!

My younger sister, of 7 years, along with several other sisters and cousins, members of the Southwick butt family, have partaken of the mistake or opportunity, whatever way you want to look at it, but this particular sister, got $20,000 worth of surgery, several years ago, allegedly to save her marriage, that to me was doomed before it started--her fiance, was taking sis to the French Riviera, so swimming suits were a bare minimum, and nudity a real possibility, had her try on french cut swimwear, high on the thighs, now this sister was endowed with better genetics that some of the 6 sisters, so the request or offer to buy her a boob job, prior to the trip, would have been a deal killer for me, as would any trip involving swimming, or parading half nude around the beach!

This sister, was a physical education major, just like her mother, she ran track in college, and worked as a waitress at the Pizza Factory, in Cedar City; she is much more liked than I am down there . . . but she had about a 36, 24, 36 figure, before the surgery!  She could walk in a spa or gym and get offered a job.  Now, I weighed 116 lbs, after two kids, but I am just a smaller size of the pear shaped, that drove me to excel in the smart world--smart is the new sexy, 50 years later!


But BARBIE, was the standard, so she was lacking that extra, 4" or whatever, making her unsatisfactory to her, new fiance, and potential partner!  Now, Chris, not to be confused with my son, his wife is hiding a knock out body, under the sweats, he makes her wear, not quite burqua, but--so Uncle Chris, was a nice looking man, but he was no Ken, for sure . . . so when Rachel got her last nip and tuck, I was absolutely positive that she had to be having an affair, surely she would not put herself through, 3 months of suffering for this, now, putzy, slob!  

So imagine my shock, when she said, with frustrated, oh, so close to Barbie style, that she could never be blond enough, thin enough, or have big enough boobs!  Least I get sued for slander and libel, truth is a defense!  And she has been the CIA pin-up girl, the Barbie version of me; therefore, someone liked her Barbie, like figure, just not her husband.  Just recently, a doctor, from, where else, Utah, had his wife get a ton of plastic surgery too, she too, was beautiful, and really close to the goal, Barbie, but after 6 kinds, in true Mormon fashion, she was still an aging beauty, so he killed her!  Nancy Grace got him--good for the former prosecutor, trying him in the arena of public opinion--ridiculous, MALE STANDARD OF EXPECTATION!

An Expectation is a Built In Resentment

If woman want to be desired, that is not the way to go about it, nor is it the way to get your man--there is always someone with a better body, blonder hair, bigger boobs, and smaller hips, so shoot for other ways of being desired, that are way more satisfying and rewarding for both of you.  It is funny, that a study was conducted, I believe on the University of Utah, men were asked what was the number one thing that attracted them to a woman--their SMILE!  

No matter how beautiful a woman is, if she is a bitch, which sometimes goes hand in hand with the looks and body, guys . . . and remember, beauty is only skin deep, it is the substance of the woman that is were it is really at!  Men are attracted to all kinds of things, and tits and ass, are pretty short lived on the satisfaction scale, as far as a long time relationship.  So, all you, shallow Hals, out there, what kind of a companion is she on a river trip, taking care of kids, or your aged parent, or is she a smart sounding board as a business partner?  These things may make her even more desirable, that how she looks in a swimming suit, and ten times more sexy.

I just heard, and can't believe, pray to God for the children, that it is not the truth, but, the new average time of a marriage, now days, is three years!  Please tell me that it is not true?  That should be an indication, that both men and women are fucked up and something is going wrong!  We need to have more realistic standards of review, for a partner, looking long term, not just until after the first child, when Barbie gets her ass kicked by the invasion o the body snatchers!  I had a dress prior to my first child, that hung off me, those old, 70's empire waist, long ones, and I swear, after the baby came, my rib cage had spread, as least 4 inches, and I was still thin!  So, realism, goes a long way, 

Pornography Is the Most Insidious Addiction to Overcome

It is bad enough for both men and women to have a body image of a woman, who is maybe, one in a thousand woman, with Ken, not so different, but add a porn addiction to the mix, and you are heading to relationship and marriage HELL!  After being gone for a month, I came back to one of my former, roommates, looking at either dating sites, the kind you have to use a credit card for, or just down right dirty porn--it made me never want to fuck again in my life--yet a sexy, love song will do so much more for me, the mood; however, if the guy is expecting anything but a realistic body, given the years on this old, but still somewhat attractive female, but with so much more than a hot body to offer, both of us are going to be disappointed!  TO SAY THE LEAST!

I have been talking and counseling with a friend for several months, about the love of his life, who started out having a hotter than hot sex life with, but now, will not even touch him.  What happened, as he told me that he both masturbates and looks at porn, the answers flowed like a spring waterfall!  If a woman wants to be desired, and you are satisfying yourself, and using other women to get your rocks off, then coming into her, and trying to get it on, really?  She lives with this guy, she knows what he is doing in the bathroom and once had to help him get out of a porn site!

Given the insecurities most women have about their bodies, even with less attractive mates, pornography is going to do anything but help either one of you!  Now, this woman is beautiful, barely over the age of 25, and her partner of several years, is complaining about her boobs, sagging--she has had one child!  Try four or five, and then what?  Come on, like my other ex-roommate stated, when I told him this--like his balls aren't sagging, he is 40, so . . . realism, is needed, at least grow into another focus area!  All of that either directly  or through quantum physics, or psyche is going to crop up in your sex life, come on! Let's just get real for a change, and evolve into more sophisticated lovers, partners, spouses, it is far more satisfying.

A word to the wise, both male and female, I am at least 30 years or more older than this woman, and her partner, is preferring to hang out with me, go driving with, me, to dinner--why?  Because he can have a fucking smart conversation with me . . . there better be a hell of lot more for both partners, than sex!  It is important, but the brain is the largest sex organ--USE IT!

How Does a Woman Give a Man Respect if he is Jacking Off & Looking at Porn?

So by denying the women in your life, the freedom of being desired as so much more than a sex object, focusing on their soul, the combo of their body, heart, mind, spirit, and the whole person, so much more rewarding than just a body, laying there, with nothing else going on . . . boring, not hot!  Now, the reverse of that is, can a woman respect a man, spending his time doing, activities that actually harm both the relationship and the sex life?  Not only NO, but HELL NO!!!!!

They say that most men will never be successful, until after the age of 50, due to the fact that they are too focused on sex, rather than goals, dreams, challenges, accomplishments, etc.  Now that is not universally true, look at the creator of facebook, Zuckermen, or Zuckerberg (?) sorry, but he donated $970,000, an Occupy Wall Street Baby, only he is beating the game, and just acquired, App. something for $17 billion, not chump change--and his wife, I believe is getting a Ph.D. in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering--the guy is only 27!  

Reign in your sexual desires, and the time you spend, seeking selfish, sexual pleasure, and channel that into other areas--stop, a the Bible states, spilling your seed on the ground, take that testosterone, and go conquer the world--she will be much more attracted to you, guys, and believe me, you WILL BE RESPECTED!  There are activities that garner respect, and some that don't.  If you have time to participate and look at porn, you are not being challenged enough in your current job!  Try something new, that will capture your interests a bit more--your woman will dig you a whole lot more!

Desire, Respect & Great Sex, Go Hand in Hand--Someone Else's Hand!

In less than one month of porn, my ex-roommate, actually, came up and pitched me to see of I was real! He then questioned whether I was really an attorney--one inch short of a hockey stick!  The girls on the computer, had become more real to him, than his own friend, substitute mother in some respects, whom he has witnessed and seen, write briefs, up to and including 28 pages, gone to court, here is Kalispell, in Judge Allison's courtroom, and seen me, go to court in Columbia Falls, knows I write my blog--but, women in various stages, of nakedness, had warped his already, somewhat fucked up mind from drugs, even more--hot bodied, 20 year olds and younger, are not only doing men a disservice, but totally hurting their own sex, and themselves a few years, and used and abused, down the road!

Some guys, can't separate fantasy from reality, and they just might be the next serial killer, rapist, stalker, predator, child kidnapper, or sadistic thrill seeker that terrorizes a community, a state, and a nation--you have heard of video kills--this guy is a candidate--he was telling the women on the screen he was their master, to take off their clothes, and then told me one day, leaving the house, woman are not to speak, only men could--I turned and put him in his place, then he explained that I was the exception--GOOD LUCK WOMEN, YOU COULD BE CREATING A MONSTER!

Men & Woman, Both Owe It To Society As a Whole, to Stop Being a Model for Porn, and Stop Looking at It!

In the last six months, after a porn star took her own life, her friends in the business that promised glamour, lust and money, was not all it was cracked up to be!  That was all a ploy to get them in the business--remember, it is a BUSINESS, AND YOU ARE A PRODUCT, LIKE A WIDGET!


Saturday, February 22, 2014


Bald or American Eagles Gathering Over a Pond in Large Numbers--New Phenomena--Symbolic

Two days ago, on a national news channel out of New York, one I was not familiar with, but, they showed a abnormally large gathering of bald eagles, the national symbol of freedom, liberty, and unity, gathering over a particular pond, that was laden with fresh food for the magnificent bird, which I found particularly interesting, given my last few days, in Kalispell, starting with my blog, that was yanked, starting with an in depth, legal and constitutionality, based on the aberrations I saw in the justice court in Columbia Falls.  After having written for 4 hours, material I would have been glad to have taught at Harvard Law School, just ripped off, right in front of my face, even after I published it, having gone back to check whether I had added something or not, to see the most, plain and precious parts, deleted, or just gone, which infuriated me beyond description, I told my roommate I was going to hook up with the Montana militia, which I have written a bit on.

Upon, awaking at 4 a.m., and without the rage subsiding much over the night, I got up and decided to brave the ice and snow, and trudge over to the gas station and get a Diet Coke and some breakfast; and as luck would have it, or divine providence, serendipity, or whatever you want to call it, magic for all I care, I expressed my pissed off state of mind.  Had I not been mad, I might have missed the opportunity to connect with this young clerk, who is very connected into the Governor sponsored for supervised, --group called First Irregulars.  I am only guessing, but I would guess they are called the irregulars, due to the fact that the regulars, are the National Guard; therefore, the more unofficially organized, not trained under the U.S. military, but just as critical, if not more to remaining a free state, under the 2nd amendment.

She mentioned the fact that 5 states, are part of this official, yet unofficial militia, that is a part of the U.S. Constitution and also part of the states, constitutions also.  I had heard it through the grapevine, that 5 states were getting together, either to form a political coalition, voting block or something politically connected.  I had not idea, that is was the militia; however, the cooperation, may go beyond that; I do know that when Utah had a Day of Resistance, showing the states opposition to the attempts of Congress, to pass new gun control measures, due to the Sandy Hook, Connecticut, shootings of the 21 school children.  Several Montana Legislators, I believe, even spoke at the event, that was, I think, staged on the steps of the Capitol, or at the Federal Building--I could tell from the picture.

Locating Stuart Rhodes--Oath Keeper Movement

Many of you  may or may not remember, the Oath Keeper Movement, Stuart started, in an attempt to contact and get members of the military and police to re-commit to their oaths, to preserve, protect and defend the U.S. Constitution.  I can't exactly remember, but I believe, Stuart got somewhere around 25,000 signatures, as of the 2008 elections, organized chapters of the Oath Keepers around the country.  I have, at Stuart's invitation, attended a meeting in Helena, the Capital of Montana.  These meetings are usually held, at Perkins Family Restaurant, throughout the state of Montana--a home bred, country made, local Montana Business!  The kind we like!

I first met Stuart, at a 4 college sponsored, Conversations on the Constitution, held in Helena, I believe in April, 2012, at Carroll College.  This was done in conjunction with the 40 year, celebration of the 1972 revised, rewrite of the Montana Constitution.  At the meeting, while Stuart was serving on a panel, with several, members of the Montana, ACLU, he casually, mentioned, in passing, the FBI raids on the 31 marijuana growers.  

So when I visited Glacier National Park, and was heading back to Missoula, or Helena, I hit Polson, and heard an announcement on the documentary, Code of the West, distributed and produced by a New York film group.  This was the end of October, 2012, and because of Stuart's brief comment, I turned around my car, my truck had been confiscated by the sheriffs, in the interim, and went right back up to the Whitefish Library, to watch the film and join in the discussions.  Little did I know, but half of the crowd, was made up of growers who were just waiting for their sentencing, plus the head of the Montana ACLU.  

So a fortuitous meeting.  Which led me to getting involved with the revised legislation, which, if left the way it was, just days before the elections, in 2012, the bill needs some serious work, or instead of 31 arrests, the feds can come in every home of growers, and ask for records, and arrest, based on the number of flowers on your  plants, and for the number of plants . . . totally absurd, but the bill was very craftily done, by the federal bureau of investigation, rather than the FBI, who ever knows, and the department of justice, rather than the Department of Justice!

I had lost touch with Stuart, in one of the NSA raids on my computer, taking all my contacts, and having searched for Stuart, in Missoula, and Helena, come to find out, he is right here, somewhere.  My contacts know where.  So thanks for stealing my work, you led me to the guys that will get my back if I get roughed up a bit, as usual . . . many refer to the government goons, as jack booted thugs!  I agree!

Typically, Power is Given, Not Taken

To often, we sit back, not very involved, not paying attention, or even noticing a power grab, until it is too late.  We may not have actually handed over the power to the feds, but, somewhere along the lines, the lines of demarcation, got blurred, and now we, states, have the chore, to unravel the mess, and get back a balance of power between the states and the federal government.  Bigger is not always better!  City, municipality, county, district, areas of government, states, and when expressly mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, the feds, each with powers, duties, responsibilities and divisions, that serve as a balance of power, protecting the rights of individuals; the number one reason for government.

There is a common saying in law school, property law, that you can't sit on your property rights. That not only applies to individual property rights, but to states, rights as well.  The first place to look for those rights, juxtaposed, against each other, is in the state constitutions, that attorneys often ignore all together, or tend to blow off, as being the same as the federal constitution; not correct.  One is the bible for the operations and guidelines for running the federal government, and the other, the bible for state operations.

By way of example, a sheriff, was originally either appointed, hired, or elected as things grew, to protect the property rights of local citizens, from Indians, outlaws, and squatters, while they were gone for an extended amount of time.  As an elected official, the sheriff is to answer to the people, or he is not re-elected; however, an FBI or CIA, agent, who comes into the county or territory, is usually, a nameless, faceless entity, that the people don't even know, let alone can go to when they want to redress grievances with the government, as under their 1st amendment rights.

I think the thing that was the most frustrating or is the most disturbing thing about having my written material, not only watched 24/7, subject to censoring, deletions, editing, and even disappearing all together, or attributed to other sources, is the fact that there is not a person, that I can go to immediately, to redress my grievances.  Therefore, it is you, the reader, alone that I can turn to, to get some relief, by exposing the bull shit actions of the NSA, at the direction of the FBI, or the CIA--access, access, access, so much for other 1st amendment rights, freedom to peacefully assemble and freedom of speech.

While I do not sit, face to face with my reader, it is really a peaceful assembly, you eating chips and drinking a beer, me, usually in bed by the time you read it . . . but there is nothing violent, wrong, obstructive about it . . . I am a constitutional law attorney, teaching, advising, and explaining the U.S. Constitution.  Now,the only way that would be offensive to the government, is, when they are not operating by the same set of rules, which at this time, they are not, or they would welcome the information.  The Patriot Act is bottom line, totally and completely unconstitutional.

So if that is not the problem, then a cover up may be, like the theft, distribution, management, fraud, and conversion of band intellectual property, which was, is and will be copyrighted and protected under the U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8.  But, there in lies the problem for the government who is the criminal, the perp, the fraud promoter--and it doesn't matter if they are using the monies, garnered by the fake band to feed all the hungry kids in the U.S., it doesn't justify, the big brother approach, which amounts to a governments, taking, without compensation, under the 5th amendment.  So NO, excuse . . .

The Ukraine, Previously Part of the Soviet Union, is Battling in Independence Square As We Speak--Good Luck, as one of your citizens, said, WE are where Americans were 250 years ago; it is will worth the fight.

History has found that civilizations, governments, and societies, have a 200 year cycle, before the forces of a political nature, corruption, or factions, start to tare it apart, threatening the status quo, or the current form of governing.  America, is right there, actually, some 50 years, late; however, that is about the time, many would pinpoint a change that started to occur in the nation, somewhere around the time of Theodore Roosevelt's presidency.

Many changes toward populist movement, and socialism started to take root, and have continued to this day. The time frame, many would connect to this particular phenomena, is 1933, or there about.  So 1776, to 1976, would be the two hundred year mark, and roughly another 30, and we are there.  The Patriot Act, was voted on, the night of September 11, 2001, at the stroke of midnight, without debate!  A closed door event. 

If you don't study history, you are to forever remain a child.  We need to learn from history, and avoid the pitfalls, of many great societies who have gone before us.  We have the greatest nation on earth, but that is under attack, to replace this system of government with one connected to ancient roots, that are adverse to America.  We have seen the bail out, the government shut down, and then the weather--I worked for the nations, expert in weather modification--believe me, if we can walk on the moon, in 1963, we are way sophisticated enough to jack with the weather, to economically drain the nation of its money.

What does it take to allow evil to exist, for good men and women to stand by and do nothing--this militia movement, especially, sanctioned by western governors, is not only exciting, but creates, the necessary, balance of power that must exist between the federal and state governments, in our federal, republic, we call America, the great experiment!  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Check Out Libby City, Home of the 50 Foot Wing Span on an American Symbol--More than Impressive!

Before, I found out that Stuart and crew were here in Kalispell, I pushed friends to get to Libby, for several reasons, I had been told that area, was a gathering place for patriots, just like the eagles over the one lake, so I figured if they were than much into the birds, they were a refuge for those hounded for being lovers of what that bird symbolizes, plus I really have wanted to go see that place, ever since, local, former trucker, now involved with computers, told me about Libby, and invited me to his wedding in May, 2013.

When you don't have a car, it makes it tough; however, I met, Mr. Mariah Ramirez, he had a strange first name, I remembered yesterday, but can't recall today, but, I met him on the bus, along with several other patriots, a former Marine, going to meet his brother in Kalispell, to start a gunsmith shop, originally from Texas.  There was a group of 6 or so, that talked politics, theories, and adventures in Montana--the last best place!

The drive from Kalispell, or around Montana, or whether from across the country, visiting Glacier, is well worth it, a really cute town, for those of us, who have no desire to travel around the world, but dig Americana . . . an absolutely beautiful drive.  There is a museum, none of the locals, seemed to have gone to, Thompson and Kootenai Falls . . . gorgeous.  The teal color of the river, running over the grey rocks, is breathtaking!  My buddy over there, told me there are 15 or so lakes around the Libby area, with McGregor Lake, being the best for fishing!

Oh, and I can't remember the building, but there is an store that has an awesome mural, painted of the mountains, wildlife, and lakes--cooler than hell.  I want to spend more time in this quaint town, teaming with patriots.  I just heard someone say today, that was complaining about the rent in Kalispell, that you can get a house for $475 per month, that will get you a bedroom here!  I can dig that . . .

Bragging Rights For Discovering Granite Peak Grill

I have been to the Granite Peak Grill, at least 4 times, and that will not be the end of my visits.  They are being featured in some local, Kalispell, newspaper, in the food section--don't think it was either the Daily Inter Lake or the Flathead Beacon, but I think it was some quarterly magazine, I am not that familiar with, but look for it, photo shoots were last night, so coming soon, to the area.  Oh, most of you will think that the cafe is named after a peak in  Glacier National Park, not so, it is in the Bear Tooth Mountains, between Montana and Wyoming!

The is run by a mother and daughter team, using old family recipes, like grandma's syrup, yummy, french dip, with amazing dip, homemade, as is everything there  . . . I am a french dip expert, having tasted them from around the nation, and our local Grill, is the best!  Everything is fresh cut, like their french fries, and sauces, from chipolte to ranch, honey mustard, to mixing your own, for Utah fry sauce.  This is a family style restaurant, that you can kick back and be yourself, while enjoying awesome food.  

I asked the daughter, who seemed very concern, knowing I was back for the 3rd or 4th time for the french dip, that she had made the dip, a bit different, so it might not be as good, really, it could not have been better.  I asked her if she was a trained chef, embarrassed and a bit unsure of how good her cooking was, with mama's cooking school, being the producer, and she said, she hadn't even cooked, I think, until they opened the Granite Peak Grill.  

That really impresses me, since I am not the greatest cook, my kids are all great, due to a mother that can truly state, that the only thing domestic about me, is I used to live in a house!  The good old boys in the government took care of that, with a little help from a female judge I took off the federal district court bench, the chief justice--my house was pay back!  And that was a bitch . . .

Contact Info

Phone: 406.755.1709; 1111 Highway 2 West, Kalispell, MT.; Westbrook Square!  Next to Sears!  I didn't know we had one, so thanks.  Dine in, call ahead & drive up, Gluten Free & Vegan Options., Like us on Facebook!

I almost forgot to mention, they use all or most, if they can get it, locally owned business products, like: Redneck Meats: linked or patty sausage; Lower Valley Meats; Wheat Montana; Ceres Bakery: hoagie and hamburger buns; Rae Rae Gluten Free: white buns; Kalispell Kreamery--sorry if I am slaughtering your names, or products, I was in a hurry, and pushed for info.  Oh, and we can't forget, Mama Mae's jams and syrups--if you need sweet and salty combo's, this is the syrup for you, I was so full, after the meal, I could barely have room to taste the syrup, but excellent.

Resurrected Blessings--Another Local Treasure

While waiting for the bus, the other day, on 9th and Center, just across the street, a guy was setting up shop for a day, and he caught my eye.  I had about an hour, I discovered, before I had to catch a bus.  I have driven past this unique store, in what I would refer to as an adapted Quonset hut, military issue--I lived in one, in Tuscon, Arizona, while my husband was getting his master's degree, along with my two daughters at the time, so I think that is what it is, but much larger, than our $43 per month home, in what looked like a Vietnamese Village, with dirt streets, what we won't do to get an education.

But, I didn't think the place had too much curb appeal, much like myself, however, when I walked inside, my jaw dropped--this is my kind of store!  Eye candy every where, unique furniture, that appears to be from older couples, estate sales, with stuff that hasn't been sat on!  Brass beds, lamps, chairs, ottomans, nick knacks, gallor, fun, fun, fun.  I am not giving them justice, but go check it out for yourself, I would have to write a book on the place, loved it.  I love to decorate, like a work of art, picking each piece, one by one . . . great taste, and fun, nostalgic, and they serve free lunch every Friday!  Yesterday, it was chili.  They also have an espresso bar . . . totally cool women that work there, go for many reasons!

Have a Blessed Sunday, Keep it Holy, So God Will Bless America!


Writer's Works Are Protected Under U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8

I just don't get what is going on with the feds, cops, prosecutors and judges, other than, they are just blatantly trying to get rid of the Constitution.  Why, because one female attorney, me, has and can control a whole nation of them, through constitutional protections, or statutes that protect me and the citizens of the good old, U.S. of A.  And these power hungry lunatics, who are out numbered by the PEOPLE, at least 1,000 to one, are basically, insane if they think, we are going to lay down and let them pull the wool over our eyes, kind of like the Emperor & His New Clothes--we all see them for what they are treasonous bastards, trying to change the form of government, the basic document, from the Constitution, to the Patriot Act, that is the most, unlawful, unconstitutional, illegal piece of shit law ever created!

The Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, and Idaho, militias, acting as one army, are a powder keg just waiting to light that flame--this morning, the government or their agents, crossed a line with me, a constitutional violation that is so deep and dear to me, as the mother of bass guitarist, Elliot Secrist, who's works are protected under the document, that is a deal breaker with me and the current government--you just fucking, don't steal the creations, inventions, and writings of anyone!  Especially, my son's--with me, I choose to continue the battle, as stated in, Article II, Section 8, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States!  To the death, for that matter . . . 

Documentation of Whereabouts at All Time--Get the Real Stuff--It's Better in the Band, and Better in the Writings--BOTH PROTECTED UNDER COPYRIGHT LAWS!

Oh, just to document my whereabouts at all time, for protection, I am sitting at the McDonald's on Highway 2, or at some point, Idaho, in Montana, and I am currently, living at the Samaritan House, a homeless shelter--very nice one, clean, great food, and friendly staff, due to the fact, that if dots are connected, my former landlord, David, who's sister is a former, Flathead County Sheriff, reneged on a dinner invitation, but saw where we were going, before, making us back track, to take him home--after dinner, for no apparent reason, as we walked out of the restaurant, there were cops, marked and unmarked vehicles, crawling all over the place--no disturbance, no accident, or ticket situation, cops surrounding the building.

I finally made an appearance, the constitutional law attorney, from hell, for those who are acting under color of law, as is Justice Court Judge Tina Gordon, who is a wolf in sheep's clothing, mentions the Constitution and rights, then turns around a denies all of them.  I had written a blog, that was blocked, then did another on--the Ted Nyugent one, that got through, without her name; my suspicious, as it was that day, is that the normal court staff, including the judge and the bail bondsman, were undercover agents, CIA, rather than the locals.

Friday, February 21, 2014


You Break It, You Buy It!

The other day, just before Valentine's Day, while shopping with Roger, an ex-roommate, I saw red shirt with a silver, sparkly heart, with a big, jagged break, down the middle of the heart, with the words, You Break It, You Buy It . . . pangs of guilty, of Valentine's Days, passed, present, and probably future, unless I learn to love better, which is my goal this year.  However, you know the saying: Those who can't do, teach!  That seems to ring true in my case.  Now, I would like to blame that on my dad, but get serious, I am 59 years old, and haven't lived under his roof, since about age 18--no scapegoat there . . ., one of my former, ex-husbands, maybe?  The only problems, is they have since moved on, and seem happily married, for years.

I met the enemy, and the enemy is me.  If I reduce my romances to the lowest common denominator, I am at the bottom of all 4 of them, and 10's of guys, whom I have tortured over the years--there is no escaping it--I have commitment issues, gaming issues, insensitivity issues--and some deep dark issues, neither me or of my lovers have failed to identified.

He Replaced Our Wedding Certificate, With The Cat Woman Symbol  

My most recent husband, although international government of mystery, code name, Frank, used to call me on my way to Washington, D.C. to be sworn into the U.S. Supreme Court, the run-away bride, for damned good reason, but I do think I could have done better, would call me up to 11 times, and say, this is your husband, Allan Rex Bess--to remind me he existed, only long enough for me to hang up on, or until I would give my phone to some young gas station attendant to ditch, so he couldn't track me,

Upon my return, he greeted me at the back door of our home, I rarely saw, and he would, with tears in his eye, tell me had cried and prayed for me . . . I would respond, sure he was either a government paid actor, or trained liars, the CIA, and say . . . yeah, yeah, yeah, and the Oscars are coming.  Brutal in its, own right, but, most likely true; however, I do think when all things are stripped down to the man and the woman, with the aid of the FBI, dating game--we really did love each other.

As were the other FBI match players--but the big brother involvement drove me insane enough, to cut off my nose, to spite  my face.  The flip side of this is that fact that the line between love and hate is very thin, and easily crossed.  So, rather than experience the richness of their love, experience, and involvement in my life, understanding of my dossier, I chose, to game, beat them at their own game, instead of experience possible, true love at an equal level--I guess I would rather be right than happy . . . and that is still true, to be honest.

A Sadistic Cure For Those Nagging Heart Pains

One, night, during my first year of law school, and just recently divorced, only one out of my 6 roommates had a lover for Valentine's Day--she was a chemistry student, engaged to another chemistry student, and they were both into video games, like Dungeons & Dragons, plus they shared a missionary experience, for the Mormon Church, to Brazil, or somewhere down in South America--they are all as unfamiliar to me as the other country, so, I apologize for my lack of geographical background, for not listening in 9th grade.  

So, given her happy, engaged state, Angela, seemed an unlikely candidate, to further, the ritualistic voodoo, type S & M, type, symbolic, burning at the stake of all former boyfriends, husbands, and guys who had spurned, or jilted us, in our activities of that Valentine's Day, fun, to rid ourselves, of heart-ache, and former, wrongs.  But, whatever we did that night, worked, and should be marketed, as a remedy, or at least passed on to generations of the female and male sex, for I don't think, the Post-Mortem, God's of Valentine's Day, really care, they are just there to vindicate tort or wrongful acts, that tarnish and taint, that sacred day, to celebrate love . . .

Now, what one girl would do alone, to an ex-lover, is way worse, when she gets, re-enforced broken hearts, living in the same house--kind of like, women who live together, tend to go through their monthly cycles, at the same time, so batten down the hatches, a tornado of fun, laughter, healing, crying in some instances, but short lived, joined in this Valentine's Day glory, that cleared our slates, to enjoy lovers that might come in the future, instead of living in the past.  Here is how the night proceeded and escalated . . .

Stage One--Shakespeare's Dark Love Sonnet Hanging on the Front Door

I love Shakespeare, so I was shocked to come home, after going for a run around, the BYU campus, instead of getting ready for a date . . . I don't know if I was more jealous of Angela, or she was jealous of my, continued state of freedom, as she started to prepare for that time in a woman's life, when she looses, her last name, so no high school friend can ever find her again, or preparing for pregnancy, which is like getting on train, without stops, until your body is completely ruined, and has no semblance of its former glory days, or it could be that scriptural advice to honor a man, obey someone, you see as less intelligent, but none the less, you take temple vows, to agree to that, or just what it was that led her to hang the dark sonnet, but it immediately touched a sinister, mischievous, and playful side in me.

Angela, got even worse, after our conversation, laughing, joking, and sarcasm between two minds, driven by logic, thought, and rational decisions, not raw emotions, like most women; but I got out of the shower, just as Angela, pulled a heart shaped cake out of the oven, and to my delight, not to ruin the mood, or our dark pre-shower, conversation about love, maybe, she renewed my faith in her as a woman of thought, rather than heart, and she wrote the words, I Used to Love You . . . on the cake, rather than, the same old, boring, I Love You . . . which would have destroyed the mood, tone, theme, and epiphany of the evening--hell, hath no fury, like the wrath of a woman scorned!  

The tempest was brewing, as the other Valentine's vamps, started to arrive home, to the festive mood in the house!  Tales of Valentine Horror Stories, started to drip, like blood, from the fangs, of our vengeful mouths, each trying to top the other roommate's story, in all the bloody,, gory, details, of love gone bad.  Embellished, bolstered testimony painted and ugly portrait of each boyfriend, husband, and date, to the level of the not three, but 5 plus witches, sing, songs of boiling troubles, over a V-8 can, filed with fire, rather than boiling over a black witches cauldron, bubbling with frogs, toads, worms, roots, and berries, in a dark patch of poison.

We Made A Warlock's List of Evil Doers

The girl's club, decided to rid ourselves of everything that even reminded us of a love interest, and between the 5 of us, I think this was Angela's only man, she had always been to smart, to meddle in such trivial stuff that consisted of things of the heart.  Her only interest in a husband, is she couldn't get into the highest level of the Mormon, Celestial Kingdom of Heaven, an eternal spouse was, merely a necessity, so she obeyed, and complied, reluctantly.  I had already opted out of that highest level, and decided, that if I must submit to an inferior, I would rather reign in hell, than serve in Heaven!

I saw a bumper sticker, when I was on the fast track to the lowest level of the lowest, Mormon Hell, the Telestial Kingdom, in the process of leaving my 3rd inferior male partner, it read, Heaven Rejected Her & Hell Didn't Want Her Either--that is the equivalent of being cast into outer darkness as a, usually, son of perdition, for women were not mentioned, as usual, but, as in other areas of my life, I was willing to compete in a man's world, or degree of non-glory.

The law is still a gentleman's profession; however, when you get a great woman lawyer, she is far more devious and brutal than any man--that Biblical wrath of a woman, not willing to lose, no matter what the cost!  We are American girls, making it in our daddy's world . . . unstoppable!  Woman can multi-task, so we take a man off guard, meeting on the battlefield, because they always underestimate us, due to the fact that we have tits and ass . . . with their guard down, we go in for the kill . . .

Toilet Paper Dolls of the Worst Offenders, to be BURNED AT THE STAKE

After the list was complete, someone suggested the most gruesome and dastardly demise to the men, who had violated the Valentine's Day Code of Honor, no death in effigy was too bad for these broken heart bandits, bastards, and pulmonary batterers.  Mike, Bob, Richard, Stan, Randy, Calvin--some of us had a tie, by two guys, as the worse man in our lives; therefore, some of us made two dolls, to be burned.  We looked around the dirty sinks, counters, and finally found a discarded V8 can, that seemed to scream to us, that, these mini-toilet papers man dolls, could find a sure death, in this 10 inch can.  Raised eyebrows, smile, agreement!

The tools of torture, were being lined up, can, matches, knives, to lift the bodies into the fiery inferno, reminiscent of Dante's Inferno or Hell . . . lights, camera, action.  The mid-evil rite of passage, into a lover's graveyard, was taking form and substance, and captured on film, to last for time and all eternity, the designated calendar, for a Mormon wedding, that we had been cheated out of, so justification and vindication for past wrongs, alleged wrongs, and perceived wrongs!  Let the burning begin!

Cackles, Howls, Screams, Laughter, Tears, Joy, Relief

Shear joy, release, wonder, memories, feelings and emotions, connected to these men, their arms, lips, faces, bodies, smells, hair, looks, smiles, words, and all that had made us love them in the first place, started to vanish, hearts mend, release, freedom, replaced the heart aches, the pain, the broken promises, the lies, the cheaters, the manipulations, the control over our hearts, melted away--a clean emotionally healthy heart, was almost palpable.  And a much welcome emotional reaction.

I was listening to love songs on my computer, my mobile home entertainment system, that brings me hours of listening and viewing magic, on lonely nights, looking for the next heart break, or love . . . but a song came on, the title, Men Cry Too . . . I don't think I have maybe ever looked at it much from their perspective, until living with three guys, and listening and counseling them and their friends, in the reverse problems, of female offenders of the heart.  They do cry too, hurt, feel, and want . . . so that is about as much sympathy as I can muster right now--more than usual, for this woman, who's fantasy is the Amazon Queen, who leads a clan of women, on a deserted island, far from the temptations of men, and all their stupid ways, until one day, the men come to conquer the female warriors, leaving the Queen and the King, battling to the death, until he slices her arm with a near deadly blow, and as she faints, he catches her in his larger, stronger, arms, and takes her home . . . I have blocked any memory of the rest of the story from my mind--I don't handle defeat well!

6 Pajama Clad College Girls, Read the Dark Sonnet, Threw the Ashes Off a Cliff

Angela, was with us to the end--she had the car, large enough to fit all of us, so in slippers, jamies and robes, we piled in the car, careful, not to let the ashes of those lovers, going to their death, and to be buried forever, never to rob another minute of our lives, hearts, and mind again, with thoughts of possible reunions, rendezvous, or rematches, to hurt us again.  We climbed, laughed, sang, slipped, and trudged up the hill, in a foot of deep snow.  The moon, was glistening on the sparkling snow, pure, clean, and as virgin as our new hearts.

And of course, Angela, go figure, read the Shakespearean tragedy he wrote about in his dark, appropriate, sonnet, on love, no longer, honored, recognized and put to rest.  We then threw the ashes of our lovers over the cliff.  I never thought of Mike, a former classmate at Weber State College, English, Communications, then law, again for 20 years!  He had been an intense, 5 year, emotional affair, that I had begged God to remove, but it never happened, until that night!

I was shocked, several months ago, when he cropped up from the tomb, exhumed, to haunt three dreams, right out of the blue, from some unresolved deep, dark, recess of my subconscious mind . . . who was he to me, why was I willing to risk so much for him, for someone I never kissed, never did more than compete with--my form of love?  Whatever . . .

Love Better, Smarter, Harder, More Passionate