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Cedar City--City of Bones--Bedrock of Corruption

As God's Revolver, sings, Iron Fuck, in harmony, this rust will never rest now . . . this rust will never rust now . . . and Maraloka, in an amped up, adrenaline rushed, these dogs are turning on me . . . my mind goes to Iron County, Utah, starting with the Mountain Meadow Massacre, where the Cedar City, Mormon High Council, blamed the Indians for the killing of 168 pioneers, traveling to California for the gold rush, through southern Utah, in the early days of Utah, allegedly bragging about having the revolver that killed, Joseph Smith, first prophet of the Mormon Church, led by Brigham Young to the Salt Lake Valley, to seek religious asylum for their strange beliefs in polygamy, swing voting practices, and discriminatory business practices, dealing only with Mormons, in Missouri,  Utah, a mecca of their own . . .

Find the truth or die trying . . . to the most corrupt county in the nation, three years ago, as ranked by the national press, at the same time, I sued Iron County, cops, narcotics task force, county attorney, Division of Child and Family Services, judges, etc., for $56.7 million, for violating my 3 clients' statutory and constitutional rights under the federal and state constitutions.  That same year, I referred to Cedar, the place my father grew up, met my mother, who taught school, and visited my grandmother and grandfather, spending my summer days hanging out at the Adam's, Shakespearean Festival, as the City of Bones, 2 bodies were found that day, in unmarked graves, in the Veteran's Memorial Cemetery--one skeleton the size of a female and one the size of a male.

Collective Memory, DNA and an Oath to Secrecy Runs Deep in the Community

Worship of pioneer ancestors, family dynasties, insiders trading, buying, favoritism, deals, contracts, with business given to Mormons, like Nakken of Parkway, Ford, now with a monopoly on car dealerships, and towing companies, with cops giving 70% of the good business to the Mormon, stake president, rather than following the rotation, demanded by law and fair practice, eliminating 10 non-Mormon towers from the market, with the help of the cops, who directed away from the 10 to the 1, covered sins and crimes, riddle this small southern Utah community, from the inception of the settlement, to now.  

I heard of the plight of my three plaintiffs in Iron County, through, David Doddridge, who would most likely state, that baby sister, Rachel Southwick, Hickey, now Moosman, is attorney, JoAnn S. Secrist, after she trained for a position to be one of Dave's, Charlie's Angels, private investigator team of busty women, fake was fine, wearing low cut blouses and shirts, tight pants, distracting male prosecutors and cops alike, during the Beryl, Utah, Nelson Murder Trial, to cover their inadequacy as investigators, lacking the training or experience, or intellectual curiosity, to prove anything other than T & A sell!

History and Contextual Framework for Corruption

Dixie Leavitt Family & Legislative Dynasty in Utah

After the pioneers settled, Dixie Leavitt, of Leavitt Insurance Co., father of Governor Mike Leavitt, was a former Utah state legislator for 50 years, also a friend of my father, a local boy, along with Bradshaw Motors and Auto Parts.  Now, older sister, Shelley Southwick Anderson Yeman ?, was born in the same hospital as Mikey Leavitt, on the same day--so connection from birth on . . . that lead back to being appointed Director of Health & Human Services, under the Bush Administration.

Scott Burns, Bush's Drug Czar

Another Cedar City boy made big, was County Attorney, Scott Burns, a local judge's son, and former member of the Utah Prosecution Council, Criminal Enforcement Division, Utah Attorney Generals Office, with me, as one of the 13 county attorneys from around the state.  After I killed, cop and prosecutor's legislation on asset forfeiture, which spread to 27 states by way of ballot initiatives, and a sour spot for prosecutors and cops, both locally, statewide, and nationally, with Scott being appointed President Bush's, Drug Czar.  Tag team with Senator Hatch, Scott's mentor, and you have the national scene covered.  Stage set for payback time!

4 Garrett Brothers

Then you have the Garrett Brothers, who currently control Cedar City, or Iron County, with bigger aspirations . . . Scott Garrett, is the Iron County Attorney, who gets to pronounce or determine if a dead person got that way, by murder or suicide, with many called a suicide, that were murders, with another brother, the coroner, who rubber stamps attorney brother on the cause of death; another Garrett brother, is over the Foster Care and Adoption, in the Division of Child and Family Services--with 95% of the women, Scott and gang charge with crimes will plead to anything, or they will get their kids taken away.  And that is not the where it stops, another brother is the high school, principle, over all the juveniles in the town and county.  Nice power structure and dynasty!

State Level Corruption, Collusion, Bribes, Cases, Family Members, Insiders

Then you go to the Brock, Rice, Herbert, Shurtleff team, along with the Department of Commerce, Division of Securities--daddy Southwick is in the same Mormon ward with Henry S. Brock, he also knows Jay Rice's father, Bob Rice, half contributor of the money to build the Rice/Eccles Football Stadium, U of U.  Add, daddy's little girl and first born, heir to the throne, Shelley, who worked with daddy from the time she was in junior high, lived with mom and dad Southwick for 7 years, with her children just being an extention of the extended Southwick family.

Sister Shelley, Government Rat, Informant--Shoe in Double, Deal & Steal!

Not to mention the fact that Shelley, ratted out her ex-husband, David Yeman, and her boss, Alan Wolfson, also a local mafia figure, to save her own ass, with daddy Southwick being targeted by the state securities division 5 separate times, may have cut a deal there too.  Nice feather in the Division's hat, with Shelley knowing all the key players in the Department and Division, who sister JoAnn sued for $357 million!  So the natural sister, to step in as JoAnn's double, to sign the back door deal between Brock and Rice, and the state, to settle the suit without attorney, JoAnn, involved, leaving monies for contingency fees, in sister's hands, to donate to Mitt Romney's campaign, with brother-in-law, Kevin Schmidt, a Mormon Bishop, in Mitt's, Mormon Stake.

Cheated Out of Famous Cases--Covered by New York Investment News, Harvard Law Journal, Denver Legal Review, Newspapers Nationwide, Million Hits on Internet--Worked for $20 per hour, until the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, then $60 per hour, Single Handed, Took to U.S. Supreme Court, Jailed, Released to Finish the Case, Stiffed Again!

Everyone but the attorney who made the case famous, was rewarded and cut deals!  Even the now, Director of the Department of Commerce, over the Securities Division, Tracy Gunnarson, former, assistant attorney general, over the real estate division, with Rice, and Brock, no longer wanting their securities licenses, and Rice wanting his real estate license that was being denied by Tracy--Francine Giani, former director, and defendant in the securities case, retires, with a nice bonus, and Tracy gets a promotion.  Shelley knew Mark Griffith, former director, Gianni, and Shurtleff, who asked Shelley to set up the Children's Justice Center in Logan, where she hooked up with BACA, Hell's Angels, and other bikers, who also played a role, in this travesty of justice, and identity theft.  

The Rest of the Crew--Plus 5 Jilted Lovers--All Feds!

Add former, best friend, and attorney Kay Burningham, who got fired during the first trial I watched her in, couldn't handle an anger management seminar presentation for me, and basically an ambulance chaser--probably acting my part in some attorneys general office, Brett Todd Stuart/Stewart--former husband, claiming to still be married to JoAnn, or me, but with Kay, also the one who heard how good Elliot played the guitar, 350,000 hits, just jamming in his bedroom, thus Zeke's Upstairs Theater; Kelly Ann Booth, who allegedly is the grand-daughter of, none other than Mormon Church President, Thomas S. Monson, who stole the Cheek et al v. Garrett et al case, the Lamoreaux case, with a deals that led up to the Utah State Bar Association, making a law degree and bar entrance cheap, by allowing non-attorneys to practice law; federal courts, with Ted Stewart over both cases, as chief justice in the U.S. District of Utah; plus, former President of the Senate, Michael Waddoups, brother of U.S. Magistrate at the time of the termination of the Brock et al, v. Herbert et al, case . . . after a default by the Litigation Division, and two outside law firms, that should have ended the case, with me winning the jurisdictional arguments, raised by the Magistrate, not the attorneys!!!!!!

Elliot Was Every One's Baby--Except His Mother's, Everyone Wanted to Claim Him as Theirs--But I Was the One Who Gave Birth, Raised a Cool Kids, Drove Him, Isaac, and Tyler, 300 miles per week end, for 3 years--little if any help from other parents!  Most claiming parenthood, never knew him, until God's Revolver fame, as Hard Rock Band of 2008, the Year They--Mormons, Mobsters, and Men In Black, Stole the Music, gave it to an Insider Band!

Then you add the band, with Isaac Anderson, being in Purification and the early, Maraloka, neither one going big, but trace the Red Jesus, bass guitarist, Elliot Taylor Secrist, and you will see the success, in first Parallax, God's Revolver, and now Maraloka--Isaac used to be the singer for the band, but he had to go on tour with Underground Revolver or Revisit the Alamo, the fake bands, stealing the music, marketed around the world, underground through the network marketing gurus of the world, the Mormon Church with a force of 60,000 missionaries to carry the cross and promote the music, not to mention, the CIA, FBI, and NSA--70% Mormon, with daddy Southwick, being a former, OSI officer, Office of Strategic Intelligence, the precursor to the CIA!  Now, Amateurs Like Champions, stealing Maraloka music, in Dodge Dart Commercial!

La Familia--Only Secrist to Avoid Family Wrath, was Nicole Secrist Mayor, Within the Mormon Church Structure and a Staunch Republican!

Not to mention the fact that Sue Schmidt, was connected to the Berkley School of Music in Boston, through contacts in their Mormon Church Ward or Stake in Massachusetts!  Elliot got accepted, mom got cases that were to pay for tuition stolen, then auntie Sue, bitch ass relief society president from hell, jealous wanna be attorney, as with Shelley, Rachel, Dad, etc., getting Isaac in the school, taking Elliot's place!  All jealous, envious, and connected to Mormon power sources, that hated sister, JoAnn, with Sue telling daughter, Greta, after Mom, JoAnn, had been diagnosed with a terminal brain injury, a death sentence, most likely a concoction of poisonous African tree frog gum, by biologist sister, Shelley, who has been trying to steal my identity for 13 years, with credit cards out in my name, but in her hands, plus I.D., Driver's License, Bar Card, (or Rachel's hands) and all . . . that the family had been praying for this for years!

Father Who Wanted to Be Attorney--Pissed as Hell at Daughter's Recovery and Reactivation Back into the Practice of Law, After Death Sentence, with No Cure!

The Patriarch, when I got my law license screamed and yelled at me . . . most fathers, who haven't let another more favored, or daughter that threatens him less, would be happy that a near dead daughter, costing her 9 years of her life, would celebrate . . . not BAD GRANDPA!!!!!  Mafia hits, cop hits, tracking, harassing, theft, nothing beyond this father!

Son Chris and his Wife, Katerina, Both Accused of Child Molesting--Case Dropped the Day Before Trial, Repeated Against Kat--Word for Word Charges, Got Her Child, She Had Custody of, From a Former Husband, Who Beat Her, and Grandpa that is a Pedophile--But Both Are Mormons, Given Custody, After Kat Winning the Case!  Now the Judge is Ordering Attorney's Fees, Against the Winners, Rather than the Losers & She Never Got Her Son Back!

Access, access, access, power, power, power . . . Mitt Romney, scream, fought like hell to take down! Absolute power, corrupts absolutely!


Secret Service, Quest Speaker at Flathead County Republican Pachyderm Meeting--How Do You Know the Difference Between Hackers & the NSA?

Very interesting presentation by a member of the secret service, with mainly two responsibilities: (2) protecting the President and heads of state from foreign countries at large events, like the Olympics, coming up in Sochi, Russia; and (2) combat counterfeit currency issues, like I.D. theft, back, credit card, electronic transfer fraud, point of sales terminal breaches, like just took place with Target, and locally Roseares (sp?).

The secret service was founded in 1865, signed by President Lincoln, into law, the very day he was shot at the Ford Theatre!  In 1901, after President McKinnley was shot, it became the full time job to protect the presidents and their families, through coordination with the FBI, FEMA, etc.  Therefore, the secret service has a dual role, that of protection and a criminal investigative function. 

It was a very interesting presentation, and informative; however, when I asked the question, about notes popping up on my computer, that tell me, I have just logged off from a remote location, when I haven't even attempted to log off, but I have finished my blog for the day, is that a hacker or the ever invasive NSA? I knew this would put the agent in a precarious situation, due to the fact that he works with the agencies that work with the NSA, like the FBI mainly, but FEMA also.  So, I understand his evasive answer--it's complicated!  

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman of the U.S. District Court in Chicago told Prosecutors to Turn Over Application Materials for a Warrant from a Federal Surveillance Intelligence Court--A DEFENDANT'S OPPORTUNITY TO REVIEW EVIDENCE IS A FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT!  KUDOS JUDGE!  AND THE SENATOR!

As the top U.S intelligence official lashed out Wednesday, the same day Judge Johnson Coleman, handed down her decision, at former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, telling U.S. senators that Mr. Snowden's leaks of surveillance documents have made the nations less safe and called for the return f the stolen information.

But the attack was countered by Sen. Ron Wyden (D. Ore.), who said that years of misleading and deceptive statements about U.S. surveillance programs by senior officials had undermined the trust of the American public!  Kudos to you too, Senator Wyden--it is about time, our leaders, who have all taken oaths of allegiance to the United States Constitution, to uphold, protect and defends, started stepping up to the plate, putting their names and commitment on the record, for the rest of the country elected officials, and judges, not to mention, cops, prosecutors, military personnel, and others to turn from the Patriot Act, that is the exact opposite of the Constitution and simply say, NO!

The FISC is just rubber stamping whatever the FBI asks for by way of meta warrants--giving the Federal Bureau of Investigation, cart blanche power to do whatever they want, UP TO AND INCLUDING WRITING THEIR OWN WARRANTS, IF THEY EVEN BOTHER TO GET ONE--even if it violates citizens, basic, precious, and inalienable civil rights.  Not only No, but HELL NO!

We the PEOPLE, Give Way Too Much Credibility to Law Enforcement--Use Critical Thinking, Not Blind Obedience!  Case in Point, Sheriff Trout & Cover-Up

Thank heavens for freedom of the press and freedom of speech, MSNBC's, Rachel Maddow, reported, yet another story, about the Jersey Boys and Girls, tied back to none other than the guy who stepped down, over the port authority, who shut down the bridges in New Jersey, for political reasons, with connections going right up the chain of command to Governor Christie!

There is an organization in New Jersey that dates back to the late 1800's, with authority, that is basically, above the law, answer to nobody, with little more than the responsibility of being cat & dog cops; however they are packing not only heat, but AK 47 machine guns, where para-military garb, and basically do what they want, with no up line, so to say--and yet appear to be protected by the Governor, assistant attorney generals, owed political favors, enough to get a whole prosecutor's office fired!

The government acronym is something like CSPA, not sure what that stands for, but, they are powerful.  The prosecutor who is now suing the state, went after the newly elected, Sheriff Trout, a female, who hired many of the cat & dog cops, without doing background checks, many who had been fired from other agencies, yet all connected through that organization; although in another county from the sheriff.

The prosecutors investigating the Sheriff and her hench men, former C & D cops, called a grand jury, a constitutionally created jury, to look at evident, and determine if there is enough evidence to proceed to charge the elected official and those connected with her.  The grand jury, found that there was sufficient evidence to prosecute.  However, once the prosecutors filed charges, they were fired, told that the new Sheriff was connected politically, and had contributed to Christie's re-election campaign, seemed un-moved by the allegations, only to  have the entire prosecutor's office, dismissed, with Christie appointed state attorney general, stepping in to take over the investigation--charges were dismissed for lack of evidence!

Utah Attorney General, John Swallow, Resigned December 3, 2013, Less Than a Year After Taking Office--Shurtleff, Former AG, Dirty Too!

Late October, early November, I was, basically on the run, as usual, in this profession called, being a constitutional law attorney, who goes after dirty cops, prosecutors, and judges, among other entities who violate people's statutorily and constitutionally protected rights, among them the Department of Justice, Homeland Security, ICE, or Immigration & Customs Enforcement, Utah National Guard, Iron County, states of Utah, Nevada, California Correctional System, to name of few--dangerous profession, especially under the Patriot Act, which did away with all your constitutional rights, if you cross them with their mantra being: do whatever it takes, without exception and limits, and that includes murder--went in the Missoula City Library, and was starred in the face, as I entered the periodical and newspaper section of the 2nd floor, to find a Salt Lake Tribune, with the headlines, something like, FBI Drops Prob Against Swallow or AG . . .

My usual reaction, to something I have first hand knowledge, having met with both Shurtleff and Swallow, and contacted by Tim Lawson, Republican candidate for governor in 2000, at the same time Shurtleff ran, asked me to run his campaign, only after asking me if I was running for attorney general, his completion, Frank Mylar, also asked me to run his campaign, and later sued the state of Utah, and Shurtleff, in the Brock et al, v. Herbert et al, securities case, to participate in a scheme, much the same as Jeremy Johnson, targeted by the Federal Trade Commission, for alleged fraud, was offered to help with his federal investigation, going all the way up to Senator Harry Reid, is to jump in and write about my experience, that would substantiate Johnson's claims, having been brought by him down from Montana, a year ago, July to help with his case.

Stranger Approached Me Sitting On the Grass in Salt Lake, After Johnson Brought Me Down From Montana--He told me, whatever I was doing against the feds, was wrong, and if I didn't drop it, they would lock me in prison forever.  When I responded, if they are dirty, I will go after them--he told me, THEN, they would KILL ME!

Thursday, January 30, 2014


One Beer in Utah, is Too Much--Defense Attorneys Scramble to Win a DUI Case in Front of a Utah Jury

From the pioneer settlement in the Salt Lake Valley, 1847, when the second prophet of the young Mormon Church, Brigham Young, said This is the place . . . Another Secrist child, Greta Secrist Hyland, former Navy Intelligence and Navy Hall of Famer, and her husband, Dallas Todd Hyland, and resident non-Mormon, sent by God to rock southern Utah Mormons, through his journalism, booming, Navy SEAL voice, expelled from Dixie State College, after exposing or seeking to expose misappropriation of funds by the administration, just like his brother-in-law, bass guitarist, Elliot Secrist, who's band, God's Revolver, blasted back to the historic and famous, in Utah, words of the former Prophet, designating Utah as the place, by responding, This is the place, WHAT?  Fuck, this is the place? NO, this is a place, putting Utah in its place as an inseparable part of the Union, or the United States. 

This cannot be a theocracy, or a church run state, which it was, since Brigham Young days, to now, when the Utah Legislature's answer to the condition for statehood, by the United States, to ban one of the "twin relics of barbarism, slavery and polygamy" acting extra-constitutionally, just erased the section of the Utah Constitution, that made polygamy "forbidden forever", has been, and still is, at theocracy--that is no more prevalent than in the laws controlling beer and alcohol in the state of Utah.

Consider the Source a Tee Toddler, Who Didn't Even Know What Three Point Two Meant--Roommate, Meryl Told Me it was Near-Beer

Now, I handled 270 DUI cases for the state of Utah, as an assistant attorney general, over the Driver's License Division of the Utah Attorney Generals Office, back in about 1997, but raised as a Mormon, a BYU law graduate, and someone who had never tasted, wine, beer, coffee, or the likes, I know what the driving limit for alcohol is, 0.8, but I had no idea what my daughter's film project, Three Point Two, represented or indicated, or even made reference to anything connected to drinking.

From bizarre laws, like you can't serve beer before you serve the food ordered, and the waitress has to carry your beer, if you go from one table to the next, and you can only get 3.2 beer from taps in Utah; friends told me you can get 5.0 or 6.0 from taps in Montana?  To a limited number of liqour license allowed by the Utah Legislature, taking thriving, cool restaurants, like the Red Dog, that closed up in Dameron Valley, where Greta and Dallas live, said a permit to sell beer was imperative to their survival with tourists to Zions National Park, and a growing diverse population in southern Utah, to the St. George, Iron Man, allegedly going from a full event, to a half event, due to no night life, or alcohol limitations!

It's Not About Getting Drunk, It is About Breaking Bread & Sharing A Good Drink with Friends!

I do know that both Greta and Dallas, have expressed frustration with the laws in Utah, the lack of drinking establishments, having to make trips to Mesquite, Nevada for a variety of beer, and also, that in the last few years, she reconnected with a former, Orem High School, Tiger, and current radiologist in St. George, Jeremy, M.D. who introduced her to home brewing of beer, beer tasting parties, and the culinary skills of stocking a winter supply of tasty home brew--sorry, I didn't write down his full name in my notes, on Greta's article in Utah Adventure Journal, the inspiration and brain child for the film project, Three Point Two; Dallas was a film major, at now Dixie State University, which is constantly reminds the local brethren and sisters, that is a label that has get been grown into--just listed in Hillsdale College, Conservative Newsletter, as 4th in the nation for discrimination against students.

I have seen the discrimination against Dallas from day one of his enrollment at the college, starting with a female professor, feeling threatened, when he questioned her grading system on an English paper--Dallas looked like a big lumber jack, but, given his age, I would think his mind was the real threat, to this college that wants to provide an education, that the Mormon founding fathers and mothers experienced back 50 years ago, a Mormon southern Utah, BYU, experience; the problem, this is a state run school, receiving federal funding!

Dallas & Attorney, Filed a Section 1983 Civil Rights Suit Against the College--Kicking Someone out of College, Almost a Senior Film Major, is not Legal, Ethical, Moral, and Clearly Violates His Civil Rights!

I was first hand to the Mormon administrations, lynch mob, that was suppose to be objective on the committee looking at the appeal on Dallas' expulsion from the alleged university.  Fake memos, emails doctored as to dates of reference, bolstered claims of threats; the student body president who asked Dallas to look into the misappropriation of school funds, by the administration, was silenced and not allowed into the hearing to speak in Dallas's behalf!  Other witnesses in his favor were intimidated, and lost job offers due to their possible testimonies for Dallas, and against the college!

I attended two of the hearings, read all the college student manuals, plus the policies and procedures for expulsion from a college in the Utah State Higher Educational System--they didn't follow any of them, tried to reverse, former violations of policy, falling in to a deeper hole, by lying about time tables and what was the offer on the table, retroactive, due process hearings, to show the appearance of compliance with U.S. Constitutional protections.

One, cop, who seemed to have a very vested interest in getting rid of Dallas, even said that the college didn't have to follow due process--well this little, female, constitutional law attorney and member of the United States Supreme Court Bar, says you  have to, and so does your STUDENT MANUAL!  The student manual, clearly lays out a very simple, procedural process, which is what is demanded by the administration for taking or expelling any student from the body of students at the college--the United States Constitution, due process, equal protection, barring any type of discrimination, is in black and white on the first few pages of the manual--I would think, that college administrators, professors, and campus cops, CAN READ!

This Didn't Start Out As A Revenge Blog--But It is NOW!

What happened to Dallas was a disgrace to Utah, the Mormon Culture, the School, the Culture and the United States of America--it is about time that Utah got with the program!  Here is the attitude of the hierarchy, even legally, politically, and power players in Utah--I was up in the state Capitol Building, talking to three Lt. Governor clerks, one of them asked me what kind of law I practiced, and I told them constitutional law, and one of the Mormon bred and raised, clowns, said, Does anyone still believe in that?  Every one of the three stooges, had puzzled looks on their faces--that is why I am in Montana!

Help Dallas & Greta Full Fill Their Dream of Being in the Film Industry--Donation Page, Greta's Article is So Much Better Than I Can Write--And it is FUN!  I am just PISSED!

Okay Mom,
So what I want is to raise funding for our film Three Point Two. The story I wrote about beer in the Utah Adventure Journal was the inspiration behind the film.

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God's Revolver Captures the Essence of a Lover's Triangle

I can't write about the 2nd amendment without thinking of my son's band, God's Revolver.  Along the lines of movies like Tombstone, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Unforgiven, the Outsider, Open Range, Lonesome Dove, and the Outlaw Josey Wells        these twenty somethings, raised in the era of Spider Man, Ninja Turtles, and Power Rangers, successfully, step back into the dusty, dirty, wild west, of frontier justice, where women were few, and men were plenty.

Speculation on the Dead Riders Cause of Death--Best Western

Guitarist,Trey, and his father, by way of reminder, where riding horses up behind the Provo, Utah, Mormon temple, and while riding up in the quacking aspen, come upon a dead rider on a black horse, with a little trickle of blood coming out of his ear.  As the haunting fascination, and mesmerizing questions of what happened to this, I will say young rider, due to the lyrics of the song, Scratch Dealt Me a Dirty Hand, with words like too young, and my mama's son . . . caught the minds and imagination of this band of smart, gifted musicians, who may have been relatively the same age as the dead rider, leaving them to speculate what either might get them killed or something or one that they might kill for, or risk death to save, live to love another day, or kill if a wife, child, love one was taken from them, what the consequences might be.

Going Beyond the Rock Your Ass Music, the Story is Amazing


I haven't read the lyrics, which you can download for free, yet, but I am discovering the brilliance of this music, line by line, precept upon precept, slowly savoring each morsel of skull candy, that resonates from the music, the special effects, and then the lyrics, with unholy themes of cheating, whores, charlatans and cads, or ladies men, undertakers, coffins--Boxes Done Buried, as the undertaker whistles, while you hear the thud of a box or coffin, being dropped six feet under.

This first song, has a flute, or wind pipe of some kind, and the sound of either a water fall, or maybe the rider is in a cave, waking from a nights lodging in a hidden cave, with water--could this be influenced by the Cave of Death, that four of the friends, of the band, and former lead singer of the earlier band, Parallax, may have mysteriously entered the subconscious mind of Trey as he penned the words to the song, with added thoughts of the band members.

At some point, you hear a choir of what sounds like monks, in the background--could this be, what the writer's concept of heaven might be, capturing the light at the end of the tunnel, that so many with near death experiences report?  Or is there a Mormon theological influence, that enters at the point of contact with passing over?


Sounds like the rider, enters a dusty bar, with a jukebox, finds tables with red lipstick on them, and Reid belts out, who's fucking bed are you sleeping in now, where are you sleeping tonight?  The story starts to unfold, motives, opportunity, lover's triangle, possible survival for women in the west, without a chance for training and education, an absentee husband, and no lack of willing lovers, sex is cheap, life it too.

As I looked for this song, not remembering the full name, I discovered the possible fake band, or the cover for the band that stole, God's Revolver's thunder.  I Googled Cantina Blues, leaving out the word poetry, and low and behold, Undercover Revolver pops up, appearing to be some music, associated business, with tons of interviews, to bury GR, slightly change the lyrics or names of the real musicians' songs, and market the music, everywhere, but where the band was isolated, after the theft, in Utah.

There is a strong pattern of unlawful activity, or mob type connections with Glasgow, UK, BC, and Scotland.  I believe they are all part of the money laundering scheme, headquarters for the imitators, with family, mob, Mormon church missionaries, CIA, FBI, NSA (insider's job--70% Mormons), or cops of all levels, who were involved in the conversion of intellectual property.  Not to mention the appearance of Revolver Golden God's Awards, that was created about 2011 or 2012, at the same as God's Revolver's CD came out for Translation Lost, a subsidiary of Sony Records--symbolic in and of itself, lost in translation!


It almost sounds like the gunslinger, or husband, kills his wife too.  I tried to drown my sorrows . . . have you ever felt your loved ones bleed?  Have you ever seen your bride bleed, you took her for your whore, you never knew she had a daughter!  Thought you could hide, thought you could run, thought you could leave those skeletons behind . . . blood bleeding up from the sand, you got what you deserved . . .

The law would consider a man catching his wife with another man, as a crime of passion, which can fall within the realm of temporary insanity, where for that instant in time, your mental capacities are paralyzed, thoughts of rage, hatred, love, hurt, take over, and you, at the moment, don't know right from wrong, clouded by the stronger emotions of jealousy, threat, and passion.

Very smart, very interesting from many perspectives, insight, a man's heart, pride, defense, to the point of killing the object of the pain.  I am not quite sure at this point, if the dead rider is the husband, or the suspect. I would venture a guess that it is the husband . . . dog still at his side, black cowboy hat, still on, still in the saddle, died with his boots on . . . Drown Your Fucking Sorrows, a more raucous version, more powerful, pounding and relentless is the conclusion of the story, and the CD--amazing.

I am an English major, undergrad, before, going to law school, and this has everything a classic in literature would have, mood, tone, characters, setting, epiphany . . . brilliant!  I kind of don't know if these guys even knew what they were doing, how good it really is, and had to grow into the music, the lyrics, feel the pain of love gone bad, death, cheating, etc.  I think they are there, but that doesn't excuse, law enforcement and others from theft of intellectual property, identity theft, and RICO, or organized crime behavior--$$$$$$.


After the blood bath, was there a suicide--try crystal suicide, could this be the husband's only solution to his lose, once he comes out of the passionate explosion, that left his wife dead, his child a motherless and now an orphan.  Here is were some religious training, most of the band members if not all, where raised in the Mormon Church, where not only is murder the ultimate sin, but adultery, and suicide are right there with it.

Most of the music critics were shocked at the fact that these were young Mormon boys, that this music came from Utah, and if they were from England, they would be Radio Head, or some other raunchy, punk, heavy metal band--but they are so much more, they couldn't even classify them western rock, hard rock, heavy metal, with a western theme?  Great stuff.

I am sure, seeing this dead rider, made them question their own mortality, are you ready, I don't think you are ready, for that lone and lonely drive to hell?  Was there introspection on the part of the band members, realizing they are not immortal, death comes to all, and what is it like--it can come at any time.


There songs, the music, the lyrics are not for the faint of heart and mind.  My personal preference for this song, is taking retribution against my nemesis, Iron County, the seen of many crimes against me and my clients.  But that is not what the band had in mind . . . the music drowns the lyrics, so I will have to read them, but I got something like, with only a pound in my hand, stolen had downed the train, held down at the station, this rock will never rest, God dam the sweet test of freedom, this rust will never rest now . . .

Was this dead rider running from the law, did he hold up a train, take money, knowing his freedom what limited now, and this body or this rust would never rest . . . was he worried about the relentless pursuit of justice, the law, vigilante or frontier justice, that was so much a part of the infant years of the wild west.  At the Montana state capital, there is a set of displays, in the foyer of the Attorney Generals Law Library, and it tells of the struggle for justice in Montana, long sought, but also long in coming.

The Bitter Root, is the STATE FLOWER AND A COUNTY, there is a lot of sorrow connected with that that name, the connotations, inferences, and connection to the early days of Montana, and many states int he west, which leads the listener down the primrose path to hell, and into the next song . . .


Not only did the dead rider get dealt a dirty hand, but the band that sang, wrote, penned, and played about the dirty hand got dealt a similar hand.  They should have a hand full of aces and deuces, to win, with this great creation, original, powerful, meaningful, analytical, IF NOT MYSTICAL MUSIC--but apparently some older, connected, enemies, band company, they were hanging with, and were brought to the attention of their mother's enemies, seeking to hurt, take, make up for asset forfeiture money from COPS across the country, saw a cash cow, better than anything they had ever stolen before, GOLDEN GOD'S REVOLVER!

This Music is so HOT, there is even a warning it will fry your computer!  I was willing to risk it--it didn't; just fucking thieves trying to stop the real band again!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Dick Metcalf, Pre-Eminent Gun Journalist Banished

The gospel of guns, is basically the philosophical and ideological strict construction of the United States Constitution that under the 2nd amendment, there should be absolutely no infringement on a citizen's right to bear arms.  However that is only half the story, in the federal system of government with a representative form of Republic, we call America.  

These strict constructionists need to take the analysis a bit further and consider the totality of the state/federal system, with representation factored in, the voice of the people through their representatives, public policy, and politics, or the art of war or compromise.  Dick basically said what was true with a complete constitutionally based argument, that I will take you through step by step right now.

The First 3 Amendments are Addressed to Congress

Constitutional and statutory construction is based on (1) the plain language of the statute or constitution in this case; (2) intent of the founding fathers or legislative body; and (3) the history behind the amendment or what was the driving force behind the thoughts.  You want to take the entire U.S. Constitution, in its totality to get the proper reading, intent and history.

The original Bill of Rights, only contained 10 amendments; therefore, the analysis need only be restricted to those first rights and protections.  The plain language states: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Intent & History Shed Light on Construction of the Plain Language--Check Declaration of Independence

The History of the present King of Great-Britain is a History of repeated Injuries and Usurpation's, all having in direct Object the Establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.  To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid World.  That is the basic objection, and here is a laundry list of some of the facts backing up that declaration: refused to assent to law, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good; he has dissolved representative houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people, altering the fundamentally the forms of our governments., etc.  You would do well to read it.

Tyranny a Fear--Protecting States from Federal Government Tyranny Too

You have two parts to the 2nd amendment, however, both are aimed at protecting the states from any type of tyrannical government, including the one they were just setting up in this new Republic, with both states, and a federal government.  The Civil War was not just about slavery, but also about the war between ideological difference of the northern and southern states, with the north wanting a strong central federal government, with the southern state, wanting to control their own territories, and needing slaves to run their plantations.

So if you look at the first part of the 2nd amendment, it talks about a militia, being necessary for a free and secure state!  Now part of that idea is arming the citizens, to protect against tyranny of any flavor, foreign or domestic.  Any country that disarms its citizens, usually ends up a tyranny, by way of example is Germany. At least if the citizens are armed, there is a balance of power between the states and a strong centralized federal government.

Transition from Congress to Addressing the People

Therefore, if you read the plain language and see where the construction changes, in the 4th, directing guidance to the People, telling them what they are being protecting from and what rights are protected, rather than Congress.  So the first starts with Congress shall not . . . blah, blah, blah, slogging through the first 3, then altering the direction to protections.  

The first 3 amendments, for clarity sake, technically should be read as one paragraph, but to separate the main ideas and things Congress should not have control over, and for identification and ease of use and protections, they are broken down to amendments.  They are all separate issues, but telling Congress they shall not . . .

The States are the Ones Who Control & Legislate the Right to Bear Arms

The first part of the 2nd amendment, again, gives a indication of who, what, why and how the militia is to be maintained.  The National Guard is to be trained and regulated under the United States Military; however, as long as the President doesn't need them, they are to be used to put down rebellions and insurrections within the state they are formed under, see United States Constitution, Article I, Section 8.

In addition to the well regulated militia, there are ad hoc or state militias--in Utah the militia consists of every able bodied man from the age of 18 to 45.  In Montana, it includes all people, makes no distinction between the sexes, but, Montana revised their state constitution in 1972, right around the woman's movement and attempt at passing of the ERA, or Equal Rights Amendment.  I believe Arizona state constitution makes no age distinction.  Now you may argue that is the draft, but the National Guard is not mandatory.

Washington, D.C. or the District Didn't Have A Right to Bear Arms Until the Heller Decision

The District of Columbia, is just that, a district, not a state, therefore, they didn't have the right under the Constitution, to grant or give the citizens a right to bear arms.  But, the U.S. Supreme Court, about 4 years ago, in the Heller case, gave the district the right to bear arms, and the murder rate has dropped significantly.

During Justice Sonia Sotomayor's Senate confirmation hearings in front of the Judiciary Committee, back in early 2009, she was asked if the Heller Decision affected the states, and she said no, the states already have the right to bear arms.  At that time, the NRA withdrew their endorsement of the candidate for the Supremes!  She was right and they were wrong.  See GoArticles, JoAnn S. Secrist, NRA Go To Hell, Sonia Was Right!

Utah Constitution Gives the Legislature the Right To Regulate Guns

I am most familiar with Utah Constitution, but is clearly puts the responsibility to regulate guns in the hands of the legislature, which makes sense, given the fact that it is the states who maintain the militias, and they need guns to protect the states, against Congress or the feds, if they ever get tyrannical, or start to confiscate guns. Last session, the Utah Legislature tried to pass a constitutional carry bill.  It passed both houses, but Governor Herbert, vetoed it, with sheriff's associations in favor, and city cops against it.

Utah Sheriff's Association, just last year, right after President Obama's re-election wrote a letter, stating that their association members would protect their citizens' rights to bear arms with their lives, if necessary. Strong message to the Prez. that is an issue that is worth shedding blood for . . .

States Vary on Gun Issues--And Their Representatives Better Represent the Individual States, or They Will Not Be in Office Long

Montana has open carry laws, Utah has concealed weapons permits, some states recognize concealed weapons permits, others do not.  In Utah, guns are permitted on school grounds, and college campuses--in Montana, they are banned at schools.  New York passed strict gun control laws, followed by Illinois, after the Sandy Hook, school children massacre in Connecticut; however, President Obama and Congress could not get a gun control piece of legislation through.

The school shootings didn't help gun control advocates, but had the opposite affect, they caused a nation to purchase guns at a higher rate then ever before.  So, in retaliation, the feds purchased billions of rounds of ammunition.  You can have your guns, but you don't get to buy bullets.  Then, you have Montana, Wyoming and Utah, trying to pass legislation that any gun, made in their state, and remains in their state, should not be regulated at all by the feds.

In California, you have cops walking down the streets, confiscating guns, in Utah, cops are confiscating guns for minor crimes, domestic and marijuana--I am not sure if that is to keep the guns for themselves, or to take them away, and disarm the citizens.  There are facts to support both.  This is a state by state issue, due to the 9th and 10th amendments, all rights not expressly reserved for the People, are still retained by the people, like the right to privacy.

9th & 10th Amendments, In Conjunction with Article I, Give States the Power, and Deny Congress the Power to Regulate Guns

10th amendment, basically says, that any power not expressly given to the feds by the states, is reserved for the individual states and the people!  So you go to U.S. Constitution, Article I, dealing with the powers of Congress, and you will not see the right to regulate guns.  However, the state National Guards are to be trained in the military methods of the United States Military.  But the unofficial state militia, is to be armed, or won't be of much worth and help, to protect the states against federal tyranny, if they don't have guns.

I Exercised My Right to Bear Arms--Went to the Kalispell or Evergreen, GUNS & AMMO SHOP

The other day, I went to the Guns and Ammo shop, just to get a feel of a gun.  Up to this point, I never entertained or partook of my right as a citizen, but I am in Montana, and the gals all pack heat, here, so . . . I asked the guy at the counter, after telling him I was a constitutional law attorney, with heat of a different type currently after me, so he gave me a 2600 Rugar, I think, but I was expecting a Saturday Night Special or something a bit more feminine.

But I am going to be honest, taking that gun in my hand, with the potential to kill a person, actually, freaked me out a bit.  I really didn't think I was ready to carry, concealed or constitutional, I know my temper, there would be dead judges, prosecutors and cops, laying around the courthouses, that, thank god, I don't have to go into right now.  They have a mutual hatred for me too.

Some guys, that have no problems carrying around a Rugar, on their hip at all times, have offered to be my body guard, but they just seemed a little too at ease with a gun, and said they could bury bodies anywhere, and knew how to kill.  That was a bit far, and I roll better on my own.  And I don't want to be responsible for some heat packing lunatic, getting killed, to protect me.  I DO PRETTY GOOD MYSELF!

Just Remember--Guns are Neither Moral, or Immoral, Good or Bad, but That Distinction is Made by the Hands of the Holder--be Responsible in your Gun Use!

Sunday, January 26, 2014


You Can't Argue With Success

At 40 years old, a year out of law school, four kids, and new job as staff attorney, of the Utah Prosecution Council, in the Criminal Enforcement Division of the Utah Attorney Generals Office, family law professor at the University of Utah, undergrad, I found myself, pregnant!  Now, neither the Mormon Church, nor my family has ever been my compass for taking action in my life; and I wouldn't have ever been an attorney, had it been. 

So I didn't take into consideration, the church and party line, in Utah for what I should do in a situation like this.  Since the time I was 17, and read about the religious principle of calling and election made sure, reaching a point, where you are trusted enough by God, that he allows you to do anything, because he knows you will not go contrary to his will.

I have always sought his will and did in this situation, as well, which many black & white thinkers, would never consider an abortion as within the realm of options God would ever consider.  I believe that God expects us to do our due diligence, and study all conditions, options, avenues, possibilities, to make a smart decision based on the totality of the circumstances, so that is exactly just what I did.

After Breaking Down All the Pros & Cons--Turned to the Scriptures

To make a decision, I usually draw a T-Bar on a piece of lined paper, at the top, label pros on one side, and cons on the other.  Now, with a new job, unmarried, with my youngest, about 10, law school loans, dumping my boyfriend of 4 years, and moving to Salt Lake City, to work in the Capital, at the Capitol Building, overlooking the valley, I couldn't find one good reason to have a baby at this point in my life; therefore, as for my personal life and goals, the scales of justice fell on the con side, or against the baby, and for an abortion.

So the next step was to seek some inspiration from God, the scriptures, and for possible coverage for what I basically didn't think was a good idea, as far as my general opinion--abstinence, birth control, or morning after pill was far preferable to an abortion, but I was were I was!  Too late!  

I Held the Bible Closed in My Hands and Let It Fall Open Wherever

As the pages of the holy book fell open, my eyes focused on a certain scripture, that seemed to jump off the page at me; Romans, 14:14, in the New Testament--in the King James Version, of the Bible, it basically said, to my surprise, that all things are pure to the Lord, but it is man who assigns the cleanliness or uncleanliness to the action.  I read it several times, somewhat in unbelief, given the situation.

Although talking about eating pork, it seemed to have universal application, and showed the complexity of life, various situations, responsibility for others who may be watching you, your personal beliefs and faith--a very sophisticated approach to a very complicated situation, especially, given my religious background, but taking in consideration all the variables that were involved in the decision.

The decision to get an abortion, contrary to the United States Supreme Court, was not to be made between me and my physician, but me and my God.

4 Out of 6 Southwick Sisters Pregnant at the Same Time--the Triplets

Older sister, Shelley, single mom, was pregnant with Ty; younger sister, Marcie, pregnant with Tipper; and younger sister, Rachel, was pregnant with Emily--all currently 18 or 19 years old.  Nobody knew I was pregnant at the time, until I got either poisoned, or a terminal brain disease--loud mouth ex-father, Mormon, pissed of would-have-been father who stepped back into my life, after 6 or 7 years, and felt it his duty to try to come up with an explanation for my current situation--only the righteous shall prosper . . . Mormon scripture.

The chickens are coming home to roost . . . basically, saying the abortion caused my condition, terminal brain disease (now 13 years beyond time of death sentence, what do they say to that, kill her)--not the government, after taking out 9 federal agents and investigators!  My life, shakes their world, their religious doctrine, their political ideologies.  Kill the messenger--you are full of shit!

Rock Star, Christ Changes the Whole Scenario

They say, the definition of a friend, is someone who sees you make a fool of yourself, and realizes you haven't done permanent damage!  The pastor this morning, compared our relationship to Christ, as being on a basketball team, as a lousy player, with a superstar, who since the time he was on the same team with this guy, having won a championship, because of who was on his team, who has since gone on to Duke University, being in the final 4 of the sweet 16, and MVP, going on to play for the Pistons, in the NBA.

What action hero, superstar, walked on water, turned water into wine, healed the blind, lame, deaf and dumb, cast out devils, fed the 5,000, overcame the world, died for the sins of mankind, and paid the price for all of our sins and overcome death and the grave. Spider Man, Ninja Turtles, Batman, Iron Man, pale in comparison.  Hopefully, me teaming with Christ, and success, teaches my family the power of the atonement--Mormons have been accused of not being Christian, and I am proof of that!

They See You . . . Outran 3 Sheriff Deputies!

2 Corinthians 10:3-5
Logos--Logic of the Bible
Remos--Inspired for the Individual

The government sent Delta Force Marines into Iron County, to get me under control, where I sued cops, county attorney, DCFS, etc. for $56.7 million, for civil rights violations, of 3 plaintiffs--the football star, rodeo queen, and rebel, and local constitutional law heroes, tough enough to take on the world for violating their rights on a tsunami scale.  This little band of alleged outlaws and their attorney, paid dearly for sending a message to cops, nationwide, you can't do this!

There were spies planted in the sheriff's department, Parowan police department, and IN MY HOME!  I actually, married a government double for one of my clients, whom I married to protect my property, after the government took my home in St. George, before I went to argue in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, and his, due to his incarceration which left him open season for any scum bag who wanted to claim his property.

This was after I figured out that I married the wrong guy, and the real McCoy, was dead, courtesy of the U.S.A., whom he had sued, plus the VA Hospital--they had been trying to kill him since he was out of the Vietnam War, 41 years earlier, as an I-Corp Marine, with a 75 year protection on any government secrets. He could substantiate the government poisoning I had, that took 8 years of my life, and he was a rare Vet who won a lawsuit against the government, teaming up with an attorney noted for suing the government.

Double--Do You Love Me?  NO.  OK, I Am Calling the Sheriffs!

Love me or I will destroy you!  I was called the run away bride, once I realized the guy I defended was dead, and I was dealing with the double, screammmmmmmmmm!  It was like he was the, general of the operations over me.  If I loved him, I was safe from the cops.  However, if I didn't, death!  After a brush with death, the first time I tangled with the feds, I wasn't taking any risks--couldn't afford 8 more years punishment for defending the constitution!

Our house was a war zone, so busy as I was, I opted to never come home, but when I did, he always greeted me with the question.  The answer from this Cat Woman double, was to tell him that I didn't love him, and jump in my truck, to disappear before the sheriffs showed up, who he used as backup to threaten and try to intimidate me--typical abuse of power actions, all about power and control, forced love.  No thanks!  See ya later honey . . . and up over the hill, to seek refuge in our cabin at Panguitch Lake.

Should Be Out of Their Jurisdiction--Didn't Stop Them

I headed to the cabin, but figured that may be the first place they would look for me, for the crime 1of not loving their general of Secrist Ops!  So I decided to find another cover.  I found a newer cabin, with a huge deck, that almost my whole truck would fit under, with the exception of the last few feet.  I could almost pull right up to the back door.  My plan was to wait it out until dusk, then book it out of Utah, back to Montana!

I heard a small plane flying over head . . . in all the time at the cabin, I never heard, nor saw a plane.  As far as I knew, it wasn't in the flight pattern for the airport, so red flags were up.  They were looking for me. After I had been under the deck for about 2 hours, with about a half hour to hour until dusk, still light enough to see without hitting a deer, but dark enough, I could slide around the lake undetected.  Or so I thought.

Miracle Eyes Blinking On the Electric Meter--What the Hell?

All of the sudden, as I was just sitting in my truck, killing time, I notice the strangest thing I had ever seen in my life, and even didn't believe this phenomena myself, even seeing it with my own eyes.  The electric meter, mounted on the cabin, in front of me, appeared to be blinking at me, irregularly, just like eyes, going wide, as if to say, they see you!  Get the hell out of here, they see you!

God has long been my Intel guy, so I wondered if he was sending me a message through this blinking meter, that was almost life-like in its, blinking, like a person in a coma, trying to indicate, they were still alive, and not to pull the plug!  After about 10 minutes of unbelief, I decided I was being directed to get the hell out of the canyon, blocked easily, as there was only one exit out of the narrow canyon, up around Scoots Creek, where my cabin, the old Bess cabin, was up the road some.

Once Out of the Cabin, Two Sheriff's SUV's Were Screaming Around the Lake!

Oh, shit, the warning was right, Iron County Deputies were across county lines, and entered Garfield County, and were less than a mile away, and coming in hot pursuit!  I was hoping to escape undetected, so I left my lights off, for a bit longer, with dusk approaching soon.  With both vehicles, gaining on me as I rounded the curves and turns around the lake, I saw a large bush, next to the polygamists lodge, and ditched behind it, just as the sheriffs' SUVs with brights on, tore up a dirt road, going straight, rather than turning where I was hiding.

Great, ditched them.  By the time they figured that I hadn't gone up that way, I could be all the way around the lake and on my way, through the canyon road, to Panguitch town, and head to Salt Lake, then Montana. Just as I rounded the last leg of the one side of the lake, there was another sheriff SUV, that appeared with brights on me, like a bat out of hell!  It appeared to come out of nowhere.

I knew I had the advantage, knowing the road better than they did, I just threw on the lights, hoping to miss the large number of deer, that frequented the road at this time of night.  I decided to take my luck with the deer, and went at top speed, ditching the more careful deputy, and beat him by a long shot into town.  Now Panguitch is a one horse town, with only two roads that intersect at one point, in the alleged down town of a few stores, a Chevron gas station, and a Dan's Food, if I can remember.

Luckily, the Whole Town, Was Attending a Basketball Game

I just pulled up around the high school, and parked for two hours, until the game was out, so I could mix in with the crowd, and run from the cops, among the rest of the locals.  The cops never even came over by the school.  I still played it safe, and waited for the masses to exit the area, stopped and got dinner, and headed to Salt Lake, to hang out with my son for the night, and head to Montana, were I had a modicum of protection, with a law enforcement raised in a state, that still believed in the Constitution.

Had I waited 5 minutes, avoided noticing or believing the blinking electric meter, I would have pulled right into waiting sheriffs, or be trapped under the deck, with all things considered, being delivered like a lamb FROM the slaughter, to guys who probably had plans to take me up, shoot me, and claim that I was never seen, and just disappeared, without a trace, like I always do, where nobody knows where I am, 90% of the time.

I think they would have left my bodily remains for the coyotes and mountain lions to eat, and distribute my bones around the Yankee, with little semblance of human remains.  Yeah, I think that is exactly what they would have done if they caught me, or tortured me to pay me back for years of abusing cops--really just catching them doing all their unconstitutional and illegal shit!

By Oath & Affirmation--Before God, Angels, and These Witnesses

No doubt in my mind, that the Lord is fully aware of our situations, trials, challenges, and knows exactly how to take care of it.  Ask, knock, receive!  He delivered me, even without asking, knocking, or for a while, even believing my own eyes.  Thank God, he is aware of our very hairs of our heads, not my time to go yet. He is a personal God, all things are possible with him--if he is with us, who can be against us?


Saturday, January 25, 2014


Jesus Girl & the Man's Cave

Dealing with three bachelors, plus a few friends who camp out here when they get in a fight with their girl friends, or just need a place to crash for the night, free, or to wear off the nights spirits, has its challenges, even for an attorney, discredited a bit by the four warrants out of Utah, and spending the last month in four states, with cops driving the travel plans.  But prior to leaving Montana, because Dave, wouldn't let me use his gloves, on a freezing day, since, he reminded me, I was irresponsible in losing two pairs of my own gloves, even though I was the one who found his lost gloves, after covering him up one night, when he was drunk, I had things on the Ponderosa, pretty well under control.  Nothing stays the same!

After being gone for a month, calling Dave, apologizing for being a bitch, leaving him surmising and pondering with the idea that I had left due to the fact that he didn't have any legal work for me to do--I reminded him, NO, it was simply that he wouldn't lend me his gloves, and tension mounting with the new purchase of an X Box, and a new roommate, a bromance and built in video game player, plus freezing temperatures, and our temporary roommate, who promised to drive me to mail my Christmas packages, but talked me into hiking with him, rather than mail my presents, and losing my cellphone on the hike, with all my addresses and phone numbers, etc.

Absence Made the Boyz Club Miss the Maid

Dave's comment, when I asked him if he and the roomers had kept the house clean, he said, well, it could use a woman's touch . . . indicating to me that it was a pig sty!  He asked me if I was coming back, and reminded me, to entice me that he owed me a months stay, since I had paid rent, then left, two days later.  There was no mention of the new friends, with a husband and wife, cleaning team, who were included in the invitees to the house, since I told Dave that he might see me show up some day.

Dave failed to tell me that my work with the boyz club, over the last 5 months, had all gone to hell in a hand basket.  Now, why should I go to Bozeman, to do missionary work, when I have at least 3 souls in the house I live in to save--I got Dave to go to church with me, he was reading the Bible, and had a picture of Christ up on the wall; Meryl, and now Roger were another story.

I Like Women Just a Little on the Trashy Side

I had been replaced by sex buddies, naked maids, telling me I was next, soda cans for beer cans, real food, to baloney, and moldy bread, not much else--Christ's picture covered by signs about alien visitors to earth, gold CDs, with Harley Davidson, skulls and cartoon coyotes, above and below, in a feeble attempt to hang some cool guy stuff on the walls, bikes, and a collection of collages, I wanted to hang before I left, but not over Christ, for God sakes!

Roger, who had recovered from meeting me freaking out at Dave, over the glove incident, decided I was worth pursuing, so he told me he liked older women, his wife, was 12 years older than him, and he lost his virginity to a 40 year old, and he likes the mommy thing, yelling for me to come in the shower, while he was in there!  The neighbor had also lost his mind while I was gone, and his common law wife too, asking me, after seeing the difference in the trailer, after my return, if he could pay me for cleaning his place, #4?

As we dickered over price, with my price coming in a bit higher than he wanted, he threw in the offer for sex, included in the package deal.  Oh, so I am going to come clean your house, and you get sex on the side for a reduced price--for services rendered?  NO!  I told him that the naked maid who had run around the man cave, and did at least two of the roommates, might be willing to take him up on the deal.

He said, he was not into just putting his dick in anyone--do you think that might go both ways, I responded, neither do I, a bit selective myself. As we swapped cop stories, finding a common enemy, he told me he was getting turned on just hearing me talk, and would I come over and sit on his lap, or next to him and he wanted to hug me.  I wondered what he had forgotten about our recent conversation about having standards!

Brief Intermission for Another Billion Dollar Day in Montana

John, got a $90 check back from his insurance, so he took Dave and I to lunch, at another local great food secret, Southern Skillet Kitchen, across from Finnigan's Family Restaurant, on Idaho, in Kalispell, Mt.  We all, at the recommendation from John, a frequent customer, got a giant, pimento cheeseburger with sweet potato fries or jalapeno poppers, and beverage of choice--MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! The food was amazing, and we got to listen to BB King, R&B music, that reminded me of the rhythm and blues bar next to the apartment complex I lived in while working in Chicago, Illinois.

The restaurant may be lacking a little curb appeal; however, the food and music, more than make up for that. Southern specialties of catfish, crawdads, burgers and more variety make up the menu of flavorful, culturally different food.  While I was in Chicago, there is an annual event, called Taste of Chicago, a three day eating event, to satisfy any pallet.  But Southern Skillet, gives some of us, more home bound, locals, at taste of the deep south, without leaving our home town.

After that we, took a several hour drive, up Farm to Market Road, on the back side of the mountain, behind the road either to and from Kalispell, to Whitefish, or the other way.  Wonderful ranches, farms, and colorful homes, open snow covered fields, with cattle, horses, protected by coats, and just a great trip, having seen the road, several times at night, and getting stuck up Bootjack Lake Road, the other night, with the junket, accompanied by the band, New Order, another trippy, British Band, like DePeche Mode.

Great karma, coming at us . . .

Cleanliness, Familiarity & Love

There is this German term, called Doppelganger, which means, something like, whatever is going on in the individual, will be manifest on the outside world of the person, giving an indication of outward representation of what is going on inside the person.  By way of example, if you are psychologically burden free or not carrying baggage, clean, pure, or whatnot, that will be manifest in your surroundings.

I have been trying to get Dave to clean his room since August, and to my surprise, the cleaning couple, plowed into his room, with a united effort to set things in order.  The day after I got back into town, I went into wake Dave up, and I couldn't find his bed, it had been moved, and the room clean.  I was so, excited, and Roger, had cleaned the bathroom, so the only rooms that needed to be cleaned were the front room and some touch up on the kitchen.

1100 East Oregon Street, #43, Kalispell, Montana, had finally arrived--cleanliness is next to godliness!  One of the elements of getting this place, closer to God, was to get the whole place clean at one time--accomplished, and it felt incredible, now we just need to stay on top of it.

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

As I was sitting on the couch, kissing the back of my hand, under the blanket, thinking about my latest crush, one of the bus drivers, on the Eagle Transit, listening to country music, and thinking about my favorite love making scene, since I was a young girl, that of a newly wed couple, in a one room cabin, up in the woods, snow falling, a single candle light illuminating the room, her in a white flannel nightgown, and him also in modest pajamas, climbing under the covers together, but before the flame is blown out, the guy reaches up under the white nightgown, touches his wife's knee and slowly runs his hands down to her thigh, kissing her, breathing together, appreciating every nuance of love making, when he leans up and blows out the candle, leaving the rest of the love making to your imagination.  

The camera, pans away from the loving, and shows a moon lite night, with the pine trees and mountains in the background . . .

My sexy thoughts are interrupted by Meryl, calling me over to look at the email he just got on his computer, something like, hot housewives, looking for sex.  I warned him, that wasn't a great site to be checking out, he might get some pissed off cowboy, sticking his gun up his ass, if he caught him with his wife.  He told me he didn't solicit this stuff, it just came to him.  So he and I checked this out, with really creepy advertisements of various kinds of sexual aerobics, deviant partners, positions with various levels of pain associated with the acts performed.  I was way to young on the Sexual I.Q. Scale, for this stuff. 

Bored and not ever wanting sex again, I went back to my, shattered innocence, and recommended that Meryl, stick to women he knew, two of which are interested in him, one is married, the other just getting a divorce, but far better than these women, with only two, I would ever consider if I was a man, the two using the power of suggestion and leaving something for the imagination, the two that were tastefully, while exposing a little peek-a-boo.  He agreed with me.

Sex is Much Better With Love Involved

When I surprised Dave, and showed up at his door, in August, I found that he was on the computer looking at porn.  I told Dave that soon, he would get bored with looking at women, and he would be doing chickens and sheep--Meryl agreed, and showed his agreement, by saying, baaaaaaaaa!  And, even worse, pornography leads to turning into a sociopathic serial killer, like Ted Bundy, former University of Utah, law student, turned killer.

Dave is pretty good at reading the writing on the wall, and gave the computer sex up.  So the other night, Roger was on some site, showing married porn, since he is going through a divorce.  Dave, quickly suggested, that the new Gmail account owner, stop looking a porn, and get on the Christian Mingle, dating site, to help his new roommate, avoid the bestiality and serial killer lecture I had given him, when I asked what he was looking at on my computer.

I was relieved that I had gotten some sense into one of my boyz club members.  Until about midnight, and Dave, who had left with a guy, several hours earlier, returned with the alleged girlfriend of this guy, and didn't look at me as he slide the girl into his bedroom.  So this was Dave's idea of christian mingle.  Later the boyfriend showed up and made a scene, getting angry at the girl for going in Dave's room.  She, in true, Montana, cowgirl stature, put boyfriend back in his place, and left with him.

Dave assured me the next morning that he and the neighbor, just went in the room, to get some privacy, talk, and she straightened his room for him.  He seemed sincere, so cool, still have a convert.

Hey, Meryl, Will You Teach Me To Fish--Sure Get the TNT!

Dave is 33, Roger is 30, John, 40, and Meryl is 52, from Wisconsin, originally, and more recently from Kansas.  Matt and Amanda, were watching a hunting station, so that brought up the conversation about hunting, who did, and who didn't, what they had and hadn't hunted . . . a source of food, for many Montanans.  Meryl said that he used to hunt, but didn't much anymore.  

I changed the subject and asked Meryl if he fished, and if he would teach me to fish.  He got a sheepish grin on his face, and said, go get the dynamite, then stopped a smiled.  I said, what do you do, light TNT and blow up the fish?  Does it kill the fish?  Is that legal?  Again, in his sliest manner, said, NO.  You just don't get caught.  The fish, are not dead, but they are in shock, but alive.  What the hell!

I kind of thought I wanted to take a more scholarly approach, like in the article I read in Field & Stream Magazine, describing all the ins and outs of where to catch fish in streams, where they hide, and under what kinds of rocks to look.  Then, Meryl told me he would take me gigging, or something like that.  You put rubber gloves on, feel in and out of the rocks, along rivers and lakes, reach in wholes, until a catfish grabs your hand . . . no thanks.

From Former Perennial Bad Ass Chick From Boston, Jen, who Beats up Cops, to Kassy, the Res, Chick, who Steps in the Middle of Fights at the Outlaw Inn, Breaking Them Up--Saying She is the Res Chick, Indicating that they Better Not Mess With this Indian, to Meryl Blowing Up Fish With TNT--Montana Tends to Attract A Wild Bunch--THEY DON'T CALL THIS THE WILD, WILD WEST FOR NOTHING!


Friday, January 24, 2014


Kicking, Clawing & Scratching My Way to the Top

I remember calling the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, on a specific question dealing with something on the 280 pages of civil procedure, if I recall, the number of pages, some 3 or 4 years later, and apologizing to the Clerk of the Court, that I didn't know the answer to this particular question; and his/her response was don't be embarrassed, you are treading on sacred ground, and only 1% of all the attorneys in the United States, will ever walk on the territory, you are now on . . .

I was in awe of the day, the chambers, seeing justices, I had only read about in cases, GETTING TO HEAR A CONSTITUTIONAL IDOL, JUSTICE SCALIA, READ A 4TH AMENDMENT CASE, U.S.A. v. Jones, and Justice Kagan, and I believe Roberts, read two other cases, witnessing the swearing in process, listening to the actual people who were making decisions that affected a nation, read some very legally charged and powerful cases, some of which had been based on arguments very close to my own issues I addressed, in my brief to the 10th Circuit, filed some 11 months earlier.

That day, I was sworn in with attorneys, from all walks of the military, which was not only symbolic to me, but a great honor--for I had literally, been involved in a battle of ideologies and interpretation, with a body count, to say the least.  I had followed the rules of procedure, and there was a provision for taking the oath, or being sworn in on paper.  So I was quit surprised, when I got a call from the Supreme Court Clerk, telling me that it was necessary, and gratefully so, that I come to Washington, D.C., to be sworn in person, and present at the Court.

However, that call came on a Thursday, and the last day of the Court calendar for that session, was that following Monday! I jumped in my truck, built Ford tough, much like its owner, and headed back to D.C., with little money, little notice, and booked it across the nation, dealing with ice storms, road closures, sleeping in my truck the night before I was sworn in, and lacking a shower and clean clothes, for the swearing in ceremony, with no friend, family, or client there to mark the event.

But I fucking made it, on the first case I ever filed, without a legal secretary, researchers, outside counsel or help, and battled my way to the top of the legal field, like climbing Mount Everest, so to say, single handed, not always pretty, but I MADE IT! 

Need for Improvement--Similarities with Third World Countries

I was going to write a scathing report on the state and condition of the judiciary, civil and criminal justice systems, the major players, and what not; however, as I sat down to read the Wall Street Journal, I read more than several articles, many from other countries, that sounded and reminded me of some of the experiences I have had in our Court systems, in the last four years, since becoming a trial attorney, which I never intended to be, really, went to law school to do legislation, so . . . my experiences, given who my clients are, and who we were going up against, the government, state official, and persons acting under the color of law, basically, internal affairs in the legal field, my opinions, experience, and comments may not reflect those of the general population of lawyers.

I am going to just quote and mention, either from headlines, or whatever, some of the issues, of a legal nature, that were in the January 22, 2014, WSJ, you can extrapolate your own conclusions, take whatever inferences you may, and apply my comments through other sources to our system, or you may not want to. This is just one woman's opinion . . .

Some are just to keep the public informed:
  • Court Hears Union-Fee Case
  • Ruling Bans Exclusion of Gays From Jury
  • Documents Showed Church Shielded Priests (ecclesiastical protections are not just an issue of the Catholic Church, but is apparent in many denominations!)
  • Ex-Governor, Wife Face Corruption Charges
  • Panel Calls for More Spy Capability (apparently in the spy world the U.S. Constitution is of little consideration and consequence; here is where the U.S. Supremes come in and slap down the Executive Branch for overreaching constitutional guidelines, protections, and rights!  Fox in the chicken coop, protecting their own budgets, and guys/gals--that is why we have three separate and distinct branches of government--Judicial Branch is the determine the constitutionality of various actions of the other two branches, their primary responsibility.  Unlike FISCA Courts, or those that just rubber stamp the FBI, with sweeping warrant, the Big Guys and Gals, get to have the final say!)
  • Islamist Militants Tighten Screws on Fallujah: Al Qaeda-Linked Fighters Kidnap Local Tribal Sheiks, Impose 'Morality' Laws and Establish Ad Hoc Religious Courts (Be grateful for the 1st amendment, separating church and state!  UTAH!)
  • Turkish Premier Makes EU Appeal:  s the prime minister visited the European Parliament, Turkey's state news agency reported that 96 judges and prosecutors across the country were reassigned, the latest in a series of purges that have also seen more than 2,000 police officers moved from their posts.  (Now that is liability protection!  Way to go PM, wish we had some one similar in this country with some balls, who would clean up our corruption!)
  • Vatican Cleric on Trial Arrested in New Money-Laundering Probe--NICE, we need some internal affairs, arrests for the Mormon Mafia, great role model!  The only time Christ, got pissed, was when he entered the temple and threw the money changers OUT!
  • How to End the Fed's Rule-Making Secrecy--we are coming along, cronies out!
  • Who Guards the Guardian--new book, Rough Justice--Even under Barack Obama, Washington rejects international legal accountability as unnecessary for a constitutional democracy.  "The court has, for the most part, become an instrument in the toolkit of major powers, responding to instability and violence in weaker states,"  . . . International criminal justice may be a high pursuit, but its morality and great-power desires so far seems to coexist only when they don't conflict.  Let's hope, then, that either the chalice isn't poisoned or no one ever forces it to our lips.
  • Why Edward Snowden Wouldn't Get a Fair Trial:  The government's choice of the Espionage Act (rather than whistle-blowing statutes, some which protect the revelation) says more about its punitive powers than it does about the national-security interests the law (targeting U.S. spies, who sell secrets to foreign powers) was created to protect.
  • Leaving Your Job? Better Watch Your Cellphone: Phone wiping is just another example of the complications that emerge when the distinctions between our work and personal lives collapse.

What Does It Take For Evil & Corruption to Exist--Good Men and Women to Stand By and Do Nothing!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Saving the Economy More Rewarding Than Making That First Billion

I was excited to see Entrepreneur Magazine, January 2014 issue, featuring 5 or 6 of the 153 billionaires in this country, stepping up to the plate to do what the government appears to be making headway in, but just are not quite getting us there as fast as we should be, leaving many suffering from the 2008 economic downturn, by saying they are going to help cure the economic ails of the day, the best they can.  I know that President Obama has reached out to people like this in trying to get the ball rolling again, and get a healthy economy, so it is not surprising that some of these same individuals would do what Americans do best, help their fellow Americans thrive, get on their feet, and create a new and lively economy.

Obviously from their histories and backgrounds, these people have the Midas Touch, and everything they touch turns to solid gold.  I strongly believe that is a gift from God to be used to benefit the rest of his body, or the body of humanity, that he cares equally about, and has blessed with other gifts, from creating a wonderful meal, like I enjoyed at the Sunny View Cafe, in the Kalispell, Regional Hospital--amazingly fresh, beautifully displayed, willing to give me two sides rather than the one on the special, so I didn't have to sacrifice one flavor for the other--fresh, healthy, colorful, great price--who could ask for more!

We Are All of the Body of Christ or America--Using the Analogy in the Bible

We are all citizens, created equal, but blessed with different talents to contribute to this American Experiment the founding fathers imagined as Utopia.  Some citizens are the head (the thought leaders, the thinkers, teachers), the others the neck (movers and shakers, politicians), the torso (the soldier, the heartland, the farmer and ranchers), the arms (those who serve us, our food, take care of our cars, homes), hands (care givers, volunteers, community organizers, campaigners), fingers (create new computers, iPhone, cell phones), feet (take care of transportation, buses, cars, planes, trains, boats), legs (factory workers, delivery persons, mail carriers, pizza delivery people), etc., making up the body of the nation, which can't do one without the other, we all rise and fall together.  

I just split a tooth, and for about a day and a half, all I could think about was the tooth, aching, pain, and trying to figure out if I could save the whole tooth, or pull the tooth and let that half die.  One hundred percent of my focus and attention was on that tooth, a little part of my body, but when it festered, it became the most important part, due to the fact that the rest of my body, couldn't enjoy the day, due to the pain.

Let me suggest that is the way society is--if one part, can't get jobs, is discriminated against, neighborhoods riddled with bullets and crime, is homeless, hungry, naked, screaming for attention, love--eventually, the rest of society will pay the price, whether in rage against those who could have done something to help and didn't, or in our courts, jails, prisons, or paying the price with dead school children.

We All Have A Duty To Do Our Part--Keep This Place Going

Take all the things a billionaire enjoys, and extract out all the people it takes to do whatever you do in a day, take one of those people out of the loop, and you have less of an experience. These are not nameless, faceless, cogs in the world you live in.

I am bothered by the fact that a billionaire, owns a bunch of casinos, would buy up thousands of acres, up around Panguitch Lake, Utah, where I have a cabin or at least used to, put a fence with signs about surveillance, trespassing on property, on property that had been hunted, fished, and trapped by locals for generations, shared by the previous owner, a sheep herder, then the rich guy buys out the lodge and small cabins around the lake, where families could go and enjoy the beauty of nature and spend some time together, just because you didn't like the 4-wheelers, that kids and families were using to commute around the lake, didn't like the noise!

Do you really think you need 163,000 arced ranches in Montana, the size of Glacier National Park that is allotted for the rest of us poor slobs?  Does that 11th home, garage full of collector cars, extravagant baby items, shopping Sachs Fifth Avenue, and Nieman Marcus, really make you that much happier, than me shopping at Walmart or Target?  Can you enjoy it when you know your neighbors are suffering, hungry, etc?

Happiness I.Q.

I just saw a sign or billboard that said that 1 in 15 children in Montana go to bed hungry every night?  Why, with all the excess, why?  I just don't get it?  My cousin, Edward Southwick, wrote a book called the Happiness Quotient, he interviewed people from all walks of life, including billionaires.  And what he found was you needed three things: (1) time, (2) sufficient money, but much above at the time, in Japan, $10,000 per family member, it didn't have much affect; and (3) health.

One of the billionaires he was scheduled to interview, died just days before the interview, due to poor health--we are all beggars at one time or another!  How about those doctors, nurses, techs, janitors, food providers in our hospitals that will take care of you if you are sick?  Do you think your billions really mean a whole lot to you then--you may have wished you spent your money, time and health on those who helped take you there . . .

Billionaires Conference & Club

I learned about the billionaires conference to be held less than 15 miles away from Kalispell, in Whitefish, by a bus driver, where I get all of my reliable news, and who know when, I got into town, and at what hotel I am staying at before I do, and have the word out to the community, prior to my first bus ride.  She's back! Now I am not sure who was and wasn't there, nor did they advertise it, but I think the three I mentioned in my subject post might have been there, for one reason--I am speculating . . .

I heard that Gates, Buffet, and Bono, formed a Billionaires Club, and challenged members to give away 50% of their fortune.  Now I would imagine from what I have heard of these three gentlemen and their wives, I am sure playing a huge role--don't know if Bono has one, but the other two, were already doing just that--giving away half of their money to educational foundations and the like. 

Nothing Wrong With Money--But You Know What They Say About the Eye of a Needle & The Rich Man in the Bible!

Guess what, they still remain the only three members!  Kudos to you three, and fuck the other ones!  I believe I heard this on the Melissa Show, Sunday mornings on MSNBC.  She also did some research on where the rest of the billionaires spend their money--usually only 1%, and it goes to things that benefit them! Like the opera, or the college that they attended, etc.

The rest of America, donates roughly 3% of their income, and usually to charitable causes.  Melissa, speculated that was due to the fact that they could relate to the plight of others and therefore, they wanted to help.  Sounds like all Americans, who are the most charitable in the world, except, billionaires, are charitable because they haven't insulated themselves from the rest of the world, in their Howard Hughes Paranoia, that they might catch us commoners germs!

Well the beauty about a new year, is even billionaires can change--you can only consume so much, then it gets old--they say, old money, gives.  Their true joy comes from seeing others succeed, happy, grow, get educated, develop, invent, and make the world a better place for all.  Just remember, more people commit suicide after they get that dream car, that dream house, and that dream job--men and women are that they might find joy . . . now how do we do that?

First And Foremost is Be Grateful for What You Have

Of the 7 deadly sins, pride, gluttony, envy, sloth, etc., oh, wait a minute, I am talking about the 7 things the Lord hates . . . of all of them, and I would think they include the 7 deadly sins, is an UNGRATEFUL HEART!  Start from where you are right now--you are not entitled to anything, so be grateful for what you have, where you live, who you know, what you drive or for the legs you walk on, the job you have, the family, friends, and acquaintances you have, the mountains you get to enjoy--ask a blind man what he is grateful for, and how much more you have then he does.

As Americans, we are more blessed than 95% of the rest of the world, so be grateful, give thanks, and reverence for this great land, country, just being an American is a reason for JOY!

My Billion Dollar Day in Kalispell, MT, Just Before Christmas

If there is anything, Kalispell is great at, is Feeding the Flathead, not only through their combined church efforts to take care of the needs of the less fortunate, but is putting on a Christmas Feast for the whole community, with all the goodies of both Christmas and Thanksgiving combine, and they do it singing Christmas Carols while they get ready to feed, I heard 5,000 to 10,000 people at the National Guard Armory, with all the food, donated by local stores in the area, and volunteers doing the cooking, serving, cleaning, set up, Santa, and the local band or orchestra.

My roommates and I, plus our driver, where the first ones in line--since none of us cook, including me, the only thing domestic about me, is I used to live in a house, but I am grateful for my double wide trailer. There was a fresh layer of snow on the ground, gray, white and purple clouds mixed with the snow and draped delicately on the mountains--a perfect Christmas season morning!

I have only cooked one Christmas Eve dinner in my life, and I used two kitchens, burned the turkey, had watery mash potatoes, and the gravy sucked!  So, when I saw these organizers, with even parking attendants and bus rides for people who needed rides to get to the dinner, I was beyond amazed, impressed, in awe, overjoyed, and puzzled, how they pulled this off, with even parking attendants, ushers, and bus drivers donating their time to shuttle people to and from downtown to the outskirts of the community to the National Guard who sponsored the event, and annual one, on about its 24 year!

Why Limit Yourself to One Christmas Tree, When You Can See 10 Billion!

After our little Christmas crew, that had just a poinsettia for a tree, got done with an amazing meal, even with 4 kinds of Christmas pie, we got in John Bagby's hybrid, Honda Civic that gets, it seems, 75 miles per gallon, or maybe we are just blessed, but we took off into the mountains, the clouds, the mist, rain, mixed with snow, and headed toward, Hungry Horse Reservoir.  Now the images of that day, will be forever imprinted on my mind, as one of the most beautiful, perfect, picturesque, breathtaking days of my life.

I saw a piece of art the other day, that reminded me of the scene.  We had just crossed the dam, and the snowmobilers were already up enjoying the fresh snow, so we pulled back over the bridge and parked. John was tripping out to his alternative music, he has turned us all onto, David Russo and I jumped out of the car, and stood over the road over the dam, looking at the sights below, of the miracles of both man and God, touching like no where else on earth than in the mountains.

Dave was standing silently next to me, smoking his cigarette, I have learned to look and feel refreshed in the wind, snow and cold, like a true Montanan, instead of pissed off and grumpy, like I always was in Utah winters, to be refreshed and excited about seeing all these millions of Christmas trees in various levels of snow flocking, with the canyon wind, lifting my hair off my neck, like a lover, raising my hair to to tenderly kiss my neck.  The only sound we could  hear, was John's cool music . . . and I remember thinking while we stood there, I wouldn't trade this morning for a billion dollars, ever.  And it just got better.

We headed up to Glacier National Park, with the meadows filled with snow, vegetation barely visible under the newly left layer, the almost dark blue to black snake of water, winding through the open meadow, protected by the mountains one each side--silence, calm, peace on earth, good will towards man . . . priceless!  And not of the Master Card type of priceless . . . just simply beautiful.  Words were too crude to describe, nobody said anything for hours.

Back to the Armory for More Food--Didn't Think They Would Recognize Us Again With 5,000 Plus People!

We were starving by the time we had driven about 3 hours in pure beauty, so we headed back to the armory that was now in full blown Christmas joy, with Santa, tons of people, more we knew, and the hustle and bustle of shoppers taking a break from last minute gift buying and running around like a chicken with your head cut off, to get some down home, great cooking, Christmas music, and just plain good clean fun.

I was also impressed when a young man came and asked me if I wanted cake, on top of the pie.  I said, yeah, what is that for?  He looked at me, ask if he wasn't sure about the cake, other than he had been told to serve it to the crowd, so he, thought for a moment and said, it is for Jesus Birthday!  

Now if that isn't refreshing in this day of saying Happy Holidays, in fear of offending someone Jewish, or some other culture, here in America, we celebrate CHRISTMAS, CHRIST'S BIRTH--LIKE IT OR NOT!  That is what I love about Montana, they don't give a rat's ass about being politically correct, if it is not hurting anyone, as far as I can see.  Christmas was all mashed together in this fun celebration--Santa, Christ, and whatever, just all in fun, nothing to offend, or even to be sensitive, just have a good time!

Off to the Gym & My Feeble Attempt to Control or Burn, Not One Christmas Feast, but Two Helpings--The Whole Shebang!

I Also Want to Mention An Amazing Thanksgiving Dinner Sponsored By Sykes Restaurant--Again Serving the Community of Thousands--Equally as Festive and Fun!