Friday, November 29, 2013


First Amendment & Freedom of Religious Practices Act

We have Hobby Lobby, one of the religious corporations suing Obamacare and seeking certiorari before the U.S. Supreme.  The Greens claim to have roughly 1300 employees in this family owned business.  They are not a church, this company is not run by pastors, bishops, popes or prophets.  I would guess from their name, they are an arts and crafts shop, or maybe they are like most churches, political organizations, cloaked in the cloth, trying to keep the government out of their business, while they are all over the government's business or secretly trying to run the country, but tax free.

Now as I have said, statutory interpretation consists of three things: (1) the plain language of the statute or constitution; (2) intent of the framers, whether current legislative bodies or the founding fathers; and (3) the history behind the law.  Let's analyze each of these three different approaches to interpreting what the law is or should be--I will qualify that, some, including judges, don't even know that the legislature is the law and rule making body for branch of the government.

The Plain Language of the First Amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . . now, even though I have not read the Affordable Care Act, I would think it is safe to say that it doesn't establish a new religion, nor prohibiting those particular actions connected with religious worship, like reading the Bible, believing in the 10 Commandments, praying, worshiping, visiting the widow and fatherless, clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, or visiting those in prison or jail.

Now the second clause of this statement so profoundly written, would suggest that people also are free to not practice religion, but free to follow the dictates of their hearts, be it agnosticism, atheism, wicca, pantheism, natural law, philosophy, or whatever--here in Montana, which means mountains, many people here worship a God that created this beautiful state, the mountains, the streams, trees, wild life that inhabits this place, including the native Americans who truly dig all the spirits of the wild, smoke peyote, do sweat lodges, and other forms of worship.

In America, we are free to worship as we please, even become Muslims, if we want to.  Therefore, what I would expect is the motive behind these corporations, religious companies, family run businesses, is they want to do exactly what they are claiming Obamacare is doing to them, force their employees to practice their, the owners, form of religion.  NOW THAT IS PROHIBITED, WE ARE FREE FROM YOU FORCING US TO BE YOU!

You, your wife, your daughter, your pastor's wife, your CEO's girlfriend, don't ever have to use the options of obtaining contraceptives, but your office manager, who doesn't see things the way you do, just may!  This country is based on freedom, liberty, choice, property rights, life, destiny, rights, etc.  You are promoting just the opposite of that.  Stop of expecting clones of yourself!

Intent Behind the First Amendment & History Behind the Amendment

You can't separate the intent and history, for to refuse to study history, you will forever remain a child!  As those history buffs know, and every 5th grader that had to study American history, is that the King had made the Anglican Church the state religion.  The pilgrims, left in search of religious freedom, to be Lutherans, Puritans, Quakers, Catholics, and whatever, so they left the homeland in search of religious freedom, rather than have the King dictate which church the state would attend.

While the founding fathers were religious, and all agreed to worship God and create a country as ONE NATION UNDER GOD, but they put their individual preferences, relgiously speaking, seeing they all believed in the same Christ, salvation, atonement, commonalities in all mainstream religions, for a secular approach to the business of the new nation, so there could be a more perfect union, domestic tranquility, common welfare for this eutopia they were trying to create.  

Should we not also put our individual religious opinion and believes aside for the ideal of all living together, peacefully?  Hobby Lobby, you are the one out of line and in violation of the first amendment and the Freedom of Religious Practices Act, not the government, the health care laws, the U.S. Supreme Court!  Do we really need to waste the Courts time with this . . . you are defending the indefensible!

This is PREVENTATIVE Health Care!  And Not Just for the Individual!

You are the same people who scream about teen pregnancy, unwed mothers, latch key kids, abortion, partial birth abortions, family leave, welfare, the crime rate, the 47%, but you don't want to accept the fact that many people were not raised like you were, don't believe the same things as you do, don't have the same moral codes, values, teachings or religious and political propensities, and might actually have a good sex life, with multiple partners.  We are talking preventative health care for the nation . . .

The United States of America, has always protected the rights of the minority--we don't believe in preacher pounding bigots, demanding a culture of vanilla ice cream, some of us, like 31 flavors better.  And that protection extends to religion, or the lack thereof--you don't get to dictate what we believe, even if we are employed by you.  

This new law is not telling you how to believe, it is telling you that, contraceptives can prevent unwanted pregnancies, abortions, and the like--YOU SHOULD BE THE ONES MOST FOR THIS, PRO LIFERS!

General Rule Behind the 1st Amendment--You Can Believe Anything You Want, But When You Cross the Line to Actions that Violate the Laws of the United States, We Will Stop You!

One of the most profound examples of this doctrine and direction is the Mormon Church and the practice of polygamy.  At the time Utah was trying to become a state, not a territory, and were drafting their state constitution, to be accepted and approved by the Union or the United States already members of this country, Senator Reed and other Mormons, through the Reynolds test case for polygamy, were told by the Supremes, just that . . .

Each man cannot become a law unto themselves, they can believe anything they want; however, when they cross the lines, and beliefs become actions that violate the laws of this country, which polygamy does, not to mention the Utah Constitution, that forbids polygamy forever, or prohibits it forever--you have a problem! That was actually a condition for statehood, prohibiting the practice of polygamy, and curtailing an appetite for that action, took the state about 50 years for Utah to become a state.  

The state was settled starting in 1847, but the constitution was not accepted and ratified until 1896, if my math is right, they fought for their religious freedom for 50 years.  But guess what protected founder and first prophet of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith and crew, from being exterminated by Governor Boggs and crew, was, in fact the U.S. Constitution.

Practice What You Preach

For all you religious scholars, and the 70% of the FBI, CIA and NSA, who are Mormons, read the 98th Section of the Mormon Doctrine of Covenants, which was written during a time of religious persecution--befriend the Constitution, anything more or less than this is evil.  And if you elect unrighteous leaders, the people will suffer--and you might want to re-exam who is a righteous leader and who is not.  Or you may like to look at section 100 or 101:70, I think, that document is inspired by God; therefore, to disobey the principles and concepts, is indeed evil and wrong.

Forcing others into your religious, political/religious beliefs, company policies, according to modern scripture is evil.  Christ came to set us free, we do the crime, he does the time, so why in the hell, do you think, you are in a position as a boss, CEO, office manager, family owned and operated business, to dictate someones beliefs and religious practices.  And to fire someone for exercising precautions and safe sex from pregnancy, or refuse to obey the laws of the land, is Un-American at best.

Try the Iatoyla, the Shaw of Iran, the Taliban, Al Queda in their jihadist movement against western thought, as your friends, maybe you can butcher those who oppose you, or chose to take control of their reproductive lives, sex lives, religious lives, or maybe the high court can actually allow your employees to enjoy freedom from YOU!!!  Get a clue.


This is outside of your jurisdiction as a boss, company, corporation, business, owner, etc.--the human body is a temple of God, there is only one person who has jurisdiction over their body, you guessed it, them.  If men, even religious men, think about sex every 20 seconds, protect your assets, your employees, both male and female--a baby is much more expensive than contraceptives, and you already don't agree with abortion, but for those who disagree with you, and may actually be an employee, stop an abortion--Mustang Sally rides on . . . stop praying after the fact at the abortion clinics, prevent abortion!

May be an image you want to keep in your mind, or ears, is the audio tape the jurors in a Texas courtroom, heard FLDS Prophet, Warren Jeffs, grunting and groaning over a 12 year old girl, allegedly one of his spiritual wives, and after 21 minutes of sexual assault and rape, ending with Jeffs saying Amen, followed by three women, and I would venture a guess that one of those was most likely the victim's mother, who was also one of Jeff's wives, all echoed an unanimous Amen!

You are defending this man's right to practice his religion, regardless of the laws of the land--REALLY? That may be taken to the extreme, but really not, he believes in polygamy and rape of 12 year olds and acted, but guess what, the state of Texas said, not only NO, but Hell NO!  Utah overturned his conviction . . . well they would like you to believe like they do, will you, do you want to?  Well-being for all!

U.S. Supreme Court Should Say Amen to These Challenges to Obamacare

There is another concept promoted and ruled by the U.S. Supreme Court, and that is a separation of church and state, while not in the plain language of the Constitution, the Court has interpreted the first amendment to mean that.  The founding fathers intended a wall of separation between church & state, and for damned good reason.  You can call it the 30% religious psycho factor you deal with, when dealing with religious people, hell bent on getting their way, so everyone worships like they do.

Now one of the best examples of the reaction to a hot topic and handled well, by the seasoned politician, was displayed, or the right attitude was portrayed by the Vice President, Joe Biden, when he was asked during the vice presidential debate against Mitt Romney's running mate in the 2012 elections, Paul Ryan.  The commentator asked them, if they were elected would women need to worry about their right to an abortion be threatened.

Help A Senior Citizen is Abusing A Child

This was a tweet that came after the debate.  But both men are strong Catholics and devout in their beliefs, one is willing to let others have their beliefs, recognizes the differences, and will not let his personal or religious beliefs affect his decisions in the office.  While personally against abortion, women would not have to worry, abortion rights would be upheld and safe in the Obama Administration.

The child on the other hand, said, that he was personally against abortion, both from his religious beliefs but in his personal beliefs, and yes, women would have to worry.  He and Mitt Romney would try to reverse Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood, or the law on abortion.  That is an example of letting beliefs become actions, and that action is his vote, or his political influence, and power, to not only disobey the law, but outright go to war against it, reverse it.  Stari decisis--the issue has already been decided, ditto for health care!


Wednesday, November 27, 2013


As Humans, We Are Hardwired For Sex--Newsflash!

President Obama is, has been and always will be a champion for women--that is one of the major groups that put him back into the White House.  He not only appoints many women to his cabinet, doesn't need a binder full of women, but he happens to be married to a very bright and talented attorney, whom I am sure as most smart men do, listens to his wife.  Now, as my Uncle Edward Southwick always says: If you don't deal with reality, reality will deal with you.

Case in Point: Sarah Palin's Daughter Bristol & Baby

I haven't thought of Sarah Palin for years; however, the other day one of my roommates, an Obama hating, 50 something, white guy from Kansas, asked me if I like Palin.  I liked her about as much as MSNBC's Keith Obierman liked her--filleted her daily.  I guess he figured that I would like a woman running for President.  I do, but I want a qualified one, by a woman's standard, and I am not talking about soccer mom standards!

I am talking someone who has actually paid their dues to get where they got--you know, like Hillary, the most qualified person in the history of America, to be president, regardless of your personal opinion and politics: First Lady of Arkansas, Attorney General's wife, First Lady of the Country, Senator, Secretary of State, and many other achievements, like being a Yale law graduate, among others.  This is not a position as PTA president--come on . . .

Just yesterday, I spent a delightful morning laughing my ass off at some memories from the infamous 2008 elections, where Republican men, did what they do best, think with their head below their waste, rather than the one above it . . . see GoArticles, JoAnn S. Secrist, Hillary, Sonia & Sarah Palin: The Women Democrats and Republicans Support, 2009.

Now my mother was a junior high health teacher with 6 daughters to protect while going through junior and senior high.  When I became mature, and capable of having a child, my mother, pulled me aside, asked me if I had any questions about sex--this smart ass responded with, no mom, do you have any questions about sex?  But she did a very smart thing, she said if I ever intended to be sexually active, she would, without question, slip birth control into my orange juice at breakfast each morning.

Check Sarah's Positions on Birth Control, Abortion, Sex Education & then Funding for Organizations that Help Women Keep Their Babies--NO

So basically, we have cocks on the loose, and no one protecting the victims from their own stupidity--proving my point that we are wired for sex.  You will notice that Bristol's companion was not around after the baby was born, or at least I wasn't around when the baby was born, one or the other.  My point being, women want to be desired, men want to be respected.

Throw that into the sexual arena, and you have a disaster.  Smooth talking locker room boys, bosses, mayors, U.S. attorney generals, senators--you know, the Anthony Wiener Club are the ones we have to watch, along with every other walking male, with a pulsating hard on, even at work.  

I have read studies that men think about sex every 20 seconds--REALLY?  And we are going to pay for Viagra, a dick on steroids, but not for birth control in our corporation?  REALLY . . .  There are insurance companies that see low T, or testosterone as a medical condition--and the boys club is sympathetic and they are going to come to the rescue and cover that in the corporations medical coverage as a pre-existing condition.

But to hell with the women, who are generally, literally under the men, they just have to carry the child, bear the sometimes public humiliation of possibly a forced liaison, or even a wanted one--we are human too, and do think about sex every once in a while--I know that is not lady like, but it is a fact, it takes two to tango! Then she raises the baby, provides for the baby, and has a lifetime commitment to that child--and that is biologically based.

The Loaded Gun/Penis Analogy

The Obama administration wants gun control--at least he is consistent--not sure about the Republicans, well, I guess in this analogy, they are consistent too.  The second amendment prevents Congress and the President from infringing on the right to bear arms.  The solution, you can have your guns, but the government will buy up all the ammunition!  You can have a gun, but you are shooting blanks, therefore, you have taken away the reason for the gun in the first place . . .

No, you want ammunition, so you can go hunting.  They say, men don't shop, they hunt.  Well, that goes for their women also.  Just last night, a friend of my roommate came over--I live in a bachelor's pad, so I am the target for random hunting, easy prey, captured audience.  This guy, 18 years younger than myself, was looking to go hunting with my roommie.  I was laying on the couch.

This guy met me the first time, and was kissing me, telling me I was going to marry him, and all over me--I had never met him before, but he remembered meeting me, and I didn't know it, but he was my next husband.  A friend that witnessed the attack, put his head under the covers, thinking this guy was going to rape me.  I had dealt with obsessed guys before, so I somewhat let him have his way, so he would leave, and not get obsessed by the rejection--I know, sic.

But since then, he has learned that I am an attorney, and I am way older than he is, so we have become friends, he still goes for every inch of skin and lips he can get, which is not much.  But I joined the Summit Health Club two days ago, registered the 25th, and finally worked out the 26th.  The one thing I miss about marriage is a good back rub or massage.

So in a weak moment, I asked this sex crazed 40 something, year old man, if he wouldn't massage my feet. Safe . . . you would think.  Every bone in my body was stiff, but there was only one boner in his body that was stiff!  Now, come on, these are my feet, for hell sakes . . . he kissed, bit, smelled, and rubbed up against the only bone in his body that was stiff, and he served with a smile.  I don't seem to meet the Viagra crowd of good looking, limp 40 year old, nor 50, 60 and 70 year olds.  But I am post-menopausal, hurrah!

Corporations, Now that You are A Person--Take It Like A Woman!

Now, these 40 religious corporations that are now considered persons, according to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United, are now screaming for protection from the high court, when Obamacare is bending them over and shoving it to them . . . they don't like it either, they want protection--bitches.  Take it like a woman!  Your a person now, guess which gender . . . and you have been man handled, like it?  Could scream rape, but hey, there are legitimate rapes, so just grin and bear it.

Seriously, now that you of person status, you might take this whole thing a bit more serious--there always is a silver lining, better understanding, more empathy, and that is a good thing.  Let's put a human face on your religious corporation, that I would assume is still looking for that profit margin, that winning work place, and happy employees.  So let's take it to the heart of all corporate America--and factor in the greed element.

Pregnancy Was Not A Pretty Picture For Me in the Workplace

Prior to becoming an attorney, I was a graphic artist for the state of Utah, in the general services division.  I was just married, and shortly thereafter, like all good little Mormon girls, I got pregnant at the rip old age of 20 to a recently returned missionary, who had 3 years left of college.  Luckily, when I got pregnant I had a father of 7 as my boss.  Let me describe a typical morning of mine, for 5 very long months---long to my boss too.

I would get up from bed, hold the walls, on the way to the bathroom, for my morning purification exercises, puking, as I bent over the toilet--nice wake up call.  A doctor told me to try crackers and Coke, that just added to the mixture of regurgitated food from the night before. 

One day, my boss counted how many times I had to run from the office, down the hall to the bathroom, to purge even bial from my stomach--yellow, stuff from the very lining of the stomach cavity, with the consistency of snot--I made that walk 20 times, that morning.  And that was not the end of my productivity interruptions with this child in tote, there were the afternoon naps.

The only time I felt half human, was when I was asleep, and my body wanted that 24/7.  This kind boss, whom I told to come knock on the door, after the lunch hour was over, to wake me on the lounge, consistently allowed me to sleep, 1 to 3 hours per day, knowing that I was doing the best I could do.  Now, perhaps, if I had not had a understanding boss, I would have had to quit, or suffer each and every day.

But I was an asset to the state of Utah . . . and probably produced more than most people he had previously had work with him, did, during the 5 hours I could work each day.  Plus, I was the state's poster girl model for runaway teens, and eventually teen pregnancy.  I wonder what all my class mates thought, as they lost track of their high school, chum, and then saw me plastered all over billboards and posters in the state?

Bottom Line--What is Your Cost for Sex in the Office?

Which is cheaper, if I am right in my summation or hypothesis that we are hardwired for sex, contraceptives, or pregnancy?  Abortion is still legal, but there are only 16 clinics throughout the U.S. that have survived the vaginal probe, reproductive controlling, Republicans--who scream for property rights, yet don't think a woman has jurisdiction over her own body!

They want right to privacy, but don't want to give it to a woman, the private right to her decision, her sexuality, her reproductive decisions--and yes, as we have seen in the last few years, sex enters the boardrooms, is performed on the bosses desk, in backrooms, elevators, and bathrooms.  Protect your best assets, your people, and that includes your women employees--turnover, training, sick leave, vacation time and all are costly to corporations, even if they are persons now.  THINK, THINK, THINK.

If I Were The U.S. Supreme Court & Consistent . . .

We have 4th amendment protections, the right to protect persons, places, homes, papers and affects from unreasonable searches and seizures . . . and that includes a woman's body, her privacy, her reproduction, etc., to be free from not only government intrusion, invasive entrance, but also, her right to control her own destiny, her career, and when, where, and if she decides to have a family.

A person's body is their most prime piece of property and it is protected under the U.S. Constitution.  Now the founding fathers, intended protection, from not only a tyrannical government, but protection from taking property without compensation.  If a corporation is not going to pay for contraception, they are taking the life, liberty and property of this woman.

A pregnancy effects her life tremendously, and an unwanted pregnancy is even worse, not to mention, that she is likely the one to be fired or let go, if it happens to be a boss that puts pressure on her sexually, of forcefully, due to the fact that the corporation has more invested in him that her, in most cases.

And if she is a high level, high ranking female employee, CEO, or whatever, you may not want to lose her to an unwanted pregnancy.  With modern technology and science, sex and child birth do not have to be connected.  Why would we want to advance in every area of life, work, state, and not advance in our relationships with one another?  We should be evolving beyond the baby machine mentality, really.

In a modern world, our founding mothers would only have dreamed of, there is no need to create unreasonable seizures of our female employees, who we know, want sex as much as men do--modern view, or even more.  I will say, that pregnancy has curtailed many a female sex drive--that lifetime commitment does tend to stop the juices from flowing.

My grandmother used to tell her daughter, that if any guys wants sex with you, you give them a piece of paper to sign first, that states that he will pay for a child, if one is the result of his persistence for sex, for the next 18 years.  That tends to stop a few good employees also.  I don't know if this is a back handed approach to eliminate sex from the office or work place, but I a sure, that you will protect your work force better, by making that contraceptive available, and well worth a great employee, who might just get horny one night, weak as she may seem.

Be Ye Therefore Perfect--Means Be Ye Therefore Mature

If we want to take it to the Bible for these religious groups, the Latin or Greek translation of the word perfect, is translated to mean mature.  Husbands and wives are told to come together often, that the marriage bed is undefiled--so why would you want to stop that, defile or make that dirty.  Many of your workers are married and an unplanned pregnancy would hurt them financially, and your corporation.

Sex is healthy, makes people feel happier, loved, wanted and desired, respected and good about themselves.  Can't we evolve into a more educated, smart, and progressive people.  In law school, I received a scholarly writing award and was published, for writing on female circumcision in Ethiopia--they want to make sure a woman is a virgin, that she is not sexually permissive--but many die as their mothers and the women of the village cut out all external sex organs, with rocks, glass, and whatever is available.

The girl can barely have a period, but she is sure to be a virgin, when her amorous husband rips the hell out of her to have sex the first time--yeah, we can control women, but do we want to.  What is the underlying method to this madness--if you generally, trace the money, you will know the motive, but I would venture to guess that contraceptives would protect the money, so what is more precious than gold, SEX.

The attempt to control women has come from day one as humans, with Adam being placed over EVE.  As if he didn't take the fruit also, stop making women pay for the sins of mankind.  BE YE THEREFORE, MATURE!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013



Back in March of 2012, when it looked like Mitt Romney had sealed the deal as the Republican Presidential Nominee, the Salt Lake Tribune put Mitt's mug shot up, with the words or headlines: A Mormon Moment. I was shocked, but not surprised, to see that this election was not about an American Moment, or a Republican Moment, or a Conservative Moment--but this agenda was about Mormons, not the nation well being.

Now I was raised Mormon, and very grateful to have been taught to stay away from drugs, sex and rockin' roll, prior to marriage, and it is easy to take the girl out of the Mormon Church, but not easy to take the Mormon teachings out of the girl; therefore, I understand that Mitt would be influenced by his Mormon upbringing, but this sent another message, deeply embedded in the psyche of this new nominee, and was highly apparent with the focal point of the background, the Mormon Temple.

My first loyalties are for God and country, not the Mormon Church--I find many abhorrent things, not only in its history, but in being a constitutional law attorney in a state that is a theocracy, not a republic--where the Mormon Church controls, and court, legislative, and political decisions are based on Mormon Church "influence" rather than the rule of law, public policy, rational thinking or the foundational groundwork and cornerstone of our legal and political roots in America, that of the United States Constitution.

Email: The Mormon Moment

I promptly went into defense mode for the citizens and unwary public, of these United States of America, and set forth to warn them of this Monster Mormon Mitt, who they were being deceived into believing was going to represent their side of the political spectrum or the more conservative sector of society.  I am into full and fair disclosure, truth, not only in lending, but in endorsing, and fair political practices--the public had to know what I knew, and was highly evident from the headlines of the largest newspaper in Utah, the Salt Lake Tribune, which had so vividly displayed that day--this was a proud moment for all Mormons.

I am glad to report that during the campaign, I campaign and wrote to several members of the Salt Lake Tribune, every dirty little Mitt secret, bail out facts for Bain Capital, 5 houses, one under construction with an elevator up to the front door, while the nation of homeowners were being foreclosed on by Mitt's buddies the other charity cases that benefited from the first bail out under President Bush, for the mortgage fiasco, that they got themselves into, but came out with golden parachutes while the weary tax payers suffered home losses, but also bore the burden, as well as their children and grandchildren for the errors of the Wall Street Crowd--you know the others at the infamous $50,000 a plate fundraiser for Mitt, when he said he didn't care about the rest of the 47%.

Bred & Trained in the Haves & Have Nots, Mormons & Non-Mormons

Too bad for Mitt, that a lowly waiter, sick of the political otherism, that is so highly used in the Mormon Church, and beat into Romney since birth, and in every sermon since then, happened to have his cell phone video camera ready, and blasted it to Mother Jones Magazine, who shared it with the rest of us.  And to my delight.  I used that statistic and broadcast it through all my political contacts, several of which were reporters for the Salt Lake Tribune, who had the shear guts, to endorse President Obama one week before the elections.  I know they paid a initial cost for that endorsement, but I dare say, that as many dropped their subscriptions, that many respected the paper for taking a stand in the predominantly Mormon state.

Love you guys, freedom of the press, free speech carried the day, and I am sure had a huge impact on the state, if not the nation.  I hear is while hiding out in Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, Targee and the Tetons, going into town only long enough to get on the local library computer to write my latest and greatest expose' on the elections.  The Mormon Mafia is alive and well . . . yeah, the FBI, CIA, and NSA!  Not to mention their spies in training, 60,000 missionaries worldwide.

I Warned the Citizens of One of the Twin Relics of Barbarism--Polygamy

This is a doctrine that has been denied by even a former prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley, in an interview on 60 Minutes, back in about 1997, to the shock, and the point of discussion for many assistant attorneys general, and fellow Mormons who worked with me in the Utah Attorney Generals Office.  This is a principle taught and believed, codified if you will in modern Mormon Doctrine, in the Doctrine & Covenants, Section 132.  And every Mormon male, along with their Mormon muffin wives, believe in their heart of hearts, that they will either live again on earth or at least in heaven.

The fact that 10 virgins, not espoused, are fair game for any male, lend easily to other attitudes toward women, that show up in the modern day work force, with only 55 cents for women, to equal pay scales to their male counterparts for the same job of $1.00.  It is highly evident in the courts, in the church, in the family, colleges, and on the streets in domestic calls.  Does it amount to a war on women--I am lucky to be alive, so yes, it is a war on women--how dare I question a judge, another attorney, a cop.

Disappointed My Family--4th Warrant for My Arrest Issued Since Last Thanksgiving--Go Figure!!!!!!!

Last June 2012--could be connected to Mitt and Mormon Church too, but cops showed up at my door at 7 am, demanded the keys to my truck, after I had fled to Montana in fear of my life, came back to get some stuff, and get the hell out of dodge, stole all my electronics, all new, and took all my art, which was expensive and unique.  And that comes on the back of taking a million dollar home, and all my furniture, law practice, art, etc.

Don't worry about that, they got me borrowing a client's beater car, with expired tags--I was driving at 3 am, on the streets of Cedar City, Utah, searching for my truck that had been illegally taken, so I could load up my shit and get out of town.  They had it under lock and key, but it was not in any of the impound lots in the city--most likely hijacked down to St. George or Vegas, to be either sold at the sheriff's auction or car auction.  I heard they were counting on me assaulting them when they picked the truck up--too smart for that.

I remind you, that was June.  In November at Thanksgiving, I was pulled over for a headlight being out, after daybreak or dawn.  The officer told me that I had a warrant out for my arrest.  I asked him what for--he told me for not showing up in court, I reminded him that I was in jail, after I told the cops to take my citation and shove it up the sheriff's asses, down the road.  An attitude adjustment was maybe warranted, but could they get the jest of what I was saying--they stole my fucking truck, putting me in the current situation--my truck was licensed, registered and insured!

This was 6 months after the incident, REALLY?  I told him to check the date it was issued.  November 24th, 2012?  This was a vendetta and an attempt to harass me, due to the fact that the cops knew that I would be in the state for Thanksgiving.  One of my clients, was thrilled to be able to know if I was alive or dead, simply by checking the new warrants issued on the same $2.50 expired tags, each time I write an email or blog against the Iron County Sheriffs, the 5th Judicial District or the Mormon Church.  She informed me of the new warrant for St. George or Washington County, Utah--where my daughter is cooking dinner.

Hate Crimes--I Made Judges, Cops & Prosecutors Look Dumb!  And Your Point?

Too bad boys--hopefully, all my children will see the light and move to Montana.  The Mormon Church has a scripture that the gospel will roll forth as a stone rolling down a mountain gathering speed--well, Montana means "mountain"--Utah and Mormons, not only have lost their birth right to save the U.S. Constitution as I was taught, but lost their mandate to spread the gospel, or the good word to all nations--you have been replaced!  DIG IT . . .

Thanksgiving to Celebrate New Constitution

A proclamation by President George Washington and a congressional resolution established the first national Thanksgiving Day on November 26, 1789.  The reason for the holiday was to give "thanks" for the new Constitution.  Celebrate it, and use is for you are losing it!!!!!

Friday, November 22, 2013


CASE IN POINT ON ASSASSINATIONS--Video Author On HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN DOLLAR, Dead 2007, I Was Stopped After Part I of a II Part Video, Muted, Then Video Disappeared From Google Search List--See previous blog for proof of message that popped up when muted . . . NSA?

Aaron Russo was the author and producer of the message, that it appears friends finished.  Now I don't know the facts surrounding Russo's death, but I would view anything as suspicious, until proven otherwise in this world of espionage and sedition, in this America controlled by secret societies, like the Masons, Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones Society, Club Rome or 300.  Anytime you go to the pocket book, expect trouble.

The Golden Rule has been changed from its original meaning of do unto others as you would have done to you to he who has the gold rules!  Money is power.  I was trying to take notes, but one roommate was trying to tell me more about the video, since he had seen it in its totality the night before, and suggested it. And the other roommate was trying to get my attention and blasting his new CD several decibels too loud, and now it is only 5am in the morning, and one of my roommies is asleep on the recliner, due to a late night movie . . . so I can't see my notes, so this will be written in the dark, and from a clouded memory.

United States Constitution, Article I, Section 8--Gold & Silver Backed Money System

Founding fathers, Jefferson and Hamilton, were diametrically opposed on the issue of having a banking system.  I believe it was Hamilton that was the one who proposed the first national bank, in about 1812, that is also the year, financial institution Lehman Brothers came into existence.  Jefferson felt that a national banking system was unconstitutional.

Under the U.S. Constitution, Congress had the power to create a money system or pass whatever laws were necessary for the nation, and deemed right.  In 1792, the Coinage Act, was passed.  So originally, there was a money system that was only in silver and gold coins.  Each coin has the word Liberty somewhere on it.  This was called Lawful Money.

Lawful money was around for about 80 years, and was dispersed around the country.  Eventually, paper money was created, but it still had to be backed by gold and silver.  The paper money could only be cashed in, back in Washington D.C., at the Treasury of the United States.

Eventually, the paper money became promissory notes, or loans, and were only backed by a percentage of what the note was worth, in gold and silver.  Then in 1914, the Federal Reserve was created by Congress. While the chairman of the fed reserved board, was appointed by the President, they did not answer to the President.  They operate, if I am correct, almost as a separate branch of government, independent and unsupervised--go figure . . . Alan Greenspan, Bernakie, and now Yellen, run the show.

By 1931, Lawful Money No Longer Existed--No More Gold/Silver Backed Standard

I believe this is where the devaluation of the dollar took place.  There was so much gold, after the California gold rush, that America set the standard for the world banking system--they all followed us.  However, when the gold and silver standard disappeared, Iran and Iraq, decided that they would create a system that was oil backed, and take control of the banking systems.

That is the primary reason that the United States went into those countries, was to gain control of the oil, which was going to replace the gold and silver system--remember the new golden rule.  Oil would be the new goal.  I was glad to hear the other day that America will become the worlds largest oil producers by 2020, or somewhere around there.  YAHOO America!

In 1963, By Executive Order, President Kennedy Was Going Back to the Silver & Gold Standard!

I wonder how close this executive order was to Kennedy's assassination?  Everybody thought it was connected to the Bay of Pigs, the Civil Rights movement, but I would venture a guess, that it was the silver and gold standard, and JFK's executive order.  The video author, actually showed a picture of the executive order--where the hell is it and what happened to it.  

Executive orders are where the President, when he or she sees that something is needed, doesn't have to wait for Congress to approve, but can pass, needed legislation by way of executive order.  In the three branches of government, each branch, the executive, judiciary and legislative all have separate responsibilities as set forth in the Constitution; however, there are times to keep a check and balance system in place, there are overlaps in powers.

Executive orders are one such example of the cross over power of the President, into the law making and legislative realm of Congress.  Whatever became of the executive order is only guess work on my part, but I would imagine is was one of several things that got the Prez. assassinated.


Eyes had to be in the room, because we were discussing the part dealing with the executive order of President Kennedy, and how I had just learned in the last video that was recommended by roommate, on the CIA feeding Kennedy misinformation, Benghazi anyone . . . Benghazi, anyone, on the Bay of Pigs.  And how he had stated that he would going to rip the CIA into pieces, and now this!!!!!  Holy shit, Kennedy didn't have a chance . . .

I remember seeing a TV special on the life of President Lyndon Johnson, who also cheated to get elected to the Senate in Texas, back in the days.  Lady Bird Johnson was the money backed system for Lyndon, her husband, and he jumped when she said to jump.  But he was also a contender for the presidential nomination, that Kennedy won. 

There was a picture of Johnson, after Kennedy was basically forced by the Democrats to choose Johnson as a running mate, in the 1960 elections against Nixon, and this man stood behind Kennedy, who was about 30 years younger and a head shorter, and the frown, scowl, dirty look on Johnson's face said it all.  Who had to benefit from Kennedy's assassination--Johnson, who promptly was sworn into his intended place, and J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI . . . it is not rocket science to see the writing on the wall--Johnson was a powerful man, with powerful allies.

And he considered he was the rightful heir to the throne, not some snotty nosed, as my dad would call him, punk ass kid, and his brother, Bobby.  The disdain on Johnson's face was palpable in that picture at the convention . . . and I think Johnson wanted to claim the Civil Rights Act, as his legacy.  Many would say that he was the only man in the Senate powerful enough to get that legislation passed!  

Of that we can be grateful, but assassination?  THIS IS AMERICA!!!!!!  We do things differently.  Or you would think we would.  We live in an America, I don't recognize much anymore.

How Do You Boil A Frog--Slowly Turn Up The Heat

One of the blessings of being poisoned by the government and being taken out of the game for 9 years of my life, while I thought I was going to die of a terminal brain disease, was I wasn't being slowly cooked like the rest of you.  I was in a fog, and when I came out of it as fast--some say that someone had to have given me the antidote for the chemical warfare that took me out of commission--this little frog was screaming as they tried to force me directly into the boiling water that took the rest of you years to simmer in and slowly get cooked.

The analogy goes, that if you want to boil a frog, you can't just put it directly into the boiling water, or it will jump out.  So you have to first put the frogs into the water, then slowly turn up the heat.  They will just watch American Idol, and be slowly cooked into submission, until it is too late.  Then they become dinner.  Well not this bad ass con law chick, I'm not going down without a fight!!!!!!  

With Tears In My Eyes, A Tribute This Thanksgiving Season


Thursday, November 21, 2013


This video previously contained a copyrighted audio track. Due to a claim by a copyright holder, the audio track has been muted.


THANKS TO SIGNATURE THEATERS IN KALISPELL, MT FOR SHOWING JFK MOVIE--November 22, 1963--2013, Marks 50th Anniversary Of One Of The Saddest Moments In American History!

I distinctly remember the day, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  I was in 3rd grade, out on the playground, during recess, at Valley View Elementary, in Bountiful, Utah.  Someone ran out onto the playground, as shouted, Someone shot President Kennedy with a rubber band.  What?  I don't know if at that moment I fully understood what happened . . .

I don't recall our teacher saying anything, but I do remember hearing Barbara Williams, a childhood friend talking to her grandmother, who was hysterical, crying and telling us that the President had been assassinated.  I am sure in Mormon, Republican, Utah, there was not much of a stir, or at least I don't remember much said about it in our home.

And last night, during the movie, Ed Eisner, a former FBI agent, turned private investigator, called Kennedy a bleeding heart liberal, so what, and pushing Jack Lemon down for being somewhat saddened by the assassination.  My thoughts were that was probably my father's reaction to the murder of our young President.  I don't recall hearing much more about it until I hit law school.  Go figure . . . UTAH!

Criminal Law Professor, Michael Goldsmith--Warren Commission

Most likely, Professor Goldsmith, was the token Jew, Non-Mormon, and liberal to give BYU law school a sense of diversity.  Most of my fellow law students, said I was the diversity at BYU.  I guess my feminist views, must have qualified me as the diversity.  The national accreditation board was going to shut down BYU while I was there--guess they didn't count a white, Mormon, something, just being a woman, as much diversity, as they wanted, or thought good--85% in the law school, where white, Mormon, male, Republicans.

They were either to diversify or lose their standing in academia or in being considered a law school, so they teamed BYU with Howard University, an all Black law school, outside Washington, D.C.  Anyway, that was off the topic, but goes to the heart of why I never heard much of the Kennedy assassination until we discussed the Warren Report in Goldsmith's criminal law class.

District Attorney, Jim Garrison, refers to the report that was sealed for 75 years, that would not be opened until he was dead and gone, but he said he was training his son, so that when the facts and events, if reported right, could find out what really happened.  My daughter, Greta Secrist Hyland, was in Navy Intel, and was sworn to secrecy for 75 years, on any top government matter--must be the magical number.

One has to ask, why didn't the American public have a right to know, what was so top secret about the assassination, especially, if it happened that Lee Harvey Oswald, was acting as a lone wolf, working on his own, rather than a conspiracy going to the upper sanctums of the U.S. government?  D.A. Garrison gives a convincing argument for conspiracy.  With Lyndon Banes Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, President Nixon, George Bush Sr., and the likes, President Kennedy was just an annoyance, and they had government contractors to satisfy.


President John Kennedy Said He Was Going To Rip The CIA In Pieces

Just days before President Kennedy was shot, with that magical bullet, that zig-zagged through the President and into John Connolly, from about 8 angles, and 20 witnesses said there were bullets coming from the grassy knoll across the street from the book repository, among other problems with the government's stories and cover-up, made statements about secret societies, conspiracies, shadow governments running the country, that he and his brother, Bobby, the United States Attorney General, were going to clean up, that he was going to tare the CIA, who set him up on the Cuban missile crisis, with misinformation--kind of like Benghazi, Libya--where ambassador Stephens, into pieces!!!!!!  Do ya think there was a connection?

I got that bit of information from a video I watched this morning, see my lost blog, I found today, and wrote about, The Secrets of the Illuminati and the New World Order, on JoAnna Montana:, if you can find it--that Kennedy, along with President Ronald Reagan, who was also fed misinformation by the CIA, stating that the United States didn't sell arms to rebels, in Iran to get the Iranian Hostage crisis settled--you know the one that President Carter could take care of.  Oliver North finally had to admit that, the Reagan Administration was misinformed by the CIA about the guns and arms sales to rebels . . .

District Attorney, Jim Garrison's Amazing Closing Arguments in the JFK

Garrison makes reference to conspiracies, fascism, back door politics, assassinations, CIA, cover-ups, and sanctioned assassinations--of course you know the outcome, the alleged conspirator is going to get acquited, government immunity, of the charges of being involved in a conspiracy against President Kennedy.  You think they can't bribe, threaten, jury tamper, are you kidding?  You just had a President shot, for GOD sakes, do you not think your average, Joe Blow is safe for testifying against the government?  REALLY!

People ask me why I don't sue the government, just had one of my former clients in the Brock & Rice et al v. Herbert et al, called my daughter to get a hold of me--REALLY?  Clients were involved in bribes and the case take over, couldn't have happened without them, so not only NO, but FUCK NO, don't give them my number!  They, Brock and Rice, know I was the only attorney smart enough, in 10 years, to see it as a civil rights case, rather than a securities case . . . but they are men, and Mormons, and a shallow as hell--tits and ass won.  Jay Rice, go straight to hell, call your government JoAnns--Kay Burnningham--she will be the fill in on this one, because she also knows Barbara Williams, Shelley will be too old, and Rachel too young--BOUNTIFUL 1973 ALUMNI CAN TELL YOU WHO KAY BURNINGHAM IS AND WHO JOANN SOUTHWICK SECRIST IS!

Jay, go for the government hookers, not me.  First time, shame on you and Hank, second time, shame on me . . . I learned my lesson, can't even trust clients, you saved their fucking asses.  I think they got a billion dollars on that case, as still stiffed me after taking me out of the Grand County Jail, for the last 5 briefs, and a federal court appearance.  Had to make the steal look authentic.  I am the only authentic attorney, so fuck you Jay!!!!!!  Hopefully, Daddy Rice's, Rice/Eccles Football Stadium at the University of Utah burns along with you and Hank in HELL!!!!!!

You don't think these assholes can bribe judges, juries, attorneys, sisters, parents, clients, friends, roommates--ARE YOU KIDDING ME.  They see the writing on the wall--if they will gun down a U.S. President, what makes you think they won't gun you down!!!!!!!!


Garrison, speaks of fascism, deaths, how many car accidents, heart attacks, drug overdoses, suicides, are actually assassinations?  Accidents do happen!!!!!  Government assassins are real--24, Keiffer Sutherland is not just a TV show, but real . . . I have them crawling up my ass all the time.  

At least see the closing arguments--that was 50 years ago, before all the high tech spying, weapons, satellites, so go get a fucking clue, where we are today!!!!!  You better wake up America!!!!!  You could be next!  If nothing else, maybe I can serve as a one woman wrecking ball for these fuckers who think they can take over the government unelected, terrorize and get rid of anyone who opposes them!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Empty Houses In Neighborhoods: Not Strengthening Communities

Last Friday, at the Republican Pachyderm Meeting, the president of the local Glacier Bank, here in Kalispell, Montana, representing 15 branches, spoke about the highly regulated banking industry--and well deserved. Back in the day, when you could not qualify for a loan more than 1/4th your monthly income, for a mortgage payment, banks protected their customers.

I remember signing, with my husband at the time, and subsequent houses I have purchased single, about 2 inches worth of paperwork.  I had no idea what I was signing, and I am not anal enough, even as a lawyer to read through that mess of paperwork.  So I had to trust my banker to be ethical, honest and follow the best business practices for banks, to protect me in this venture into the American Dream, we call home ownership.

New Age Banking, Predatory Lending, Sub Prime Interest Loans, Robo Signers & MERC or Mortgage Electronic Records Control, Plus Foreclosure Insurance

I represented a client, and proud to say, sued the banks, who had held the mortgage or the securities behind the mortgage, because the certificate of interest had been sold over 12 times; therefore, I had to go against Bank of America, Countrywide, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, as former mortgage holders.  I was able to not only stop the foreclosure--took the case even after the judge had signed the banks motion to dismiss.

You see the banks wanted the equity in the $700,000 home, which was about $400,000 at the time of foreclosure.  Plus the banks had made money on fines, fees, attorneys fees, investors certificates of interest, selling the mortgage backed securities over and over again.  Then they made money on attempts at mortgage modification programs, in which very few people qualified--the whole intent of the original bail out for Wall Street.

On top of that, if there was a foreclosure, they also made on foreclosure insurance, a protection for the banks.  Not bad, the new age of loans had built in failure mechanisms, but the banks came out smelling like a rose, no matter what happened!  Pretty nice little set up by those boys at Goldman Sach's, AIG, JP Morgan, Chase, Waichovia, and the rest of the crew that were too big to fail . . .

Both the Banks & Courts Treated Homeowners As Renters, Not Property Owners with Rights to be Compensated

The procedures that bank attorneys, sanctioned by the courts, used where landlord/tenant type laws, like three days notice to vacate, using eviction laws, not property laws--due process and equal protections were totally violated.  The banks robbed foreclosed on homeowners of their equity rights by doing this. With my clients, I told them to demand from the banks their equity.

Well it was not the banks who put up the money for the mortgages, but the investors who were also hit hard. The trustees for the banks were just asset pass through vehicles, or service providers, not the ones who actually paid the money to build or buy the homes.  

Unsuspecting investors purchased certificates for homes that had been sold up to 30 times over--and the MERC the electronic record controls, tried to juggle the securities, so the mortgages never were called into foreclosure at the same time by different banks.

Many homeowners didn't even know who to pay their mortgages to, with all the mergers, buy outs, and take overs.  My client was a pretty savvy home purchaser that got in over his head.  His parents, who were separated were from Laos and Thailand, both bought homes under this new age lending by the banks.  

The goal and intent was for people to get in over their heads, be upside down in their homes, and be foreclosed on, and the banks steered people into homes far too expensive for their incomes, under old protections.  This is called predatory lending, sub prime loans, with robo signers, that at times were people who signed anything that was placed in front of their faces--some were felons, hired right out of prison.

Unscrupulous Business Practices

On my sister's home that she was losing to foreclosure, and turned over to me, in exchange for taking care of her children, after she remarried and moved across the state, had a neighbor, working as a broker for the bank, team with her husband, in anticipation of a divorce, have his wife quit claim deed their deed into the husband's name only.

The escrow papers instructed the bank that the wife's name was not on the new mortgage papers or deed. The next thing you see is that the docs were prepared without the wife's name on it.  Then the husband signed the deed over HSBC, another mortgage scoundrel, a Chinese mega mortgage bundler, without his wife even knowing that she was permanently taken off the deed to the house.

Then the woman that was the manager of American First Title, was also an escrow agent at the bank, and was the notary who signed the deed transferring all interest in the home to the husband.  My sister, Rachel, came down a year and a half earlier than her husband, with all four kids while she acted as the general contractors, with the contractor, and micromanaged every nail, nut and bolt of the lovely home.

Her husband did nothing, yet the banks, colluded with the husband and his broker friend neighbor to screw my sister out of home anyone would love to own, very tastefully done, and the home was assessed at a quarter of a million dollars more than the loan amount; therefore, the banks were going to get the benefit of her good taste and thrift in building the house.  Go figure.

When banks act and conduct business that is not considered fair business practices, or those the average good bank would use, they are liable.  So I sued on the house, the husband, the banks, the broker and the bank he worked for, plus the title company for their role in the conspiracy of fraudulent conveyance of property.

Wells Fargo Had Been Former Client of Judge--Didn't Conflict Out!

We won by default in the federal court; however, a tactic of the banks, who have money, is to file again in the state courts or visa versa.  So you have a family with a home going onto foreclosure, already strapped for cash, going not once but twice to court, especially if they won in either court, getting taken to court in the other court--which is basically double jeopardy, which also applies to civil as well as criminal, and puts the family at risk of life and limb--a home is a huge thing to lose!

Generally, life and limb is applied to going to jail, or the death penalty; however, the founding fathers never limited it.  Just because the double jeopardy clause is in the 5th amendment, dealing with the ability to refuse to self incriminate in criminal cases, doesn't mean, that after the semi-colon, it doesn't switch to all cases. Because the later part of the 5th amendment deals with just compensation when property is taken.

Therefore, when the bank takes back a home, there should be just compensation, for fair market value.  But the banks, again, don't want to do that, they are service providers for the investors in securities and never laid out a dime for the mortgage, so they don't want to pay the equity in the home.  They are all about taking, not compensating.

Secret Hearings, Double Docketing If Docketing At All, Case Not Finished, Taking $100,000 Worth Of My Property, When I Was Never A Named Defendant in the Second Case!

And banks are screaming about the tough regulations--REALLY.  If I had been president, I would have hung the banks CEOs, Wall Street Bankers, and all the big banks for FUCKING TREASON.  Treason in the Constitution is defined as being an enemy to the PEOPLE.  And we bailed you out, are you fucking kidding me.  You were criminals in the worst sense of the word.

And then with the bail out money, you spit in homeowners and taxpayers faces, by lavish parties and retreats for AIG, and other banks.  Chris Mathews of MSNBC, stated that these guys were so smart, you know the Goldman Sachs guys, Henry Paulson, and crew, that none of use peons were smart enough to figure out what they were doing.  Well I did.

And someone ought to look into the fact that Lehman Brothers who was worth exactly the amount of the first bail out, $700 billion two weeks before the crash, was the only bank, a well established financial institution since 1812, and right after hearing that, was all of the sudden bankrupt, and the only bank not to be merged, bought out, or bailed out?

Lehman Brothers was sold to Braum Financial in London or something like that--the headquarters of the world bankers.  I think they tried to bankrupt the country.  You have to get rid of private property rights to control the people.  I believe the bankers and one world order people wanted to reduce America to a third world status.  They didn't quit accomplish that.  The American Spirit, the Constitution & Christianity will stop the one world order--money can't buy loyalty, love, or spirit.

Glacier Bank President Assured The Meeting, That Local Banks Were Not Like the Head Lice the Big Banks Were--But Did Say They Were Going To Do Better Loans, Less Speculative!

Monday, November 11, 2013



The new name of the bus line could be surveillance central.  The government stole my truck a year ago, June 7th; they put a pipe bomb on my car, and blew it up, 2 days after I wrote a scathing constitutional critic on cops, license plate scanning, and violation of your 4th amendment rights--think there is any connection to time, January 1, 2013.  However, that car survived, and it did make it back up to Kalispell for my double to drive, as well as my driver's license, that the Great Falls DMV, kept when I registered my car, or I forgot, but has since disappeared from their lost and found drawer.

So I have been without a car for the last 11 months.  But hey, if they are going to play pipe bomb games, they may have saved my life by forcing me into the bus system.  I have had amazing get aways--cops come in the library, with no apparent reason, after undercover spies, walk out the door; I slide out the back elevator, down the back alley, with the spy catching me in the alley, trying to detain me, hit the local bus, down to the Super 8 Hotel, walk next door, perfect timing for the 6 pm bus to Salt Lake.  Yahoo!  Another great escape!

Bus Service Between Kalispell & Rest of the World Cut Off

Last April, I believe, due to the fact that I was trying to get up to the last month or so of the Montana Legislature, but was cut off in route, all buses stopped in Butte, Montana.  WHAT!  So being the resourceful attorney I am, I started to check on private transportation--I had to pay $80 to go about 68 miles, but I made it.  

Another government ploy foiled.  I testified 3 times, and posted a threat on the medical marijuana bill, that I had done a constitutional analysis on, while hiding in Yellowstone, going into Bozeman and Jackson, to write my political commentaries, with cops chasing me out of the library.  But, as promised, Mitt was defeated!

I stayed in Helena, most of the summer.  I got a 3 month membership at the Capital City Gym.  However, I noticed strange behavior from one guy who worked there, and several of the girls, whom I had become friends with, looking at me in an odd way.  

Then, shortly after that, I was sitting at the health food store across the street from the gym, and notice a cop, who acted in a hurry, going to the sports wear shop that I had just purchased a swimming suit from, the frozen yogurt place I had just had yogurt at, and them rush up to the gym, all in one complex and decided it was time to book it out of Helena--and we are talking about the state, I think, or thought, was the last bastion of freedom left in the country!!!!

That should give you an indication of where the rest of the country is!  GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

Great Falls Bus Service Shut Off the Day Before I Was Going To Get Money and Leave!

I caught a bus, or the Salt Lake Shuttle, to the Grey Hound Station in Great Falls.  I stayed at the rescue mission--they make sure I don't get money, jobs, help also--for a few days, until I got money.  Due to the poisoning back in 2000, after taking out 9 federal agents and investigators while protecting the doctors in the state from the Medicaid/Medicare Fraud Unit investigations, I got private insurance, who made me get SSDI--yeh, Mitt, I am one of the 47% you and the other Republicans abhor!  

We won't mention the fact that the $3000 per month private insurance policy that was suppose to continue until the day I died, was cut off after 2 years, because that is when the government said I was to die, or that was the prognosis.  Paul Revere, I believe was the carrier.  My father, who most likely benefited from that policy, told me that the payments stopped due to the fine print, or due to the fact that it ended up in his bank account!  He was handling my money, and is right in the middle of this conspiracy.

When I took the Brock et al v. Herbert et al case that broke out of New York Investment News, was covered by Harvard Law Journal, twice, and the Denver Legal Review, plus about every newspaper in the country, I called Social Security and told them I didn't need the disability coverage anymore, that I was back working after 9 years, of waiting to die.  The person, told me to stay on it, that I had a brain disease, rare, and I might have a relapse and it is hard to get back on the disability coverage--THE NATION & ME, SHOULD THANK THIS WOMAN, HAS SAVED MY LIFE!!!!

I Am the Edward Snowden on Domestic Soil!  They Have Done the Same Thing To Me--I Just Refuse to Leave America!

The only reason I am not working, is because the government double gets to be me, and they block me, stop me, and harass, chase, and try to kill me.  And that is only because Mitt's asshole, dip shits, steal my contingency fees, bribe, threaten or kill my clients, and stop any, even minimum wage job I apply for! 

Not to mention any legal position, take credit for this and the blog you hi-jacked just last week--anyone recovered it yet?  And, you Mitt, took out a $30 million government bail out for Bain Capital!!!!  I think that throws you into your own hated 47%!  If people want to purify the government dole, stop the government from doing what they are doing to people like me who fight them!

Now Surveillance on Buses--Come On Montana--I Love & Believe You Won't Stand for this . . . That is Why I Am Here!

Last summer, while in Missoula, or maybe earlier, I was to elated to see that the chief of police had made a public apology to the citizens for putting surveillance cameras up on bridges that connect or cross over the river, between the walking trails on both sides.  I guess taggers or graffiti artists had marked their territory along the bridges, and the city had installed three surveillance cameras.

The people opted for the taggers, rather than give up their privacy, and have cops know, when, where, and with whom they were taking their morning, afternoon, and evening strolls with!  How very refreshing . . . but that was short lived.  The last time I was down there a few weeks ago, someone pointed out to me, that there were surveillance cameras on the buses.


As an attorney, I do appreciate video tapes of cops, kicking the shit out of my client, while telling the other cops to turn off their dash cams--check out YouTube: Cedar Man Tazed, or Cedar City's Finest--for the full blown coverage of 6 cops tazing my client, while having an epileptic fit, after passing 5 of 6 Field Sobriety Tests, and asking the cops to turn off their lights, can trigger one.

These cameras work both ways, bus drivers.  They are good and bad, but they violate every passenger's right to privacy, protected under the 9th amendment.  They violate 4th amendment search and seizure--there is not probable cause to have use under surveillance unless there is cause to think a crime is being committed--thought police shit.  

Just like the objection to the surveillance on the bridges, I don't want you to know who, why, when, where, or to what location I am travelling to for from, what stops, etc.  It is none of your damn business!  I love Montana, in and of the fact that they seem to respect that your business is your business, and they stay out of it, and expect you to do the same.  Well, that is not the case here--you have no right to know jack shit about my comings and goings.

The Day the Cameras Are Installed Are My Last Day Riding The Bus

Now how is this for surveillance--I have been stopped for getting new and used cars for the last 11 months. Credit is fine, picking cars teenagers with no history could qualify for--stopped at the final signing 4 times in one day.  Every used car I look at, gone the next day, even if it sat for 6 months.  So I know, the goal is to curtail my travel and great escapes.

I have been leery of getting a car, due to it is a 2 ton killing machine and accidents do happen . . . it is not hard to do someone in on the roads, t-boned by cops, claim driver error, sleep, they are the first responder and write the report on how the accident happened.  Simple!  YOU ARE TOAST!  SO . . .

But I decided it was time to get a vehicle, even though the ones they stole were paid off, and they have probably saved my life interfering with each and every sale.  So the other morning, I got up and check out Mazda Hatchbacks on the computer.  I have owned Mazda's in the past, talked my son into getting one, and love the gas mileage, and a great little car for the money.

Online Request For Mazda Information, Got Call From Valley Ford Dealer?

Now, this was not a shock to me, because I know that my calls, texts, emails, blogs, etc. are constantly monitored, redirected, and mess with all the time--and now the bus!  Really.  I have this guy who is an alleged car salesman, Jack King Strode, but aka, undercover, no doubt about it.  

He has been trying to micro-manage my car choice, gets pissed off, if I don't want the vehicle he chooses for me, and is staying at my trailer, spying on me.  Has been doing since the first day I came to town a year ago!

I am trying to help my client's son, whom I rent from, get his car fixed, so I hooked Jack up, that never has a place to stay, probably because the only time he is in Kalispell, is when I am here, so apartments, hell no . . . he had asked me to get a van and travel with him.  No only, NO, but HELL NO!!!!

So he is sitting on the coach to my chagrin.  And all of the sudden, I get a call from the Kalispell Valley Ford Dealer, about my price quote and inquiry into a vehicle purchase from them.  REALLY?  Like I am stupid enough to go buy from a cop, set up by a cop, with surveillance already installed--I test drove a car from them several months ago.  

I guess they have at least decided that I will eventually get a car--found one they don't know about.  So better get one with surveillance on it, that some uncontrollable care that will take them months to track again. So I play along, knowing full well that this is a set up.  All of the Jack, the blog on the couch, that death becomes him, pipes up.  

Who did you talk to.  I don't want to tell him for obvious reasons.  He finally says, was it J.D.?  I am too honest to lie, so I said, yes.  Oh, he is a friend of mine, and I just happen to have his business card.  I had told J.D. I would come by and check out the cars--I do like American better than foreign for reasons of loyalty and patriotism and Ford didn't take a government bail out.

I am sure this was calculated into the kind of car to get.  He tried to steer me into a Ford Escape--like I said, all things are symbolic!  That was my clue, escape the grasps of these control freaks.  I went to check out other vehicles.

Found My Dream Car By Accident--Call, Are You Driving in a Car?

On my way hiking the Swan River trail, down in Big Fork, I asked my friend to stop and look at a car, I had driven months ago, but decided against.  And there close to it, was a car, make and model I love was just on the next line of cars over, so I looked at that car, salesman came out, we talked.

All of the sudden, I get a text, from another government spy, texting me the question: Are you driving in a car?  I had not mentioned that I was looking, so why in the hell would he ask, other than seeing me on surveillance cameras, down in either Bozeman or Missoula, where I left him!

I believe the government has 24/7 contact with me, but I am able to ditch them, which I did this guy 3 times. I told him I was going in a building to get something, and would go out the back door, jump a city bus, hitch a ride with a Canadian truck driver, or get on a Grey Hound, the very reason, I believe the government is pushing safety, while trying to stop freedom.

Thomas Jefferson, I believe said that you have a choice between safety and freedom, and if you chose, safety, you deserve neither.  HAVE FUN BEING WATCHED ON THE BUS . . . 

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Partnerships that Last a Lifetime: David & I

I met David, through his mother, a client of mine, about 9 months ago.  He is a good-looking 33 year old, Italian Stallion, funny, computer savvy, way beyond my skills, loves the outdoors, and is the director of the CIA, the Governor of the United States, created the Internet, along with Al Gore, and lost a friend temporarily over claiming that he was responsible for designing the PT Cruiser.

I Don't Care if David Believes He is Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny

I love colorful people, one of the reasons I wanted to work in a big city between my second and third year of law school, and frankly, I don't care if David believes he is Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny--he is fun, alive, laid back, into music, and I have a lot more in common with him than many, quote normal people. Consider me crazy too, but life is cool with David.

David is handsome and attracts women, until he mentions that he is Jesus Christ--not illegal.  I saw one girl scream at him and tell him, he is not Christ, and he is completely insane.  I just laugh.  I took David over to see the new Spirit of Halloween store, spiders made us jump, prisoners in electric chairs shocked us, and I picked out a costume of Jesus for David.  He smiled as if he knew he was blowing smoke.

In My World of Espionage & Intrigue, David Could Just as Well be a Clever Member of the CIA--Who Knows

When I am in Kalispell, I rent a room from David, in his trailer, we call it the Buffalo Trailer Court, in Evergreen.  I hardly stay put long enough to actually rent an apartment, and my house and cabin are in Parowan and Panguitch, Utah--not safe for me to go to right now, and I am tracked, harassed, and chased enough not to land anywhere for the time being.  I wish I had about 10 safe houses, like David's, in about 10 cities, with the way my life goes.

I was laying on the couch sleeping, this morning; and at about 1:30 am, David woke me with an earpiece in his ear, excitedly telling me that the government needs my intelligence, and guys with guns are coming to knock on the door, and take you away so they can assign you to the area they can best use your intelligence.  
Call me crazy, but I jumped up, got my make-up on, ready to ditch the joint.  But it looked cold and nasty outside, so about 4 am, I fell back asleep and had a dream that I was sitting in church, and a voice came over the loud speaker, stating that the cops were there to arrest JoAnn Secrist--WHAT!  In the dream all entrances were blocked and there were a ton of cops--I have escaped too many times!  And I love it . . .

I told David about the dream and that he was inspired, and we took off together into the night, on foot, with David leading, finding short cuts, and alleys to hide in as we made our way to Super 1 Market for donuts and chocolate milk, to dodge the bullet, and also, so I could try to get the blog out I wrote yesterday, see if my new blog,, was located or reappeared on the Internet, and interview the staff at Special Friends Advocacy Program.

The Special Friends Advocacy Program Is a 501(C)(3) Tax-Exempt Organization--They Need Your Contributions

The staff might think I need their services, after reading this blog and others.  What can I say, my life is exciting--David plays my real games, and I play his--fun, fun, fun.  David looks at everything as magic, and it is.  And so is this organization, consisting of three staff members: Director, Gay Moddrell, Barbra Thompson, and Joe Muri, the go to and do everything people.

There board members consist of people in the community who are very involved in social services, like state vocational and rehabilitation services, city council members, and I saw the Kalispell, Mayor, Tammy Fisher, said to have a strong background in this area--Tammy is an attorney.  Most people got involved and were brought to the organization due to a personal connection with the issues.

Originally, there was a grant written, and there were 16 such organizations around the state, but only three remain, because of the economy and dried up federal funding.  I attended a social and tour at their new home, as 230 2nd Street East, Kalispell, Montana  59901, to learn more about the community and services. I was impressed that they survive without federal funding--that means they call the shots in their program--perhaps with guidelines from former days of funding, but these brave souls exist on donations and primarily through making Indian Fry Bread.

Secret Recipe of a Blackfoot Indian

This program is supported by Indian Fry Bread, and it is way good!  They cook for fairs, festivals, school and community events, and the proceeds go to keep the programs and services going--amazingly cool.  That is one of the reasons, I love Montana, they just do it, funding or not!  And this organization epitomizes the self sufficient nature of Montanans.

The staff and volunteers are making 120 Indian fry breads for the Harvest Festival at a country school.  And they will tell the story and history behind the survival bread and the Trail of Tears, connected with the displacement of the Indians from Oklahoma and Nebraska, transplanted to the reservations.  On the way, many Indians died of starvation, the food rotted, and someone came up with a recipe for Indian bread, and saved many lives.

This concoction of flour, salt, yeast, and baking soda was served with the berries, and fruit that could be found along the trail.  So the fry bread is not only life sustaining, but has become a tradition and save the Special Friends Advocacy Program.

Clearinghouse for Services & Programs

When a parent comes through their doors, the staff assesses their needs, makes sure that the families are informed of the services at, Opportunity Resources; they also have representative payees for SSDI clientele, social support, and mainly to educate, raise awareness, and commitment, through programs like People First Language Guidelines, Disability Rights of Montana, through legal advocacy, working in conjunction with community services, like Flathead Industries, who helps with vocational skills and jobs.

Because there program is not a state funded agency, they are sincerely grateful for your financial contributions toward promoting opportunities for individuals with disabilities in the Flathead Valley.  The program has several fundraising and community events coming up . . . and need sponsors, donations and support.

Hand-Made Christmas Wreaths for Sale

Your purchase supports their activities in the community.  The wreaths cost only $20.00, and the Friends anticipate delivery of the wreaths around Thanksgiving time.  Please make the checks payable to Special Friends.  Contact information: 

People First/Special Friends
230 2nd Street East
Kalispell, MT 59901

27th Wheel Chair Championship

Kalispell is the only chapter to keep the league of wheel chair athletes going, and continue to sponsor the championship.  There are sponsors, local players from around the state that will be competing, and there is a big dance, and silent auction the night before the competition.  Come support these awesome athletes.

Dragon Races Up At Big Fork

This is my first summer being in the Flathead, and want to be in the Dragon Races so bad--these guys said they would sign me up, and they are making up the teams right now.  WOW.  I read about the races, couldn't get my friends and room mates excited enough to go participate if nothing else as a supporter of a team.

I met an intellectually disabled participant outside the library one day, she stopped a car that was dropping off books, and showed them some pictures from the races, and I asked her if I could see them too.  She was so happy, proud and anxious to share this fun experience with her.  I was jealous, should have gone myself!

Anyway, Barbra told me she would put me on a team--what fun, absolutely.  I love the Flathead Lake, the boats are colorful, and have drummers, like the Vikings to keep the teams going.  During the practice rounds, I think 8 of the 90 boats capsized, but it is shallow.  The final day of the race, the rain, stopped the winners from taking home the spoils.  But a fun, colorful time was had by all, as I heard.

New Location & Home--22 Offices in 22 Years--Need Contributions if Nothing Else!

When I told Special Friends about my relationship with David, they told me they do basically the same types of things that I was doing with David--go with him to Cabela's grand opening, help him with house and car chores, be a friend and listen to them.  I think I get more out of my relationship with David, than he gets from his with me.  Volunteer to be a partner and bless your life!



This is usually, a religious question.  I saw it on a Jehovah Witnesses tract this morning, thought it applied, so decided to use it, fit the situation.

Two months ago, I was at a park in Kalispell, Montana, and there were a group of friends of a friend, and we were talking about their issues with CPS, or Child Protective Services taking their children--which is a blog for another day.  It is called kidnapping, baby selling, and CPS making money through adoption and foster care.  Or at least it is that way in Utah, Iron County, in particular.

All of the sudden, one of the guys there, said, I know you!  Oh, did you see me on local TV for testifying at the Kalispell City Council on road appropriations?  Some guy had seen me on TV and said that he saw me.  Mayor Tammy Fisher had welcomed me into town, and I admonited the City Council to check their state constitution to see if there were instructions on what and how to disperse taxpayers money, revenue from vehicle registration and driver’s license fees.

I had worked with the Virgin River Communities in the Forgotten Triangle of Arizona, the 30 miles strip between Utah and Nevada, that has no access road to connect that town to either the rest of the state, nor the county seat.  They wanted the state to pave their pioneer roads.  I did a constitutional analysis, that slammed the hell out of them--totally misappropriating money intended for roads.  My analysis went to Gov. Jan Brewer and Senator John McCain.  Montana’s Constitution is less specific and leaves much of that up to the state Legislature.

I know you, you are that attorney who fights corruption.  He said, me and my Marine buddies loved your writing and followed you all the time.  And then he added, but did you know that you are dead?  He said he saw the obituary, and I died in an accident about a year ago.  I told him I figured that something like that was going on, that I had even checked with Vital Statistics in Utah, never thought of Montana, to see if there was a death certificate for me . . .

His fiancee came and he was so excited, he almost couldn’t get his words out--and said, Do you know who this is?  Guess who this is?  She was striking blanks for he told her, I was the attorney they used to read about all the time on the Internet, the one who fights corruption!  You know?  Finally, she cleared the cobwebs out and vaguely remembered, then all of the sudden the light bulbs went on . . . I WAS VERY FLATTERED TO SAY THE LEAST.

The feds, the Mormons, my family, the state and local judges, cops and prosecutors were all more than willing to bury my work, and let my doubles take credit for my work, even though they saw me in court, went against me on cases, and met with me in their offices for settlement possibilities.  

In Utah, everyone, about is about Mormon, except for Salt Lake, the only sanity area, so with a presidential election with a Mormon and me being one of the biggest opponents of Mitt Romney, you can only imaging . . . and this group of bandits, robbed me of my $357 million dollar case, my 1/3rd of it went into Mitt Romney’s campaign, so I went to war against him! And that meant war against my family.

Now at the beginning of the case, my clients, big time Mormon, Republican, financial donors, wanted me to write into the complaint, that 10% of damages we were awarded, would go into tithes to the Mormon Church.  I told these two Nazi-Mormons, that the judge is not going to care where the money goes.  They are just going to be judging on the merits of the case.

I could not have been more wrong, but it took me a long time to realize that.  As a constitutional law attorney from hell--MY NEW BLOG WAS HI-JACKED, GONE, NADA, DISAPPEARED, SO YOU KNOW THAT THE PREZ IS NOT DOING IT, I WAS ON HIS SIDE ON THE EMPLOYMENT NON-DISCRIMINATION ACT!!  Therefore, it is safe to assume, that those 30,000 spies, in the NSA have loyalties other than the President, and I have told him that much.

My clients attempted to persuade me to donate to the Business School at BYU, their alma maters--now why in the hell would I donate to the business school, when it was the BYU law school that educated me, and no thanks, I didn’t want all the power associated with buying a “chair” at the college, with all the perks, accolades, and honors that goes with it.  NO THANKS.

I wanted to set up the constitutional law firm from hell, and become the 4th branch of the government, recruit and hire the best and brightest out of law school, and then train them before they got corrupted by the legal system, that is trying to get rid of the constitution, totally, because one little female attorney can but shackles and chains on the legs of any cop, prosecutor, or judge, CIA, FBI, NSA, or other government agencies.

And believe me I have done it, and will do it again.  I had over $700 million worth of cases against Homeland Security, Department of Justice, ICE, Immigration & Customs Enforcement, Utah National Guard, CIA, Iron County, state of Utah, and Nevada, Las Vegas Review Journal, and clients lined up and waiting.  They, this conglomerated group of individuals, most likely acting in rogue according to the US and Utah Constitutions, but completely legal according to the Patriot Act, totally shut me down the day before I was to fly to Denver, Colorado, territory of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, on the Brock case.  

I made it anyway, and someone directed the judges, all three through an email, I saw with my own eyes, to cancel oral arguments--funny, the governments attorneys were not there . . . so big time enemies.  So I told my clients, I would take down their candidate, Mitt Romney single handedly.  And I went to war, against the fucker, and guess who won.  I even wrote it in a brief to the United States Supreme Court, I was so pissed off.

St. George City, Utah, Writing Own Warrants for 10 Years; Under the Patriot Act, Perfectly Fine, As I Understand--Move to China!
I just got a call from my daughter, Greta, Navy Intel, smart as hell, like her mommy, has a master’s degree, and writes political commentary all the time, and she asked me if I knew a Judge Filter (symbolic name, probably filtering the whole lawsuit, can’t let that Constitution back in our courtrooms), in the 5th Judicial District--the district I had all the problems with, on a lawsuit against the City Attorneys for civil rights violations, the attorney was shocked at some of the comments the judge, whom I have never heard of, said well I carry all the laws in my head.  Or in other words, I am the law.

I think the City attorneys had been writing all their own warrants for 10 years, rather than going through the courts as the Constitution demands, having affirmed under oath to the fact that there was probable cause to get a warrant, otherwise it is considered an unreasonable search or seizure.  I accused two Iron County Attorneys, of practicing Book of Mormon Law, rather than Constitutional law.

Utah, Mitt & Feds, Walk to the Beat of their Own Drum
A few blogs ago, I praised Montana who believes in the 10 Commandments and the Constitutions; however, Utah is a different story.  In the Book of Mormon, murder is justified--Better for one man to die, than a nation dwindle in unbelief.  During the elections, a Christian University, graded President Obama and Mitt Romney on their christianity--guess what all you Muslim claiming idiots, the Prez. was ranked higher on the scale or points than Mitt Romney.

My other brilliant daughter, Nicole, who lives outside Washington, D.C., in Ashburn Village, was working on a master’s degree in International Studies, having been to 23 countries, while in the Air Force.  She was studying a class on Islam, and said, You know, mom, there are a lot of similarities between Mormons and Muslims.  Yes, they are both in their own little world, having a jihadist moment, with the promise of many virgins, if they bomb themselves and others, in their holy war, against western society!  They are both lunatics!

With 70% of the CIA, FBI & Probably Now, the NSA, With 30,000 New Spies Headquartered in Utah--Mormons Run Things
Do you think that for one second, the Mormons, who have infiltrated and run much of Washington, D.C., to a surprising amount, are going to lay down and that the Romney loss stand, you are crazy.  Look how many scandals have come about since Benghazi--I have my suspicions who is behind them.

And I have heard from several reliable sources, that Mitt, is the secret head of the CIA, not Brennan, or whatever his name is.  I thought the guy looked really old for running the CIA, but some people just don’t age well.  But, let’s confirm President Obama’s person, but be loyal to Mitt Romney, who will be our secret leader.

The week before the elections last year, I was up in Jackson, Yellowstone, Tetons, Grand Targhee area, actually hiding out so I could get my political doings done.  The National Park Cops are out of the legalized mafia system; therefore, I would have a better chance going undetected, slipping in to use town libraries, since the NSA, CIA and FBI, fried my last computer, stole my case; through the e-filing system of the US Federal District Courts, and stole my PC, when they took my house the day before I was to argue the securities case against the Mormon state of Utah, I got the Salt Lake Tribune, the largest newspaper in Utah, to endorse President Obama, rather than support Mitt Romney.

Several powerful, old school reporters had interviewed me on the Brock case, several times, and also had talked to me on several other occasions.  I was falsely arrested as me and Steve Oberman, one of the old school investigative reporters, were playing phone tag, the day before I was arrested.  

Everyone warned me not to go home and get my mail, and I had a dream the night before that there were about 30 mice, filtering in and out of the carpet on the floor of my gold Ford Ranger, 4X4, extended cab, with jacked up black rims, and beefy, BIG FOOT TIRES, that was also taken by the cops, or undercover cops, located in the city police and sheriffs office in Iron County.

I know nothing grander, better exercise, better digestion, more positive proof of the past, the triumphant result of faith in human kind, than a well-contested American national election.
Walt Whitman, American poet (1819-1892)

All Right, I Am Going To Die!
How do you kill someone that died last year?  Well, you steal everything they have done, including this blog, redirect it, as I found had been done as early as October 9, 2013, and show that this material is coming from another ISP number, which was also shut down last week.  When I got 13 million hits, on the redirected account, mine didn’t show those numbers, big discrepancy between my blog and the redirected one that I wrote also.

Now the new blog I wrote, JOANNA MONTANA: CONSTITUTIONAL LAW ATTORNEY FROM HELL, to be focused on constitutional issues alone, was no where to be found, after I sent out emails, and wrote yesterdays blog.  Checked twice before posting and emailing, but nowhere to be found yesterday.  I guess they never figured out after the huge numbers, I would ever switch to another blog.  THEY DON’T KNOW ME, AND THIS ONE HAD BEEN COMPROMISED.  Let me know, if you find my blog!

When I Died the First Time . . .
It was not hard for me to figure out when I allegedly died.  Last year at almost exactly this time, around Halloween, I left Jackson and Yellowstone, and headed to Glacier Park, Kalispell and Whitefish.  The falls leaves were still on the trees, and winter was late.  I was killing some time, and hit Polson, thinking I wouldn’t mind working at the Subway, right on the Flathead Lake--so beautiful, even applied for the position, but couldn’t guarantee I wouldn’t have to leave to attend to clients in Utah, and I heard on the radio, that there was going to be a documentary on the medical marijuana legislation and raids by the feds.

I thought, that sounds like my kind of fun.  I spoke about the feds and local cops growing marijuana in Utah, in the Shirts Canyon, Pine Valley, and Garfield County grows, and how I got 8 cops fired.  I had not seen a cop in 2 and a half months in Montana, until I attended that meeting.  Then I started noticing them notice me, lining up along the highways, on my way back to Helena.

I always used the attorney general’s law library computers, since my personal computer I bought at the Helena, Target Store, lasted less than three or so days, during the elections when I wrote the infamous Mormon Moment, email about Mitt’s run for presidency was about a Mormon agenda, not a Republican, Conservative, or even an American agenda, but a Mormon agenda.  That caused a great stir in Utah, and many General Authorities had to go to colleges to address it, and all my contacts were yanked off my computer for writing it.  Next, they fried my computer completely, those little Mormon boys!

Lined Up Along the Freeway to T-Bone Me Into Oblivion
I wrote in detail what I had testified or spoken of at the Whitefish Library, the night before.  And when I came out and walked across the street to the Capitol Building, there were about 50 cop cars, surrounding the Capitol, therefore, this was too many, too close to me, and I ditched to Missoula, hit out at the Halloween Spirit Store, on Brooks or somewhere around that part of town.

I slipped out of town at about 12 midnight, and headed to Hamilton.  Someone followed me from main street to the park, turned off their lights, it was a cop truck, and flashed warning lights.  As I headed back up to civilization, rather than go into Montana wilderness where no one would ever find me, if I was hit, I saw 5 cops cars, pulled up to the white line, about every mile or so, looking as if they were just waiting for the orders to t-bone me off the road.

Accident do happen, so this would be an easy way to fry my ass, since I always travel at night, so as not to be detected from aerial surveillance.  Nothing happened, so I waited a day in Missoula, finished the Elections Law Symposium I attended the first day, and was going to ditch out of the second day, due to increased cops activity.  I waited until about dusk this time, and headed south out of town.  I left going, I believe again to Hamilton, not that familiar, but I don’t think I was heading down 1-15 or 93, may have been 89?  Anyway, I pulled into a Phillips, or Conoco--with a huge awning, and high enough to pull a semi, in--it was red and white.

Lucky for me, and unlucky, sounds like I was right thinking that night, that person, was mistakenly t-boned, because the cops thought that the other Ford Taurus was me.  As luck would have it, there was another Taurus under the awning.  So, thinking that from surveillance cameras from outer space satellites, they may have not known there were two Taurus's under the awning.

They left about a half hour before me.  I waited.  And as I left and travelled into the night, about an hour down the road, I noticed about 7 or 8 cop cars, with lights flashing, and a vehicle that was in the medium, upside down, with wheels still turning.  First responders can did the ones to hit the person, then claim the person fell asleep and rolled.  

My gut feeling was, that was suppose to be me . . . totally matched the Marine’s story and timeline.  So there you have it, they have had to cover that mistake, or planned death, the total steal of everything I have done, prior to that time, and now, through redirection of accounts to other ISP numbers, giving doubles claim on my intellectual property.  I am sure they all get smarter, and may even call a few things closer, and even justify killing that person and burying me.

But hey, this is Montana, not Utah--we believe in the 10 COMMANDMENTS, especially, thou shalt not kill, even if you think it is justified, which it is not, even for national security, which is total bull shit.  I am not a homegrown terrorist, I am a constitutional law attorney from hell!