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I looked at this last week, but at some time last week, I wrote an article that got 5.5 million hits, in less that 37 seconds, or that is what the tool bar at the top of my blog says.  I just published an article on Ghosts and City workers in Bozeman, Montana, putting cameras in the closet to allegedly catch paranormal activity, or something like a ghost, and there were 1,999,000 hits on Google in 63 seconds.  A bit down from the over 2 million on the 53 or so seconds on the witch article.

So there are some big numbers connected with my blog.  However, as I looked into my personal account numbers, there were just like over 300 hits, no comments, on really hot ticket items.  Now this is what they do--remember I told you how it works--they double docket, double email, now double blog and I got proof of that.  Now you can do about anything with a computer, doctor anything and hack anything, including top secret government documents, so to hack or double and split my blog account, which is evidenced on my computer settings.

I started writing around the 25th of September, by October, i had over a million hits on Google, as evidenced by the small tool bar, that will most likely disappear now that I am writing about it, but that is the truth, and that didn't exist before I started blogging.  Google wants over 200,000 hits before they will start putting ads on your blog site.  Somethings to me should not be subject to American Greed.

Huge Discrepancy Between Numbers On Website Page & My Personal Account, Even With Three Articles Top Hitters on Google

I noticed the numbers last week, there was one article that got 5.5 million hits in less than 37 minutes, not bad for a blog that is only about 1 month old.  I got my son to put a picture of me, so that I could at least get credit as the author--but even that didn't take.  On my notebook, and my account page that never existed until I wrote about the damages someone can get through the Digital Millennium Act, one that Google attorneys would be well aware of, or should be, all of the sudden, I get something show up on my account, in large letters, ONLY ONE ACCOUNT, and something else, with my picture in the circle.

However, last night, my room mate wanted to read my article on witches, with 2,270,000 hits by the time I got home, so within one hour, that is how many hits there were, published later in the day, so to be expected. But on his computer, my picture doesn't show up--I just accidentally typed who--damn right, my name is famous, or maybe not, maybe they have used the other names, but I doubt it, have to capitalize on my name, but my face is not.

Oh, and in the settings on my computer, it clearly shows that the account has been redirected.  So almost every posting since October 9, this year or since I wrote the blog, the account is redirected, to where, to what location.  If you read the article, can't remember now, but about 3 articles ago, I tell about seeing the redirected accounts.  Now this could be done for one of two reasons, either or both, but neither reason is sufficient for me: (1) they are redirecting the account, so that Google can post ads, and make money on my intellectual property; or (2) they are putting my doubler's face on the blog and she is getting credit and money for the ads, keeping the cover-up going--first my son's music, then my cases, then marketing my emails, which were laden with constitutional arguments and information, train CIA, FBI, NSA or whoever, now my blog.


I don't want Google to make money on my ads, I just want to expose, educate and incite the American PEOPLE, or just entertain, through satire and humor, so they can withstand what our politicians are doing to the economy, jobs, homes, schools, the military, etc.  Maybe find something funny to at least make it bearable.  I studied the classic western thinkers, and value nobility, virtue, integrity, honesty, and I failed to become The Material Girl.  

I am offended and pissed off that they are game playing with my blog, redirecting, not putting my picture on all computer, splitting the blog and making money, when I, the author, do not want that.  Google got the hint about a Digital Millennium Act lawsuit and damages, but it is fraud, to doctor the account, and state that there is only one account, when in reality, there are still two, if not several.  I will be watching my settings, my account, and the numbers on the small tool bar.

We will take it day by day.  But I have always claimed to be the attorney for the outraged, but now I am the outraged attorney.  And Google may just force me to take my blog elsewhere, to HOTMAIL like my email, after account after account were taken from me.  Now, the default account, is an old gmail account, that was stolen three months ago, that I no longer have access to--is that the account you are redirecting my blog account to.

Halloween may last longer this year, playing a scary game with that Digital Millennium Act--don't be an arm of the government, or into American Greed, you are rich enough.  Somethings are not for sale.



About two weeks ago, several Bozeman City employees were caught with a camera in the closet, allegedly to catch paranormal activity or ghosts--or maybe catch their boss with a fellow employee, but nice cover. I mean, it is the season for ghosts, goblins, witches and headless horsemen.  Anyway, the defense worked, the city attorney decided there was nothing that the employees did that was illegal or a crime--shock of all shocks, normally they through the book at anyone and hope something sticks.

Amyteville Horror & Ghost in My New/Old Home

A ghost keeps moving this cursor.  Just before moving into our 60 years, now 90 year old house on Eccles Avenue, in Ogden, Utah while my ex-husband was a city planner, I read the Amyteville Horror book, not sure if that is the way to spell it, and spell check doesn't know either, I started to see similarities in the book and my new home.  Now I don't know if this is the power of suggestion, or what, but I swear, there were ghosts in my house.  I know for damn sure there were a ton of dead flies--one of the signs--you always see the evil ones either regurgitating flies or sucking them in.

We had an apartment in the top of our home that we used for a play room for our children--had two at the time, Greta and Nicole; Chris and Elliot were just a twinkle in mom and dad's eyes at that point.  But we had a kids piano up in that room that actually played fairly well.  Grandmother Secrist was a pianist and gave that to her grand-daughters to inspire them to play.

There was a kitchen, bathroom, extra large bedroom, so I guess it was a large studio apartment.  There were a set of stairs going from the apartment to two doors, one went outside and the other one into the bottom of the house, right through the door into our house.  Now the location of the doors is critical to the most horrifying event that this ghost did in our home.  And there were many.  I became fascinated with ghosts at that time in my life, and have believed in them ever since I did a research paper for my English class at Weber State University, College in those days.

Kids Baby Piano Started Playing By Itself

Our first exposure to the old occupant of our house, was on a Saturday morning.  We were all gathered around the breakfast table in the kitchen, a bedroom away from the door going upstairs; however, the door upstairs was open from kids coming down to breakfast.  All of the sudden the piano started to play.  What the hell is that--but I didn't swear in those days, hadn't been a defense attorney yet.  We all froze in place and looked at each other for an explanation.  

The entire family was at the table, could be a mouse running across the keys--not much food up there, but there were creepy closets where a mouse could hide, but the sound and tune didn't really sound like a mouses footprints on the keys, but was more like a person playing the instrument.  The haunting had begun--we had a paranormal experience and couldn't explain it.

Foot Steps Running Across the Kitchen Floor

One night, my husband and I were laying in the bed asleep, the kids had been long asleep and it was not typical for them to wake up and cruise around the house at that point.  But we both heard the foot steps.  My husband yelled out, Get back in bed!  We heard it again, and the kids were pretty obedient, and not sleep walkers.  So I got out of bed to see what was up--both of the girls were sound asleep.

We both looked at each other, and commented, that there must have been a child that died or something in the house, a tragic death and the kid can't leave this world.  Maybe it is looking for his/her mother.  But it was creepy as hell.  We held each other in an embrace for what might happen next.  I can handle a kid.

A Door Slammed Where There Was Not One

Now the house was quit old, it may have been older than I thought.  There were 14 ft high ceilings and our bedroom and a bathroom were right off of the kitchen.  I was in the bathroom with the door open, talking to my husband who was in bed at the time.  All of the sudden a door slammed that wasn't there.  I came into the bedroom and asked him if he had slammed the door.

The door sounded like it was in between us, somewhere in the kitchen.  Again, we just looked at each other, blankly.  Maybe the house previously had a door where we heard one slam.  The house may have gone through several renovations.  That seemed to be a real commonality in the stories that are run every year around Halloween, in Old Home Journal.  I believe that October issue is, Calling All Ghost Stories.

Many stories in the Journal, which I don't know if it is still in existence, but if it is, get the Halloween issue, I believe Reader's Digest also has ghost stories around this time of year.  But in many stories, there was a renovation or remodel of a home and someone died in the process, leaving unfinished business.  There was one old Queen Anne style home, a dentist built, and he was up on a large ladder on the roof and fell off backwards and died.

In the 80's, when we lived in our house and were reading this Journal, there was a family who moved in that house, and the wife taught piano lessons.  Her students kept asking her who the man in the nickers and spectacles was . . . she didn't know what they were talking about.  

Now one of my English teacher's, sons was getting a degree in Parapsychology and Paranormal Activity at the University of Utah--he said some people see dead people, and others don't.  Remember the movie, Sixth Sense, with Bruce Willis and the little boy that saw ghosts or dead people.  Dr. Grove's son was going to be a medium or do contract work with police on solving murders.  I loved hearing his stories.  His stories are actually why I became an English major--parapsychology, astro-projection and metaphysics were often the topics of discussion; he also said my house was the perfect age to have ghosts.

This piano teacher, home renovator checked into the history of the home and found out that this dentist was building his dream home and just before it was finished he fell to this death.  Now the real scary stories are the ones, where a previous home owner was either murdered or murdered someone else.  One ghost story told of a couple that was heard yelling at each other.   And when they did research, the husband or wife, murdered the other partner.

The Braille Typewriter

In one of the homes reported in the Journal, the family kept hearing a typewriter, but they couldn't account for where it was or what the source of the typewriting was coming from.  The was before PCs, but there were pretty advanced typewriters on the market at the time and they could tell it was an old one that needed to have the keys hammered.

Finally, the typing was driving the family nuts, so they searched the house to stop the noise.  Eventually, they got up in the attic and found an old braille typewriter and learned that a young occupant that lived in that house previously was blind and used the typewriter all the time.  I don't recall anything bad happening to the girl, but she was still typing away, years after leaving the house.

A Woman's Skirt Was Seen Going Around the Piano in the Living Room

One Sunday, my youngest daughter, Nicole was sick, and wanted to stay home from church, which was across the street.  Or she may have been sleeping while sick, and I didn't want to wake her.  My husband was in the Mormon High Counsel, and visiting other wards; therefore, I was alone with the children, but also had church responsibilities.  So I decided to go to church, then run back and forth until she woke up.

One time, I sent Greta, my oldest daughter to check on her little sister.  Nicole was still asleep, but as she walked out of the room, she saw a woman's skirt, quickly dart around the corner.  She was a bit shaken by the time she got back to report the event and sighting to me.  My kids were hyper aware due to my advanced interest and research into the paranormal.

By Far the Most Shocking & Scary

By this time, we had been in our home for about six years.  We had two more children, and I was going back to college at night--it took me 4 kids, 4 colleges and 12 years to get my undergraduate degree, so hang in there, it is worth it, you returning students.  I didn't go to law school, until I was 36, Greta graduated from high school, the same year I graduated from law school.

Anyway, I was out late to school and by this time, we had outgrown the downstairs and we were using the upstairs.  My husband was up watching TV around 9 pm, I usually didn't get home until about 10 pm.  But he was upstairs and heard the door open between the downstairs and the upstairs.  He yelled out, Jo is that you?  He didn't get an answer, so he decided to go check on the kids downstairs.

To his surprise, they were all in bed, sound asleep.  So he went back upstairs, but left the door open, knowing, I would be home shortly.  As he got back in bed, he heard the door slam shut and about jumped out of his skin.  Again, he yelled, a bit more frightened this time, Jo, is that you?  Again, no answer . . . he was obviously shaken by the time I got home, and very glad to have someone by his side!

Prior to this time, we had often heard foot steps coming down the stairs, stopping at the bottom of the landing.  At one point, we had a young girl living with us, and she slept up in the extra kitchen.  She never said anything while she was living there for about two years, but after she left, she reported often feeling a presence standing over her bed.  I asked her what she did, she said I just put my head under the covers and shut my eyes!  I am sure she would have thought we would think she was nuts for telling us . . . little did she know.

Ogden Standard Examiner: Ghost Stories of Young Professionals Living in the Inner City

I don't know how the Standard knew to get a hold of us--probably through my husband's city planning work, he may have mentioned our ghost stories to fellow city employees and they had connections at the newspaper, but we were contacted to tell of some of the paranormal experiences we had in our house.  Lest you think use crazy--my husband has a master's degree in Urban Planning from the University of Arizona, and an undergrad in Geography from the University of Utah.

I was on about 4 scholarships, Outstanding English major, and Honored Humanities Student, plus straight A student, not slouches, and neither were the other couples who told of similar haunting events in their homes, one just straight through Eccles Avenue, in the Watermelon Park--all the mansions, and older rich and elite of Ogden, lived in that area.  So the Standard picked very credible people and professionals, who had ghosts in their homes.

As I remember, the article took up several full pages, and the stories were fascinating.  By that time, I had written a research paper on ghosts, so I was somewhat educated on the paranormal and parapsychology, so as not to sound nuts to the average reader.  But is was a fun article to do for Halloween.  I think they only did it that year, but a fun tradition for any town newspaper.

Research Shows These Individuals Are Caught Between Two Worlds, the Physical & Metaphysical

For whatever reason, these people or spirits don't want to leave this earth, have unfinished business, or just a pain in the ass to the living.  Reader's Digest reported on a business with a building that was built on the site of the battles of the Alamo, or place of the burial grounds for those souls that passed after being killed during the Mexican-American Wars.  The business was told about the sacred burial grounds and were recommended to not build on that particular site.

You and I know, it is all about money--but the ghosts and spirits that haunted and stalked the employees, to the point of driving the company out of the premises.  Workers reported getting toilet paper thrown at them, felt fingers on their backs or hair, and drawers moving in and out.  Finally, the spirits of the dead drove them off their grave site.  If I remember right, they bulldozed the graveyard!!!!  Big time pissed off ghosts, and it seems there were even more aggressive actions, dark shadows seen hovering in corners, etc.

Highly Technical Audio Equipment Picks Up 250 Languages & Dialects

In Germany, there were a group of scientist that were seeking answers for ghost sightings and activities. They brought in highly technical audio equipment and recorded what they heard in a home that was over 2 centuries old, not uncommon over in Europe.  The scientific team placed the equipment in one of the rooms of the house and left for several hours.  When they returned, they checked the recording and caught 250 languages or dialects, some they recognized and others they did not.

I think the paranormal is awesome, I love to be scared.  My dad took me and my brother and sisters to the movie, Psycho, with Anthony Perkins, playing the creepy as hell, Norman Bates, nobody does it better--we were all young, and he loved to see us squirm, scream and jump.  My little brother, who couldn't have been more than 2nd grade, stuck his head under the movie seat and kept it there the whole time.

I didn't take a shower for about two years after seeing the murder scene in the shower at the Bates Hotel, with Mother Bates body up in Norman's bed, or at least in her bed--screeeeeeeeeeeeam!  Happy Haunting--my would all  have a ghost visit you in your homes, this HALLOWEEN--LOVE IT!!!!!!

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Several years ago, or more now, my husband, now ex, had a city planning conference in Boston, and I was reading Author Miller's book The Crucible, on the plane in anticipation of visiting the City of Salem, where the Salem Witch Trails took place.  This book is haunting in the fact that people could believe in witches, make allegations to that fact, and then either burn, hang, or drowned the accused, if she refused to admit that she was a witch.

If kind if reminds me of a British law on suicide, that if you attempt suicide and you fail, the punishment was to kill you!  Well, with the witches, if you admitted that you were a witch, you were stripped to the waist by the alleged religious men of the community, beaten with few strips, admonished to repent of your antics, if not shamed into repentance.  Although I do think that much of this was to satisfy the pastors prurient desires, that he might not have dared to act out in a normal relationship, or that Goode Brown, his prudish wife, wouldn't participate in.

Great, Great, Great-Grandmother Blaisdell

Now two of my distant relatives were either burned or drowned as a witch.  I believe one was burned in England, where my ancestors are from, and one was drowned in Salem, Massachusetts; and great grandmothers, if I am wrong, I apologize for not knowing my genealogy better.  But Goode Blaisdell went to visit a friend, who lived across town.  That day it had rained and the dirt streets were muddy.

When Mrs. Blaisdell showed up at her friends house, allegedly, she did not have mud on her shoes; therefore, it was surmised that she must have flown across town, to avoid stepping in mud.  When her accusers brought her before the township authorities, and the charges were read, this brave woman laughed in their faces.  Now grandma great was the mother of 6 children, so this accusation was no laughing matter.

When they asked how she plead to the charge of being a witch, she said, Although my life depend on it, I cannot tell a lie.  To which the mob promptly took her down to the lake a drowned her!  Not only is this shocking, the blinding of a generation, but total and outright bull shit.  What the hell were they thinking?  I don't imagine the art of evidence gathering was much perfected at that time, but could she not have wiped off her shoes, or stepped in a deep puddle with a rock base and that cleaned her shoes off.  Simply amazing.

Reading About the Witch Trials at the Boston Library

I actually got to read the records of the actual witch trials, the arguments, the counter-arguments, the charges, and the reports of the activities of the girls who started accusing women in the town of being witches. It was haunting and shocking, educational, and primitive all at the same time.  All Author Miller the playwright did was just write what was in the trial documents and records.  Truth, is often, stranger that fiction.

As I walked out of the library, there was two members of the city council from Ogden City, Utah--they were also my religious leaders from that area of the state.  They asked me what I was doing at the library, and I told them about my relative who was burned or drowned as a witch--I think at that time, I thought she had been burned.

My Mormon stake president (the same religious office Mitt Romney held in the Mormon Church) said, Well my relative, Cotton Mathers helped to either write the book to get rid of witch craft, or helped burn the books with cures for witches.  If memory serves from 30 years ago, I think the book Mathers wrote or burned was called The Invisible World.

One of the other city council members, and also a member of the stake presidency, said, well we all have something in common, My ex-wife was a witch.  We all had a good laugh, but the feelings I had reading the trials, and the haunting feelings I had walking through Salem, fascinate and haunt me to this day.

Historically, We Went From the Witch Trials to the Insane Asylums

Isn't that interesting that both witches and insane asylums play a big role in modern day Halloween.  I am not sure the insane asylums, that came shortly after that time period, is not just as equally scary and haunting. Even modern day behavioral units at hospitals, for alleged mental problems now, rely on much more evidence or allegations than the old witch trials.

We have visions of Nurse Ratchet in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest or Brad Pitt in 13 Monkeys. Although there were men that were considered deranged, often if a man wanted to get rid of his wife, he would just allege insanity.  In What Happened to Baby Jane, the two older women, especially the one, can't remember either one's names right now, but the red lipstick out of the lines on the lips, was creepy and frightening.

We Went from Witches to Bitches

As women entered the work force, any who dared to speak her mind, exert her power or influence, excel in a man's world, so to say, was considered a bitch.  I feel your pain, Hillary Rodem Clinton.  Just recently, I believe one of the big television networks, just backed out of doing a mini-series on Hillary Clinton.  Now it is hard to say, whether that was a negative or positive thing.

From what I hear, the atrocious United States Supreme Court cases, Citizen's United, making corporations people, talking about insanity, with the right to free speech, protected under the United States Constitution--really, not by my reading, and not entitled to the Bill of Rights.  Again, and I will pound this in until someone gets it, statutory interpretation is based on (1) the plain language of the statute or constitution; (2) the intent of the drafter; and (3) the historical context the statute was written and passed.

Anyway that is beside the point, but if I remember from reading the case, I believe it was a hate group that wanted to make a film against Hillary, when she was running for president--I could be wrong, but that is what I remember.  But I often read Supreme Court cases and may have mixed it up with another politically charged topic.  But is gave corporations unlimited campaign donation powers, freedom of speech.

From Bitches Back to Insane--Abuser's Description of Wives

As staff attorney for the Utah Prosecution Council, I wrote a grant to write a domestic violence manual for prosecutors and law enforcement officers, including addressing the issue of sexual assault.  I was immersed in writing, speaking, training, and advocating for victims of domestic violence.  Often I would get a wife that would come to me and request intervention with a police department that would laugh at her when abused, or when cops themselves would abuse their wives.  

And without fail, the abuser would try to assassinate the wife's character and call her crazy, or insane, or menopausal; therefore, the hot flashes are making her crazy.  I would just roll my eyes and consider the source.  The abuser was trying to do damage control, and project his insanity, rage and abuse onto the wife. I would never even listen to them, because usually, I had spoken with the wife and was well aware of the facts of that particular case.  Now don't get me wrong, men are abused also--but this is a story about women.

Don't Accept this Well Hung Stable Boy--Insane

I just had an experience this week demonstrating this very evolution--must be back to witches again.  I met this very nice looking older man in Missoula.  We hung out, got to know each other, exchanged a kiss or two, a touch here and a touch there--nothing big time and committed by any stretch of the word.  

Before I left to come back to Kalispell, he asked me if I wanted to share an apartment with him.  Both of our children are out of the house, both of us came to Montana to experience the great outdoors.  He is a documentary movie producer, found my story alarming and interesting--had connections with CNN, thought I ought to go to the press, etc.

After I left, unexpectedly to him, but normal for me, he started to sext me.  At first I was taken back, but I thought, why in the hell not, just laying here doing nothing, etc.  I am a writer, and I can look anyway I want, be a sexy, cool and adventuresome in my messages; however, in the real world--a man can safely touch my neck, elbows, hands, ankles and feet, without me becoming insecure.  Soooo, why not go with this and have fun.  I probably won't see him again.

This Man is Part of the Anthony Wiener Club, and Should be the Brunt of Penis Jokes for Eternity

So this guy, is very grateful for my participation.  It was no sweat off my back, so no biggie--at least to me. He tells me that he hung like a horse, and he is going to make me scream with both pain and delight. REALLY.  I start thinking that this guy is just getting his rocks off on me, so I bow out of the sexting.  All of the sudden he is accusing me of needing mental help . . . what.  I told him I was not into dealing with immature 70 year olds!

So he is wildly sexting me and I am refusing to answer, now I am insane.  He may be rich, smart, well hung, cooler than cool, rich and what not, but his girl ain't buying it.  The more I tried to rationally deal with this guy, the more out of control he got.  Then he would calm down again, then tell me he ADORED ME!  Still not going there, he just liked my writing, I think.  But my point is, this guy would go from being a rather normal guy, into this sex crazed 9 and a half inch dong--HE IS A COWBOY AND MADE REFERENCE TO A HORSE, to wanting to live with me, to I am crazy and need help?  

Who ever said rejection was easy, but this guy is out of control.

Now that is one hell of a quantum leap--I mean really.  These raging, thrashing texts, sexts, and what not? While I very calmly respond using all the psychology I know to help this poor soul, who really does need help . . . to completely ignoring him.  He is obsessed--plain and simple.  I think one of the 13 monkeys escaped and I found him!  As completely bonkers as this guy is acting, I would do some self evaluation, but I still wouldn't call him crazy or insane, just completely nuts.

But I would realize that obsessions can fade, hopefully soon.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN--WATCH FOR THIS GUY, JASON INCARNATE . . .

Tuesday, October 29, 2013



Gina Merrill, a friend of mine, who teaches computers at Dixie State University, in St. George, Utah, told me about this act about four years ago.  She is a Internet wiz, who resurrected my from the tomb, after the first time the government tried to eliminate me with biological warfare.  

I guess everyone had given me up for dead, and took my name off domestic violence and sexual assault manuals, training manuals for county attorneys, and articles I had written.  I had basically disappeared, until this woman, so graciously unwrapped the mummy, and brought her back to life--digitally that is.  And I thank her endlessly for that.

Gina Had Written an E-Book 

Gina had written an E-Book, and if memory serves, someone else either took credit for her work, or the book was copied and sold, or something like that off the Internet.  Gina used to train lawyers in Las Vegas, has a Internet and computer newsletter, and is totally smart--I dig women like Gina, and a warrior queen like I am.  Together we stopped 120 address changes, for the transportation grids Homeland Security wanted, so they can track everyone where they lived.

In the process, we took a mayor of 17 years, and two council people of the Washington City Council for playing switcho, chango on meetings and all kinds of things to get this address mess changed--and they paid for it, big time.  Anyway, I will give Gina credit for telling me about an act that helped ratchet up the millions of dollars on my Brock securities case, Cheek, Iron County Corruption Case, and Thomas G. Vail, criminal securities case.

Injured parties can ask for up to $25,000 damages per day for some of these violations.  Again, it has been a few years since I looked up the Act and got the details, but you can do that.  I believe that Yahoo sued YouTube, or someone like tha for a billion dollars, and it even appeared that the one was actually helping the other, but I can't remember, but hefty damages.

Brock et al v. Herbert et al, $357M

Fair warning to other governmental agencies that decide to make fraud poster boys of securities agents, or financial planners, the damages for putting things like Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law, implying full fledged court trial, when not even a hearing was granted prior to this agreement being signed, where the planner neither admitted, nor denied guilt, then blasting it over the Internet, just at the time Brock and Rice for that matter too, thought they were putting the investigation behind them.  

The Utah Division of Securities, under the Department of Commerce, state of Utah, decided to run this agreement for respectively 4 to 8 years, daily, so that every potential client, who was computer savvy could read about the blood and guts of the divisions alleged investigation, fair hearing, and resolution to the case.  I can't remember and don't have my brief with damages broken down, but the damages as you can imagine, plus the damage to my clients was astonomical.

Cheek et al v. Garrett et al, $56.7M

Now how do three local Cedar City, Utah kids, the football star, the rodeo queen and a local marijuana crusader, rack up $56.7M in damages, even while all three were in jail, and facing charges--posting their mugs and crimes, prior to trail, and conviction all over the Internet, and newspaper, every time they wanted to sell a few papers.

This case was about drugs, sex and rock-n-roll, dirty cops, planting evidence, forced cathaderization, surveillance, tasering while having an epileptic fit, flash grenades blowing glass windows, doors out, slashing mattresses, and fabricated evidence.  Check out the website, LEAGLE, combo of legal eagle--or Google Michael Shane Clark, one of the three plaintiffs in this 1983 civil rights case, for constitutional violations of state/county officials acting under color of law.

And yes, my face should be in the icon for the attorney on the case--doubles must not have dared put their mugs--but yeah, that is my case, until is was stolen, with a settlement agreement on the table, I had to flee the state for fear of my life.  I haven't seen my house and cabin in Parowan, Utah for a year and a half.  Last time I entered the county, four highway patrolmen came into the Cedar City, Subway and tried to run over me in the parking lot, while I walked to get on the bus.

Guess me and boys haven't kissed and made up yet.  Too bad for them--trashed the rest of my days.

Thomas G. Vail v. Las Vegas Review Journal, $223M

I wrote a cease and desist letter to the attorneys for the Journal, Williams and Colby, the attorneys for CNN, Fox, and Donald Trump and told them to take the reference to my client selling "fake" CDs off the Internet. They were making a ton of money, they had Tom's name written 9 different ways, and ran the newspaper article on 45 search engines daily.

Figure the damages on that baby for each violation, trashing his reputation, harming his business, or any possibility of ever getting a client.  And the Secretary of State and the Attorney General's Office was actually going after Tom's partner and the brain child behind this alleged fraud.  The Nevada insurance commissioner retired early a conversations with your's truly, for misinterpreting the securities statutes in the state.

How many other financial planners and insurance agents had been targeted by sloppy investigative work and inept legal counsel for the insurance commissioner.  Always helps to read the plain language of the statute, the intent behind it if the language is not clear, and then the history if all else fails.


Saturday, October 26, 2013



From a family of 10, 8 children, 6 of those girls.  Like Jo, in book, Little Women, I had a mind for things other than motherhood and wifehood.  At 34, I got a divorce, gave my 4 great children to their more than responsible father, and went to law school.  Much to the consternation of my very Mormon sisters and family.  

I thrived in the work force and the world of letters and credentials, even in the law, still very much a gentleman's profession.  But I also took on the powers that be, cops, prosecutors, judges, and the likes, being an eyewitness to the upper sanctums of the Utah State Capitol, and the seats, if not thrones, and what appeared to be nothing more than a money making machine, fighting over the states sure charge--and if I remember from 20 years ago, it is pronounced sir, appropriately.

That has even more meaning, symbolically, now than it did then.  After killing prosecutor and cop legislation, pushing around the feds on Medicaid/Medicare fraud units, getting 9 federal attorneys and investigators fired, with five statewide jobs, professorships at three universities under my belt, two training manuals, numerous publications, public speaking demands, my own anger management company, writer for computer companies, and the Republican Party recruiting me to run for Utah Attorney General, life was looking pretty good.  

Note:  a recent study just showed that the reason women don't advance in professional fields, especially math and science, is they fail to toot their own horns.  Humility has never been virtue of mine.  In fact, on my first year interview to become vested in my first state job, as staff attorney for the Utah Prosecution Council, Criminal Enforcement Division of the Utah Attorney General's Office, my boss told me that the only complaint he had, was I was not humble!

I asked him, being the only female in a division of all men, if I was expected to serve the coffee and donuts at our staff meetings?  And I am not sure that humility is a trait traditionally attributed to attorneys, nor desired for that matter.  I don't know, or maybe it is only female attorneys who should be humble, not positive.

Knocked Off My Throne, by Poisonous African Tree Gum & Alleged Terminal Brain Disease

How do you get rid of a pain in the ass, smart female, not humble, attorney--chemical warfare.  My deceased husband, a former Intel Corp Marine, told me they used the odorless, tasteless gum that seeps through your pores, and goes through your bloodstream up to your brain and slowly kills you.  

Husband told me they used it against the Viet Kong all the time, and he believed everything I said from that point forward . . . because the truth is a powerful thing!  Remember that!

I just got the message below on my computer--I didn't log out, so who just logged out from another location?  Sure as hell, not me--I have been busy typing.  Guess someone is pissed off at the truth, it is a powerful thing!  They wouldn't bother harassing me all the time by cyber bullying, spying, and bugging the living hell out of me.  Too bad, you don't get to attribute this blog to the double.  F--K You!  Proof . . . Need I say more?  Give it up, not going to close and login again!  This has desperately popped up about 30 times.

It gives you the option to close rather than log in again.  I hit that about 30 times also, that should be the end of it, but it was not . . . someone is going to be exposed!  They want it to appear that I am the double and these other you know what, hags from hell, the government whores, or government hookers as Lady Gaga would say, are just that, prostituting themselves to the surcharge, literally, these women obey!  You can probably assume what I do.

I also tried at least 10 times to both publish and save--neither of which would work.  Like I said, they are fighting with me, and act as if it is theirs, over my blog!!!!!  Just because they can’t   have not wit, and don’t keep up on current events, nor know the law and the Constitution for that matter, is not my fault.  Maybe you should focus on head over heels, rather than heels over head!  

You had both before you poisoned me, might get it again, if you would let me land--thin, fear this!

You have logged out from another location. Do you want to log in again?
Yes, I want to log in again.
I had to copy and I will paste--this is my first amendment right, and you are violating my 4th amendment right to be protected in my papers, and computers, with emails, blogs, searches, are today’s computer files which are intellectual property and to take it without paying is a violation of my 5th amendment right, government can’t take property without just compensation.

The other day, I had 5.5 million hits, in less than 37 seconds (listed at the top of my blog; however, when you go onto my blog: badassconlawchick, there are millions, but my Google account, has been Redirecting accounts., therefore, the other location is making the money, not me, and I would bet it is my government doubles, they obey and share.  I have mentioned their names, sisters Shelley Southwick, Rachel Southwick, and former friend Kay Burningham, hostile attorney Kelly Ann Booth.  There could be 2 or three more.

Check them out on facebook, they are me and they also are themselves--double, doubles.  Piggy back, shadow, my life, then jump off and play themselves also.  Rent the movie with Richard Gere, called Double.  You will get what I am talking about.  Also check out Liam Neeson's, Unknown, I think, this will show you just how convinced these doubles are that they are you!  But they are interchangeable, easily replaced.  I am Enemy of the State.


Run From Pillar to Post

I fled Kalispell after being harassed by cops, went to Missoula about two weeks ago, met Michael Willis.  Now if that is a symbolic name, Bruce Willis, plays cops all the time, and also plays in the movie REDS, Retired and Extremely Dangerous--guys who used to run the world, but are retired and have nothing better to do than try to re-catch their glory days, or stop from getting killed--Willis and John Malkovich just trying to stay alive, sounds familiar.  List of REDS I have dealt with Brett Todd Stewart/Stuart, Jerry Owens, Allan Rex Bess, aka, Frank of InterPol, John King Strode, Sam Farmer, now Michael Willis.

POST, appropriate too, Peace Officers Standards and Training--yeh, they are the guys used to run me from town to town, in pursuit of peace, go figure, but now they consider themselves law enforcement, but they sure don’t like this little female attorney who enforces the law against them.  YOU’RE NOT HUMBLE!  They don’t like me, I guess you gathered that . . .

I always suspect those who initiate contact personally with me, especially after I have left the other CIA agent or cop, sacrificed on the altar of, if Secrist was getting laid, she might be nicer!  Might help, but they pull out too soon, just kidding.  Usually they can’t hang with this girl, or they expose who they are and I leave, which is just what I did . . . now I have set the stage for what happened last night.

Great Escape to Great Falls--Whoops, Long Time Gone--Double Still in Missoula?  Damage Control

Monday night, October 21, 2013, I took the Mountain Line Bus to a truck stop in Bonner, Montana.  Hooked up a ride the next morning with a Canadian trucker who dropped me off in Vaughan or Vonn--don’t know how it is spelled, about 6 to 12 miles from Great Falls.  I didn’t let Michael know that I was here, he thought I was in Helena, where I was trying to go.  Misinformation is great when you are ditching doubles and CIA agents.  Two can play this game--and I play it better than they do . . .

Now don’t think for a second, that there are not good CIA agents, watching their former or current bosses and this little sir charge affair, that I refuse to participate in and these women are more than willing to do.  I don’t need to sleep with the director to get the lead role, I already have it--but they are a different story--a flight attendant, biology major, two average attorneys, one started with a 15 year head start.  Rachel and Shelley are nip & tuck girls!  But if the boys fail them, they will get government immunity--I won’t for $2.50 after they took my truck, but they will for millions, if not billions--son’s music big ticket item.

More than one of these REDS, have asked me to marry them, move in with them, do the womanly thing, whatever that is . . . and they inform me to give up, they have too many.  Yeh, CIA, FBI, NSA, Mormon Church, Southwick family, former clients, judges, cops and prosecutors--and they call this a fair fight?  I WOULD!  Think about that . . . so here is this guy, just a plain stupid cowboy in love with me, prays for me, longs to dance at the senior center with me, then have tame sex, as long as I say, Oh, my God, the first time he reveals himself to me.

Also my enemy, prefers much more manageable sisters, they obey, I don’t.  Since I have been in Great Falls, Mike has been very inquisitive--where am I at, who with, am I eating, sleeping warm at night, with someone, male or female, and on and on.  And of course, I know this, so misinformation is what I am going to feed this fishing expedition.  Told him I was staying at a church--not too far off, they want all the women to become Nuns!  Even the married ones with hubbies across the street can’t fraternize with the men in the shelter, heard almost caused a divorce.

String of Emails From My Alleged Lover Last Night

Mike: Feds tapped my line.  Had to change #.  Now it is at this point, because he has no minutes on his phone, this could or could not be Mike I am talking to?  Could also be another person, guy or really is Mike.

Mike: Is it an attorney position?  I heard about a job.  Was evasive, because they have gone after every job I have tried for, either stolen my application, resume and letter of interest, or blocked me--especially if it is going to give me more power, a good job, more recognition, or reveal the JoAnns of Christmas’s Past--or legislatures past . . .

Mike: Are you a guest of the church tonight?

Mike: Time to step to the music.  Then a hot bath and soak and a king bed for 6 days.  Glad your ok.  Im sure there is a cowboy want to be around.  Take care.  The other day, he wrote an email and signed it Steve--I actually met a cowboy who grew up in Parowan, where my home I haven’t seen for a year and a half, and last time almost got run over by 4 highway patrolmen at town Subway.  Told him, thought I must have slept with him . . . in a cafe?

Note: I met this guy in a shelter, as soon as I am gone, he can afford 6 nights in a hotel--the shelter was the exception, the hotel, the rule . . . in shelter for my benefit, almost lost in while I was there!

Mike: Do you wish you were here to share the bed and me?  A guy in a nice hotel room v. a room full of bunk beds and women--they are cool, but I do have preferences.  So I told him to come get me.  Didn’t think he would take me serious--in actuality, he didn’t--cover for double.

Mike: What Church?  Suggesting he is going to come get me.

Mike: It will be about 3 hrs.  This was about 9:38 pm.

Mike: Are you going to leave in 2 days again.  Twice I ditched out of town, caught him off guard.  He was shocked that I was back in town, and Missoula.  Didn’t see him until afternoon--guess he had to come from Bozeman, with wife!

Mike: I need an answer now.  I told him I wa


Hacker from hell, bitch that should be in prison the rest of her life, Shelley Southwick Anderson Yeman Bess Stuart, or whatever the hell her married name is--they sure protect this hag from hell, so sick of this.  My accounts have been redirected--go figure.  This is criminal, this lazy ass bitch has been trying to be me, or has been me for 13 years, and the CIA, FBI, Moron Church, NSA, family, mob have been aiding and abetting in the crimes.

Short & to the Point

Mike told me he was leaving right then, at approximately 10:38 pm, which would put him in Great Falls around 1 to 2 am.  So I got up, cleaned up, packed up and was ready by about 1:30 pm.  I waited, waited, and waited.  I started to worry and worry, deer, accident, lost--told him to take a different route.  At about 6, after falling asleep for a few hours, I realized that I was texting the old cell phone number.

Mike: You left me on the street twice. Im the one with trust issues.  I need an answer.  I did disappear twice, after 180 degree turns from Mike.  I gave him and answer--told him I wasn’t the one hot and cold, but I am not the one with a secret wife either.  You know, I have been an assignment on more than one occasion--PTSS.

Mike: I have money to get us a hotel room tonight.  We can rest and drive in tomorrow.

Mike: I have to return the car at 10 am.  Leaving now.  Are you going to let me put something else where my finger was tonight.  Haven’t seen him for 5 days?  I guess that was a condition.

Mike:  Whats the address?  Sat. Oct. 26, 5:49 am.  I gave him the address.  I thought he must be right around the corner, or at least pulling into town.

Mike: Are you with other pple?  Sat. 6:13 am.  Now I write back and tell him, I am waiting by the front door, which is a window.  I never see hide nor hair of Mike or a car that remotely looks like they are pulling into the neighborhood.

Mike: Is it a shelter?  Sat. Oct. 26, 6.22 am.  We met at the shelter in Missoula, sooooo, what is the problem?  I still never see Mike or a car.  Finally, I went upstairs to wait sitting down!  So obviously he was close to know that it was a shelter not a church.  Assassinations creed?  Shelters keep records, they make you sign in.  Obviously something about shelters and people bothered him.  I waited until 8 am, and went across the street to eat--NO MIKE!!!!!

Mike: Ok.  Oct. 26, 6:30 am.  At that time, I was still standing by the door.  So did he just drive to act like he was picking me up, then drive back to Missoula--double covered, allegedly, JoAnn S. Secrist, back in Missoula.  Are you kidding me.  But this is the way they work.

Aerial Surveillance--Looks Like Girl is Back--Shelley’s Ass Covered!  That is the way they work!

Now he was either never here, and wanted NSA to think he went to pick me up.  Or he had other plans that to pick me up, but other people and records at shelters bothered him--why?  I guess they figure that they have my blogs redirected accounts, just a minor body we have to dispose of.  NSA can do everything else from outer space, and agents will act out the part--reminds me of Woody, in Toy Story.  

Mike dresses up like a cowboy, neckerchief and all.  Tells me he was raised on a ranch in California, but by age 10 he discovered cameras, and has a masters in films, and is at the shelter to make a documentary on homeless people.  RIGHT!  I always call their bluffs and play their covers and they usually are the ones to freak out, and run for the woods.

Like I said, too smart for the boys.  Don’t know how many real agents I have been sent, many didn’t make the first introduction, the older experienced are very revengeful, part of the job to screw around on their wives.  But if you call their bluff and say you will move in--no deal.  Or like today, just pretend you came to pick me up, or cover government hooker asses, for the steal--worth millions if not billions, and their heads or prison time!!!!

Google the Monarch Project--CIA can’t operate without Illuminati and Illuminati can’t operate without the CIA

If you think these stories, the NSA, the TSA, the spying on America’s allies and friends, foreign chancellors and such, check out baby snatching sex slaves, hypnosis, fringy stuff--I am sure the 14 to 20 murders, the short list connected with me and my cases is nothing compared to what is really going on.