Monday, September 30, 2013



1st Amendment & the Parowan Prophet

Three Halloweens ago, I got a call from the Parowan Prophet, asking me to write a letter that he could give to the Washington County Sheriffs, telling them that they were violating his constitutional rights, by making him park his RV, hideous as it was, with end of times, scriptures and atomic bomb pictures, over at the Hilton Garden's Hotel, rather than in the convention center's parking lot, for the WHAT WOMEN WANT, quarterly convention.

Now the convention center is run by the city of St. George, Utah, and as a government with cops acting under color of law, they cannot violate federal statutory and constitutional rights, nor can they violate any Utah constitutional rights either.  The government was put into place by the founding fathers, with the responsibility to protect rights provided for the citizens, or WE THE PEOPLE.

In the letter, some of the rights mentioned were: (1) freedom of religion; (2) freedom of speech; (3) right to freely assemble; (4) right to redress grievances with the government--those are all !st amendment rights. Next, there are 14th amendment rights of due process and equal protection--the cops could not take away the Prophet's life, liberty or property without due process of law, and he was entitled to equal protection, or uniform operation of law.

And, this man was handicapped and in a wheel chair, making it another violation of laws protecting the rights of those from discrimination due to race, creed, color, sex, age, and disability.  Under the Utah Constitution, there are sections prohibiting black listing--or treating certain people differently than others and putting them on a hit list, so to say, making it harder for them, than for others to operate or do business.

1st Amendment Protected the Prophet

I am glad to announce that the Parowan Prophet, parked his vehicle in the convention center parking lot Thursday night.  I dropped off the letter, by putting it under his windshield wipers, where the sheriffs found it, when they came to ask him to leave and park at the hotel.  The Prophet was wakened and asked to leave, he called me panicked and I told him to simply give the cops the letter explaining all the constitutional rights they would be violating, and implying that I was there to back him up. 

I had been listed as second in the nation that year, following Gerry Spence, the Cowboy Lawyer from Jackson Hole, Wyoming; therefore, a letter from me, was not something to take out and burn.  The sheriffs were looking for me, but I was out picking out 30 pumpkins, to carve for my Halloween Party, and could not be bothered.  Needless to say, the Prophet made it all the way through the convention, ugly RV and all, without further interference!  That is the power of the document--use it or lose it!

2nd Amendment--Militias & Guns

States are to have a militia to keep the states free, and along with that, the militias need guns--and the founding father saw fit to give this right to the states to provide for the citizens, to protect states, against a tyrannical federal government.  To put this amendment in prospective, one has to consider the history of the founding fathers and the injustices they suffered from King George of Britain. 

King George was hiring more and more soldiers, who were harassing the citizens, they were camping out in the citizen's houses and eating their food.  So they were taking care of their oppressors, the same guys who were violating their rights.

The Civil War was fought, not only over Slavery, but over states rights as opposed to federal government powers.  The tendency of all men in power is to rule--the fathers wanted to make sure that states had the means, power, and provisions to fight and protect the states, if necessary from being taken over by the federal government, with its armies, machines, and guns.

So our very freedoms depend on states having a militia, with the right to bear arms, even against the federal government.  In Montana, Stuart Rhodes, a Yale Law School Graduate, and Air Bourne, in the military, after learning about the raids on the medical marijuana farms by the FBI, as far as I know, quit the practice of law and is working to set up the Montana militia, along with a bartering system.

Stuart became famous for setting up the OATH KEEPERS, a project to get members of the military and law enforcement to commit to be faithful to their oath to protect, defend and obey the U.S. Constitution.  I believe that over 25,000 or so, signed up to reaffirm their oaths that they took when they entered the military or law enforcement.  Lawyers, elected officials, legislators, the President, Congress, the Judiciary all took oaths too.  So why in the hell are our rights so violated?  PATRIOT ACT!!!!!

Official & Un-Official Militia

The state militia is considered the National Guard, trained under the military rules and laws of the United States, they are at the disposal of the governor of their individual states, unless called to duty of the President.  There are National Guard units in every state; however, the state constitutions talk of another militia, an unofficial militia.  In Utah, this militia consists of every able bodied man, ages 18 to 45.

Montana revised its constitution in 1972, while the ERA, or Equal Rights Amendment was being discussed. Their state constitution reflects changing attitudes and includes men and women in their militia--and for good reason, their women are as familiar with guns as the men!  Arizona's constitution just mentions men, but no age, if I remember right.

In Utah, constitutional carry was introduced to the legislature, the Governor vetoed it--city cops didn't want it.  There was a resolution presented, mainly due to what happened in Montana with the FBI raids on medical marijuana growers, that any federal officer that confiscates guns from citizens, without the approval of the county sheriff, an elected official, who answers to the people, can be fined $5,000.

There are 10 year gun enhancements to any criminal charge--one of the owners of Montana Cannabis was told by the sheriff, to get guns to protect the million dollar operation from theft.  But when the law changed, and the feds went after the growers, who were doing it legally, they added 10 years to the time, for any crime the growers were charged with.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Intro to the Bad Ass Con Law Chick Blog

Bad Ass Con Law Chick Blog

This is not a reference to a con artist, or a con game, or con blog--actually, it is a blog dealing with the United States Constitution, as the baddest ass law in the country.  There is or has been a movement afoot, called the Patriot Act, or rather the Un-Patriot Act, as I refer to it as, that is attempting to derail the protections, rights, concepts and principles that our founding fathers both sought, agreed to, and much blood was shed for . . . con law is what law students call a class in constitutional law.

Now, Where Did This Bull Shit Act Come From

The Patriot Act has been a long time in the making; however, Americans were slow to adopt, recognize, or accept this con of the law, which is a con job, made by con artists, and con men, who know that the American spirit, the Constitution and Christianity stand in the way of plans to subjugate the world, to the tyranny of a few, alleged elite, the world bankers, those who join the ranks and file of Homeland Security, the world policing entity, authorized overnight by the thugs who would do away with the American legal system, WE THE PEOPLE, one nation under GOD, and everything else that has made this great country.

Fascism--Is the Name of the Game

The American public is so focused on the fear of socialism, through Obamacare, or whatnot, while closing a blind eye to something far worse--a world police state, starting right here in River City, an analogy for America.  I saw a T-shirt yesterday, that had a row of cowboys, and there is one for Indians too, and it states on the shirt, HOMELAND SECURITY.  I truly believe that it will be those two entities and their female partners, who will and should be our Homeland Security, with their value systems; however, that is not who actually makes up the rank and file of Homeland Security, under the Patriot Act.

Fascism is basically, the notion, that the state is all good, and state officials, cops, prosecutors and courts can do no wrong--and they can decide who are bad actors, for whatever reason, and take them out of this game we call life, society, or put them out of the public eye, with little regard for rights, protections, concepts and principles promised to the citizenry of this country.

Fascism, is basically the power to do whatever it takes to accomplish the job these people deem necessary, without exception and without limits--much like Hitler's Germany, or Moussolini's Italy--with blind obedience, rather than reason, common sense, rational thought, or any thought at all.  They will create a class of HAVES and HAVE NOTS--depending on who is loyal to the cause and who is not.

Suggested movies--Safe House & 2 Guns--who are the criminals?

The Set-Up, Sting & Blow-Up

This last week, as I was mowing the lawn, I noticed a black and white helicopter flying low over the trailer I am staying at, close enough to almost look eyeball to eyeball.  You see, as a constitutional law attorney, who has taken on the powers that be, within this system, and abused through systemic abuse, having everything I own taken, trashed, stolen, absconded, misrepresented, and fraudulently obtained through this miscarriage of justice, which justified whatever these groups want to do, I am at odds, constantly and have been on the run since being sworn into the United States Supreme Court Bar, January 23, 2012.

Later that day, I was to meet a woman, single mom, at Super 1, in Evergreen, Montana, to help her with some legal issues, free of course--which I do often, if not always, help everyone I can.  I was to meet her at noon; however, when the appointed hour came, she called and said she was running late.  This always raises a red flag--I am helping you free of charge and we are going according to your schedule--REALLY?  I knew something was up . . . especially, when I saw the cop helicopter flying overhead, right where I was!

I suspected wired conversation, sting op, hijacking, or arrest, which has happened twice to me this last year, illegally, unconstitutionally, and unlawfully.  She wanted to meet me at 1 pm.  I waited 20 minutes until I saw two men, whom I know are undercover, and decided to split, hit the bus, and the free shuttle that goes between Kalispell and Shelby.

You see, I am scheduled to speak at the statewide Montana Republican Women's Federation at the state Capitol in Helena, Montana, the first speaking engagement, or large speaking engagement, that I have had since I was poisoned, back in 2000 and suppose to die by 2002!  And during that interim, there are at least 4 to 7 women who have be given, or have taken, and are assigned to either be me, or take credit for all I have done, from cases, to creative emails.  So I knew that "they" the nameless, faceless MIB or Men in Black would be doing all they could to get  me.  

2 Spies on the Shuttle With Me--Shelby Sheriff will Put You Up in a Hotel if You are Homeless or Without $--Sounds Like a Quick Trip to Jail--3 Squares & a Roof Over My Head--Yeh, like FOREVER!!!!

I ditched these two clowns, made it through night one, but a cold spell tripped into town and after being on the streets since 4 am, a cheap hotel, sounded mighty good, for the day, and until I could catch the shuttle the rest of the way to Great Falls, where I have contacts who would help me.

You see, under the Patriot Act, they don't serve warrants, they make them up, they don't serve you with charges, they want me dead, detained, stopped, or something that would keep me locked up forever, but they are too chicken shit  to do it the right way, the constitutional way--you know, due process, equal protection, notice, hearing, justice, and all that good stuff you get under the constitutions--not only no, but HELL NO--we are not here to provide that for you, much faster to just catch you and lock your ass up!

I got a room, but watched as the alleged homeless or penniless guy tripped out of the motel room, not sleeping on the streets and I was told.  I caught cops cruising along, noted by me, under the stationary train cars across from the motel, guys were posted all over the place from the motel to the train station, looking like they were on the alert for someone, and that appeared to be focused on me.

I set my room up to make it look like I was staying the night--I am sure a surprise visit from the cops was the entertainment for the evening--I pulled a no show, and ditched out on the train.  But of course, I had to provide I.D. so they knew I was going on the train.  I love the train, but I am getting sick and tired of wasting all my money dogging the law enforcement flavor of the day, continually!!!!

Feds Plus 6 Cops Waiting in Whitefish--Welcome Party

The first guy who walked by, looked like a young FBI or CIA in training--or rogue member--just a bit different from the normal train car attendant--he seemed anxiously engaged.  The trip went pretty normal, until a girl with a Hello Kitty shirt joined me up in the seat.  My symbolic sign for CIA, is Cats and a Kitty is a baby Cat, just like I suspected, a newbee, or trainee, wanting to show they didn't hire no fool . . .

All of the sudden, 30 minutes outside of Whitefish, I noticed the conductor go downstairs, right next to me, then I noticed 3 other attendees, including the young Kitty CIA guy.  Whenever things look out of the ordinary, I error on the side of safety and get the hell out of dodge!

I quickly told the girl I was out of there, and good-bye, put my black hoody over my head, and glasses on, went two train cars back, sat in a seat and pretended to be asleep--call me the phantom, always disappear into thin air.  These guys were running all over the cars, looking for their hostage, but to no avail--what fun, all in a days work, JoAnn Bond v. James Bond.  Catch me if you can . . .

I am always right 97% of the time, and I don't worry about the other 3%, sure enough, there were 6 big ass cops standing at the door, I was sure, I was to be delivered through--I just slide on pasted them, unnoticed, or unrecognized, nerdy as hell, and slide off the train platform, through the alleys, and called a taxi.  Truly another GREAT ESCAPE, just one of, roughly hundreds.  I am sure there are undercover on the buses, in my trailer, gone from a million dollar home to trailer court.

I read a t-shirt the other day:  IF YOU MESS WITH ME, YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG TRAILER PARK!  However, that is only in the movies--I have been sold out by two members of the neighborhood, already, with charges dropped.  Fodder for the next parade of the patriot act, horror stories--up to and including murder . . .