Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Mario Brothers & Delta Force 2

I am in Seattle to see Miles Thornton III, a guy I met on the Amtrak last April or May, on my way to Washington, D.C., to testify against the Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act, not to mention I am here due to three, what I would call assassination attempts, in Kalispell, Montana.  But for the grace of God, go I, the way of all successful assassinations.

The guy I met on the train, was 41, the guy I was with yesterday, is 38.  I was encouraging him to go to law school, and he, without thinking, stated that, so when I am 45, I can be an attorney.  Now, I am not great at math, but, it will take him 7 years, since his certificate or associates from Le Cordon Bleu, will not count toward a bachelor's degree, which you need to get into law school.

But I sure as hell know, that 41 plus 7, equals 48, not 45 years old.  This same guy insisted that we were only together 1 time in Spokane.  I know we were in Spokane twice.  The other night, I made love to someone, that might have been a double or brother?  Styles were different.  One always acts on what I write in texts, and the other one, has a pattern, different.  

So, since, I have had several sad experiences with government doubles, three former love interests, I believe to be dead, with doubles taking their place--one almost cost me making it to the United States Supreme Court, I was so broken down by the mourning process, that when I start to see evidence of a double, I watch, think, take note and warn.

Someone or God, is Feeding Me What They Want Me to Know through YouTube!

Now there are two names connected with this computer and my blog that are the data, YouTube are pulling from the do, what appears to be sending me messages, warnings, information, and guidance.  This will not be the first time I have been called crazy, so it doesn't bother me.  Most people do not live in the clock and dagger world I live in.  I just consider the source and you are forgiven--ignorance is bliss!  Enjoy . . .

If I go by my Montana cowgirl name, Jo Bess, legal married name to Allan Rex Bess, turned government operative, after murdering a man I mourn to this day, who bled red, white and blue, like I do, a cowboy, Marine, and biker--just an electric horse between his legs, married Frank, code name for InterPol, or International Police, along with Delta Force Marines, who were brought into Little Montana, Parowan, Utah, were, Allan gave me his home for saving him from 45 years of prison, after the cops set him up--I get westerns!

If I go by JoAnn S. Secrist, I get assassination, government corruption, and secret opts, movies.  Usually, YouTube, gives me a choice, they have also turned me on to some amazing music, that I appreciate and love--the up and down side of right to privacy, and data gathering.  Well, it must be on my professional name, because I am getting all the assassination shows--hint?  Time to move on?  Warning?

I was watching Chuck Norris and Delta Force 2, aside from the movie with the mob, narcotics cops, dirty cops, etc, there was a curious object up in the corner of the darkened screen, that did not fill the whole computer screen.  I put my glasses on, and to my surprise, there was the Mario guy.  At first what in the hell is that doing there, totally out of place--but was it?  Until I thought of the message, brothers!

Domino Pizza is running a double special on the YouTube--two medium pizzas for $5.95 each.  Two pizzas in one order, you don't get just one, you can't get one without the other!  So what the fuck is that suppose to mean.  I write to Miles and if I ever write anything intimate, now, it disappears, don't think he is getting it, but the double, who always acts, or is involved more than he should be.  I am sure one is married and just had a baby!

The other one goes ape shit when I confront him with the gut feeling that he is married, which is a deal killer. He may just see it as his job, but I don't.  He may cheat on her as an assignment, but I won't cheat on her.  I have a code of honor.  There is an interesting new country song, that is I Don't Want To Be That Girl.  I have always been this way, since my best friend in 5th grade, accused me of trying to take away her boyfriend, because he pushed me on a swing.

Somebody Rockin Knockin Doubles--song on right now, by Keith Sweat!  Could it be any clearer!

SeaHawks--Thurston or Thurmon III and Thomas III

Close enough to symbolize Miles Thornton III, along with his CIA brother--Thomas the Train, somehow came to mean CIA, as does CATS--they have to both be in on this, because Miles is covering for the brother.  One CIA husband said my name was like the federal tax code with all my symbols, the way I would say God communicates with me--no I don't hear voices--I read signs.  I would attribute the fact that I am still alive, to these signs.

I tried to go to Hope of the City Church, at the Westfield Mall or South Center Mall.  But the church moved, so I opted to attend the worship of the SeaHawks, joining all the rest of Seattle.  When in Rome . . . they won, for those who care, 26 to 3, if I watched close enough.  I was more interested in the people watching.  

So the message I got from two guys wearing the same outfit, but with slightly different names, but both with the III after it.  Indicating, separate, but similar, like brothers would be.  Kind of like my sisters, 3 of which are my government doubles.  I think they are trying to steal, again, all that I do, blogwise and all, using sister, Rachel, who used to live in Bellevue, WA, just moving home.

Across the apartment hall from Miles, is a door mat, that says, the witch is here.  Nobody is into Halloween like Rachel!  And often she dresses like a witch.  She was grilling me about where I live, and what my rental agreement is, if there is one . . . She was a flight attendant for United Airlines, and SeaTac was home base for her for about 11 years; therefore, she knows exactly where everything is around here.

People think we are twins, side by side, but now they think I am younger, which I love . . . she is 7 years younger, there is justice in this world!

Hidden Assassin

I think if I hadn't been female, and relatively cute, I would have been dead a long time ago.  The U.S. Marshall is to capture and bring a very attractive female assassin to trial and justice for killing some public official in Cuba.  The male captor, falls in love with her--respect for her chosen career.  Like him, she is deadly, and feels she is only killing monsters, like the one that killed his mother when he was young.

I would guess I have been married to at least two assassins, you know of the Keiffer Sutherland brand, TV show of an FBI hit man or CIA guys with dirty hands and impure hearts.  But I think they either were in love with me before they married me, I think one even took my family law class at the University of Utah, while he was studying my docie'.  I think they have also sent 2 female, CIA assassins, if my Intel, Guy, God, who is greater, higher than all of them put together, is sending me the right signs and I am reading them right.

Why Assassinate Me--Different Ideologies & Philosophies to Save the World

I took an oath to defend, protect and defend the United States Constitution and the state constitutions--and I have taken that oath four times.  I have been told me, when I inquire as to how cops, prosecutors, and judges can take the same oath and be my enemy.  I was told that they took an oath, they feel is superior, that of the Masonic oath, or the alleged, blood oath of the Illuminati, or the Mormon temple rite, with blood oaths and punishments, now done away with, but still done in symbol, but not as graphic.

There is a war for the minds of men and women--one if all about peace, and the other is for freedom.  At the end of the Assassin's Creed, the master, finally reveals that as long as man is free, there cannot be peace.  Now take the growing police state that is militarizing the police forces.  There used to be a balance of power between, local, state, and federal police powers.  

They will take away freedom, and force conformity--so where do you think that puts the Constitution, Christianity--at war with cop powers!  A constitutional law attorney, fuck NO!

Now we have Unified Metro Police Forces, erasing of the lines of balance of powers the founding fathers so brilliantly laid out in this federal system we have, of state powers balancing the federal powers, found in the 10th amendment, and to some extent, for WE THE PEOPLE"S powers, even those not enumerated in the 9th amendment.  

Sheriffs are to be the number one law enforcement entity in their county, historically, traditionally, and intentionally, to protect their citizens.  Sheriffs have to answer to those people who elected them, in this republic form of government--that means representative government, of elected officials, that represent our interests in local, state and federal legislative bodies.  One of the three branches of government.

Local sheriffs have the power to tell the feds when they can come into their counties and when to leave, unless there is a crime that crosses jurisdictional lines between states.  However, with the advent of the Patriot Act, the most unconstitutional act ever signed by Congress or the President--yeah, you Bush, police powers have increased way beyond their jurisdictional boundaries.

The only chance we have at this point is to push them back to their designated powers and jurisdictions!!!!!!  UnUnify them!  Homeland Security is meant to be a world police enforcement!

Assassin's Creed (FBI hit men) = Crusaders (Christians) + Knights Templar (Enemies of Christ's Posterity)

Factors in society with an idea of how to save society, men, civilization.  Knights Templar want a one world order and religion is truly the opiate of the people like Stalin, the Russian leader said.  They think that the Bible is an illusion, so they are going to replace it with, simply another illusion.  That nothing is wrong and all things are permitted.   

Then you have the Crusades, and more people have been slaughtered in the name of religion than by any other means in the world.  Most of the conflict in the world has religious roots, Israel and Palestine, Al Queda and Taliban--jihads movements against western thought, control over women; the IRA and the Catholics, and the list goes on and on.

The assassins are trying to get peace also, and they take out the people in these other groups, that they see as subversive, or contrary to their view of world peace.  They can't kill innocents, they can't speak or act without permission, and they must be true to the brotherhood--kind of like the cop brotherhood.  I was amused, but not surprised by the fact that the assassins had to report to the assassin bureau, even reveal the agency that the assassins are under.

The masses are asses, therefore, these all knowing, all powerful, and all wise men are to determine the fate of the government subversives or the cause they are promoting--sounds familiar--CIA does the dirty work, they have no creed, clean up all the dirty details.  Assassinations are merely a small sacrifice for the betterment of the larger glory.

So for to assassinate someone, even a person with good, ideas, and intentions, they are merely sending the person to a better place, to be at peace with their God, and to their glory.  You know that little collateral damage of human carnage.  Now, there is nothing to guarantee that the assassins are so omnipresent, omniscient, and all knowing to make the right decisions as to who should live or die.

The Smiling Face of Fascism--Do Whatever It Takes, With No Limits & No Exceptions

The assassin, after each kill, takes the man tenderly in his hands, as if he has just completed an act of benevolence, discusses what each man knows, and his admonition to make the assassin smarter.  Are you fucking kidding me.  How many of you would leave your life and decisions to another human being? According to God, every hair of our head is numbered, and our days also.

That is what makes murder such a heinous crime, assassinations too, no matter how noble, they think their causes are, it is not your call!  The philosophical ideology is very definitely the sacrifice of the individual v. the collective.  Your life is a small sacrifice for the rest of us!  I would like to put a few hits out for a few individuals of this ilk, are they okay with my decisions over life and death for them--well, I am not any more comfortable with you doing the same thing for me, or my clients, lovers, children, etc.

I read a book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, about these same groups of one world order freaks, that think they know what is best for us--not God, or the wisdom of the ages.  I am going to have to read that book again, to see the roots of what we are dealing with today.  The greatest enemies to a one world order, are the Constitution and Christianity.

And I don't mean the true practice of religion, that of loving God and man.  Now how can you love a God you haven't seen, if you don't love your fellow men and women, who you see.  There are various means of murdering someone, but you, the government and who ever, are not to judge.  

Now, there are situations that merit national security, protections for American soil and interests, but drones on our citizens, without due process, or according to two witnesses or was it one against you, HELL NO! Mortals who are megalomaniacs and think they can determine another's fate, is total bull shit!

YouTube--Keep Sending Me the Good Shit--THANKS!!!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Salt Lake Tribune Article--Judges are Just Bad Attorneys in Black Robes!

JoAnn S. Secrist, J.D. 

The Grinch Who Stole the Early Christmas--Under the Utah State Constitution, Article I, Section 22, I believe that is the section, Polygamy is forever forbidden, that is if the Utah Legislature didn't take it out, illegally, unconstitutionally, without either a 2/3 vote of both houses of the Utah Legislature, or through a constitutional convention, with the approval of the people of the state and the United States, who has previously said, NO. The Utah Constitution is incorporated through the 9th and 10th amendments to the United States Constitution. Utah took 50 years becoming part of the United States due to the practice of polygamy, one of the "twin relics of barbarism, that of slavery and polygamy!" Judge Clarke Waddoups and the other attorneys on both sides should look at the Reynolds test case in the 1880's, challenging the right to freedom of religion, or the freedom to practice polygamy. The high court struck it down, and found that each man cannot become a law unto himself. Citizens can believe anything they want, but when belief crosses over to actions, that violate the United States Constitution or the state's constitutions, it is forbidden or was before it was tampered with by men, as polygamy is not only criminal, but forbidden forever, under the Utah Constitution or was prior to 2009, when I brought it to the attention of leaders, through the publication of a booklet on the Utah Constitution and Fun Facts. Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution is void, and laws that are consistent with the letter and spirit of the Constitution are constitutional. The third branch of the government, the Court, under Article III of the US Constitution found against polygamy or bigamy. There are laws in every state, and in our state constitution, against bigamy or polygamy. Article I, Section 4, if memory serves, strongly separates church and state; therefore, former Mormon beliefs can't rule the day, no matter how much Utahans may want it, to restore their precious polygamy. In Book of Mormon, Jacob 2, the Lord calls the practice an abomination, and hears the cries of the women and children, states, that husbands shall have but one wife, and concubines, none. In all fairness for the other side, at rare times, the Lord shall tolerate it, to allegedly raise up a righteous seed. However, not only the law of the land, but the 14th article of faith, tells his prophets to follow the law of the land, and the laws of the land say NO, Hell NO! If you want to argue the 14th amendment, try "equal protection" on for size, or "uniform operation of law", women can also have more than one husband! There is something in the law, called res judicata and stari decisis--this issue has already been decided. Utah is not a theocracy, it can't violate the laws of the land. No other state in the Union tolerates bigamy or polygamy; therefore, it is against the law of the land and the Union. Of which Utah is an inseparable part! Texas convicted Warren Jeffs after he raped a 12 year old, grunting and groaning for 21 minutes on tape that horrified jurors; Arizona's attorney general was the one that had Jeffs apprehended--go figure, Utah overturned Jeff's conviction, due to jury instructions that led the panel down the primrose path. Most likely, it was the Mormon influence, rather than the legal wrangling that forced the conviction to be overturned. Former AG, Mark Shurtleff, ran his 2000 election on cleaning up polygamy--he in fact made it worse, by saying that another crime has to be committed in conjunction with polygamy before prosecutors will prosecute; what other law is based on violating another one to start or get charges filed? Name one? Trace the access to sex, and you will know the motive! Polygamy is about sex, power, procreation and control over women, who are brainwashed, members of the Mormon Church included, to believe that their eternal salvation depends on this principle and some clown husband! JoAnn S. Secrist, former assistant attorney general, member of the United States Supreme Court Bar.


    Censored Emails, Voice Recognition & Texts

    Last May, I took the Amtrak, very fun, to Washington, D.C. and met Mr. CIA I, who not only captivated my imagination that I would be killed by government hit men, if I made it to D.C. to testify against the Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act, but he shed some light on REDS and Jackals also highly trained killers.  My ego, the size of the man-eating, Venus Fly Trap, in the 70's cult film, Little Shop of Horrors, and my womanly need to be desired got its ticket punched also.

    This handsome 40 something invited me to dinner--told me he was a trained chef from La Cordon Bleu cooking school, in Pennsylvania.  As he explained government power structures, with a father that worked for the United States Department of Transportation, he knew more than I did, having studied government and worked five statewide jobs in Utah power structures.  He knew about wines, what to serve with chicken, the cut of vegetables, and commented on the overall quality of the meal.

    He told me that he had been recruited very highly from the CIA, or the Culinary Institute of Arts.  I asked him to explain about the recruiting process, for I had considered the CIA who had looked for recruits at Weber State University, in Ogden, Utah.  The only thing that stopped me, was having a husband and four young children.  In another life . . . but I figured that was counter-intelligence cover for his real occupation, as an undercover CIA operative.

    As the relationship blossomed, and texts up to about 300 in the first month mounted, I started to notice a difference between what I thought was an integrated man, with a multiplicity of talents and interests from cooking, to cooking schools, grants for inner city kids and their mothers to learn nutrition, to his music.  At one point, he got a new phone number, no biggie.

    However, from that point on, there seemed to be an alter ego, or split personality showing up.  One seemed to be a lover, the other a fighter.  There are not many men that will tangle with a female attorney, unless you have an IQ of 165, so the battle ground was set.  The fights only intensified the passion.  Between my second and third year of law school, I was on the now debunked, Jenny Jones Show, the sensationalist. The title of the show, was Breaking Up to Make Up!

    I found another willing victim and sparing partner, and the pattern of intimate partners was reformed.  Up until last night, after having my email about the next fun place to do each other was erased from my email to my lover and enemy.  I am used to political stuff yanked from before my face, and some of my legal briefs stolen, too--but a personal note like this?  First thought--NSA, CIA or FBI getting their rocks off.

    Mr. CIA II--Voice Verification & Dead Silence After Sexy Text

    I dropped into SeaTac, where Mr. CIA I, is having difficulties with landlord, wonder why--I would agree that he needs an attitude adjustment.  I hooked up with his roommate, but he was no where to be found for the first night.  I lost my phone, FBI showed up, bought me a replacement, with 2 1/2 months worth of time, and gave me $100 for my trip to Seattle, that nobody knew about, several days before Christmas.

    The next morning, he hears my voice, and comes and gives me a hug.  Now this relationship is tenable at best, and I don't understand it, but I do understand why attorneys are disciplined for having sex with their clients, but we have nothing in writing!  We have not seen each other since July, so anything can happen in this world of government doubles, love, hate, and gaming.

    Next thing I know, is this lover by phone, text and emails, walks in a puts his arms around me, kissing my neck, and persuading me to go into the bedroom after his first advances were somewhat rebuffed, but not totally.  He is the type that is up all night to get lucky.  I try to keep it all about grants, law, business, and catching up.

    The Wired--On TV, And Something Tells Me That is for Real

    With a little help from his voyeuristic CIA friends, in retrospect, appeared to be staged, he gets a call that his friend needs him to run a vehicle to Tacoma, Washington--8:00 p.m.?  His roommate told me he had his license held for owing $2000 worth of parking tickets or something like that.  This guy looked older, thinner and shorter.  So I was somewhat suspicious before last night.  Leave no man behind . . .

    He begs for a quickie.  No, but high school kissing and petting shit, okay.  That didn't last long, and he started acting out the fantasies that I had sext about, so I was somewhat a victim of my own creative writing.  Oh, well, it was Christmas . . . early present to both of us . . . more tender, deeper connection, beyond the normal sport fuck, different, loveactually, followed by tender kissing and caressing?  What's up?

    I suspect Mr. CIA II, and for damned good reason.  His comrades in sex promotion, quickly call this first timer, and say they are going to pick him up.  Usually, kissing is not allowed, in fact, on the cover of the CIA training manual, it has lips with a strike through them--not allowed.  Kind of the rule prostitutes use, okay to fuck, but not kiss, too intimate.  I have ratted out a few former spies, for just that reason alone.

    This stranger, yet familiar lover, told me not to tell other roommate, that he was smoking out the window. Again, suspicious, for I had heard this woman say that he was sneaking in and out of the house, undetected. Several days later, Mr. CIA I and a friend, wake me up, and had either walked through the locked door, or had keys.  The later most likely.

    A song on the radio, messages from God, said, you think you want him, but you need me . . . now I had told friends and roommates in Kalispell, Montana, that this guy knew how to handle me better than any guy ever had--knew when to be quiet, when to write, was not too available, but very happy if there were prospects of a visit.  And he always apologizes when he is wrong.

    Mr. CIA I & II--Must Be Brothers--Look, Sound, & Act Similar

    CIA I came and got his bed, which seemed like a strange thing to move first, seeing, that he had all his stuff on the bed.  He said he sold it.  Why did he sale it?  Now, when he came, he gave me a handmade necklace, with a heart on it, but just gave me a hug, actually his friend gave me a longer one, and offered to be my body guard.

    CIA I, was ranting and raving about his female roommate, who was now my friend, since he was a no show. When he showed up, the differences showed up, in clothes, maturity, attention, and affection.  I was not hurt, he is 18 years my junior, and the relationship never made sense.  Whatever, I just like adventure, beauty and excitement, and I usually get it.

    So last night, the rant continues.  I wake up at 1:45 am, thinking about the other night's escapades, and get horny as hell.  Check my email, and find the raging is still on, and I am in the middle of it.  Finally, I state that I am sick of talking about old battles between two people I care about, and she is getting more care, because she cares more.

    Finally, I tried to change the subject, wrote my body and soul, is hungry and thirsty for you.  He blew right over that, back into the fight.  All of the sudden, my phone started talking by itself--mentioned something about voice recognition.  This is a cheap Walmart Verizon phone, with prepaid minutes, not a Smart Phone.  

    I was shocked and tried to get a better look at the face of the phone, but is showed something I had never seen before, then disappeared.  I always wondered how I could change phones, or play games, and the feds could always track me down, new, used or old.

    The final clue was, I said, so the fucking the other night had nothing to do with love?  All communication stopped.

    Intimate Email & Text Censored--Why--Other Brother Didn't Know?

    So the email, I was sending to CIA I, was intercepted by CIA II, who I had the pleasure with.  And the reference to the night was also stopped.  Either both brothers are into this little doubles game, or one is the lover and the other the fighter in the tag team against me, or over me.

    I got up at about 2 am, to figure this mystery out.  I started back on the train to D.C.  There was a double on the train, I told Miles, there you go, you double.  He said, yeah, I noticed that.  Then we switch lines at the last minute, thought he might be killed and the double take his place.&

    The phone calls were always stopped after something led to a fight.  Lover stepped out and let fighter take the heat, generally not knowing what hit them.  We would fight over not getting texts, messages, emails, notes, and once, my double or the NSA called him 3 times, while I was standing with him.  Could be triangles on both sides.  But, I only play myself, CIA plays the sister acts.

    So I Can't Write or Text Sweet Sexy Nothings--But R. Kelly Can Drape Topless Girls in Black Panties and it is All Over the Internet

    I was listening to R. Kelly, loved his love songs, truly in love with the women, or woman, wife, lover, he was inspired by, so what is with the nasty stuff, multiple women.  Had listened to his soul searching gospel songs the night before.  So what is up.  Boys will be boys, but girls can't be girls?  For men's guilty pleasure only?

    No censorship here.  The United States Supreme Court said that they would know obscenity when they saw it.  Are my statements to one man, I could be in love with, if his real identity ever is known, obscene? They have been censored, stopped, erased, disappeared, yet, a throw back from the past, make women, little more than objects of sensual pleasure for men, gets free reign across the Internet?

    What Next in this WAR on Women?  Polygamy, Burques & Female Circumcision?

    I thought we were safe with Mitt Romney, and Mormon polygamy on the back burner for a while.  Utah's, Attorney General, John Swallow, stepped down November 22, 2013, and hopefully, former AG Mark Shurtleff, both as corrupt as hell, with Shurtleff, running on the platform in 2000, to clean up polygamy--really, people of the lie!  All he did was facilitate it, and ask them how he could help them.

    It was Arizona's attorney general who took down Fundamentalist Prophet, Warren Jeffs, and Texas who convicted Jeffs--Utah did nothing, other than go against the Orem or Provo Prosecutor that charged the TV stars of Sister Wives with bigamy.  Shurtleff, reprimanded him, and said that the policy, of a state that has polygamy forbidden forever, was to only prosecute polygamy when there is another crime associated with it.

    What other crime, but one that favors men, do you know that has to have another crime attached to it?  So what has happened it the aberrant behavior has been fostered, and one of the twin relics of barbarism, polygamy has flourished and the other slavery, has vanished.  Go figure.

    I was female circumcised for getting 9 federal agents and investigators fired for violating federal regulations and the US Constitution, in Medicaid/Medicare fraud investigations.  I had written a scholarly writing award paper on the African and Muslim custom for an International Law Class at BYU.  I am sure that my dociah gave the MIB the idea for the punishment for my crime, defending, protecting and obeying the Constitution.

    Friday, December 27, 2013



    Continual war in cyber space.  Just yesterday, I wrote a subject that went something like: I LOVE YOU, I MISS YOU, STICKY SITUATION, DIDN'T MEAN TO HURT YOU.  Later I made an inference about the previous nights love, and what I want the future day or night to be . . . that line was deleted, within minutes of sending. The only way I knew was to pull up sent mail. 

    I decided to check and see if the message had been tampered with, and was shocked to see my personal email, intended only for one man's eyes alone--not serve as the entertainment for the NSA, CIA, and FBI, or any other asshole that is connected with them.  If they seriously have nothing better to do, fucking cut their budgets!  This is ridiculous . . . 

    There are two books that I requested the St. George, Utah, Washington County Library get: (1) Spying on America, and (2) Shadow Factory--Sting Operation on the NSA & FBI.  I was also encouraged to read Jekyll Island by several distinguished looking gentleman, who could very easily been retired counter-intelligence officers, I engaged in a conversation with, after hearing a former Mormon CIA agents tell of his travels through Siberia with the KGB trying to kill him, at a lecture at Dixie State College, now University a few years ago.

    That may have been when I got on the NSA super computer, that at the time was registering 1,000 names per day on their to watch list.  Or perhaps, I got on the list when I scored top in my constitutional law class at BYU, out of 180 law students, or when I killed cop and prosecutor legislation . . . there could have been one of a million reasons I would be on the list, that is an agency that operates under the Patriot Act, the largest and deepest attack by anyone against the U.S. Constitution protections, principles and concepts!

    I took an oath to protect, defend and obey that document from domestic and foreign enemies--not be a stew pigeon for the vague, unconstitutional and illegal UnPatriot Act!  This is a prima facie case of a void law--both repugnant and violates the spirit and letter of the Supreme Law of the Land!

    Edward Snowden's Amazing Comments About Taking An Oath to the Constitution, Not to Protect the Secrecy of the NSA!

    Luckily, I heard Snowden's direct comments, not just he USA Today version, who merely mentioned Snowden's emphasis on the right to privacy, rather than the broader catch all of the oath to defend the United States Constitution, that obviously he chose to defend and paid the price for doing--which is generally the result of taking a stand and being a whistle blower.

    I would not be surprised if the NSA or the CIA, or whoever, directed the newspaper to only focus on the right to privacy, rather than the penumbra of the entire Constitution, its breadth and depth, protecting way beyond that, with many other amendments at issue, like the 4th, 5th, and big time, the 14th!

    I wrote a controversial blog, on badassconlawchick, blogspot, and two days later, when the full impact of what I had written, like comparing the NSA activities to DePeche Mode's song Dirt.  Several times, I have either had to hit the publish button, at least 30 times, and finally in exasperation, cut, paste, copy into Google Docs, then go back into the blog and try again!  I did beat them at their own game, but how lame ass is that--there is freedom of speech and press.

    I am just as entitled to that first amendment right and protection as a journalist from the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Chicago Sun Times, if that is what the newspaper is still called.  There is a 14th amendment liberty interest that is being violated as well as equal protection and uniform operation of law!  Among a few others that are being violated.


    Now, since I have copied and pasted several warnings on this blog in the past, I can't cut and paste, little notices, like attackers on my system, or signing out from remote locations, or trying to connect, when I have to be connected to write!  And I have been writing for several hours, and they are trying to connect after the fact!  I tried to get the exact wording, very strange, never have seen it before, but very strong warning!

    I even moved to several other locations within the Seattle Downtown area, like the cafe outside the Financial Building, and Office Depot.  I was blocked from access to the Internet in Pike's Market Beads also!  This is a common experience for me.  I can sit in a popular bakery and coffee shop in Missoula Montana, and 200 other computers are going full speed, and I can't connect to the Internet?  Targeted for my writing . . .

    The Queen of England Admonished for George's Sake to Save the Plant for the Children, seeing She just Had her First Grandchild

    I too have a new grandchild, Yulia Jean Secrist, 6 month old daughter of my oldest son, Christian Southwick Secrist and Katerina Jelleva Secrist.  I have an indelible imprint on my brain, of little Yulia's tiny hand, barely able to grasp or make a fist, last time I saw her, grabbing onto my blue shirt, just when I was trying to go back up to Montana.

    All kinds of thoughts come to my head, when I think of that precious little hand, hanging on for dear life, like don't leave me Grandma, it took you so long to come see me, or protect the freedoms you have for me, so I have a world that is at least as safe, environmentally clean, and with the liberties former generations have thrived under.  

    And please don't leave me in a world burdened with the debts of Wall Street bail outs, or wars for money, or the bullet riddled schools, that are becoming a target of psychotropic doped up lunatics that was to sensationalize their hatred or politics, and turn on the nations most vulnerable!  I am doing my best cutie!

    Pope Francis Called for an End to the Wars Across the World--Hell Yeah!

    As people try to pin President Obama down and try to say this is the worse year of his presidency, like so many other presidents that have gone on before him--yes, struggles, challenges, unexplained events, but one thing that no on credits him with, is his commitment to pull our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan!

    Congress, constitutionally, can only appropriate money for two years for war, so what the hell happened in Korea, South and North Vietnam, and other areas of the world we have been in.  Our boys and girls don't need to be the police force of the world!  Thank God no one intervened in our Civil War, or things may have turned out differently!

    Hopefully, the Pope, who is over 1.2 billion people, will talk some sense into countries that are at war with their own faith, on different continents!  There have been more wars, and people killed in the name of religion that any other conflict.  Again, the wisdom of the founding fathers--Congress shall not establish are religion or stop the practice thereof . . . but a separation of church and state is the rule of law.

    Ed Barry, of PolyMontana.com had an article that caught my eye yesterday, that Tea Parties have turned their politics into cult like types of behaviors.  It is our way, or the highway--they are willing to even throw their own party under the bus, to get their ideologies forced on the Republican Party, regardless of the impact.

    We heard Speaker of the House, Representative Boener, state how none elected special interest groups mentioned after the Republicans took and ran with their hair brained right winged politics and religion, and shut the country down for 16 days, state that these groups never thought there dumb ass attitudes and positions, would go anywhere!  He was pissed, but the better response should be--NEVER AGAIN!

    NSA Needs to Be Butt Fucked, Save the World for Future Generations & Stop these Senseless WARS!!!!!

    Something to Shoot for--HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

    Wednesday, December 25, 2013


    The Case of Miles Thornton III & Maximum Risk

    Meeting on the Amtrak

    Sometime around the end of April, beginning of May, I was turned down on loans for a vehicle, in Kalispell, Montana, four dealers in a row.  Now, you may think that was due to poor credit, or other considerations.  I would attribute it to the fact that ever since I reactivated my law license, and tore back into the government, they have tried to stop me from getting a vehicle.

    I was considering going back to testify against the Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act, or better known now, as the PRISM or spying programs of the NSA, before Edward Snowden ratted them out to the American public and took off for asylum in Russia.  Now that is a strange twist of fate, to be protected for being a freedom fighter by Russia.  That should tell you where we stand on freedom!

    I was pissed over the car, wanted to see my daughter’s family, visit grand kids, before they forgot who I was, and go fight CISPA, before it became law, back in the Washington, D.C. area.  It was under these conditions that I took of to Ashburn Village, West Virginia, for a surprise visit.  I never like anyone to know where, what, why, and when I am doing something or going somewhere.  That is precisely why I am still alive.

    I was asleep in the observation car, with my head propped up against the window.  I had noticed Miles, a handsome black, forty something, talking to another black passenger, but didn’t think much about anything, have been against interracial dating or marriage, just from a personal perspective, whether Black, Asian, Native American or Mexican.  I guess you could say, I don’t discriminate, or it is equally applied.

    Miles awoke me out of a stone cold sleep, and much needed.  He inquired as to if I was okay, if I had food, and if I needed any help.  This all struck me as very strange, but my life is filled with strange, and the unexplained.  I am sure someone sees the overall big picture.  I informed him that I was fine, not hungry, but didn’t tell him that I was running in fear of my life, realizing that the feds, mafia, or who ever was after me all the time, had just made sure that I didn’t get a car--and always at the final step, to harass.

    Miles Informed Me That I Would Be Killed If I Got To Washington

    Death threats are nothing new, nor unexpected to me; therefore, I am sure that I didn’t react as alarmed as one might be if it were the first they had heard, there was a hit, or threat to their life.  This is everyday to me, for the last 8 years, and I was poisoned by the government and lucky to be alive in the first place--no, I know the game by now.

    I calmly acknowledged his concern, but brushed it off, like all the death threats, intimidation, and harassment.  He sat next to me, and for the next few hours talked government intrigue, Jackals, REDS, Retired & Extremely Dangerous, CIA, FBI and NSA.  He told me he needed to get me to a safe house in West Virginia, that he had family, and they would be glad to hide me, help me and protect me.  He was going home to visit the grave of his dead mother and visit family, clear up family affairs, and whatnot.  

    I told him that I was fine, and that I was going to my daughter’s family to visit and I would be fine, and by the way, how in the hell did I know that he was not an assassin sent to kill me--no thanks, will stick to my plans.  He continued to present evidence of who he was and what his intent was in meeting me.  I still wasn’t persuaded to go with him.  I really don’t trust anyone, kids, spouses, friends, clients and family are on the chopping block for me . . . I MEAN NO ONE!

    Miles, Assassination & Who Sent Him

    Miles told me of his life, how his father, who worked for the Department of Transportation, in D.C., and his mother, had given him up for foster care, adoption or something like that, but kept his brother.  He told me he was not jealous, but did feel bad, and he spoke of his friends mother and father as his own, or his adopted family.  Miles told me that he didn’t hold any resentment for his brother, but it was hard.

    He also, told me how his music got stolen, just like Elliot’s my son’s music had been, and how he wanted me to take a lawsuit against the alleged perps.  I told him I was considering one of my own, on behalf of my son; however, my son didn’t feel bothered by the theft, just loves doing music, like I love doing the law--payment is often far and in between, if there is any payment all!

    When I refused to let Miles come into the sleeping cars, or just the cheap seats, where you sleep sitting up, he told me that I was in danger, that one form of assassination was as easy as sticking a needle in my neck and shooting air into my blood stream.  Now for some who was suppose to die by 2002, the possibility is scary, and the government or whoever put the hit out on me, could just blame the terminal illness that I beat, and say I died of a relapse--EASY!

    When I refused his advances or his help, he got frustrated and said, You don’t know who sent me!  He informed me that he was above the CIA.  And several times during our conversations, he scratched out his alleged alma mater, the Culinary Arts Institute or CIA.  This is not my first rodeo, and I am savvy to these guys, their covers, their acting, and their missions.

    His was most likely to stop me from going to Washington, D.C. to testify against the Cyber Intelligence Sharing or Spying and Protection or Interception Act--substitutes are mine.  I went to law school to do legislation, have been deadly killing cop and prosecutors' legislation, spreading to 27 states, who followed suit.  Therefore, I would be one to be taken seriously, and someone, definitely not someone to take lightly.

    He was a gentleman, asked me to dinner, and we hung out for most of the night.  I finally went to my chair and went to sleep, to his consternation.  In the morning, we symbolically, kissed and made up.  We had gentle conversation, got on the Internet, and I saved a man’s life, with Miles directing me to my seat, so he could get the credit.  I believe the incident was staged, just for this purpose--other than me being the real hero, calling an epileptic fit, just what it was, turning him over on his side.

    He wasn’t good looking enough, I know I am not a hero in that respect, for me to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation, which was the wrong procedure for a man with his tongue out of control.  I thought it strange, that the conductor came back to talk to Miles, rather than the person who noticed the man, told everyone to turn him on his side, and call for help.  Miles took over after the excitement and odd behavior had happened.

    Remember the movie ARCO, with Ben Affleck, rogue CIA, who staged a film crew, exit to the Iranian Hostage situation.  He may have been the first agent to play a role or be an actor, but sure as hell, not the last.  I feel all the CATS I have had interaction with in the last few years, were, indeed, actors!  Miles claimed to be a chef of 18 years, trained at the Le Cordon Bleu, in Philadelphia.

    When Howard Prior, the second black chef, with similar training, asked Miles when he graduated, Miles didn’t answer.  Howard and I looked at each other and doubted his story.  Howard was from New Jersey, allegedly, and a chef himself, and said, everyone knows when they graduated, and he could validate the person, by the graduation date and place.

    Strange Split in Chicago--Last Minute

    Miles was still trying to convince me to come of his train, number 30 or 50, with mine going south, then on to D.C.  I refused, but in the luggage, ticket counter, people, and hassle, we both got in the opposite line than our tickets stated.  While we were still on the train, the last day, I said to Miles, There goes your twin, walking down the aisle.  Same height, style, hair, clothes, etc.  He said, Yeah, I noticed that.

    My first thought was that they are going to either kill Miles, and put in a double, or if I go the opposite direction or on the train intended, the double would split and go with me.  At the Chicago Train Station, just ready to board the next train, Miles came running up to me and said that we were both in the wrong line and needed to switch.  He was right and we did.

    Miles left before me, but due to rain and other obstacles, I beat Miles to D.C., at least 6 if not 9 hours before he got to Stanton, West Virginia.  I think he finally got off about 150 miles early, so he could smoke!  A friend picked him up.  Or did the double take his place, and Miles never made it to his hometown.  This is where it gets dicey.  I have had three guys, I believe killed, for liking me, so this is no joke.

    Our of want, I learned how to text, to respond to Miles text on the train as we both took different paths.  The month following the trip, we text up to 300 times, and it started to take on a more intimate tone.  However, at one point, I thought Miles was in trouble with the law, since he asked me to look up a court case; I offered to come to D.C. and help him if he needed me to.

    His response shocked me . . . he said, are you crazy, you can’t come back here.  WHAT?  This was coming from the guy who pursued me, wanted to grab my ass, wanted me to act like I was his girlfriend, allegedly to protect me, and now, after all these texts, didn’t want me to come help him?  From that point on, it seemed to be game playing.

    The Emotional Push Pull

    It seemed, that if I wanted to come, he didn’t want me to come; however, if I didn’t want to come, he would try to put me on a guilt trip, so I would come--nothing ever fit right.  I wondered if he was married, had kids and was just picking up on a woman on the train.  But he seemed to know too much about the situation and government to be, just a casual guy who was hunting for women on the train.

    I am probably 18 years older than he is, so, while cute, but a fit overweight, I am still out of the age, class of women I would put this young turk with.  So, I was always confused.  He seemed to need me legally, but when pressed and told he didn’t need to sleep with his female boss, so to say, to get my help.  He would assure me that sleeping with his boss, was exactly what he wanted to do.

    He told me he was needing my help on a grant.  So, I found a USDA grant, that seemed perfect for his business.  He would never read it, look at the site, and continued, or allegedly continued to pursue other less worthy grants.  To this day, now that I am up in Seattle, or SeaTac, and after 5 trips to Spokane to help him, he still doesn’t have anything more than a skeleton sketch of what he wants to do with cooking and inner city schools, a project I would for sure be behind and support!

    Was the Miles I Met on the Train Dead, and Was I Dealing With His Evil Twin?

    I just saw the movie Maximum Risk, with Jean-Claude Van Dam.  I found it fascinating from the start, due to the fact that a man dies in a high speed chase, that looks like Van Dam, and everyone thinks he is the cop, that starts to investigate the case.  The cop goes on to ask his mother and finds out that she had twins, and she had to give one up after three months.

    The cop was crying, as typical, and the other one was not, therefore, the person chosen to make the decision, chose the baby not crying, who happened to end up being adopted to a high ranking Russian official, who later came to the U.S.  The son, allegedly had been in the Russian mafia, but had decided to rat out high ranking government officials, including the FBI, and their workings with the Russian mafia.

    Was this new Miles, I have been dealing with for the last few days, while in SeaTac and Seattle, the real Miles, or a government twin, gigolo, the male equivalent of the government hooker or whore, used for sexual seduction and spying to get information from the opposite sex?  Just days before I came up here, I wrote a text, and told the person that he was not the guy I met on the train--no response.  Training?

    I always like to come unannounced, if possible, since I am under surveillance and 24 hour a day contact with law enforcement, unless I can ditch them for a few days!  Sometimes, if I come and the double or spy doesn’t know it, it takes them hours, if not days, to make up for the fast dart I make from one place to the other--blows their cover.  I have wondered if I am live bait for the feds to chase the bad guys or rogues, or maybe the mafia, or both?

    Total Opposites

    The original was helpful, grateful, to a fault, a gentleman, a take charge kind of guy--this the incident on the train--definitely, used to not only being in charge, but in getting credit when things turn out well.  This Miles smoked, but never mentioned marijuana.  He seemed totally confident about his skills as a cook, new guy just got fired from his cooking job, and lady friend said he was nothing more than a short order cook!

    The first guy was kind, patient, and assured, talked about government a lot, and was convinced that I was a victim of a conspiracy, as was my son and his music.  The new guys would get pissed and say, not everything is a conspiracy, JoAnn.  Old guy, non-argumentative, new, totally, and totally racist against both blacks and whites!  This guy often copped an attitude and seemed to think everyone owed him.

    New guy came on to me sexually strong, used to getting his way, not going to take no for an answer, if at all possible.  Guy on the train, while aggressive, very respectful, didn’t seem like he would push anything I didn’t want to do, even if it meant my death.  Respectful all the way . . .

    My Guess, Is That Both Black Lovers Are Dead

    I have reason to believe that both Howard Pryor and Miles Thornton III are, in fact dead.  All summer, I was blocked from seeing Howard, or getting up to Swiftcurrent Lodge, where Howard was a chef.  I was even chased by feds, Indian trackers, and hunting dogs, to keep me off is trail.  I tried to return a key to the cabin we both shared and get my personal belongings back, but that was met with total resistance.  WHY?  I was doing the responsible thing.  So what was the big deal?

    I have tried to get a hold of Howard, and even the place we met, where the staff knows me well, refuses to pass either his number or anything about him on to me.  I have had three previous, love interests, come up dead.  These are guys that can’t be bribed, don’t want another woman, aren’t easily tempted by dumber women, even with better bodies.

    Smart guys, dig smart women.  The new sexy is smart.  Often, I think of the TV show, Criminal Minds, where the smart chick solves all the problems for the FBI, while sitting at her computer.  The black guy can tell she is the one to turn to when he needs answers.  

    And after being exposed to these two guys, weight doesn’t matter, kindness, even unlocking the door, while they open mine first, is a huge deal to them.  They seem more sensitive, less judgmental, tender hearted, and intuitive.  In this game for CIA turf, with me as a target and trophy for all the grief I’ve caused law enforcement over the years, and with President Obama, the white CIA agents, couldn’t handle one more defeat.

    Brother Revenge--That Can Be Taken for Both Men by One

    Take this blog for what it is . . . in the movie, a sign was in the background, whether intended or not to be part of the movie, that said, Brother Revenge.  Could this be the gangsta brother, that was jealous of the brother the parents chose to keep.  Or is it the brother that was given up, who had amounted to more, through the trials of homelessness, hunger and sorrow?  There are definitely two Miles Thornton.  I loved the one, and don’t get along with the other, who is staging his exit from the house we both allegedly reside in.

    In the movie, the one brother, refused to sleep with the dead brother’s girlfriend, until after some time.  I didn’t sleep with the first Miles, who may still be in Stanton, with the other brother taking over phone duty, after I changed phone numbers, which is common course of action for me, in this cloak and dagger world I live in . . .

    There is a song by DePeche Mode, can’t remember the album or the song, but it is talking about people who are lovers, are born to suffer, and this is to all his soul brothers and soul sisters.  Now that I think of it, the song is probably, Soul Sister.

    Movies Carried the Day--CIA or GOD, Any Difference?

    Last night, my friend and I, were watching some BBC movie, and when I came down stairs, to get on my computer and watch what was recommended to me by YouTube, to my surprise, they were all BBC movies, and usually, they pick really good movies, westerns if I go by my Montana cowgirl name--by the way ladies, watch The Outsider, if you want to know the perfect cowboy for this wanna be, do men like this really exist? Tim Daly, watch out! I'm gunning for you now!

    If I chose, JoAnn Secrist, I get shows about government intrigue, war, espionage, sedition, and corruption.  So I found it interesting to get the Omach, Ireland or something like that true story on the IRA bombings of a town and how the people reacted against the bombers, didn’t get to finish, but will.  But this was about terrorists, and the government and CIA would think that and pick shows like this as a hint.

    Today, after my landlord, or Miles roommate and I discovered that he was gone--nice exit for the double, since, in person, it is harder to pull off the twin routine, even if you are a brother or twin, don’t know what we talked about and our intimate details in texts, that have been interrupted since the inception of the relationship.  The recommended song list was, jazz man, Miles Davis, with song titles like In a Silent Way and Someday, Your Prince Will Come to You.

    I thought that was strange, since both Star and Linda, used to refer to Miles as a Prince.  Of course he is handsome or I wouldn’t have given him the time of day--and yes, men, I am about as shallow as you, and I have a double standard!  So there, at least I will admit it, but getting over it . . .

    Next, was the Maximum Risk, and the twins separated at birth, that so easily could have been the case with Miles, or at least a brother, who didn’t look like the real bro, after not seeing him for months.  The new guys, while having the same voice, seem shorter, thinner, and not such an imposing figure as the first Miles was . . .

    After getting sworn into the United State Supreme Court Bar, January 23, 2012, I went to get gas for my now, stolen truck, at the gas station just blocks from the Capitol or White House.  There was a guy, who I figured must be undercover or counter intelligence, because they always start or initiate the contact with me.  We started talking and I told him that I believed that my government double got sworn into the court the night before, when I found a white limo, waiting at the side of the Supreme Court Building.

    He responded with, now that is something the government doesn’t want you to know about--doubles.  He told me how, Princess Di, had four.  Once would go this way, and the other that.  I don’t have the doubles that cover for me, just try to be me, take my place, steal my cases, money, children, their music, etc.  He had actually dated the Princess, if I remember right.  So there you have it, my Christmas Day Special, will the real, Miles or Howard, please stand, if you can . . .